Thursday, September 11, 2014

CCR/DW 09-11-14: Out to Lunch

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Photo ops or city business? QueenB still out of country on a conference of mayors junket & missing CC mtg. tonight! Which benefits the citizenry most?


PostScript:  Before the council meets next week to finalize the budget and approve the tax rate for 2014-15, there should be one new position added…  QueenB VDs private meeting/event scheduler.  

   It appears the queen is having a difficult time handling required city business.  Remember how she missed the largest city event and dedication in the last twenty years…the Entertainment Center ground breaking?  After agreeing to attend this event, she suddenly decided to be "out of town."  Guess she didn’t want to hobnob with some of the other VIP guest.  Maybe they were not on the queen’s list of peons or serfs she would lower herself to converse with.

   The city council met this evening to have a public hearing on the city’s budget and tax rate.  Well, the queen was noticeably absent again.  The junket she is flitting around the globe on is sponsored by the US Conference of Mayors.  This is the same organization that sponsored and had the queen and fifty-one other mayors sign the Time Warner and Comcast — the anti-Net Neutrality wannabe cable monopoly players — letter of support for their merger. 

   Of course, the queen will not address how her actions in these matters has any benefit or value to the citizenry.  (Why doesn’t she send out one of her infamous e-mail blasts to address these topics?)  Could the following assist in identifying why the queen is reticent in achieving full disclosure and transparency with the electorate?  
  • Missing the grand Entertainment Center event…PPP (Political Pettiness Personified)
  • Without council consent, signing the Net Neutrality letter…J&HS (Jekyll & Hyde Syndrome) 
  • Missing a posted city council meeting and choosing frivolous travel and photo ops over city business…NPD (you know this one by heart)

   The only ‘condition’ missing in her recent flair of self-importance is the one noted in a DMN editorial…AHD (Aloof, Haughty and Dismissive)  But then, she is probably saving this for when the council meets next week!

   And to think, citizens will have to put up with all this egocentricity for two years…plus.  MH