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CCR/DW 11-09-14: Sky Falling?

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Would a mere corporate headquarters on the Texas Stadium site really ‘brand’ Irving? Isn’t this vision as bland as a Tennis Center would be?

Is "Blue Sky" a Stormy Day IF QueenB (Irving mayor) doesn’t approve an AA relocation? Only OK if Tennis Center built on #TexasStadium site.


PostScript:  The speculation starts.  The rumors abound.  And some chamber of commerce officials might be wearing Depends® to contain their excitement.  The issue: A POSSIBLE relocation, by MAYBE American Airlines, to CONSIDER building a new corporate headquarters on the old Texas Stadium site.

   For the Record: Staff of the CCR is not involved in any real estate holdings in Irving other than owning a homestead.  This is stated so that the air is clear for us not having a vested interest in what should one day occupy the Texas Stadium site.  Our interest in the site is to see the city council capitalize on the most expensive, marketable and treasured chunk of property it owns.  Also, we have an interest in not seeing another ‘office park,’ multi-family stacking of condos and cardboard shopping mall constructed on the site.

   Oh, we also do not believe a Tennis Center should ever be considered on this site either!  (Look at the facts: Irving’s pro tennis events and attendance is definitely on the wane.  And city monies have been financing this failed venture for several years now.)

   What should be considered on the Texas Stadium site?  Here’s our thoughts: Something that will not only bring a few jobs to the city, but something that will capture the imagination and travel plans of folks across the USA and internationally…making them wanting to come to Irving.  Bringing folks into the city will create jobs, increase the sales tax base and make the city a true destination point.

   Look: HersheyPark, PA has a chocolate factory and other family amenities; Corsicana, TX has the Collin Street Bakery for fruit cakes known worldwide; Grapevine, TX even has a LegoLand Discovery Center; Cleveland, OH has the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum which should never be confused with the bucks being squandered in Irving for the Texas Musicians Museum.  While we know a casino would be the perfect fit for the Texas Stadium site, the chances of this happening are about as good as QueenB VD possibly taking medication for any NPD symptoms.

   The point is: The city council Pet Rock collection needs to break the spell of drinking QueenB VDs spiked mead, think outside the box and not consider development on the Texas Stadium site until the grand interest of the city — not the queen’s, not the chamber of commerce and not the queen’s single source developer — have been met.

   If this is accomplished, then the ICVB could institute a new slogan for the city:  "I’ve visited Irving, TX…you haven’t?"

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