Tuesday, August 21, 2018

CCR 08-21-18 Tick, Tock

the   Controversial  Committee   Report
“We don’t raise sacred cows...we just butcher them.”

“Tick, Tock”

   Well, dear readers, the clock is ticking and it appears the “leadership” of the mayor and Councilman Meagher is turning a deaf ear to properly advance the city’s business. 

   Instead, the flaky, self-inflated political egos, of several council members, are putting the city and its citizens at legal risk by not approving a legitimate agreement with ARK…concerning the TIF funding.

   The flimsy rationale being spewed, to anyone who will listen to their “fake facts,” is: If we can hold out on releasing the TIF funds to ARK, then we can bully ARK into re-opening the original contract for the Entertainment Center.

   As previously noted in CCR reports, this is unadulterated Torofeca.  And if the city manager and city legal department are using this as fuel for the council, then their actions are as disingenuous as the councils.

   This position, of not releasing the TIF funding by the mayor, Councilman Meager, and a couple other council cronies — who are standing behind them — is the worst way to do business with a partner who has made Irving shine.   And Irving has shined since the opening of the Toyota Music Factory! 

   Irving wasn’t shining, for sometime, due to the previous ex-mayor, BVD.

   When the Entertainment Center sky does fall, this business/partner travesty, by the mayor, Councilman Meagher and those who support them, will be noted as the worst political malfeasance in the city’s history.

   As of this penning, an item has not been placed on the September 6, 2018, council agenda to discuss and approve the $44M TIF funding due ARK.

   Here are some points to ponder and questions posed to those opposed to doing what is right for the city and its citizens:
  • How much in legal fees will the city be pouring into the political swamp should all this go to court?
  • Will councilmen be held personally liable for their political malfeasance in not recognizing a legitimate and fulfilled agreement?
  • Will the DMN chuckle at reflecting, once again, the City of Irving is fodder for how egotistical elected officials and crony string-puller-politics helped destroy a vibrant drawing card to the city?
  • Will the stain of the city council’s inactions, on the TIF funding issue, surpass even losing the Dallas Cowboys and the Byron Nelson golf tournament?
  • Does the council’s disingenuous game plan include a desire to bail Billy Bob and Chris Allen out?
   Time is winding down and citizens should be alarmed when the council’s coo-coo clock pokes its head out and says: We did it.  We screwed up another city treasure!

   If you haven’t called your council member to express your concerns on the potential damage and possible legal fees to be encountered, then you could be part of the problem…Political Apathy Syndrome.

   It should be noted, Medicare and BC/BS does not cover Political Apathy Syndrome!

………………………………….Mark Holbrook

Friday, August 17, 2018

CCR 08-17-18 Uber Paradise

the   Controversial  Committee   Report
“We don’t raise sacred cows...we just butcher them.”

“Uber Paradise”

   Based on what staff of the CCR has heard, seen, or experienced, parking at the Irving Toyota Music Factory is not an issue.  

   And any city politico who has been given free ducats should also agree.

   As this is one of the premises, which Billy Bob and Chris Allen are dangling, in their law suits against Irving and ARK, this is not good news for them.

   Now, if dear readers want to really witness what convoluted parking problems might exist, then take a gander at the new Baja Texas Live! in Arlington.

   Texas Live! recently opened.  This venue is somewhat modeled after the Irving Toyota Music Factory, but with less glitz, glamor and grub-noshing.  Think: sports bar wannabe with music.

   And what seems to make Texas Live! parking unattractive could be the presence of their neighbors — Globe Life Park and AT&T Stadium…especially when these venues have sports or musical bookings.

   The following is how one individual has described the parking situation for Texas Live! patrons:
  •   On days when there are no public events scheduled at either Globe Life Park or AT&T Stadium, guests visiting Texas Live! may park complimentary in Lot B which is located just east on Randol Mill Road and Stadium Drive.
  •   On dates when the Texas Rangers have a home night game, guest visiting Texas Live! may park in Lot B (B-1 entrance off Randol Mill) without charge until 3:00 pm.  Guest arriving after 3:00 pm will be charged the event parking rate.
  •   On days when the Texas Rangers have a home night game, guest visiting Texas Live! may park in Lot B for the event parking rate until the conclusion of the game, when complementary is available.
  •   On event days at AT&T Stadium and/or public non-baseball events at Globe Life Park in Arlington, guest visiting Texas Live! may park in Lot B for the price being charged for the event.  Please note price for Lot B parking may vary per event and the price will be posted accordingly.
   Now, aren’t these simple parking measures for TexasLive!? 
   (Snicker, but be sure to bring plenty of cash as the cost could vary.)

