Thursday, December 13, 2018

CCR 12-25-18 Dylan's Christmas Message

the   Controversial  Committee   Report
“We don’t raise sacred cows...we just butcher them.” 

“Treat yourself to a
Happy Holiday”

From the staff of the CCR: Dylan, Mark, and Mike

   Tis the Christmas Season.  Be happy, joyous and wonder if your nearly melted credit card is good for just one more purchase. 

   Without a doubt, 2018 was a year filled with countless “Potholes of Life.”  Some were deeper than others.  Take time now to rest, give thanks for all the filled potholes, and strive to make 2019 a year of good harmony and BaconBits galore.

   As you nog the eggs, roast your nuts, and flash that Scrooge-like grin on the neighbor who just drove by in a new Bugatti Veyron Super Sport to cruise ‘beautiful downtown Irving,’ remember: Some folks still believe money creates happiness…when actually, money only makes politicos happy.  

   Genuine happiness can also be achieved when all the governmental institutions and elected officials actually serve those intended to be served, and not just those who play the system for personal gain, ego satisfaction, or empire building efforts.

    This Christmas salutation is being sent to the CCR readership list, blog page viewers (600/month) and all the Internet-web-thingy folks who supported me in my "almost" mayor of Irving campaign; and later commented on my role as the Executive editor/Part-time wordsmith and Social Media Troll for the CCR.

     Would you like another shot of Bailey’s Irish cream in that hot chocolate?

   Woof.  Woof(Translation: Merry Christmas)

(s) Dylan Westie

Note:  For many, many years, the CCR has purchased Christmas cards (like the one above) from a terrific artist and Westie illustrator, Ms. Deborah Borgo.  Not only is her art work fantastic, but her five Westies are also champions in the dog show arena.  We thank Ms. Borgo for her skills and extend our appreciation for her work.

CCR Peek for 2019:
  • Is there a new champion, for ‘beautiful downtown Irving,’ who is ready to plant fast growing seeds of quality growth and bureaucratic-free development? 
  • Prepare for the upcoming city elections featuring those re-election  candidates praying for voters to catch VA (Voter Amnesia).
  • How are the potholes on your street doing?  Take a ride with a PHD (Pothole Horrific Despair) watcher to evaluate.

……………………………………………Mark Holbrook

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Monday, December 10, 2018

CCR 12-10-18 The Alcohol Wars

the   Controversial  Committee   Report
“We don’t raise sacred cows...we just butcher them.”

“The Alcohol Wars”

   Here we go… again…and again…and again.  While not a climate change factor, ‘beautiful downtown Irving’ is about to experience another heated Alcohol War (AW).  This will be, at least in the CCRs count, Alcohol War IV that will be poured over the city.

   For those now suffering from STA (Short Term Apathy), the memorable moments of Alcohol Wars conflicts, for those who enjoy a glass of Cabernet with their evening meal.  The details are as follows:

   AW I: This war was fought by Wets vs. Drys.  The issue was Wet folks wanted to designate a few specific locations in the city where only beer and wine could be sold and served.  This would have included a few ”alcohol zones” only on HWY 183, HWY 114, etc.  The measure was defeated and victory went to the Drys who invoked religious tenants laced with predictions of Sodom and Gomorrah.

   AW II:  With fresh troops, the Wets returned with a compromise position to allow beer and wine to be served, after having zoning approved and receiving a State permit, where 60% of the ea5ing establishment’s total revenues must be generated by food sales.  This meant a restaurant could not have alcohol sales over 40% in order to prevent an influx of pubs and bars  After a very heated battle, the Wets won and Irving poured a nightcap and returned to normality.

   However, the conflict lasted for a brief period of time when Pizza Hut applied for zoning.  The city was on the hook and each council member was also being sued for $6M personally when the initial zoning case was denied.  Pizza Inn believed the zoning denial was discriminatory as they were considered a restaurant.  The fracas disappeared when the council reconsidered the zoning and beer could be enjoyed with a pizza.

   AW III:  Even though there was a sense of peace, in the city over beer and wine sales, the landscape was modified when grocery stores, defunct gas stations, and convenience stores were also allowed to also sell beer and wine.  While the Wets won this squabble, there was a bit of revolting when the Kroger store at 6th St. and MacArthur Blvd. entered the process of modernizing their store and applying for zoning to sell beer and wine…just like all the other Kroger stores in the city were already doing.  

