Thursday, October 27, 2016

CCR 10-27-16 WikiSeeps #3 --- Deplorable

the   Controversial  Committee   Report
“We don’t raise sacred cows...we just butcher them.”

"WikiSeeps #3 — Deplorable!"

   Well, dear readers, the latest WikiSeeps #3 document dump of a video was received by staff of the CCR.  This  revealing item may represent the most outrageous example of the true character of QueenB VD of the House of NPD and Royal Court of WAB and Protectorate of Red Meat TEA-carnivores and Standard Bearer WIMP previously hidden from public review.

   And quite frankly, it is very disturbing as to how her sycophant followers fail to realize that her actions and pseudo-leadership shines a very dim light on the good which could be Irving.  The queen’s constant blathering engagements, on non-city related activities when posing as THE mayor, is a stain on those who work hard to promote Irving in a positive fashion.

   Instead, the queen is more interested in the spotlight shining on her political ambitions and swelling ego…which has little or nothing to do with running the city.

   In one of her Red Meat TEA-carnivore speaking engagements, where billed as THE mayor of Irving, the queen added a new twist to her babbling remarks and Hollywood-ish photo op poses.  Her presentation included flashing a picture of a current Irving City council member* which was followed by a few of her petulant, self-aggrandizing assessments that this is the type of council member the city could do without!  What?  Are you serious?

   You see, QueenB VD is mostly hostile toward those on the city council who do not vote as she wants, or agrees with her whims, or follows her dictates without questions!

   One has to assume, QueenB VD is now the titular head of determining, not the voters, who is fit to serve on the Irving City council.  Forget the voters.  Forget the values and attention to detail an individual may bring to the council chamber.  And certainly, forget an individual who is not a brain-drained simpleton sitting on the queen’s Pet Rock shelf.  The queen knows best…just ask her. 

   The venom spewed, in the queen’s video venture, was sprayed against a current sitting council member who represents citizens in a more intelligent manner than she does.  And this being the case, she deems it proper to state, to non-Irving attendees at her political speaking soiree, she should be the final judge of how all city actions must be undertaken.  Utterly disgusting!

   Again, the history of Irving cannot record or note a mayor who has ‘acted out’ in this manner.  While it is bad enough she attempts to saturate the city with her Red Meat TEA-carnivore actions and activities, QueenB VD continues to add to her list of personality and political failures that make the city a laughing punch line in the eyes of  surrounding cities thriving on economic development and civil political relations.

   The speaking engagement actions on QueenB VDs part, while different from her attempted browbeating and bullying of those not in agreement with her self-interest whims at council meetings, once again demonstrates her leadership well is filled with toxic levels of self-indulgence, petulance, haughtiness, aloofness, dismissiveness, self-adulation, self-centeredness, self-delusion, and plenty of mane flipping and photo ops.  And this, dear readers, is all she brings to the political table!

   Sadly, the queen’s conduct and actions leave very little for Irving citizens to be proud of, or to embrace.

   The ‘calling out’ of a city council member, at a group meeting outside the city of Irving on a topic not relevant to Irving by QueenB VD, indicates she will say or do anything if she perceives it will further her goal of political pandering to potential low information attendees at her yammering sessions.

   While one digests this latest deplorable escapade of the queen, remember, she would still want the city to represent and pay for her legal costs in the personal law suit filed against her by the family of The Clock King for similar babbling actions and activities outside the scope of the duties she was elected to perform.
   (It appears, some of her actions may have been taken even after being legally advised not to prance around north Texas spouting fact fabrications and drivel to appear an innocent victim.)

   And voters should make it know to their council representatives that the personal law suit against QueenB VD is not the same as a law suit which also was filed against the city.  There should  be no unity or ‘standing together’ on the handling of these two law suits.  The law suits are different in nature and character. 

   This may be the one time the city council should allow the queen to stand on her own merits to defend her actions and activities…period!

   The city’s actions are totally separate and apart from the activities and actions of QueenB VD, especially when she is traipsing about the northern countryside posing as THE mayor of the city, spreading fact fabrications, political dogma and spin rhetoric which is not supported, endorsed or approved by the Irving City council.

