Monday, April 24, 2017

CCR 04-24-17 The Parsing Game

the   Controversial  Committee   Report
“We don’t raise sacred cows...we just butcher them.”

"The Parsing Game"

   Okay, dear readers, let’s play the political game on every voting citizen’s mind this month…The Parsing Game.

   And the best place to start the game is with The Rambler political ad "paid for" (snicker) by an informed (snicker) "citizen" who took the time to write (snicker) all the rubbish contained in the fact fabricated ad for mayoral candidate Penã.  Can you say "masking" writing and campaign fund spending?

   The scripted ad (composed by a Flying Harpy/Crankie) has the following political morsels (detailed in bold print) which require clarification or clearer delineation (read: parsing) by mayoral candidate Penã.

   Ready?  Let’s play The Parsing Game and expose the load of Torofeca contained in some of the ads fabricated facts.

"Vote for new blood…"
Parsed:  Penã voters would have more success casting their ballot for those seriously in need of new blood by opting for Carter Blood Care.  The city has had too many transfusions of Type-D (Divisive) blood with QueenB VD the past six years and would grow terribly anemic if subjected to three years of transfusions of Penã blood.

"…who wants to help grow our downtown business with new ideas."
Parsed:  Would these "new ideas" include being current with her rental payments to the city?  Where is the list noting what these "new ideals" would encompass?  Where are the details?

"…issues that Irving faces daily: water, taxes, sanitation for ALL Irving."
Parsed:  Did you miss the memo relating some residents of Irving have been denied water, or have been using Porta Potties?  Of course, there is no mention of how these "problems" will be resolved…should they even exist.  Where are the details?

"…will make sure we retain all our businesses…"
Parsed:  As the avidly avowed acolyte of QueenB VD, would Penã’s record surpass the queen’s losses, by the city, during her reign?  Would the Byron Nelson Golf Tournament return?  Will the Cowboys grow weary of Arlington traffic and move back to Irving?  Or will mega bucks be allowed to continuously flow to the low attendance of professional tennis matches?  Where are the details?

"Remember the past and reflect on why you should not vote for ‘experience.’"
Parsed:  By placing "experience" in quotation marks, in the ad, clearly demonstrates Penã and her sycophants recognize she does not have the background or experience to be Irving’s mayor.  Otherwise, if experience doesn’t matter would you seek Quik Lube for a brain surgery operation?  Maybe Quik Lube is where all her supporters go for their MediCare treatments.  This sure would explain a lot about their sycophantic actions.  Where are the details?

"…votes against a new ethics charter…"
Parsed:  Another QueenB VD nonsensical item which barely passed due to the fact Pet Rocks had to vote in favor of the measure or incur the queen’s petulance and wrath.  Previous CCR reports have noted how the queen voted at least three times, after passing her revised ethics ordinance, for a crony with a known conflict of interest to receive tax buck funding for a personal property project.

"…voted against a forensic audit every time."
Parsed:  Here we go again!  This item is from QueenB VDs swamp of discontent and was part and parcel of her adamant opposition to the Entertainment Center…all the way from its inception.  Even when ARK was later approved by the council, the queen and Penã were adamantly opposed to the development as reflected in city council minutes!  And this is how to spur economic development in the city by voting against measures the public wants and approves?  Maybe forensic audits should be considered for all aspects of the Penã campaign.  Wouldn’t time be better spent determining what possible levels of "masking" are being conducted by the Penã campaign for wordsmithing and campaign fund spending?
   (Speaking of QueenB VD:  In a Dallas Morning News article,1) Penã was noted as wanting to continue all the good the mayor had done for the city.  Really?  Do the citizens really deserve three years of another "national lightening rod," or "controversial mayor?"  Does Penã’s memory still lapse on gun toting Froot Loops® and Texas Rebel Knights of the KKK prancing around a religious institution in Irving?)
   DMN, 04-24-17:  "Pena, 41, said she wants Irving to continue moving in the same direction as it was under Van Duyne."

   While there are many more grandiose, unsubstantiated, and blatant fact fabrications in The Rambler ad, one can imagine how The Parsing Game could soon becomes comical.  And unlike the script writing Flying Harpies or Crankies, who amassed this collection of diestrus and rubbish to prop up an unqualified candidate for mayor, comical relief is just not needed in this mayoral election.

   Note: The pet Macaw parrot, Phoenix, of the CCR staff has refused, for three days, to leave droppings on The Rambler ad which is lining his cage bottom.  
   Not only can Phoenix talk, but he also demands sanitary conditions in his cage for his feathery avian functions.
   Voters should take a hint from Phoenix.  Place the foul Penã Rambler ad, for an unqualified mayoral candidate, in the incineration bin.  

