Saturday, September 21, 2013

CCRs dwT #39: Trophy Hooking

Dylan sez…
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dwT #39:  The welcomed rain this week did much to sate parched, summer-browned lawns and increase local lake levels above dry bed status.  The water level of the city’s ‘sink hole’ was so enhanced that record catches were being made by local anglers.

Backstory clue for the information impaired:  Mayor BVD will request that the city council rename the ConstructionRunAmokProject Sink Hole’ (formerly considered the construction site for the new library) to the TG Fishing Hole.  With the water level of the ‘sink hole’ elevated by the rain storm, fishermen were reporting that they have never seen a fishing honey hole teeming with such potential or large catches.  One angler reported that he managed to snag a “$4 million unidentified city employee” using only worms as bait.  Another reported that using a silver spoon lure, he cast and caught a “6# sporting ducat.”  Anglers are still hoping to land the scavenger-bottom trophy catch, know as “McDougal 51,” that has eluded so many for so long.  The Irving fishing season is short (ends September 30th), so grab your gear and head on down while there are still plenty of crappie, cat fish and city-gill breathers of the old regime to hook.

Apparently, final resolution or cost has not been determined for approval by the council on how to resolve the water leeching like a sieve from unknown sources in the new library construction site.  Of course, this could be an issue that departing city manager, Tommy Gonzalez, has already pushed off his plate of self-recognized accomplishments for someone else to figure out.  It is certain, he will not have any of the above trophies hanging on a new office wall somewhere...or maybe noted on a polished resume for that matter.

Additional detailed information opinions (and possibly some facts) concerning this issue can be found in dwT #32 and ZAP! #138 on the CCRs blog site.   

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