   Wake up Irving!  ‘Beautiful downtown Irving’ is nearing the crossroad of being able to have a municipal government which represents citizens…not the political Alpo®-dogma of a self-centered shill for Red Meat TEA-carnivores.  
   (Read: QueenB VD if you are a slow learner.)

   The May 2017 city election will be your opportunity to return Irving to civility, inspired leadership and a level of confidence for those whom you have entrusted your ballot.  This would be considered a real game changer from having a self-imposed autocracy which currently shadows Irving City hall…under QueenB VDs realm.

   Isn’t it time to end the six-year embarrassment of pseudo-leadership by puncturing the ego-inflated ballon which has filled city hall?

……………………………….Mark Holbrook

  • The name of the council member disparaged by the queen will not be published.  As QueenB VDs  actions are so vile and wrong, we do not want to foster her agenda by having anyone believe she is accurate or correct in her assessment…which most already know she isn’t!  However, WikiSeeps does allow staff of the CCR to forward the pic and name referred to above to those who request the information via e-mail.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

CCR 10-23-16 WikiSeeps Dump #2

the   Controversial  Committee   Report
“We don’t raise sacred cows...we just butcher them.”

"WikiSeeps Dump #2"

   Well, dear readers, the WikiSeeps document dump to the CCR continues to provide an insightful look at what is happening in ‘beautiful downtown Irving’ under the reign of QueenB VD of the House of NPD and royal Court of WAB and Protectorate of Red Meat TEA-carnivores and Standard Bearer WIMP.

   As most already know, being mayor of the city is merely a stepping stone on the self-aggrandizing agenda of the queen.  Yes, she believes her mane needs to be flipped on a much larger political stage.  And with this in mind, she has injected into city politics what no other mayor in the city’s history has done — attempted to represent and force a particular national political affiliation while sitting on her throne in city hall!

   If her state/national political actions were personal and not in the media spot light, or on her multiple social media sites, then most would probably not be concerned.  However, when she flits around the countryside blathering and representing, particularly at Red Meat TEA-carnivore gatherings, as THE mayor of the city, then citizens and voters should be very concerned with this posing.  Her incessant spouting also indirectly infers the other eight city council members agree, support, or cling to this same myopic philosophy.

   To the subject at hand:  Always wanting to please those sycophants higher up on her political food chain, QueenB VD attempts to garner as much posterior smooching as possible to sate the disingenuous whims of like minded Red Meat TEA-carnivores.

   The second WikiSeeps document dump item in an e-mail, notes how she is wanting Texas Lt. Governor, Dan "The Loo Monitor" Patrick, to know that not only is she on his side of an abstract issue, but will use all her regal blathering and pseudo-authority to dictate and ensure Irving citizens and council members fall in line to kowtow to the Lt. Governor’s ridiculous drivel.

   As the following hacked e-mail, from one of the queen’s many personal electronic devices, demonstrates, she is attempting to score state-wide political points and inflict grievous distress on city hall employees and citizens of Irving.  
(hacked e-mail by WikiSeeps

TO: Lt. Governor Dan "The Loo Monitor" Patrick
FR:  QueenB VD, THE mayor of Irving  

Subj:  Finding Relief

Dearest Dan:

   You must know how strong my admiration is for all the work and time you spend on Texas issues that have nothing to do with running the State.  And be assured, this is the same model I utilize in Irving.  And this admiration includes all of your State time ‘Trumpeting for Trump’ once you fell off the Ted "Lizard Grin" Cruz train wreck-bandwagon.

   You latest disingenuous cause, of where and how folks would go to restrooms, is a topic near and dear to my heart.  After careful consideration, I have devised a plan which I intend to implement in Irving.  I personally feel this plan should be a model for State level considerations.

   I call my plan: "Go At Home, Or Don’t Go At All."

   This plan is very simple to understand…even for my low information supporters.