   The city’s landfill shouldn’t have such toxic and divisive ad material dumped along with good trash!

…………………………………….Mark Holbrook

1)  The link for the DMN article:


Sunday, April 23, 2017

CCR 04-23-17 Ethical Masking?

the   Controversial  Committee   Report
“We don’t raise sacred cows...we just butcher them.”

"Ethical Masking?"

   Well, dear readers, in the 04-21-17 report, staff of the CCR discovered mayoral candidate Penã could actually read.  

   This was clearly evident when the moderator of the League of Women Voters forum asked a question of the candidates and she would immediately ruffle through her ream of talking point notes for a canned and scripted response.  Of course, the responses were scripted primarily by Flying Harpies and Crankies.

   No originality.  No substance.  And certainly no adherence to reality.

   If this wasn’t bad enough, it has been determined that Flying Harpies and/or Crankies have actually scripted rubbish for individuals to post on FaceBook utilizing the name of the poster, not the name of the actual script writer.  Of course, these postings were smearing, non-factual trash, and school yard venom spewed against Penã’s opponent.  

   Does this "masking" mean Flying Harpy/Cranky surrogates are about as politically savvy as their mayoral candidate?

   While all of this is politically disgusting, these actions demonstrate the shallowness and willingness of Flying Harpies and Crankies to say and do anything to promote a fake narrative, pen divisive rhetoric, and install a false crown of political sainthood on a weak, ineffective and totally unprepared mayoral candidate, Penã, to run the city of Irving.

   Thinking this might be the limit of what Flying Harpies and Crankies would do to promote the avidly avowed acolyte of QueenB VD, staff of the CCR could be wrong.

Is It Possible?
   The question now needs to be asked if Flying Harpies, Crankies or Sugar Daddy donors could be "masking" campaign bucks on Penã’s behalf?

   For those not familiar with this form of campaign skullduggery, "masking" campaign bucks is when a Sugar Daddy or monied supporter gives money to another supporter who then donates those bucks to the campaign fund, or uses the bucks to, for example, purchase a campaign ad in The Rambler using their name…not the name of the individual "masking" the transfer of bucks.

   Example: Person A (Sugar Daddy/wealthy supporter) provides Person B with $800 in cash to buy a three-quarter ad in the Rambler.  Person B either deposits the money in their bank account and writes a check, or pays cash for a political ad and ensures the ad disclaimer reflects that they are the person (citizen) who "paid" for the ad.  Mission Accomplished: Person A gleefully pops a cap/cork, chuckles, and grins at the campaign financial deception spread over potential low information voters.

   This action of "masking" keeps the Sugar Daddy or monied supporter’s name out of the picture and allows the activity to "mask" what is actually occurring.  Even though this is a severe violation of campaign finance regulations, the real  villainy of this activity demonstrates a total lack of political ethics on behalf of all campaign promoters.  

   Of course, moral ethics are also smashed by this activity and causes one to wonder about the true character of the candidate who benefits from these possible actions.
   (Remember: QueenB VD passed her revised ethics ordinance only to vote at least three times for a crony who had a recognized conflict of interest when receiving city tax fund bucks.)

   And while on the subject of political and moral ethics, if mayoral candidate Penã should should be unaware of potential activities of this nature on her behalf, then this would clearly illuminate another reason for voters to note why she is not qualified to be mayor of ‘beautiful downtown Irving.’  After all, everything done in the campaign is done in her name.

   Additionally, wouldn’t any of the activities noted above, to utilize "masking" of campaign contributions or purchasing campaign support materials, be contrary to the city’s Code of Fair Campaign Practices as contained in Chapter 258 of the Elections Code?  

   City records do reflect Penã signed the form for the Code of Fair Campaign Practices this election cycle.

   One thing voters should understand and realize is the flock of Flying Harpies and Crankies also continue to campaign against a "ghost" opponent from a past election by attempting to paint Penã’s rival as his "Son of Satan."  Utterly preposterous! 

   This strategy, while totally false, is due to Penã having no measurable record, no proven leadership ability, or workable strategy to reflect why she should actually be mayor of ‘beautiful downtown Irving.’  

   Pablum induced talking points fabricated by Flying Harpies and Cronies are not a workable strategy to run the city! 

