Thursday, July 7, 2011

BS #38: Intelligent Fence Post

BlogSpasm #38...July 7, 2011

When the Irving city council meets tonight, they will have to approve/disapprove a $70,000++ payment to a legal firm for services rendered under suspicious circumstances.

Let the finger pointing begin! The city attorney cannot find a copy of the agreement for the legal services. He states that the former mayor (Gears) approved the arraignment; and the former mayor states that he tried to get the council to approve the item via the city attorney.

The tip of the voodoo financed Entertainment Center iceberg may have just broken the water line. Tax payers are advised to grab their life jackets.

Of course, the city manager, who makes more than the president of the USA, is a party to this episode, but has yet to be quoted on the subject. Maybe he has already jumped in one of the life boats.

To add insult to injury, "the quoter" (councilman Joe Philipp) on all things, regardless of the circumstances, has another classic non-sequitur to add to his voluminous repertoire.

“We don’t have the money to finance it,” Philipp said. “We’ve known that for some time.”

DMN 7-7-11 re: Cost for the $250 Million Entertainment Center

And the reason nothing has been done before now regarding the financing of the Entertainment Center is? As chairman of the city’s finance and audit committee, wouldn’t one think that Philipp would have had his hands on the oars if the Entertainment Center-ship was sinking into financial oblivion?

Goodness, a damn fence post couldn’t be this asinine! Sorry, we shouldn't be so hard on innocent fence posts. After all, a fence post has never squandered tax money lifted from our billfolds.

…………………Mark Holbrook

A reader sez:

"The worms are crawling out of the carcass! The main buzzard has left the feast and now the crows are cawing "not me" "not me" caw caw caw!"

We Say: A murder of crows is never a pretty sight...especially if they are spending tax bucks.