Friday, May 21, 2010

Zap! #8

ZAP! #8

Voters seem to know more than what politicos want to give them credit for. In the last local election, voters threw out the old and elected the new. And in the recently created Hispanic-single member district, voters demonstrated that qualifications -- not race -- is the cornerstone for being elected in the city. Congratulations to Roy Santoscoy and Michael Gallaway.
However, voters, your job is not over. If you live in District 7 (hospital district area), then you need to return to the polls and finish what was started by returning city government to the people.
Gerald Farris is in the run off election and deserves your support.
Even though nearly 60% of the voters cast ballots against Sam Smith in the general election, none of the three candidates received enough votes to win without a run off. If you did or did not vote in the May 8th election, you can vote in the run off.
Early voting begins June 1, 2010 and the run off election day is June 12, 2010 .
Before casting you ballot, just remember how incumbent Sam Smith seemed to have a deaf ear to voters and often opined in a condescending manner regarding their concerns. A sampling of Smith’s voting record during the past year reflects that: he has consistently voted for the funding of the McDougal debacle; voted for increasing the tax on water and sewer bills before the measure was pulled from the final agenda; disregarded pet owner’s concerns and approved -- against overwhelming community opposition -- the licensing and chipping of all dogs and cats; and approved a $2 million sidewalk in the Las Colinas development while streets and sidewalks in other areas of the city went unattended.
Isn’t it time that voters had a representative who will listen to their concerns and realize that letters and petitions containing hundreds of signatures actually mean something?
A vote for Gerald Farris will demonstrate that voters want a representative that hears their concerns over those of special interest groups and the city bureaucracy.
Be sure to vote. Call a neighbor and remind them to vote. Forward this reminder to a voter.

Mark Holbrook
the Controversial Committee Report

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