Friday, January 20, 2012

IISD #13: Shark Attack

IISD Admin Lunchroom Chatter #13

Nosher #1: It always amazes me how highly paid ($250,000/year) bureaucrats seem to try to ‘milk the system’ and have tax payers foot the bill for what might or could be personal costs. Sometimes, even when the cost are not justifiable they may attempt to slide them through.

Nosher #2: No joke. And agenda item “C”* for our January 23rd meeting seems to fit this bill. Do you recall in November how one board member wanted to place a performance review item concerning the Super on the agenda? This caused the Super, board president and district legal folks to dive bomb into a tizzy! Phone lines were probably melting from the admin building to various board members.

Nosher #1: Really, what started out as a performance item was changed by these folks to a ‘complaint’ on the printed agenda and then proceeded into being a ‘hearing‘ at the actual session. Of course, the Super, on his own, determined this was a “hearing” that required personal legal representation and hired an attorney to attend the session on his behalf. Also, all this caused the usual district agitators to be notified and flood the meeting to rouse support for the Super.

Nosher #2: Right. This was never a “complaint” as the board president allowed it to be captioned on the agenda, just as there was never supposed to be a ‘hearing’ on this item. This was to be a simple discussion on a performance item for board purview, and legal representation is not dictated or called for in these instances. And now, the Super actually wants the board to pay for personal legal services that were not required, needed or necessary!

Nosher #1: Hopefully, the Floundering Five will not cave and allow this personal expense to be charged back to the tax paying public. But, knowing how this group of five is fairly free with tax payer funds and willing to rubber stamp the Super’s wishes, we probably shouldn’t expect anything different.

* C. Consider Dr. Bedden’s Request for Reimbursement of Attorney Fees (The Board May Consult with legal Counsel in Executive Session pursuant to Section 551.071(2) V.T.C.A. Gov’t Code) IISD Board Agenda: January 23, 2012

A note from counsel: These “candid” lunchroom conversations have been injected with fabricated nouns, verbs, adjectives, conjunctions, adverbs, modifiers and maybe a few dangling participles. Mark Holbrook