   QueenB VDs Potty Plan:  I will dictate that the Irving City manager remove all restrooms in city hall and any other city operated facility and install only one of the following personal-convenience facilities for use by employees, invited guests and visitors to the city. 

(City of Irving ‘One-seater’ Gender Neutral Facility)

   As you’ll note, my plan is simple, cost effective and will make all individuals want to use their personal bathroom facilities before going to work at city hall.  And for those with any recognized medical conditions, or perhaps indulging in some bad/four-day old, without refrigeration, sushi, the above ‘one-seater’ will be available for their use. 

    ‘One-seaters’ will also guarantee there will be no gender issues or privacy invasions for the state, or the city to consider or fret about.

   To be even more cost effective, my plan would also require that individuals provide their own tissue when using the city’s ‘one-seater.’  This step, alone, should make employees more cognizant of their personal hygiene needs…and my new dictates.  

   Can you image how many bucks the State could save if my plan was implemented state-wide?

   If you have any questions about my plan, let me know.  

   And if you are in our area anytime soon, please stop by city hall for an onsite visual of  the plan in action — from the outside of the ‘one-seater,’ of course.  And while you are here, I would like to have a ‘selfie’ with you so I can post it to all my social media sites.  You know the drill…the more photo ops posted, the more folks think you are doing something constructive and important. 

   Also, just consider the publicity garnered by you and me standing in front of the ‘one-seater’ to use in my next city election!  Those pics would reek PR.

Fond Admirer of You and Me,

   P.S.  As a plan side note:  If the lines outside the city’s ‘one-seater’ extend longer than two car lengths on the front lawn of city hall, then I’ll have the city manager install a second ‘one-seater’ based on usage for those who failed to understand "Go At Home, Or Don’t Go At All."

   And there you have it, dear readers…QueenB VDs three commas of Torofeca — posterior smooching of the Lt. Gov., penalizing city hall staff and visitors, and injecting Red Meat TEA-carnivore Alpo-dogma into city governance.  Hat trick!

   The list of cures for righting all the inerrant happenings in ‘beautiful downtown Irving’ continues to grow.  First on the list was to flush and remove the throne from the city hall chambers.

   The second healing balm would be to establish a litmus test and ensure any candidate running for mayor, in the next city election, realizes Irving elected officials should represent Irving citizens — not a national political party of Bozos…as has been the intent of QueenB VD.

   Irving political issues should concentrate on local matters — free of national political dogma — and address citizen desires and needs…as all previous mayors of the city have attempted.

…………………………………Mark Holbrook  

Saturday, October 22, 2016

CCR 10-22-16 WikiSeeps Ooze

the   Controversial  Committee   Report
“We don’t raise sacred cows...we just butcher them.”

"WikiSeeps Ooze"

   Sometimes, details, regarding an issue affecting ‘beautiful downtown Irving,’ arrive on the desks of the CCR staff via e-mail/tweet/text message.   And this type of notification works perfectly as staff cannot be in all places at the same time.

   And be assured, those who provide info, to the CCR, are afforded anonymity! 

   However, there is a ‘new’ source of information being provided to staff of the CCR which will increase the flow and detail of reports produced.  This new ‘dark information source’ will not only provide staff with reams upon reams of info, but will also provided an incredible amount of documentation to substantiate the reports produced.  Awesome!

   Yes, dear readers, the first batch of highly sensitive local political information, which has hit our desk, was sent by a group know worldwide as WikiSeeps.  WOW!  
   (The CCR is now on the WikiSeeps mailing list.)

   While some may complain the hacked information from WikiSeeps was ‘stolen’ from local politicos by Latvian teens living at home in the basement on a sugar high, the fact remains the information is refutably true, accurate and might cause citizens of Irving to take a closer look at how some of their elected officials conspire to achieve and sate their self-indulgent interest. 

   And remember, complaining about how the CCR received the information does not dispel the accuracy of the info which will be used in the reports.

   For this report, WikiSeeps hacked and sent all the information on the electronic devices of QueenB VD of the House of NPD and Royal Court of WAB and Protectorate of Red Meat TEA-carnivores and Standard Bearer WIMP. 

