Monday, November 3, 2014

CCR 11-03-14: Channeling Tricky Dick

the   Controversial  Committee   Report
“We don’t raise sacred cows...we just butcher them.”

   Remember, tomorrow, November 4, 2014, is Election Day.  If you haven’t voted and fail to do so, consider when things go down the porcelain latrine for the city emanating from Austin…you will be held directly responsible and accountable!  And that’s a fact.

Place Dist. 105 State rep. voting on your schedule now.  Do it!  All Irving is watching.

   We asked Dylan Westie, Executive Editor and Part-time Wordsmith for the CCR, to fill us in on what the District 105 State representative race means to Irving.  He has been following this race rather closely and managed to infiltrate of one of the brashest and most arrogant organizations to pander for Irving votes in recent history… the Rodney Anderson political Tea-splashing encampment.  

   The Rodney Anderson Tea-sipping misfits and his FaceBook Flying Harpies achieved their goal of grossly obnoxious behavior while spending mega-thousands upon thousands of dollars, mainly from special interest campaign contributions and in-kind donations, to flood voter mail boxes. 

   As a campaign worker and CCR-snitch in the Anderson ‘war room,’ Dylan was able to fully explore the campaign’s inner workings and plans.  And in so doing, he provided the CCR with a terse and brief summary of how the campaign managed their surreptitious operations.

   From Dylan’s report: "The Anderson political campaign basically adopted an old Dylan Ruff-ing adage: "A bad excuse is better than a good lie." The wrap-up summary also noted the extreme effectiveness of the campaign on conning voters by channeling a previously used campaign model from a former president.  In doing this, the campaign began to opine and emote the following with Cheshire Cat grins: "While petting Checkers, Richard Nixon will be looking up and smiling at us while giving the V-sign to Rodney Anderson for following in his Tricky Dick Watergate footsteps."

   Here’s Dylan’s take on what could happen in Irving when the final votes are tallied:

"IF Rodney Anderson should happen to win (a fate Irving doesn’t deserve), then several things will fall into place:  1) He will burst down the door and come out of his political closet as a bona fide Tea Party addict;  2) He will slide his trousers down and flash, to all Irving voters, the new tattoo on his posterior: I❤️Tea3) He will immediately join all the other Austin Tea-sloshing Neanderthals in an attempt to purge and oust Speaker of the House, Joe Straus4) When Joe Straus is not ousted (which carries a very high probability rate), he will immediately be assigned, along with all the other Tea-swilling legislators of the Texas Tea Party junto, to a State committee for slow learners and blockheads;  5) Anderson will be assigned, by Straus, to the prestigious Torofeca Recycling committee due to all his experience with the shoveling of Torofeca-laced blathering and faulty early voting mailers during his campaign;  6) Once again, Irving will be shortchanged in Austin (as they were with Harper-Brown) and have a State representative riding in the back of the all important ‘committee bus’ and unable to effectively handle concerns necessary and important to the city;  7)  And like Harper-Brown, Anderson will be shunned and ostracized by all the other legislators, who did support Straus, for participating in an attempted political coup which failed;  8) Anderson will have to buy a MAPSCO for any future visits to Irving, as he lives in Grand Prairie and only previously visited to con voters into thinking he would be representing Irving’s interest in Austin if elected. " DW 

   Of course, Irving voters may have already lost.  Think about it.  IF Anderson wins, then the city will be long remembered (and if they forget, the CCR will continuously remind them) for the cheap and obnoxious Nixon style dirty trick orchestrated immediately prior to the start of early voting for the District 105 State representative race…Bogus-gate "Complaint" is how it will be known.

   Bogus-gate "Complaint" represented the only new or remarkable endeavor witnessed during Anderson’s entire Irving campaign.  Everything else was political pandering and attempting to keep his Tea Party credentials undercover.  Babbling and blathering were Anderson’s hallmarks. 

   And for readers suffering from PADD (see CCR Glossary on blog site for definition), the following will be a brief summary of what a sleazy politico might look like when he says or does anything to garner a vote…as observed and noted by Dylan’s sniffing around the Bogus-gate "Complaint" headquarters:

"Rodney Anderson attempted to have his opponent, Susan Motley, not only dismissed from the race for District 105 State representative, but also fired from her job.  (This action has to be the most disgusting scheme ever hatched in any Irving political campaign.)  And the method employed was to send out a campaign mailing just days before early voting started to "inform" (sure) voters Motley was possibly in violation of the Hatch Act and should be ruled ineligible.  All of this was according to a "complaint" the campaign stated had been filed with the federal US Office of Special Counsel.  Whoops!  

Considering the gravity of the early voter mailing and the charges being leveled against Motley, an astute Dallas Morning News reporter, Avi Selk, began to dig into the matter.  (Do you think he smelled the same rat Dylan later began to whiff?  After all, the mailer only posed the question of a Hatch Act violation and did not reflect or state she had actually violated the act.)  After contacting Anderson’s chief weasel twit "strategist" (Austin consultant), the DMN reporter soon learned the feds in the US Office of Special Counsel had never received the "complaint."  What?  

Not only had the feds not received the "complaint," but Anderson’s chief weasel twit "strategist" (Austin consultant) informed the reporter he was no longer "privileged" to receive answers or information directly from the Anderson campaign.  A consultant has the authority to squash the public’s right to know?  Huh?  Really? 

After the Anderson misfits finally filed the "complaint," the insincere apology express of the Anderson campaign left the train station.  Here’s when all the campaign HaHa moments began:  The campaign’s chief weasel twit "strategist" (Austin consultant) said the "complaint," not being received in DC, was a "clerical error" on the feds part;  Anderson then reached deep into his political dirty trick bag and blamed the non-receipt issue on a faulty "fax machine;" and the Republican Party of Texas, who paid for and mailed the bogus information, depended on divine guidance ("in all good faith" as they stated) as their rationale for the dirty trick information reaching unsuspecting voters as early voting started.  Unbelievable! 

To make this long and sordid political dirty trick saga shorter, here’s a brief takeaway: The feds did rule the "complaint" was invalid and dismissed the item; Anderson and his campaign failed to provide verifiable detail or offer acceptable apologies for the bogus information in the early voter mailing; The valid questions surrounding the timing and mailing of the misinformation have yet to be resolved (see 10-31-14 CCR report for unanswered questions); and Anderson continues to flit about Irving as if nothing unusual in his campaign has occurred.  How pitiful!

Additionally, Anderson has not personally taken credit or accepted the blame for the dastardly dirty deed of his 11th hour scandalous and unprincipled campaign mailer.  And this is why staff of the CCR has designated all of Anderson’s activities in his campaign as: Bogus-gate "Complaint!" (Can you hear Richard Nixon"

   Should the Anderson campaign be open for any last ditch efforts to secure a few additional Tea-sucking votes in Irving, staff of the CCR would offer this as a 12th hour campaign bumper sticker for their use: Vote for a character, not someone with character.

   Well, dear readers, the ball is now in your court.  Are you going to allow a smarmy politico to double-dribble Irving’s best interest in Austin for two years?  Or will you steal the ball, race down the court and swish a 3-pointer as the game clock hits 00:00?

   Remember, winning by just one point is still winning.

………………………….Mark Holbrook