Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Zap! #10

ZAP! #10....June 13, 2010

Congratulations to new council members Roy Santoscoy, Michael Gallaway and Gerald Farris. These individuals could represent the first wave of needed change at city hall.
Hopefully, they will recognize that voters -- who were familiar with all the issues that drain city resources, hamper small business growth and bulldoze citizen’s rights -- voted for change...not a continuation of the status quo.
And the sacking of all incumbent council members should be a clue that it is time for the remaining council members to take off the “rose-colored glasses” the city administration has fitted them with and see the reality of what has happened to the city over the last couple of years! It would also do well for these council members to understand that a bureaucrat’s role (read: city manager) is to amass power and raise taxes to enhance their fiefdom.
From an observers standpoint, the current fiefdom has usurped and corrupted the responsibilities of duly elected officials. It could also be argued that the malignancy of the fiefdom has denied citizens rights, created a paranoid-bunker mentality (especially with access to the city hall’s fourth floor), and unleashed a depression of morale on good and decent city staff members.
With budget development for 2010-2011 on the horizon, this will be a starting point in returning city hall to the citizens. It will be easy for new council members to feel overwhelmed and “snowed” (this is a family publication, so we cannot use the euphemism for cow hockey.) by all the numbers, PowerPoint presentations, videos, etc. However, they must realize that the coin of the realm belongs to the citizens...not the fiefdom.
Do the staff of the CCR a favor. Call or e-mail the newly elected council members and congratulate them on well deserved victories. They should know that you support their efforts, and that it is possible for Irving to return to the values that made it great before being overtaken by the Lubbock Mafia and Rah-Rah Squad.

Michael Gallaway:
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Mark Holbrook
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