Wednesday, January 12, 2011

ZAP! #38: Bored Drinking?

ZAP! #38...January 12, 2011

Just when you thought that the Irving ISD Bored just might be on the road to enlightenment with a new superintendent, along comes a city matter that causes all their bulbs to burn out.

As a rule, we don’t write about what the local school Bored does...even though most of our annual tax dollars go into their coffers. This would be a full-time job for staff of the CCR just keeping up with all their antics, gross spending and rubber stamping. However, an exception to the rule must be made in this case. Or as we like to phrase it...a variance!

The IISD Bored has entered the emotional/religious/overwrought fray regarding the zoning request for the Kroger grocery store to sell beer and wine at MacArthur and 6th Street. Why? The store physically is 700‘ from the nearest school. The zoning request is for a 60‘ variance that the Irving council, under the city’s ordinance, is allowed and permitted to approve. What is the IISD Bored going to do when a store in the strip center -- directly adjacent to the school -- request zoning for beer and wine? This location, it should be noted, will not require a variance. Will the school Bored hire bus drivers to transport the kiddies past this store? And with stores on nearly every corner selling beer and wine, where is the hue and cry for all the kids who have to walk past these establishments -- even those kiddies living in North Irving?

An even larger question might be: Where was the school Bored when the council changed the zoning for alcohol sales for the Arts Center which is directly across the street from MacArthur High School?

What makes this decision by the IISD to pass a resolution (7-0) against the Kroger request more difficult to understand is how the Bored quickly turned on a business that has been so beneficial to the school district. Did any of the Bored members stop and recall all of the assistance, food supplies and charitable benefits Kroger has bestowed on the school district? Other corporate interest in the city that have “partnerships” with the school district should be wary. It seems as if the Bored’s word for the day is -- hypocrisy.

Maybe the next time when Bored members need their collective backs scratched and desire corporate assistance, Kroger can direct them to a 7/11 store down the street where they sell topical ointments...and beer and wine.

A reader sez:

...."Keep up the good fight." Anonymous

A reader sez:

"I might point out that a beer and wine store is just across the street some 300 feet from the church on O'connor and some 600 ft from dear old Farine Grade school. No one seemed to care about that. We have a double standard depending on the "political heat" that suddenly comes up from small groups of do-gooders." Anonymous

A reader sez:

"Venom with class." Anonymous

A reader sez:

"No variance for nobody." Anonymous