Thursday, April 7, 2011

BS #19: Keep Your Eye on the Shell

BlogSpasm #19...April 7, 2011

The Entertainment Center financial sink hole continues to be filled with Voodoo Financing bucks. The problem with financing more bucks for the Entertainment Center currently revolves around the methodology of “robbing Peter to pay Paul” through bond refinancing ($23 million)...coupled with the old “pea under a shell” game.

And just think, when Paul runs out of bucks, the financial hickey could be the burden of taxpayers.

The council’s new “pea under the shell” scheme seems to have a Papal blessing wherein...$4.2 million in probably illegal expenses now become legal if the shells are moved around enough.

Hey kids, welcome to the council-carnival in beautiful redeveloped downtown Irving where reconstruction is just another McDougal bail out away. Come play the game of guessing which shell is hiding the Voodoo Financing pea of Entertainment Center bucks.

If you require instructions on how to play the shell game, hurry before the council meets tonight by checking out today's article in the DMN for a deeper understanding at the following link:

………….Mark Holbrook