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CCRs dwT #44: Flipping the Switch

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dwT #45:  Sometimes, second thoughts are even more illuminating than an original idea.  And we can all hope that the light bulb at least glows a little brighter in the heads of some city council members now that the switch has been thrown.

Backstory clue for the information impaired:   As readers might recall, ZAP! #139 (10-5-13) reflected on the somewhat secretive planning by ex-city manager (Gonzalez) and ex-superintendent (Bedden) in conjunction with the local head of the YMCA to propose the development of a new Y facility.  The sketchy rationale that was presented to the council recently was that the ISD swim teams needed more swim time than they were currently being scheduled utilizing the North Lake College natatorium.

     A more thorough review and examination of the issue (see link below to the DMN article) shed new light on this ‘problem.‘   It doesn’t seem that swim time for ISD was the actual rationale for this proposed “partnership” between the ISD, city and YMCA.  The Y having a new community center is more likely the driving force for the construction of this $12-13 million project.

     Here’s where the light needs to shine extremely bright in some council member’s heads: Why would the city even want to consider taking a 5-acre parcel of land that they own, that sits on the frontage road of HWY 183 (which is being widened and streamlined through Irving) to “partnership” with anyone (regardless of how charitable they might be) to build a facility for a non-profit organization?  Doing this project would keep the property off the tax rolls.  Does this make good sense?  Wouldn’t the city be better off selling the property (much like what is being considered for the old Texas Stadium site) down the road to developers so that tax payers might see a return on this ‘investment’ in city-owned property?  Also, isn’t this what is being proposed for all the McDougalville property in the downtown Heritage District that the ex-city manager saddled the city with?

     To add more relevant and critical information to the proposed “partnership” issue (again as noted in the DMN article), North Lake College has informed the city and school district that they are ‘getting out of’ the natatorium business.  And this will place a new financial burden on the city when this happens.

     Before the city council goes skinny dipping with the Y or ISD, CCR readers might want to let them know that tax payers already believe that this proposed “partnership” for a new Y facility is all wet and the water seems to be tinted yellow.

CCR suggestion:  If the ISD actually needs a new pool facility down the road, then what about the property they own on both sides of O’Connor across from Irving HS where they currently have buildings not in use?  Considering this for a pool site might be a lot less expensive than the $5 million being requested for the new Y facility.  And this property is already off the tax rolls!

For real facts and information:  A detailed account of the issues surrounding North Lake’s exit from the natatorium business and what this means to the city and ISD is located at the following link:
DMN, Avi Selk, 10-17-13:

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