   Venue parking at Irving Toyota Music Factory is handled by parking garages, valet parking areas, Uber drop-off points, and designated street areas.  Simple, easy and venue friendly!

   Arriving and leaving an event at the Irving Toyota Music Factory doesn’t require GPS, Mapsco, private chauffeur, or the parking rate charge-index from the Dow Jones Industrial Average.


   ARK TIF Funding
   As of this penning, Irving’s mayor and Councilman Meagher have failed to place the ARK TIF funding issue on the September 6, 2018, city council agenda.  Or, call a special meeting to resolve this issue in a public forum.   

   Could someone explain why the city council, along with the legal and administrative bureaucrats of the city, is holding ARK hostage for an agreement which they previously approved?  And the documentation supporting the approval, for releasing the TIF funds, has been verified!

   Could part of the rationale be: Members of the council hope to maintain a $44M leverage-hammer over ARK to re-open and renegotiate their original agreement for the Entertainment Center?

   Dear readers, opening the original contractual agreement with ARK is a separate issue from the ARK TIF funding issue!  Yes, separate!  And to be repetitive, SEPARATE!  

   Yet, some council members want to flex their self-inflated political egos and trip down the trail of utilizing poor business sense — at the probable expense (legal fees) of citizen tax bucks — by not honoring the legitimate TIF agreement with ARK.

   This travesty, of reneging on a legitimate business agreement concerning the ARK TIF issue, is starting to look like the political swamp, which the council created, is being ruled and run by campaign finance and string pullers of council members…to the detriment of citizens! 

   And when all is said and done on this ARK TIF issue, don’t be surprised when tax bucks are squander on attorney fees to correct the political malfeasance initiated by some members of the council.

Texas Governor’s Race  (Abbott vs. Valdez)
   The October surprise and a talking point for the Abbott campaign arrived early — The (Valdez) Smoking Gun…Is Still Missing!  

…………………………………Mark Holbrook

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

CCR 08-15-18 Let It Shine

the   Controversial  Committee   Report
“We don’t raise sacred cows...we just butcher them.”

“Let It Shine”

   Hello, Councilman Meagher, are you there?!  Irving citizens are calling and need your attention to a matter you were so hot-to-trot to discuss a few weeks back.

   Recently, ARK appeared before the city council to seek approval for a minor zoning change.  Councilman Meagher slyly wanted to raise the discussion to a different level by having the council consider the original contractual agreement with ARK...as applicable to the TIF funding due them.

 While he was unsuccessful in doing so, his campaign fund-paying bro, Chris Allen, did rant and verbalize stale and weak talking points which were not particularly germane to the zoning case! 

   In fact, the very next day Chris Allen with his inappropriately named(?) group, Irving Taxpayers Matter, filed a lawsuit against the city and ARK.  And his talking points from the council meeting, while discussing the zoning case, were part of the legal documents filed.

    Remember, Chris Allen and Billy Bob are utilizing the same lawyer for these legal actions against the city and ARK.  Collusion?  Both parties are seeking to dig their claws into the TIF funding which the city council previously approved for ARK!

   To the issue at hand.  There is currently a move, by an interested citizen, to place the ARK TIF funding matter on a council agenda.  The legal points, as to why the city should end this backdoor blackmailing of ARK, needs to see the light of day.

   And the legal points, in the request for placement on the council agenda, appear to be spot-on.

   As it takes three council members to place an item on the agenda, one has to ask: Why isn’t the mayor and Councilman Meagher rushing to join other council members who want to shine light on an issue that is: floundering in the city’s legal and administrative bureaucracy, smoke filled rooms, and donor kowtowing…with paltry, maybe nonexistent, coverage by any local media?

   While a petition to the mayor and council members, to place this item on the agenda from citizens, would be appropriate, time is of the essence.  The next council meeting is September 6, 2018.  And filing a citizen’s petition, to request this agenda action, could be impractical.  

   So, the next best alternative would be to contact each council member directly and request they either place the ARK TIF funding discussion on the upcoming agenda, or have the mayor call a special council meeting to openly discuss this issue.  And this discussion needs to be in the public eye.

   Otherwise, the citizens’ business will continue to be put aside in dark, deep bureaucratic and political pits…void of sunlight.  And all the grand accomplishments ARK has generated, for the city since the opening of the Irving Toyota Music Factory, will be blemished by negative PR and flaky law suits.

