Wednesday, January 11, 2012

ZAP! #76: Earth to Council

ZAP! #76

During these bleak political times, the staff of the CCR is continually asked via e-mails as to what an individual can do to help shape or change the path their local elected officials are on. And since most of these responders cannot afford to chunk $1 million into a council campaign fund, purchase and give expensive tickets to local sporting events, offer travel vouchers for free junkets to scenic destinations (some foreign), or host a lavish party, our response to them is generally the same -- write or call the council member and provide them with your perspectives or thoughts.

Sure, this is a text book response and council members will just jump through hoops to accommodate. Well, we still believe in the Easter bunny. And when the bunny doesn’t bring any candy, we can always drop him in a pot of boiling water. (Translation: Believe that your communications will not fall on deaf ears, but if they for their opponent in the next election cycle.)

With all the significant issues coming before the council in the next few weeks, here is your opportunity to let your voice be heard. Good luck, write politely and let us know if you find a new and restored faith in your local elected officials. The CCR knows this is a great leap, but then remember that the bunny is always available.

Irving City Council

(e-mail, phone numbers, place and year term expires) 972-898-7500 Beth Van Duyne Mayor 2014 214-693-0093 Joe Philipp Place 8 2012 972-790-6478 Lewis Patrick Place 4 2012 972-871-0019 Rose Cannaday Place 5 2014 972-586-1490 Michael Gallaway Place 1 2013 214-876-7172 Rick Stopher Place 6 2012 214-929-6700 Roy Santoscoy Place 2 2013 214-490-9749 Dennis Webb Place 3 2014 972-554-1810 Gerald Farris Place 7 2013

…………………………..….Mark Holbrook