   What made this zoning case a bit strange was the unique forces in the skirmish — Wets vs. Drys, IISD School Board, and city code enforcement.

   The IISD School Board attempted to derail the Kroger zoning approval even though the site met the distance requirements from a school facility under Heritage District parameters for selling beer and wine.  

   And from all outward appearances, the city’s code inspectors also attempted to cripple  the zoning by inspections which  seemed to verge on bullying and harassment.  The following Open Records information was compiled by the CCR to demonstrate what Kroger had to endure.  This information was also provided to Kroger senior officials, Bill Breetz and Gary Huddleston, for their consideration.

   On a return of the case to the city council, Kroger’s zoning for beer and wine at their MacArthur store was approved.

    AW IV:  For the record, staff of the CCR has been on the side of the Wets in all of the above  battles.  And this was especially true in the Kroger zoning case(See CCR, March 10, 2010, )

   However, staff of the CCR will fly the banner of the Drys against Kroger, Tom Thumb, defunct/empty stores (Toys ‘r Us?), and corner dilapidated gas stations in the upcoming attempt to sell Vodka, Scotch, cheap whiskey, and any other Hard Liquor in the city by the greedy liquor industry and lobbyist who care more about booze profits over city attributes.

   Do you really want to be shopping in a Kroger store (which has recently removed all local supply vendors from selling their merchandise in their stores) and expose your young kid to a gin-soaked geezer whose language and personal aroma would singe the feathers off a flying crow?

   Yes, dear readers, the monied pushers behind this new Alcohol War IV are currently having petitions signed to place the sale of Hard Liquor, throughout the city, on a city ballot.  They have until January 9, 2019 to collect 9,157 registered voters to call for a vote on the issue.

   And to make matters even worse, many of the individuals, seeking folks in Kroger stores to sign their petitions, are informing customers that MADD supports this issue!  What?! 

   Would someone please provide any documentation available, to the CCR from MADD, which supports this claim by the petition pimps?

   There is no need to have Hard Liquor stores in Irving.  There is no need to have a Hard Liquor stores on virtually every corner in ‘beautiful downtown Irving.’  There is no need to have Hard Liquor stores, which probably could increase the potential for higher crime rates, in the city.  There is no need to weaken the city’s ascetics by approving the selling of Hard Liquor in Irving.

   The time is now to squelch this potentially harmful issue facing the city.  Do not sign the petitions.  Meet with your civic/church groups and  have a plan ready should the petition be certified and placed on a city ballot for voting.  Be prepared to send a resounding response to the greedy liquor industry intent on trashing our fair city by selling Hard Liquor.

   Help keep ‘beautiful downtown Irving’ safe and free of Hard Liquor sales by telling the Hard Liquor sellers to be satisfied with their greedy profits made in’ not so beautiful downtown Dallas.’

………………………………………Mark Holbrook

Saturday, November 24, 2018

CCR 11-24-18 Billy Bob's Humongous Pile

the   Controversial  Committee   Report
“We don’t raise sacred cows...we just butcher them.”

“Billy Bob’s Humongous Pile”

   Staff of the CCR has recently been informed, by J3, that it takes four years for the excrement of a Llama to decompose.  With all the players in Bill Bob’s clown troupe (paid and unpaid), could one assume a new record for the decomposition of Billy Bob’s Humongous Pile of Torofeca is now in play? 

   The players in Billy Bob’s clown troupe are numerous.  The players are generally self-serving with personal, being paid, and political agendas not relative to the city’s best interest.  And the city’s tax payers are picking up the tab for Billy Bob’s circus clown car continuously circling what has become an odiferous aroma from the pile dropped on the city…AGAIN.

   And this is really disturbing.  ARK has been the brunt of Billy Bob and the city’s troupe of colluded, whining, and special interest Bozo-clowns.  
   What part of ARKs placing Irving on the world stage of amphitheaters do all these folks not understand?

   A change in the wind direction just might be the upcoming cure.  ARK has joined the city, as an intervenor — against Billy Bob’s law suit prejudicial to the city.  It may not take gale winds to finally clear the atmosphere of ‘beautiful downtown Irving’ for tax payers.  The reality is this entire charade was created by potential factors of mismanagement, political agendas, grown-ups wearing mom jeans, and smoke filled room-tactics to stall, impede and score political points…all against ARK.