   Again, when one doesn’t have facts or the qualities for a viable candidate, one finds Flying Harpies and Crankies pounding the table, ranting about a mystical political "ghost," and besmirching dedicated supporters of their opponent who have served the city more in one year than Penã has in her lifetime of living in Irving. 

   And this, dear readers, is the principal core of the divisiveness created and promulgated, this election cycle, which is being led by Flying Harpies and Crankies who run Penã’s campaign…an unqualified candidate swimming in a swamp of divisive, fact fabricated promotion.

Once Again With Passion!
   Early voting starts tomorrow, Monday, April 24, and election day is May 6.  Are you going to allow your city to be tainted and sunk into the political muck and mire by sycophants whose real concern is self-aggrandizing, political self-interest and perpetuating a shallow swamp of discord in the community via an unqualified candidate? 

   There is only one good, positive, honest and workable solution to the political swamp created by Flying Harpies and Crankies this election cycle…elect Rick Stopfer.

   Irving deserves a mayor who is responsible, qualified, and has genuine leadership abilities.  And without a doubt, this is what voters will receive when Rick Stopfer is elected.

   Are you ready to move Irving forward?  Are you concerned how the city has been the laughing stock of the metroplex for the past six years under QueenB VDs reign?  Do you really want three more years of city mismanagement?  Do you believe Irving deserves better?

   The time is now for you, your friends and neighbors to become actively involved and ensure Irving rises above the petty and disgusting divisiveness created by the surrogates of Rick’s opponent.

   Irving is much better than what these folks represent!  And so is Rick.

…………………………………..Mark Holbrook

Friday, April 21, 2017

CCR 04-21-17 Read and Repeat

the   Controversial  Committee   Report
“We don’t raise sacred cows...we just butcher them.”

"Read and Repeat"

   Well, dear readers, the League of Women Voters forum is over and the results are in.  Mayoral candidate Penã can read, with a smattering of  faux drama, the scripted talking points provided to her by the flock of Flying Harpies and sycophant lot of Crankies running her campaign.

   And sadly, this may be the only actual qualification she might have while running for mayor.  
   (Note to Penã’s Script Writers: A bit of substance and factual information could go a long way to documenting unsubstantiated facts fabrication in potential mailings, newspaper ads, and FaceBook postings.) 

   Watching someone, at the LWV forum, pretending to be a viable mayoral candidate was almost comical .  If the seriousness of needing a capable and qualified mayor wasn’t critical to place ‘beautiful downtown Irving’ back on track — after the disastrous six year reign of QueenB VD — it would have been humorous.
   (Speaking of the queen, where is the announcement of her bumbling bureaucrat position with HUD?  Is her potential brain surgeon boss still working on implanting ‘team player’ stem cells in her gray matter?)

    Penã’s script writers (who also write diatribes for various FaceBook posters to submit) were less than original when using a line from a Trump stump speech in her opening remarks.  Stating "I am you" certainly cleared the air and let voters know she wasn’t a political alien…she just acts and sounds like one.
   (Will the Penã script-writing folks ever learn service on the city council is supposed to be non-partisan and not an extension of QueenB VDs Red Meat TEA-carnivore fear mongering blather?)

    And for this mayoral candidate to state unequivocally that Irving is Culturally United must mean she has had a serious lapse of cognitive recall.  

   Has Penã, who supported, posted and browbeat fellow citizens for QueenB VD all over FaceBook, already forgotten the gun toting Froot Loops® and Texas Rebel Knights of the KKK prancing around a religious institution in Irving?  And voters should also recall how Penã, following the queen’s lead, was adamantly opposed to the Entertainment Center as proposed by ARK. 
   As an avidly avowed acolyte of QueenB VD, Penã has not outrightly dismissed the fear mongering, hate and discontent which the queen spread with her Red Meat TEA-carnivore blathering and babbling speeches to sycophants?  Why is that?

   Of course, being a created puppet of Flying Harpies and Crankies, who pushed, promoted and pimped all the queen did, does little to instill rational thinking, qualifications, or responsibility in a candidate.  And for Penã and her sycophant followers, all of this becomes the classic case of when a candidate cannot defend or factually document prior actions or activities it’s very easy to change the subject, shoot the messenger, or cry foul.

   Ranking the candidates based on leadership skills, prior community service, ability to know and understand the requirements of being mayor of Irving would find Penã ranking fourth on the list of four candidates running.
   (Even newbie to the scene, Juan Gonzalez, has a clearer and more distinct message than Penã.  A little service on a city commission by him would go a long way to improve his ability to seek and gain political office.  One could also question what the agenda for Elvia Espino might be with the sizable bulk of all her campaign contributions coming from outside Irving.)

