Friday, April 23, 2010

Zap! #5

ZAP! #5....April 23, 2010

This will be a short ZAP!. Share with a friend, give to a neighbor, or bring with you when you go to vote early (starts April 26th), or on election day, May 8th. The staff of the CCR/ZAP! would recommend the following for your consideration.

City Council

District 1 Mike Gallaway
District 2 Roy Santoscoy
District 7 Gerald Farris

Charter Amendments

Amendment 1 NO
Amendment 2 NO
Amendment 3 NO
Amendment 4 NO

NOTE: A previous ZAP! regarding the charter amendments was “hijacked” by an unscrupulous pinhead who was either off their medications, or suffered a severe bile overdose. They penned their shallow rant to a portion of our Amendment #4 write-up. They proceeded to blasted this tripe all over the city. As was explained to several former city employees, the CCR/ZAP! butchers sacred cows, not individuals!
LAWYER STUFF: ZAP! is a timely means (via bcc: e-mail to protect your address) to inform readers of the Controversial Committee Report (the CCR) about potential sacred cows that need butchering. ZAP! is published by Mark Holbrook who everyone knows -- with the exception of a couple apathetic slugs whose IQ equals their shoe size -- is Mike Howard. Any reference to persons deceased is purely out of respect. For those still living, draw your own conclusions. Get in line if you want to sue or complain. Better yet, call someone who might really care. Responses to this e-mail (markholbrook13 must meet at least one of the following criteria: humorous, cat kicking, or not libelous. Simple requirements for simple readers...that’s our philosophy. Permission is granted to copy, fax or e-mail this material to a friend, associate or someone you really don’t like.