Monday, February 6, 2012

IISD #14: Spring House Cleaning?

IISD Admin Lunchroom Chatter #14

Nosher #1: Well, the filing for board positions has started. It will really be interesting to see who files and if all the clamor about Hispanic representation brings out any candidates. Do you think all the single member district brouhaha will have any bearing?

Nosher #2: Probably not. Hopefully, candidates with good business sense will file and run. After listening to one board member reflect on what she said constituted a good board candidate, this assessment only reinforces what many consider to be wrong with the makeup of the current board.

Nosher #1: I know what you mean. Going to PTA meetings, making cup cakes for school functions and being on a committee that never sees the district follow through on their recommendations doesn’t actually make a good board member. Also, having board members who are too timid to ask pertinent questions or challenge weak assumptions the Super might make breeds a board member very feeble and easily controlled.

Nosher #2: I agree. When you look at some of the decisions from the current Floundering Five, the community has really been shortchanged by their representation. If we are lucky, voters will not re-elect any incumbent or former board member this year. It’s time for the ‘rubber stamp’ board members to consider retirement.

Nosher #1: We can only hope. Maybe this is the year voters will actually wake up...especially, when they pay their taxes and realize that over 65% of their total tax bill goes for school district operations. That’s a real chunk of change from anyones wallet.

A note from counsel: These “candid” lunchroom conversations have been injected with fabricated nouns, verbs, adjectives, conjunctions, adverbs, modifiers and maybe a few dangling participles. Mark Holbrook