Sunday, May 31, 2015

CCR 05-31-15 Dark Money Purchases?

the   Controversial  Committee   Report
“We don’t raise sacred cows...we just butcher them.”

   This whole "dark money," being infused into the run off election by Irving Opportunity Council, still has Dylan Westie, Executive editor/Part-time wordsmith and Social Media Troll for the CCR, in a twist.

   The problem remains: Too many questions are unresolved.  And the fact Irving Opportunity Council does not have to provide any information — to the voting or general public as to who contributes or how much they contribute to this political slush fund — is unsettling.

   Following is a list of a few questions which the voting public would like to know before the District 4 run off election…where Irving Opportunity Council is spending large amounts for deceptive ads in an effort to unseat Councilman Joe Putnam.

   Shouldn’t Irving Opportunity Council let the voting public know:

*  Are the contributors to Irving Opportunity Council financial cowards who realize if their names were known then their agendas would be exposed?

*  Does Putnam’s opponent in the run off election support or encourage the "dark money" being pumped into the campaign by Irving Opportunity Council directors Marvin Randle and Joe Mapes? (crickets)

*  Is Irving Opportunity Council merely the evil twin spawn of Irving Voices PAC which is run by the Randles?

*  Has anyone denied the "vast political-wing conspiracy" and collaboration between QueenB VD, Irving Voices PAC, Irving Opportunity Council, and all the Flying Harpies of FaceBook fame?

   Well, dear readers and early voters in the District 4 run off election, don’t hold your breath.  The lid on Irving Opportunity Council is sealed tighter than a corset on Mae West.  

   Information or details, as to what this nefarious group has for their ultimate goal, is only know to those contributing mega-bucks.  Be assured, the Irving Opportunity Council will not be lacking for funds!  All of QueenB VDs Sugar Daddy supporters are probably cashing in low interest bearing bonds to be part of the queen’s royal court.

   While it should be apparent the sleuths and sneaks behind Irving Opportunity Council will not be forthcoming, maybe it is time to play one of Dylan’s favorite games — Hypothetical Questions.

   Here’s how the game is played: Take a known circumstance and then question what might or could occur if no parameters, no accountability to the general public, or no transparency to voters is imposed on the issue.  

   Since the voting and general public will not know how all the slush fund bucks of the political sham, Irving Opportunity Council, will be spent or who the donors might be, this game could be very interesting.  

   Remember, everyone is eligible to play.  If you don’t play, then the "vast political-wing conspiracy" folks win.

   Let’s begin Hypothetical Questions for IOC:

  • Will the monies be used to finance a future TEA Party inspired campaign for QueenB VD as soon as she grows bored of being mayor and her photo ops wane in the city?
  • Could Sugar Daddy donors contribute bundles of cash which might be paid to QueenB VD for her "political consulting" services?
  • Could a generous donor infuse enough cash into IOC to replace the queen’s carriage for a 2016 Lexus SUV?
  • Would funds be available for the queen to replenish her wardrobe should she hit a campaign trail outside of Irving?
  • Are funds available for health care coverage and any required medications to treat NPD?
   Of course, many other hypotheticals could be posed.  The above just represents the hypothetical-tip of the ice berg as to how the Irving Opportunity Council funds might conceivably be viewed or spent.  And since voters and the general public will never know, then no question or possibility would be off the table to ask.

   One fact is know.  Irving Opportunity Council will spend whatever it takes, in their effort to unseat Councilman Joe Putnam, in order to gain control of the Irving City council for their unknown agenda.

   Since it appears obvious the agenda of Irving Opportunity Council is political control by northern special interest, residents of ‘beautiful downtown Irving’ and south Irving should make ever effort to ensure this doesn’t occur.

   How?  Go vote and bring a friend or neighbor with you when you do go vote.  And by re-electing Councilman Joe Putnam, Irving Opportunity Council will have to find another dullard to support in later city elections.

   As a reminder: 
Early voting begins tomorrow — June 1 at city hall.  
Election day is June 13th.

…………………………..Mark Holbrook

NOTE:  Several CCR readers have requested where they could obtain the home version of Hypothetical Questions.  The games should be available at  your local Underhanded Politics’R Us.  The stores are located on MacArthur Blvd., Farine, an undisclosed location in Euless and several locations in Austin where ‘ambulance chasers’ tend to hang out.