   The queen maintains several devices — personal and city — plus whatever may be unknown to the general public.    

   As most might recall, the queen also poses (and flips her mane) as mayor of Irving while flitting around the country side in her royal VW beetle (which holds fifteen like-minded sycophants) spreading Torofeca and laying claim to her self-aggrandizing greatness.

   The unannounced purpose of the queen’s traveling and blathering is designed to propel her to the next step she seeks on the political ladder.  The first documents released by WikiSeeps reflects how the queen accomplishes this while appearing to be acting as the mayor of Irving.

    Here is the first item in the document dump from WikiSeeps.  This is a copy of the speech and photo op when QueenB VD recently met with a group of her Red Meat TEA-carnivore sycophants.
Brewing Disingenuous TEA
QueenB VD

   Good evening fellow Bozos.  It is great to be here knowing my private positions on critical issues — as discussed here tonight — will be held in confidence from the public positions expressed daily to the peons and serfs of my realm.  I am, as you know, THE mayor of Irving...which you should always remember! 

   But then, you already know, as THE mayor, how I play the political game…tell them what they want to hear and then do what your Sugar Daddy handlers and campaign contributing cronies expect and want.

   And that is the political-heart of how I have ruled Irving for the past six years.  (Honk, honk!)
   (That sound was the queen rubbing her nose.)

   For instance: I protested loudly about housing cost for city sponsored low income families ($175,000/unit, really?), but worked with my single source developer to provide millions upon millions in city-paid infrastructure and city tax relief for $400K+ homes in north Irving for folks who do not need financial assistance in owning a home.

   So, when voters go to the polls this coming May, they will realize I am always trying to save their tax bucks!  (Honk, honk!)    

   Another example of private vs. public positions would be the Entertainment Center currently under construction in Las Colinas.

   For years, I have been opposed to this project due to one of my Sugar Daddy handlers not being involved in the project.  I voted against the project at every opportunity…even when they wanted to use Bermuda over San Augustine grass.  Trust me, I know my grasses.  (Honk, Honk!)

   However, in my State of the Union address and on some of my speaking tours, I extol the virtues of the economic development which will accrue to the city from this venture…as if I personally shoveled the dirt for the project.  Look, I didn’t even attend the groundbreaking for this venture.  (Honk, honk!) 

   Another factor, for staying in control of the issues at hand, is to have plenty of money readily available.  The money can be used to fund support for Pet Rock political campaigns, a little personal travel, and many other unmentionable benefits.  

   The two best methods of having funds available are: Sugar Daddy handlers and "Dark Money."  The advantages of both of these funding sources are that the records are not publicly available for review or audit.  Believe me, all the individuals contributing or participating in donating, on my behalf, know the rules regarding ‘pay to play.’

   The political lifestyle, one can lead with all those non-traceable bucks, could mean one doesn’t even have to have a full-time job like all the peons and serfs of my realm.  (Honk, honk!)

    As imagined, it is very easy to dupe sycophant followers.  And when you leave here this evening, be sure and latch on to one of the elected Red Meat TEA-carnivores who will represent your special interest.  You’ll be amazed at how the issues you want resolved, in your favor, can be accomplished.  And while the issues are not those the general public or even a majority of the voting public may want or desire, my guidelines will ensure your success.  (Honk, honk!)

   So, go forward and spread political turmoil in your community.  This will inflate your ego knowing you will be getting your way.  Browbeat and belittle those who stand against the self-indulgent progress you seek.  Assume an attitude of arrogance which cannot be trumped.  (Honk, honk, honk!)

   And remember, should you be sued for any statements made while acting on your private positions, let the governmental agency, you supposedly represent, pay for your legal defense.  (Honk, honk!)


   Well, dear readers, staff of the CCR always suspected this was QueenB VDs modus operandi  to achieving her self-interest goals, but WikiSeeps just confirmed what everyone should have already known.

   A total corruption of the political system is how the huddled masses have lost control of what should be their avenue to good government, honest handling of issues, and providing for the general welfare of all citizens.

