Saturday, March 3, 2012

ZAP! #79: Now Hear This

ZAP! #79

Pathetic! And that best describes the actions at the council meeting where the Doddering ½Dozen* once again voted 6-3 to, this time, spend $200,000 to seek a bond rating for $170 million in bonds to fund the $250 million Entertainment Center.

Additionally, the Surgeon General of the United States, as a result of this vote, is preparing to issue a new warning on the addictive powers of the Kool-Aid that the Las Colinas Group and ex-mayor Gears have been supplying the Doddering ½Dozen. The warning will inform that the sipping of Kool-Aid by the Doddering ½Dozen could also cause deafness. (Staff of the CCR already knows that continued sipping causes incoherent blathering.) The Surgeon General issued his report when he read the following comment from one of the Doddering ½Dozen in the Dallas Morning News:

“We’ve been maligned and beat up for just trying to get an answer,” she said.

Apparently, councilwoman Cannaday is deaf from all her LCG/ex-mayor Gears Kool-Aid binges, because the ‘answer’ she supposedly is seeking to hear has already been stated and explained to her on numerous occasions. And that ‘answer’ is: To sell $170 million in bonds to fund the $250 million Entertainment Center, the council will have to double pledge HOT tax revenues and put tax payers on the hook for any city department shortfalls and bonded debt expenses. The ‘answer’ couldn’t be any simpler than that! And to get this ‘answer,’ the bonds do not even have to be rated. This will be a requirement by the bond rating firms to have ‘investment grade’ bonds for the $170 million issue.

Staff of the CCR wonders just what part of this ‘answer’ she didn’t hear or understand. How much clearer does the city’s paid bond and financial advisors have to be? And let’s be fair...the Doddering ½Dozen seem to be the ones ‘mugging’ the tax paying citizens with the risky financing of the Entertainment Center.

Also, someone needs to inform her that her “2,000 jobs created” mantra needs to be changed to 2,700 jobs created. In the same article where she was looking for an ‘answer,’ there was a picture of Anthony Bond holding up a freshly printed sign that stated: “Mayor Jeopardizing 2,700 New Jobs in Irving.” And since Bond was recently receiving $1,000 a pop to campaign for ex-mayor Gears, one could assume that this cute political ploy to print ‘campaign’ signs for the LCG was his idea. If not his, then the new PR guru, David Margulies, being used by the LCG to blow smoke and sling horse hockey on Irving citizens could be responsible. (Earth to Gears and LCG: You lost the election even after donating/spending over $1 million to candidates and utilizing cheap, tawdry political tricks does not resolve the financial disaster now being forced on the city.)

While on the subject of signs, it would be nice if the LCG shills knew how to spell when having their signs printed. A word on one of Bond’s signs should be sabotaging...not ‘sabatoging.

Having Dallas political agitator Carlos Quintanilla speaking on the Entertainment Center issue only reinforces that LCG and ex-mayor Gears believe that ‘playing politics’ will hide all the pitfalls of the center’s financial scheme and divert tax payer attention from the tax burden that could be placed on them.

Finally, if there is anything “tortious” about this whole debate on the financial disaster the Doddering ½Dozen is attempting to foster on the tax paying public, then it is having to listen to this group use the same tired, nonsensical and shallow rhetoric and LCG talking points/spin in their attempt to justify an unjustifiable burden that would be placed on the city. And that’s the ‘answer’ that seems to be falling on deaf ears!

The staff of the CCR is certain that Irving tax payers have heard that ‘answer’...even without the benefit of having to sip LCG/ex-mayor Gears provided toxic and addictive Kool-Aid.

……………….Mark Holbrook

* The staff of the CCR still believes that the Kool-Aid-addicted Doddering ½Dozen continues to be: Stopfer, Cannaday, Gallaway, Webb, Patrick and Santoscoy.