Friday, July 27, 2012

ER #41: Red-Handed Shuffle

City Hall Elevator Rumblings #41
Rider #1:  Boy, did you see how the Capo* had to do the ‘bureaucrat shuffle’ at the council meeting last evening?  Not only was faulty information provided to the council on funding a new library, but there was a reluctance to admit that the sources of funding were changed after the work session presentation.  Of course, the Capo, once again, used staff members to catch his spears of pointed-questioning. 
Rider #2:  Really, if someone was writing a tome on city government transparency and disclosure, this chapter of the book by the Capo would be listed under the title: “How To Deflect Blame When Caught.”  The citizens should be proud that at least one council member of the eight sitting there last evening had read and understood all the materials relative to funding a new library.  And thankfully, he was persistent in insisting that his “comments” should be allowed and heard before any vote was taken.
Rider #1:  Speaking of getting caught, what is the status of the fire chief?  Is he still under ‘house arrest’ and drawing a full salary?  What seems to be the hold up with reaching resolution on this personnel issue?  Is the ball in the Capo’s court?  Is the council waiting for the Capo to decide something?  Is there still an external investigation going on?  Does anyone know anything?
Rider #2:  This is like the Harry Potter movies where all the wizards were afraid to mention the arch tormentor’s name -- Lord Voldemort.  You don’t breathe the fire chief’s name in front of the Capo.  
Rider #1:  I wonder how much this will cost the city when it is all said and done?  I sure could use an extended ‘paid vacation’ to catch up on all my reality programs, ESPN overload and laughing at some of the bureaucratic antics demonstrated at council meetings.
Rider #2:  I agree.  This must be what retirement would be like...nothing to do and getting paid handsomely to do it.  Maybe the Capo has another opening on his staff.
* Note:  For newer readers, Irving’s Capo of the Lubbock Mafia is the City Manager.
A note from counsel: These “candid” elevator conversations have been injected with fabricated nouns, verbs, adjectives, conjunctions, adverbs, modifiers and maybe a few dangling participles….Mark Holbrook