   Clearly, the agenda of the Flying Harpies and Crankies is not the betterment of the city, but rather a self-aggrandizing agenda of self-service for the benefit of a small group of discontents.

   And the discontent of these individuals is toxic to the community as viewed in the political ads and assorted trash posted on FaceBook.

   Never has a group created such a horrendous image of Irving as has the Flying Harpies and Crankies.  And  the genesis of this divisiveness can all be traced back to QueenB VDs reign.

  Returning Stability to Irving

   While this may appear to be redundant, staff of the CCR would once again remind dear readers Irving cannot return to a position of moving forward unless Rick Stopfer is elected mayor.

   There can be no denying his prior service, leadership ability and personable skills which have clearly demonstrated he is not only qualified for the position, but he will be a change agent to return the city to a leadership role in the metroplex.  

   Rick Stopfer’s agenda is for the betterment of the city and not for any narrow minded political ideology or self-interest purpose.

   Once again, for all this to happen, voters will have to go to the polls to vote for Rick Stopfer, and also inform your friends and neighbors to do the same.  Election day is May 6.

   The time is now to sweep the mismanagement, Sugar Daddy contributors and crony special interest of the past six years, perpetrated by QueenB VD, back into the Red Meat TEA-carnivore swamp from which it emerged.

…………………………………………….Mark Holbrook


Wednesday, April 12, 2017

CCR 04-12-17 Can't Buy Experience

the   Controversial  Committee   Report
“We don’t raise sacred cows...we just butcher them.”

"Can’t Buy Experience"

   Is it possible for money to buy experience, community involvement, or the ability to be mayor of ‘beautiful downtown Irving?’

   Well, dear readers, we’ll see if the Penã mayoral campaign can spend their way to success. 

   The campaign contributions, only those which have been reported so far on the first filing for candidate Penã, are somewhat limited.  It appears a game plan is being staged to "go all in" for QueenB VDs avidly avowed acolyte.  
   (Was this candidate the queen’s first choice to replace her?)  

   Isn’t it utterly amazing how campaign spin and facts fabrication will soon go viral around the city to promote what appears to be a truly false narrative of experience and ability. 

   As expected, Flying Harpies and Crankies are leading the charge on FaceBook.  There is also an opening of pocket books to plaster and pay for a disjointed and unclear message, of actual candidate qualifications, throughout the city.  Also helping to spread this imaginative message is sock puppet and Chief Pet Rock, for QueenB VD, LaMorgese who is catering to north Irving residents.

   Actually, the "chosen" candidate, of QueenB VDs sycophants, hasn’t fared well at candidate forums while reading scripted talking points and having a lack of understanding on issues presented.  Seriously, pablum and flowery non-specific-action verbiage do not make a candidate qualified to be mayor.

   However, campaign money will be utilized to spread a false narrative which might attempt to polish a highly limited image of leadership ability…even polish better than utilizing QueenB VDs ample supply of Tarn-X ® image makeover. 

Follow the Money & Players
   Following is detail reported for campaign contributions reflecting only $500 or more which are noted on Penã’s first campaign finance report:
   Jacqualea Cooley, $1,500 (total); Debbi Debrick, $500; Scott Hardesty, $500; Lynda Smith, $500.  Total contributions were $4,123.13 for this period.
   Additionally, In-Kind contributions include: Jacqualea Cooley, $228 web cost; and Bobbie Randle, $2,021.26 (total) for newspaper advertising.  
   (For full disclosure: The Rambler newspaper identifies one of the owners as Marvin Randle.)
   It should also be noted that Bobbie Randle has provided a $5,000 campaign Loan to the Penã campaign.

   What remains to be seen is how much QueenB VD will pour into the Penã campaign with bucks left in her campaign slush fund.  
   (An interesting side note on the queen’s fund is that as of January 17, 2017, there is still of total of $30,000 in Loans which have not been repaid.)

   And this initial Penã campaign finance report only confirms what many individuals have already noted:  large amounts of money will be spent to gloss over a total lack of experience, community involvement and the ability to run the city of Irving by a neophyte with little background or demonstrated leadership ability.

   As staff of the CCR has already noted in previous reports, Irving requires proven and experienced leadership at this time to bring the city together after QueenB VD so deeply divided it with her Red Meat TEA-carnivore blathering and ramblings.  Irving is not a city which should be portrayed in the media as a haven for gun toting BAIR Froot Loops®, or Rebel Knights of the KKK prancing around religious institutions.

