Wednesday, March 2, 2011

BS #11: Vote for Him?

BlogSpasm #11...March 2, 2011

If you missed watching the zoo parade (council Work Session) March 2, 2011, then you missed what had to be the most unprofessional performance by an Irving mayor in recorded history.

Billed as a review of Fire Chief Molina’s performance, the mayor quickly turned the public meeting (as requested by the chief) into a spectacle designed to put his re-election campaign on the minds of all the firemen in attendance.

The firemen want the chief fired for his actions in terminating a couple employees. The mayor wants the support of the firemen’s association. The problem is that the council does not hire or fire the fire chief. The performance of the fire chief is the responsibility of the city manager. To close the loophole in this conspiracy theory, the mayor had the review of the city manager on the same agenda. (The city manager’s review was to be conducted behind closed doors in Executive Session under the provisions of the Open Meetings Act.)

Regardless of the outcome of these two personnel items, it is safe to state that the unprofessional, condescending, and prosecutorial attitude of the mayor in his mishandling of this issue will be long remembered. His actions demonstrated the lengths he would go to seek re-election votes. How sad that the governance of the city has sunk this low!

…………….Mark Holbrook

A reader sez: The world needs to know about the boondoggling going on at City Hall...I have never seen so much finger pointing and hiding behind rocks in my entire experience with City Politics. Anonymous

We Say: While you are correct, the sad part of this issue is that the taxpayers are paying for the boondoggling and the mayor and council are too busy drinking the Kool-Aid to understand. MH

A reader sez: I was interested that everyone on the council talked about the correct way to manage, etc but no-one stated "you never, ever be-rate another person's employee in the present of his/her employees or his boss". It was truly sad and embarrassing. Anonymous

We Say: Could it be that the mayor was busy having lunch with Billy Bob and discussing the Entertainment Center when this management lesson was taught? MH