   Here’s a partial view of the clown troupe currently in Billy Bob’s Humongous Pile: 

 ………………………Mark Holbrook

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

CCR 11-14-18 Save the Geezers

the   Controversial  Committee   Report
“We don’t raise sacred cows...we just butcher them.”

“Save the Geezers”

   Help!  Geezers in ‘beautiful downtown Irving’ are daily being put at risk when driving around town.  And the city manager, with assistance and prodding from the city council, should reach a quick resolution on two, of several, traffic issues staff of the CCR has been informed of.

   While there are other traffic issues which lead to dangerous driving conditions in the city, the following two should be considered at the top of the city’s priority list ASAP.

   (1) Story Road/Hwy 183 underpass:  When traveling south on Story Road and approaching the traffic light to continue going south, there are three lane markers showing you have to/can go straight in that lane.

   Guess what!  When going under the overpass, the left lane directional marker suddenly has changed to reflect one must now turn left onto the East bound service road.  What?

   And the erroneous marking at the traffic light creates a major and dangerous traffic issue as folks, who thought they were able to go straight, now have a very short and narrow ability to change lanes to proceed going south on Story Road.  Very dangerous and confusing!

   The horn honking, quick stops, and immediate merging of traffic into the south bound lane creates dangerously unsafe driving conditions and certainly increases a driver’s blood pressure and use of profanity…in both lanes.  

   However, the problem is not the driver who needed to immediately change lanes to continue going south…the dangerous condition is the result of the contractor not reflecting a turn arrow in the lane when stopped at the Story Road south bound traffic light at Hwy 183.

   What could be corrected, in a matter of minutes, is to repaint the straight arrow to a turn only arrow at the South bound traffic light.  This issue has been ignored for weeks on end!

   (2) Irving Boulevard lighting: This issue has been a problem, with no resolution, for years.  When the concept was approved to utilize solar panels to light the major section of Irving Boulevard, many thought this was a rather imbecilic way to “conserve” energy.  And this point has been proven many times in the ensuing years…at the expense of  driver safety.

   Due to recent weather conditions, there has been NO lighting on Irving Boulevard, where these solar panel lights are located, for a goodly number of nights!  The solar panels, as in the past, cannot carry the charge necessary to light the roadway under extended conditions of no sunlight.

   The going-home traffic continues to zip down the road driving with a loss of night time lighting.  All are vulnerable for a potential fatal accident…and not just Geezers attempting to drive safely under these dark conditions which seem to be overrun by Spawns of Satan speed demons.

   While there have been discussions to “fix” the issue of no-lighting at night due to the poorly chosen solar panel equipment, no relief has been provided.

   How long should it take before the city staff not only recognizes the issue, but actually has Reddy Kilowatt string an electrical line and plug the lights in so drivers may have a safer route through the city…especially on rainy-night conditions? 

   Should you have experienced these driving perils and want to register your concerns, staff of the CCR recommends you contact the city manager, or your council representative.  The city manager can be reached by e-mail at:

   Be polite, but be firm.  Let them know Geezers are rationale and generally do their homework before offering solutions for ‘beautiful downtown Irving.’

……………………………Mark Holbrook

Note:  Considering several significant issues which have been popping up in the city (ARK, law suits, collusion, and ‘dark money’ funding of city council campaigns), Dylan Westie, Executive editor and Part-time Wordsmith and Social Media Troll for the CCR, is starting to explore the possibility of running for the At-large city council seat in the next election.  Dylan still believes an elected official should serve the citizens, who would elect him, and not be beholden to crony, string pulling, or special interest concerns.  We’ll keep you posted as Dylan still has his campaign signs (Dylan Westie — “Almost Mayor” of Irving) in storage.  A slight alteration could be performed for the At-large city council seat.

Sunday, October 21, 2018

CCR 10-21-18 Collusion, Clowns, and Compromise

the   Controversial  Committee   Report
“We don’t raise sacred cows...we just butcher them.”

“Collusion, Clowns, and Compromise”

   Well, dear readers, the “somewhat portly” lady (the CCRs attempt at being PC) hasn’t sung, so the city council clown car is still in motion regarding the payment of TIF funds to ARK.

   Yes, the city council did vote (5-3 in favor of the resolution to pay ARK what is due them — with stipulations), but the action still leaves a few trifling points, bureaucratic details, and questions in limbo.

