Thursday, August 18, 2011

CCR 08-17-11: In-Touch or Tetchy

the Controversial Committee Report

“We don’t raise sacred cows...we just butcher them.”

Staff of the CCR receives e-mails almost on a daily basis. Many of these scribblings offer a “right on” regarding a recent posting. Others lament…”you turkey-brained git.” And all of this got us thinking. (A rare occurrence.) Why not conduct a survey of the readership to gauge, as best as possible, the actual pulse of those who follow these ramblings. Doing this might just provide staff of the CCR with some insight for future opines.

So, when you receive this e-mail: (1) hit your Reply button (DO NOT hit Reply All); (2) Record your response by typing an ”X” in the appropriate box; (3) hit Send.

Granted, this is not a scientific survey, but the questions are presented in as unbiased as possible wording. Remember, your responses are Confidential to the CCR. We do not divulge readership names or identify sources of information used in the reports. Since 1984, we are proud of this relationship with our readers. And the number of readers is also protected via the use of bcc: when routing.

Staff of the CCR will accumulate your responses to the survey and send out an “executive” summary of the results in a later edition. If individuals on your mailing list want to complete the survey, we will tally their results and add them to the CCR mailing list.

1. On issues that affect the entire community, the city council is more apt to consider input from the following when making their decisions.

[ ] Irving/Las Colinas Chamber of Commerce

[ ] City manager and staff

[ ] Residents

2. Considering the upcoming city budget development sessions for 2012, should the council consider any increases to fees, rates or taxes?

[ ] Yes

[ ] No

3. With your understanding and knowledge, what is your impression of McDougal’s development of the Heritage District?

[ ] The plan is working and on track.

[ ] The plan is not working and off track.

[ ] Not familiar with the project.

4. With your understanding and knowledge, what is your impression of the city’s proposed $250 million Entertainment Center?

[ ] Too much time and money has been expended with highly questionable results.

[ ] The project should be completed as originally proposed.

[ ] A new and affordable plan, that does not burden tax payers, should be considered.

5. When you have a problem and contact city hall, the response and resolution you receive from city staff is:

[ ] Good

[ ] Fair

[ ] Poor

6. When you have a problem and contact a city council member, the response and resolution you receive is:

[ ] Good

[ ] Fair

[ ] Poor

7. Considering results of the last mayoral election, do you feel that the city council has now “moved on” and is prepared to address the issues critical to Irving’s improvement?

[ ] Yes

[ ] No

[ ] Not all have “moved on”

8. Regarding the salary and benefit package of the current city manager, do you consider this justifiable for a city the size of Irving?

[ ] Yes

[ ] No

[ ] Don’t know what he makes

9. Recently, the city council -- with pressure from the Irving ISD board -- denied the Kroger store’s zoning on MacArthur Blvd. to sell beer and wine...even though the city’s revised Heritage District ordinance allowed for distance variances. Was this a:

[ ] Good decision

[ ] Bad decision

In this area, type any comments you might have regarding the survey, your responses or other issues in general.