Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Zap! #2

Zap # 2....March 10, 2010

As a follow up to the CCR’s first Zap, here is the charter election item and language as it will appear on the city ballot. The areas we highlighted reflect the weasel words inserted by the city to cover items the city council and city manager may not want you to know about at this time. (Maybe: Heritage Development bailouts, Las Colinas restaurants, developer goodies, etc.?)

Charter Election, May 8, 2010
“Amendment No. 3
In regard to the power to issue bonds and warrants, shall Section 1 of Article VII of the Charter of the City of Irving be amended to allow issuance for any public purpose, so long as not prohibited by the general laws and Constitution of the State of Texas?

This proposed amendment would give the city the authority to benefit from bonds for any public purpose. These public purposes may range from streets to fire stations to economic development projects. Issuance of bonds will still require approval by Irving voters.”

It should be noted that voters already approve bond issues for street and fire stations. Why would Economic Development bonds be required for this? Stating that these bonds are for any public purpose is akin to giving the keys to the bank to Clyde Barrow. Your vote AGAINST this issue is critical!

Don’t be confused or swayed by the PR campaign the chamber, north Irving developers and doublespeaking-elected representatives will cram in your mailbox. Just ask them to identify who/what developers, businesses or individuals are already being considered for these bond funds!

As a final note: Including this item on the charter election ballot was not a recommendation of the Charter Review Committee. Care to guess why?

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