Tuesday, April 9, 2013

ZAP! #114: We Would Like To Thank...

ZAP! #114

     Great news!  Staff of the CCR has just been alerted by our Managing Editor/Grounds Protection staff member, Dylan, that we could be nominated for a Keep Irving Beautiful award.  We would be slotted in the Media category.  Wow!  If we should accidentally win this award in the Media category, this would be the equivalent of the CCR buying/coaching/spending for a Baldrige* award.

     As many of you may already know, Keep Irving Beautiful, through environmental education, honors those organizations and businesses that make significant contributions to the city.  And we all want a clean and clutter free city...don’t we?

     To be sure, any work the CCR has attempted, to even be eligible for a Keep Irving Beautify award, cannot supplant all the hard work of those who toil in the fields, staff the offices and struggle to do their jobs while awaiting unresolved issues involving their ‘dear leader’ to be finalized. 

     Since ‘beauty is in the eyes of the beholder,’ we feel that many eyes may have been “beautified” as a result of the work done by the CCR to keep elected politicos from sweeping their travesties of mismanagement and city manager activities under citizen carpets, or being flushing down the storm drains. 

     Dylan has identified the following areas, where the CCR has strived via our various reports, that have been compiled for the awarding committee of Keep Irving Beautiful to review:

Shredding:  Extreme efforts have been exerted to have the heinous contract of the city manager ground into pulp.  Even though five ‘sub-information’ members of the current city council didn’t approve of all our efforts, we charged ahead.  Needless to say, we were extremely dismayed and distressed that one council member didn’t attend the meeting and at least one member again backtracked making this achievement unsuccessful.  Hopefully, our continued efforts to achieve this goal will be recognized by December 31, 2013.

Unsightly Growths:  Our efforts will be steadfast to continue to slow the growing increase to tax payers by turning off/down the tax tap for Water and Sanitation fees, city manager special projects and special interest consultant costs.  This will be an on-going goal as established in our 7-Sigma Mission Statement. 

De-cycling:  While still in the testing stages, the CCR is converting from recycling to de-cycling.  This change will allow voters not to have to vote for recycled politicos who want to return to office and re-plant their old and stale ideas with, this time, organic fertilizer.

Weeding:  While still showing progress, additional manpower will be enlisted to assist the CCR staff in pulling out all the egocentric politico weeds who do not support the Shredding efforts listed above.  This process will, hopefully, also remove any blooming idiots that have sprouted during this Spring season that are not in tune with what voters would envision for the betterment of the city.

Watering:  Utilizing powerful spray hoses, some of the benefits, perks, noshing sessions and other sundry tax payer funded expenses have been hosed down.  Continued hosing will be necessary to prevent a re-growth of the egregious use of tax payer funds by the city council and city manager.

     While the competition will be stiff to snag one of these Keep Irving Beautiful awards, rest assured that the CCR will not cease their efforts to work alongside tax payers and voters to achieve a cleaner, less bureaucratic, more transparent and cost efficient city.  After all, isn’t this what city elections assist in producing?

     Since we do not have a humongous travel budget, the CCR staff would like, if we win, to have our award placed under our front door mat.

Note:  How many council and city staff members does it take to travel to Baltimore on the city tab to “receive” a Baldrige award?  We don’t know, but that is why city hall is a dead zone today and the travel meter is spinning like a dandelion in the wind!

………………..Mark Holbrook