   Currently, ARK will be paid…when the city manager states the “picky requirements,” for one facility, have been completed.  This has been a major point of contention during the past several months!  And it all goes back to the feeble definition, inflicted by the city staff and council, regarding the term “project completion.” 

   As stated previously in CCR reports, this restaurant project was not even part of the TIF funding agreement and should not have been held over ARKs head as a stalling tactic.

   The following DMN article identifies the mechanics of what occurred at the council meeting (10-18-18) to “quasi-approve” the ARK TIF funding.  The only thing which could have been added to this article would be a note at the end stating: To Be Continued.

  One other consideration should be noted if utilizing Chris Allen’s nomenclature for  his ‘group,’ “Irving Taxpayers Matter.”  This name reeks of being disingenuous.  Smashing all Irving taxpayers into his cute rhetoric is totally incorrect!  His group should have been identified as  TIF Taxpayers Matter.”   Only those businesses, actually in this TIF district, are being taxed!  Is this really too hard to comprehend?

   For those not familiar, the TIF board, which is akin to the city’s Planning and Zoning Commissions when voting on items, has penultimate decision making authority!  The city council makes whatever decision they want with issues submitted by the TIF board and/or the Planning and Zoning Commission.

   Perhaps, the one matter which hasn’t seen the light of day is the high probability of someone leaking executive session information to parties involved in the law suits against the city.

Inquiring Minds Are Curiously Wondering!

   The apparent leaking, of highly sensitive council details, is what conspiracy theorists could weave as to what happened before the council voted this week.  The leaking could have severely influenced the councils actions at the Thursday (10-18-18) meeting when voting on the ARK funding.  And this leaking action certainly would benefit those suing the city.

   After the city council left the Wednesday (10-17-18) executive session, the compromised resolution for the agenda was going to be to pay ARK $40M now and hold $4M, until the “pesky details” of a project, the storefront of a restaurant, was completed.  These were the compromise details, hammered out in multiple meetings between the city and ARK, to reach resolution of this issue.

   At the Thursday council meeting, the resolution which passed, after over an hour plus in executive session, was: pay ARK $44M after the “pesky” restaurant facing, etc. was completed.  This was not what the city and ARK had agreed upon the previous day.  And this is the same proposal turned down at a previous council meeting.

   And the altered resolution was approved on a 5-3 vote.  Palmer was not in attendance.  Those voting NO were: Meagher, Taylor and Stopfer.

   It stands to reason that this revised, contorted, and changed agenda item might have been approved for the benefit of Chris Allen and Billy Bob’s legal maneuvering. 

   If Billy Bob and/or Chris Allen was provided with the executive session compromise details in advance, then Chris Allen, who might not have standing in his law suit against the city and ARK, might be standing high and dry.  

   However, knowing the council would be paying the $40M to ARK probably caused Chris Allen to turn his disruptive PR-baton over to Billy Bob, who would have better standing when filing a Temporary Restraining Order to halt any payment to ARK.

   After all, the day of the council meeting, Chris Allen dropped his law suit against the city (which doesn’t mean he won’t later file another law suit).  And at basically the same time, Billy Bob filed an amended law suit against the city and ARK which would note the upcoming agenda actions the city council was planning to take by paying ARK.

   In the meeting, the council and public was treated to Chris Allen’s sanctimonious sermon of how he was now a team player with the city and ARK by withdrawing his law suit…Torofeca©️(Could staff of the CCR be the only ones not believing his disingenuous blathering?)

   Dear readers should remember, Chris Allen and Billy Bob started this whole process by: closing restaurants, filing separate law suits, utilizing the same lawyer, and proceeded this charade at the same time.  Collusion?  Same play book?

   When all of these events are noted, one can only imagine how valuable the executive session information might have been to Billy Bob and Chris Allen.  And one will continuously wonder who the leaker, with their self-interest agenda, might have been.  Any guesses?  Wasn’t the city council really played by Chris Allen and Billy Bob’s actions?

   If the “somewhat portly” lady develops a mild case of laryngitis, she will not be able to hit the terrific high notes until: ARK receives the $44M due them; or Billy Bob’s law suit is dismissed and he ambles off, tone deaf, to his next big business mashup; and the city council’s clown car is put in the repair shop to be ready for the next circus they create.

