Sunday, October 9, 2011

CCR 10-09-11: Brewing Storm

the Controversial Committee Report

“We don’t raise sacred cows...we just butcher them.”

Have you checked the sky lately? If not, you had best batten down the hatches, stock up on supplies and prepare for the mother of all weather conditions...the Imperfect Political Storm (IPS).

Yes, the conditions are being set in motion for the Irving ISD to witness an IPS for board of trustee seats in the next election. While there are many reasons for folks to run for the school board, the upcoming IPS will not be based on doing something “for the kids.” Instead, the real motive will be to satisfy political power desires. If you have any doubts, then consider the following as to why there will be a banding together of folks in an attempt to elect x-BMs utilizing an IPS.

Election Rejection: Voters astutely voted out two incumbent board members (x-BMs) last election. This demonstrated that voters were keenly aware of the troubled voting records of these incumbents. However, the defeated x-BMs are currently stoking supporters to back them to regain their seats. Instead of running for election based on their prior records, these two individuals will utilize an IPS as a campaign strategy to blow them back into office.

Non-representation Taxation: Up until the current year, the board has continually raised the property tax rate without any demonstrable or significant results being reflected in the overall state standings of the district. Voters are weary of paying for mediocrity. The two x-BMs were part and parcel of the group that bloated the budget and staffing levels while spending with abandoned on consultants and programs. The two new board members (S. Jones, G. Wells) should be thanked for holding the line on increasing the property tax rate this year.

Problematic Problem: Relying on an apparently flawed “skin report” regarding a fabricated “race war” by fifth grade students of district schools, activist (many not even residing in Irving) will take to the streets to mobilize support for the x-BMs. Sadly, the problem they identify within the district is a problem that doesn’t exist to the extent of their claims. However, activists feel that if they shout something loud and long enough, then they might be able to obtain voter traction and support for the x-BMs.

In fact, the administration was working on any “skin issue” problems with principals and staff prior to the release of the report. Sometimes, perception is not reality. And in the case of the “skin report,” x-BMs are attempting to create a new reality that best serves their personal political goals -- getting elected...again.

Contractus Extendus: The x-BMs were part of the group that extended the superintendent’s contract to 2016 even before he had been on the job for one year. This could be a very troubling financial concern to the district if his performance goes lacking and any type of buyout becomes necessary. The cost could be exorbitant. The decision making skills of the x-BMs were severely lacking in this matter.

Yes, the IPS by x-BMs could make voters wonder: Is the Irving ISD really a racist school district? (No!) Is the Irving ISD really akin to the Dallas ISD? (No!) Hopefully, voters will recognize the tired rhetoric of activists and be prepared to vote on candidates based on their credentials and not on their promises to “solve” an enigmatic problem where one might not exist. And where is the chamber of commerce in assisting the district by spreading the word about the district’s strengths? After all, the board paid the chamber $50,000 to promote the good things that the district is doing. But, the chamber has been mute during the entire “skin” debate!

The school board election in May will be critical to the future of the district. The past election was a turning point. The two new board members have already addressed and asked questions necessary to implement improvements in the district. This demonstrates that the administration’s “rubber stamp” does not fit their hands.

And this is certainly more refreshing with the two new board members than the torrential wind gust of a political storm by self-serving x-BMs wanting to return to the status quo.

....................Mark Holbrook