Saturday, February 18, 2012

ER #32: Makin' Bacon?

City Hall Elevator Rumblings #32

Rider #1: Ka-pow! Holy ballot box, Batman. You’ve shined the Batlight of Transparency on Irving’s Doddering ½Dozen council members. Now, they will have to actually vote on an ordinance that could allow the voters of the community to express their opinion on Billy Bob’s Boondoggle.

Rider #2: That’s right, Robin. With the Batlight shining, it will be easy for the citizens to see through the Doddering ½Dozen’s flimsy rationale, misinformation and all the other major financial hickeys they are attempting to foster and impose on the hard working, honest and cash strapped voters of Irving.

Rider #1: But Batman, don’t we already know that the Doddering ½Dozen will defeat the measure to put a non-binding referendum on the May ballot? And isn’t it true that they think they already know more than the average Joe Citizen? After all, they have disregarded the paid advice of the city’s bond and financial advisors as well as the city administration when it comes to financing the gloated shoat know as “EC” (Entertainment Center).

Rider #2: Yes, the Doddering ½Dozen will defeat the non-binding referendum probably by a 5-4 vote instead of 6-3 by allowing one of their members to cross over to the other side. This will give that individual some temporary ‘coverage’ when running for re-election. Of course, it will still be difficult for voters to disregard his three years of shoveling slop for “EC.”

Rider #1: Batman, we have to go to the Batmobile. The Chief just texted. It appears that Billy Bob has unleashed the Joker (ex-mayor Gears). The Joker was last seen leaving the coffee shop and heading to the DART train station. Rumor has it that he is going to attempt to steal an entire train car full of lipstick to adorn “EC” with. Is it possible that even that much lipstick could make “EC” look pretty?

Ed. Note: Tune in to the conclusion of this chapter of “EC the Property Tax Gobbling Shoat” on February 23, 2012, when the Doddering ½Dozen refuses to have “EC” made into bacon at voter’s behest.

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