   Where should the blame be placed for all that is wrong in ‘beautiful downtown Irving?’  Perhaps, removing the throne at city hall would be a good first step.

……………………………Mark Holbrook 

Special Note:  To all the hackers at WikiSeeps…THANKS.  However, we may not be able to post some of the pictures sent as the CCR is a family publication.  And staff has a hunch an Indigo pic with the queen in a three comma pose just isn’t suitable.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

CCR 10-15-16 Dylan Suspended Over Tweets

the   Controversial  Committee   Report
“We don’t raise sacred cows...we just butcher them.”

"Dylan Suspended Over Tweets"

   It had to happen.  And dear readers, in addition to the 200+/day page viewers of the blog, staff of the CCR would like to advise you that Dylan Westie, Executive editor/Part-time wordsmith and Social Media Troll for the CCR, has been disciplined for his recent tweets.

   Yes, Dylan’s supply of Pup-Peroni® snacks has been suspended until after the next presidential debate.

   It seems Dylan managed to get caught up in the national election latrine-swirling, and took to Twitter to express his opinions.  When confronted, his only comment was: "Look, this national ‘cat fight,’ called an election, is getting out of control.  And what better way to resolve a good cat fight then to have a Westie bring resolution to the issues."

   While staff of the CCR could hardly disagree with Dylan’s logic, we reminded him that his venting should be confined to the same type of behavior and actions demonstrated by QueenB VD in ‘beautiful downtown Irving.’  To this he replied: "Isn’t she a separated-at-birth twin, or clone of HRC?"

   Long Story Short:  The tweets which have placed Dylan in the dog house…a place where he is actually comfortable...are:

Dylan Westie @DylanWestie1 Oct 14
Claim of @realDonaldTrump's Russian influence, but knowing @HillaryClinton has (the) MSM (support), voters recourse =s WikiLeaks to providing (the) truth. Vote (for the) truth!

Can America really tolerate Hillary Clinton to the Fourth Power?

   And this, dear readers, is how we will leave the topic for now.  After all, staff is busy keeping an eye on what is happening, or not happening in ‘beautiful downtown Irving.’
……………………………………….Mark Holbrook

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First “cat kicked” in 1984       Contact:       October 15, 2016

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

CCR 10-12-16 Acting vs. Reacting

the   Controversial  Committee   Report
“We don’t raise sacred cows...we just butcher them.”

"Acting vs. Reacting"

   When is the mayor of Irving acting as the mayor of Irving and representing the city and all city council members?  When does the mayor, reacting on her own, make it appear to be acting on behalf of the city and city council?

   Sadly, this is difficult to answer as QueenB VD of the House of NPD and Royal Court of WAB and Protectorate of Red Meat TEA-carnivores and Standard Bearer WIMP may have a different standard which she appears to follow.  And that standard could be: I am the queen and in my autocracy I dictate that all photo ops, speaking engagements, or appearances represent my regal status in the city.  

   Ergo, she conceivably believes: "I am always representing the city and city council 24/7/365."  Really?

   And this, dear readers, could pose a serious future problem which may have heavy financial considerations to be paid by the city’s tax payers.

   As detailed in the September 28, 2016, CCR report, QueenB VD is being sued personally by The Clock King’s family.  And one has to guess, QueenB VD will want the city to absorb the total financial liability for any legal cost, or possible settlements…as the case moves forward.

   While Dylan Westie, Executive editor/Part-time wordsmith and Social Media Troll for the CCR, is still searching, for his Business Law Certificate from LaSalle Extension University, he did provide a few — almost legal — questions which might/should be asked before the Irving City council dives off the deep end and opens a legal defense war chest for QueenB VD.

