Thursday, April 16, 2015

Truth Be Told #3

W    A    N    T    E    D
Tom "Speechless" Spink
Brad "Yes, Mam" LaMorgese
Wanted for Impersonating Elected Representatives

   Running for re-election, these two individuals have a track record, during their tenure, which favors the controlling and monied interest of north Irving.  Each has been favored by the mayor’s ‘super’ campaign donors (Ellis and Simon for starters) with singular donations reaching the $5,000 level.  Are these campaign contributions for good representation, or for having, in place, the best politicians money can buy?  (You know the answer!)

    Additionally, the individuals have the following dismal track record of service to Irving: they were the key votes on the State HB 562 resolution (that had no bearing on Irving) which caused a divisiveness never before witnessed in the city; they lack independent thinking and judgement as their council votes are generally dictated by the mayor; they have followed the mayor in her attempts to cripple the Entertainment Center project for the past two years; they have used their position on the council to assist in promoting and furthering the agenda (which is unrelated to Irving) of a national political party which only serves Tea; they voted against long-established businesses when attempting to implement a total smoking ban in the city; they turned a deaf ear to the city’s fire protection needs until this election cycle; after revising and approving the city’s ethics code they granted special funding for a project where a definite ‘conflict of interest’ existed; they originally voiced concern over developer favoritism in the city, yet they have followed the mayor in utilizing a single source developer to plan the development (Tennis Center?) on the old Texas Stadium site; they have granted millions upon millions in tax relief and no-charge infrastructure benefits for a single source residential developer; and this being an election season, they are pledging, promising and leading a tepid charge for the ultimate development of the Heritage District...which they have conveniently omitted doing for the past two years.  

   Three years ago, these two individuals ran campaigns which pledged transparency, accountability, ethics reform and openness.  Instead, citizens have been shortchanged and witnessed the complete opposite.  If their actions were graded against what they promised voters, they would receive an F-grade and be expelled from school.

   Does Irving really deserve or need three more years with this type of faux representation and deception?  Isn’t it time to place Irving back on the right track of progress, accountability and transparency?  Shouldn’t your vote on May 9th be for candidates who will serve and be accountable to the citizens…not special interest concerns?

   In this regard, staff of the CCR strongly suggests you consider removing these obstacles of progress currently serving (LaMorgese and Spink) for the past three years and replace them with genuine citizen representatives.  Only by voting and taking an interest in the election will this be possible.

   Frankly, David Palmer and Bill Mahoney can accomplish what is needed to be done in restoring Irving city hall to its rightful owners…the citizens…not the special interest, major campaign donors and single source developers.

   And this is what is truly wanted for our future city government!

…………………………………………Mark Holbrook