   Suggestion: the city council clown car should be worked on in a shop that doesn’t collude with any council member, crony capitalist, or special interest mechanics.

   After all, nine council members, plus city bureaucrats, have already filled the clown car to capacity!

……………………………..Mark Holbrook

Editor’s Note:  Some individuals are viewing the actions, of the current city council’s handling of the ARK partnership, as being more disastrous and disruptive, to the city’s needs and interest, than the reigns of Morris Parrish and ex-Queen BVD.  Individuals didn’t think city leadership could ever reach this low level of obtuseness, simplemindedness, or caring about personal/political agendas over citizen’s concerns for ARK and the ITMF.  After all, being recognized worldwide, Irving’s status locally and worldwide has been savagely marred by the current city council’s actions!   
Dylan Westie


Wednesday, October 3, 2018

CCR 10-03-18 Last Call For...

the   Controversial  Committee   Report
“We don’t raise sacred cows...we just butcher them.”

“Last Call For..”

   No, dear readers, it’s not the last call for alcohol, but it should be.  

   The actions of the city manager, mayor and at least four more council members are probably going to take should make all citizens, who are interested in the best interest of Irving, to reach for the bottle.

   In all actuality, this is the last call for — sense, sensibility, and doing what is right for the city by your elected officials.  And this will be proven at the Thursday, October 4, 2018, Irving City Council meeting.

   If you are tired of watching the TV antics and shambles the US Congress is creating to your government — under the guise of careful and thoughtful thinking — then tune to your local ICTV channel tomorrow night.  The council spectacle will be aired live.  And the usual cadre of paid protesters, speaking against the issue, will count as your entertainment for the night.

   You will witness how your mayor and council members attempt a Fred Astaire dance routine, replete with their political spin step, of substituting real facts from political babble and kowtowing to: crony capitalist, campaign fund financiers, significant personal and friendship relations with those who have their ears in this matter, along with all the drinking-buddies and noshing shindigs provided to them pro bono.

   The issue is still ARK attempting to obtain the $44M TIF funding legally due them.  
(And remember, this is not your tax dollars in action…unless you own a business in the Las Colinas TIF #1 district.)  

   And once again, the city council is prepared to throw ARK under the bus and create: more bad and poor PR for the city; establish grounds for a law suit being filed against them; and by acting on their personal issues with ARK instead of citizens’ interest.

   Here are some questions council members might want to review before making their decision to vote against funding ARK:

  • Did the babbling and friendship of the crony capitalist influence the TIF board members at the meeting on Tuesday?
  • Did the TIF board swallow hook line and sinker the tired and unproven talking points they heard by the crony capitalist at the meeting?
  • Why was the city’s letter wrapping up all of the nit picking and certificate of occupancy fulfillment issues not presented to the TIF board?  Who was responsible for this gross misrepresentation to the TIF board?
  • Wasn’t the matter of “fraud” clearly swept off the table by the city’s letter?
  • Has the city manager exerted information non-disclosure pressure on staff members regarding this issue up until Tuesday?
  • Does the city manager follow the prescripts of what the mayor wants to the detriment of other council members?
  • Isn’t their a realistic solution available which would allow ARK to receive the $44M funding with prescribed follow ups?
  • Has the mayor and city council listened to all of the involved citizens who believe their actions are in bad faith for the city by deny the ARK funding due them?
  • Are there those on the council, who are letting their personal animosity for ARK, fog their thinking to do what is right for the city and citizens?
  • What will be the mayor and council’s reaction if another law suit is launched for their disingenuous inaction to do what is right with their business partner, ARK?
   Of course, there are many other questions to be asked which would flood the swamp the mayor and council have created.  

   However, the national swamp fever is bad enough.  Irving citizens would need to have a  political-swamp booster shot if the council does not approve the ARK contractual agreement.

   Call or e-mail your elected representatives tomorrow (Thursday) morning and let them know Irving is supposed to be better than what is going on with the national political scene.

Irving City Council

Alan Meagher
(972) 313-0909
David Palmer
(972) 861-0112
Phil Riddle
(469) 781-7116
Rick Stopfer
(214) 876-7172
Kyle Taylor
(214) 641-9690
Oscar Ward
(214) 537-4944
Dennis Webb
(972) 849-9421
Al Zapanta
(972) 506-9199
John Danish
(972) 554-0500

Report any required corrections to Mark Holbrook

………………………………….Mark Holbrook