  • Did QueenB VD state, on any Glenn Beck appearance, her comments represented her personal views/opinions and not those of the city or city council members?
  • Did QueenB VD state, when addressing all the TEA-party gatherings over the past year, she was representing her personal views/opinions and not those of the city or city council members?
  • Did QueenB VD state, when responding to any political query from a media outlet or appearance (DMN, Empower Texas, area Republican clubs, ACT for America, Texas Tribune, etc., etc.), that she was representing her personal views/opinions and not those of the city or city council members?
  • Should Irving tax payers be responsible for paying any legal cost if an individual is speaking/acting on the basis of their personal political philosophy which was not endorsed by the city council, or relative to city operations?
  • Shouldn’t QueenB VD, when presenting a particular view or opinion on a subject as mayor, be representing only policy the city council has approved?

   It would probably be conceded QueenB VD has been invited to speak, for many of her political appearances, due to her governmental title as mayor of the City of Irving.  However, when one reviews the venues where she was speaking, being quoted, or appearing, the above questions become even more appropriate to ask.  

   Did she specifically state, to those present or listening, she was appearing/speaking as an individual and not the mayor of Irving?  Did she relate her comments and opinions were not the policy of the Irving City council?

   While the answers to those questions will be the foundation for any decision the city council, city’s legal staff, and city manager should make on the personal law suit against QueenB VD, there is one additional issue to be considered.

   The issue, of this personal law suit against QueenB VD and any possible city ramifications, deserves to be discussed — for total transparency purposes — in the public domain as a public input agenda item.  The decision, as to the city’s course of action, should not be made in executive session!  To do otherwise will be a total violation of the public’s trust and right to know how their elected representatives are responding. 

   After all, tax payers shouldn’t be ‘on the hook’ for the queen’s personal actions, statements, babbling at TEA-party gatherings, or public appearances which had little or no relevance to city operations, policy, or council approval.

   Fairly soon, the city council will discuss, in executive session, the current status of this personal law suit against QueenB VD.  One would hope there is clarity of thinking on the council’s part to ensure the public’s interest is met and handled without political spin or kowtowing to any political pressures or campaign donors by the queen’s Sugar Daddy handlers.

   And when the council considers what appropriate action might be taken on this personal law suit against QueenB VD, they hopefully will remember the queen was fully responsible, along with her sycophant TEA-party advisers — State representatives Rodney "Bogus-gate Complaint" Anderson and Matt "Squeaky" Rinaldi — for State HB 562 laying the ground work for what later created tremendous turmoil in the city.  
   (And dear readers, the gun toting Froot Loops® and KKK visitors wasn’t a pretty sight in ‘beautiful downtown Irving.’) 

   Does QueenB VD believe the 5-4 vote, of the tepid supporting Council resolution, for the disingenuous State HB 562 — which she vigorously championed — provided her with the authority to spout any number of fabricated facts as if the resolution was even relevant to city affairs?

   After the State HB 562 fiasco, The Clock King incident at MacArthur HS provided additional opportunities for QueenB VD to prance, flip her mane, and avail herself for more photo ops while babbling her TEA-party rhetoric which was not germane as being city policy, or action items approved by the city council.

   Long story short: QueenB VD has, in several arenas over the past year, uttered and stated items/concerns which should be her personal opinions as they have not been presented to the Irving City council for consideration, discussion, or approval.

   If this proves to be the case, shouldn’t one believe QueenB VD is not entitled to have city funds provided to represent her in this personal law suit?

   After all, the Irving City council has never sponsored a resolution stating the city will be guided or governed by TEA-party dogma or doctrine.  And QueenB VDs touring the north Texas area speaking and being recognized as the mayor of the city should not make the city liable for any fact fabrications, statements or actions she may have made or taken in those endeavors.

   Let your city council representative know you do not favor city tax funds being spent to represent what could be the highly political and personal interest of QueenB VD when speaking and appearing before sycophant groups to achieve the next step on her self-aggrandizing political ladder.*

   This is her party and the city SHOULD NOT be on her dance card!

…………………….………….Mark Holbrook 

*  Perhaps, when QueenB VD attended the Donald Trump fund raiser (groping?) in Dallas on 10-11-16, she should have trolled the elite benefactors to initiate and establish a personal legal defense fund.  If the Irving City council acts responsibly, she — not the city — would need the bucks to defend her actions and statements in the personal law suit filed against her by The Clock King’s family.