   Here is the council contact info:
Alan Meagher
(972) 313-0909

David Palmer
(972) 861-0112

Phil Riddle
(469) 781-7116

Rick Stopfer
(214) 876-7172

Kyle Taylor
(214) 641-9690

Oscar Ward
(214) 537-4944

Al Zapanta
(972) 506-9199

Dennis Webb
(972) 849-9421

John Danish
(972) 554-0500

   A couple of council members may have apparently registered their support of letting citizens know what is going on by placing this issue on an agenda.  They are also concerned with demonstrating the city’s legal and administrative bureaucracy is held accountable by desiring to put the brakes on the stalling of holding ARK hostage for their TIF funding…which was previously approved by the city council. 

   Transparency and open government can only occur when elected officials do what they were elected to do in the light of day!  And when this fails, citizens must take an active role to ensure the light of day overpowers the bureaucracy, campaign finance and string pullers, and political agendas irrelevant to the issue at hand.

   Placing the ARK TIF funding issue on the council agenda will go a long way to reflect Irving’s City government is open and properly addresses issues which have a significant impact on its citizens.  The last thing the city needs is to be featured in the Dallas Morning News like Dallas has been recently. 

   Isn’t it time for ‘beautiful downtown Irving’ to have a burst of sunshine from their elected officials on this critical ARK issue?

………………………….Mark Holbrook

Friday, August 3, 2018

CCR 08-03-18 As the Swamp Swirls

the   Controversial  Committee   Report
“We don’t raise sacred cows...we just butcher them.”

“As the Swamp Turns  Swirls”
(Irving’s noxious soap opera)

      Nowadays, the information overload for national, state and local issues can keep your head spinning…just by attempting to distinguish fact from fiction, or truth from rumor (FF/TR).

   You be the judge if some of the following items conceivably could be factual and true as the fetid legal swamp — created by Billy Bob and Chris Allen — flows through ‘beautiful downtown Irving.’

   To consider some of these local items, staff of the CCR has identified several matters which you, dear readers, might want to ponder as to what is going on regarding the FF/TR front. 

   Be alert, as the CCR staff fished some of these items directly from the disingenuous legal swamp — to bail Billy Bob out, again — which was  created with suits filed against Irving and the ARK entertainment center.

FF/TR:  Councilman Webb defeated Councilman Meagher in the city spelling-B when Meagher failed to accurately spell recuse.  The winning word, for Webb to take home the trophy, was objectivity.

FF/TR:  Now that the Dallas County Commissioners Court has moved the Texas driver’s license bureau and Justice of the Peace courts to Grand Prairie, is Dallas County Commissioner Dr. Elba Garcia in talks to move the Irving Toyota Music Factory to Grand Prairie, too?  Would Councilman Meagher possibly be considered a water toter to assist her in executing this move and closing the deal?

FF/TR:  To ensure their cases have terrific representation — in the law suits filed against the city and ARK — and are as strong as possible by using the same lawyer, has Billy Bob and Chris Allen hired former council member Tom Spink to write all their future legal briefs and motions?

FF/TR:  Did one of the parties, in the law suits filed against the city and ARK, pull political bro-strings to have the Dallas DA office “invite” the FBI to join in the  legal swamp party?  Would it be good research, for the FBI, to check phone records, text messages, “social meetings” after hours, and e-mails of, perhaps, a couple city servants who are perched on the other side of this legal swamp, for possible collusion?

FF/TR:   Has the level of the legal swamp raised two feet due to all the bad PR created by Billy Bob and Chris Allen’s law suits, thereby causing Live Nation to issue life jackets to all concert attendees?

FF/TR:  Will Pollstar magazine move the Irving Toyota Music Factory, from 9th place worldwide for the top fifty amphitheaters, to 113th place due to the bad PR and fetid aroma of the legal swamp?

FF/TR:   Did any member of the city council vote to deny the zoning case for a cell phone tower because this financial Golden Goose wouldn’t be laying their gold eggs in their backyard?

   How was your FF/TR score?  Any factual items present, or did fiction prevail?  Did you unmask the true issues from any of the opinionated rumors?  

   Stay tuned, dear readers, and be sure to stay hydrated.  It’s going to be a long hot summer in ‘beautiful downtown Irving.’

……………………………….Mark Holbrook

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

CCR 07-24-18 Spelling Responsibility

the   Controversial  Committee   Report
“We don’t raise sacred cows...we just butcher them.”

“Spelling Responsibility”

   Well, dear readers, staff of the CCR knows school is out and summer vacations are in full swing.  However, there are times when education must take precedent over fun times. 