   The Penã campaign, if successful, would be a three year continuation of what Irving needs to move away from…self-interest agendas, partisan politics, and special interest cronies.
And Now for Something Completely Necessary  
   The only 2017 mayoral candidate who can accomplish the task of moving Irving forward at this critical time is Rick Stopfer

   When one reviews the list of accomplishments and achievements related to his serving the citizens of Irving, Rick Stopfer does not need to fluff his resumé.  The boards, commissions and charitable activities noted represent experienced leadership, concern for the betterment of the community, and a desire to ensure all voices are heard, respected, and action taken to move the city forward in a positive manner.

   Rick’s positive nature is also evident in that he doesn’t have sycophant followers posting and spewing venom and misinformation on local social media accounts.  His campaign is as positive as is his ability to ensure Irving can recover from the previous six years experienced under the current mayor.

   In order to achieve a better Irving, dear readers, you and your friends and associates need to be informed, take an active role in the election process, and spread the word.

   The time is now.  The task is yours.  Irving can only be as good as the leaders who will represent the best interest of the city and not special interest cronies.

   And this time around, the only individual who is qualified and can accomplish all this is Rick Stopfer.

……………………………………Mark Holbrook

Monday, April 3, 2017

CCR 04-03-17 Temporary Employment?

the   Controversial  Committee   Report
“We don’t raise sacred cows...we just butcher them.”

"Temporary Employment?"

   This just doesn’t look good at all!  

   Remember how it has been reported QueenB VD will soon make the announcement she will be accepting a low level bureaucratic position with HUD? 

   A quick search reveals the following HUD positions are open and one of those might be the one the queen will be appointed to fill.  Review the list closely. 

Department of Housing and Urban Development

Janet Golrick, Acting Deputy Secretary
Sheila Greenwood, Chief of Staff
Deana Bass, Deputy Chief of Staff
Linda Cruciani, Acting General Counsel
Vacant, Assistant Secretary for the Office of Housing
Vacant, Assistant Secretary for the Office of Public and Indian Housing
Vacant, Assistant Secretary for the Office of Community Planning and Development
Vacant, Assistant Secretary for Policy Development and Research
Vacant, Assistant Secretary for Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity
Vacant, Assistant Secretary for Congressional and Intergovernmental Relations
Vacant, Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs

   Do you see any of the following positions posted which would better fit QueenB VDs actual skills as she slides down the political ladder into the abyss of bureaucratic bumbling?

Asst. Secretary for HUD Photo Ops
Asst. Secretary for HUD Facts Fabrication
Asst. Secretary for HUD Community Divisiveness
Asst. Secretary for HUD Red Meat TEA-carnivore Blathering

   Of course, one position which is not on any HUD list is the one QueenB VD holds in reserve.  Probably unknown to HUD and her brain-surgeon-in-charge boss will be the queen’s self-aggrandizing position of: 

Secretary of Working Until Running for Higher Political Office

   Yes, dear readers, staff of the CCR believes QueenB VD will be utilizing this plan to reenter the political arena by playing the role of a bumbling bureaucrat for twelve months or less.  This would provide another political-tick mark on her ever expanding resumé of self-interest. 

   Where will QueenB VD seek her return to political self-absorption?  Currently, there might be two possible positions which could be in play: District 16 State Senator Don Huffines seat, or District 24, US Representative Kenny Marchant’s congressional seat.

   The US Representative seat might be a perfect match for QueenB VD.  

   Seriously, where else could she blather ad infinitum to constituents without worrying about actually having to do anything constructive…which seems to be the current modus operandi displayed by most representatives in DC.

   To make the game of "When’s QueenB VD Leaving HUD" more interesting, staff of the CCR has set up a pool.  Just send an e-mail with the date and time you believe QueenB VD will officially announce she has single-handedly made HUD better and all individuals requiring affordable housing/financing are now drinking TEA.  She will then traipse into the bureaucratic sunset to seek a new, higher political office…which provides her more photo ops.

   The dear reader closest to the actual date and time the queen leaves HUD will receive a free breakfast at PJ’s and a bottle of Dylan’s Leg Hiking Hot Sauce…which is "Hotter than QueenB VD and Torofeca FREE©."

   Best cast your ballot early.  

   When the queen soon finds she has to rise early in the morning to go to a "real job," she may just lapse into an instantaneous mini-retirement spasm until 2018.

……………………………………Mark Holbrook

Reference for HUD listings:  (Remember, this is a Red Meat TEA-carnivore publication.)