Friday, August 29, 2014

CCR/DW 08-29-14: ARK Floats

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QueenBs missing ARK gala & "out of town" due to directives from campaign sugar daddy contributors? Makes sense @ … So sad!


PostScript:  While not interested in the private life of QueenB VD and seeing how her flock of Flying Harpies has yet to acknowledged the fact she will be "out of town" for the grand dedication of the ARK Irving Music Factory in the Entertainment Center on Saturday, the above article link just might provide the foundation for her non-appearance.  Some of her major contributors were not pleased that ARK was going to be awarded the development contract and had the queen in place to throw monkey wrenches, sand and blather in the discussions in an attempt to scuttle the proposal.  (Remember, this was not the queen’s single source developer like her Tennis Center developer, OliverMcMillan)  Thankfully, even some of the Pet Rocks saw through the queen’s political charade and tomorrow the dirt will fly in the air, libations will be served and the queen’s absence will not even be noted.  It will be amazing for all Irving attendees to see a spotlight so bright on an event…without the queen striking her infamous Hollywood-ish photo op pose while flashing her pearly whites!  Next question.  Isn’t it time for citizens to become actively involved in a royal junta?  MH 

PSS:  DMN, Avi Selk, 08-30-14