Sunday, November 18, 2012

ZAP #106: Darkening the Light?

ZAP! #106

     Let the “truth wars” for honest government begin!

     Imagine the surprise the CCR staff had when we discovered that a new group is being formed to disseminate “accurate information” regarding local issues.  This group will be forming a Political Action Committee to capture buckets of bucks from followers to flood the city with stilted propaganda, provide special interest donations to select council candidates and pop wine corks at noshing events while believing their agenda is not only what is best for Irving, but that it is the only agenda that Irving should follow.  Wow!  Such a mission statement. 

     Sadly, the CCR will not be able to participate or contribute to this new endeavor as one of the stated purposes of the PAC is to provide “accurate information” regarding Irving issues.  As many readers know, the CCR has never let a good or accurate fact get in the way of a gentle ‘cat kicking.’  However, we would like to attend the coronation of the reigning holder and oracle of the new PAC’s ‘truth orb.’  Should one assume that this truth orb was divinely created and the holder granted unlimited wisdom and insight to proselytize the unwashed masses?

     The PAC might even believe that those not following their tenets are just a vocal, misinformed minority.  Actually, this is a premise as stated in their announcement!  And all this time, the CCR thought concerned citizens appearing before the council were just part of the huddled masses interested in fair and honest government that one didn’t have to ‘buy’ to obtain representation.

     For the record, the new group being formed will be called Irving Issues and will be a duly registered PAC.  You have to admit, Irving Issues is a much shorter name than what they could have been called -- The Irving Online-Wednesday-Chamber-Journal-Breakfast Club for Rich Folks Who Want Political Control of Irving.

     As it happens, the last couple of city elections have not gone as well as members of the new Irving Issues would have liked.  Even after spending, on an individual basis, thousands upon thousands of bucks attempting to elect clones of their thinking, voters rejected the special interest agendas that these candidates favored.  Forming a PAC will now allow Irving Issues to contribute even greater sums of money for specific activities (read: candidate clone needs), thereby allowing the PAC to buy newspaper adds, donate to campaigns, host a web site, and conduct ‘meet and greet‘ events to showcase the current apple of their eye.  Granted, the candidates Irving Issues will be promoting will be formally vetted, take a pledge for political shock therapy, and have issue blinders implanted to help ward off opposing opinions or ‘facts’ not deemed ‘accurate’ by the PAC.

     While staff of the CCR appreciates all possible involvement in local elections and campaigns, it would be more ingenious if those participating were upfront and not lurking in the shadows of PACs, special interest group organizations or shell ministries of propaganda.  And it seems rather ludicrous that this PAC is going to be any different, ‘fair and balanced‘ or actually imparting the ‘truth’ regarding issues.  The reality is that a PAC is a single-purpose gathering of like minds to promote an special interest agenda at the expense of those who do not walk-in-step with their thinking.  As Big Brother might intone...serious group think.

     And having witnessed the thinking of some of the potential members that will form the new black hole of PAC campaign funding, the CCR believes that individual tax payers and the older sections of the city might not be the beneficiaries or on the receiving end of their efforts.

     The CCR will return later for an update on this PACs activities.  We just received an urgent text message from Diogenes.  He is looking for directions to Irving.