   With this in mind, the Irving political swamp is still bubbling under all the heat provided by Bill Bob and Irving Taxpayers Matter director, Chis Allen related to the law suits filed by them against the City of Irving and ARK.  (Remember, they are both using the same lawyer!)  

   Of course, doesn’t Councilman Alan Meagher still appear to be toting pails of Torofeca to keep their swamp rancid?  And his TV interviews only demonstrate his full allegiance to Billy Bob and Chris Allen.  All of his recent  “fake fact” TV interviews are only rivaled by ex-mayor BVDs attempts to paint untrue narratives.

   Is Meagher, Billy Bob, or Chris Allen the major string puller to add Anthony Bond and Lisette Caraballo as part of their legal swamp/bad PR and disinformation cabal?  

   Regardless, the string pullers should at least provide them with fresh and truer talking points, or at the very least — factual talking points.  Another question could be: Are these individuals being paid to prop up and spread all their disingenuous blathering?

   Understanding all this, get your pencils out for a spelling pop quiz.  Eyes on your own paper now!

   First question: Write the word that means: Excuse oneself from a cause because of a possible conflict of interest or lack of impartiality.

   If you wrote the word “recuse, then grab your sun tan lotion and head to Hurricane Harbor and cool off for the rest of the day.

   For those who failed the test and do not know what “recuse” means, isn’t it time to become actively involved, as a tax payer, to  assist those council members who are attempting to do the right thing for the city and ARK?  Without your attention, the city is on the verge of lengthy legal issues from the swamp fillers…who want to benefit from their self-serving agenda by grabbing unwarranted bucks.  Does the city really need to bail Billy Bob off…AGAIN?

   And while those who passed the spelling test are enjoying their outing, they should call/e-mail city council members to express their opinion on these legal swampy shenanigans.  (The council names and numbers are listed below.)

   If you do contact city council members, perhaps, mention Councilman Alan Meagher might just want to recuse himself from any future discussions regarding the legal swamp created around the Entertainment Center by Billy Bob and Chris Allen.

   After all, Irving doesn’t deserve another Billy Bob/Irving Taxpayers Matter legal stench which drags down all the good PR and attendance the Entertainment Center has provide the city since its opening by ARK  

   As previously published in a CCR mailing, Pollstar magazine has ranked the Irving Toyota Music Factory as 9th in the Top 50 Amphitheaters worldwide for the first six months of 2018!  This grand PR can only be damaged by lawsuits which have been instigated by Billy Bob and Irving Taxpayers Matter director, Chris Allen…to gain standing on ARKs ability to recover $44M of TIF funding (not your tax dollars as some in the swamp would intone) which had previously been approved by the Irving City council.

   This desire to grab bucks, by Billy Bob and Irving Taxpayers Matter which had been approved for ARK, would be akin to Clyde Barrow calling a bank president and asking him to send all their money over immediately.  And if the bank president didn’t comply, then Clyde would promise to drop by the bank and rob them at gun point!     

  While it is apparent Meagher has very deep social ties with Billy Bob (having closed some of his bars, in the  wee hours, at the Entertainment Center); and deeper ties with Chris Allen for the financing of his election/re-election campaigns, aren’t those grounds for recusal?  Shouldn’t his objectivity in this matter be questioned?  Or, is his objectivity floating somewhere in the political swamp these folks have created?

   Well, dear readers, the time to take action is here for the rancid swamp created by Billy Bob and Irving Taxpayers Matter director, Chris Allen, who wanting to recoup their interest/investment in a failed operation.  Not tomorrow to take action…today!

   Shouldn’t citizens and the City of Irving stand up and dismiss having a  law suit gun held to their head, by the legal swamp fillers, to pay for any errors in the judgement, or business operations of Billy Bob, or Chris Allen?

   Contact city council members now and inform them you have just obtained your Right To Carry —  An Opinion, and it is aimed at draining this legal swamp before Irving becomes the laughing stock of the entertainment industry.

   And also aim your opinions at Alan Meagher to recuse himself.

……………………………….Mark Holbrook

Irving City Council, 2018
(Report any required corrections/changes to Mark Holbrook)

Alan Meagher
(972) 313-0909
David Palmer
(972) 861-0112
Phil Riddle
(469) 781-7116
Rick Stopfer
(214) 876-7172
Kyle Taylor
(214) 641-9690
Oscar Ward
(214) 537-4944
Dennis Webb
(972) 849-9421
Al Zapanta
(972) 506-9199
John Danish
(972) 554-0500

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