Sunday, September 6, 2015

CCR 09-06-15 Conflict, Corruption and Cronyism

the   Controversial  Committee   Report
“We don’t raise sacred cows...we just butcher them.”

   Finally, QueenB VD, at the 09-03-15 Irving City council meeting, spouted the basic foundation of tenets for her leadership style to the general public.

   While staff of the CCR had been aware of these identifiers for several years now, it did Dylan’s heart good to finally hear her admitting all her blathering about ethics reform, transparency and  working to make Irving better was just talking points to sway voters…or TEA-carnivores while spending "dark money."

   Yes, QueenB VD revealed BVDs 3Cs of conflict, corruption and cronyism1.  Doesn’t this have a nice regal ring to it?

   For those who have followed QueenB VD over the past few years, divulging her leadership pattern could awaken the general populace to her true modus operandi. 

   In fact, the BVDs 3Cs identifiers might even make a great hashtag for a few low information supporters.  For those kowtowing to the queen, when referencing Irving and tweeting on her behalf, here’s your new hashtag to show your support: #IstandwithBVDs3Cs.

   ( Two other hashtags which seem workable to summarize the queen’s activities could be: #ARKmatters-regalruledoesnot and #standwithARKnotQueenB )

   Let’s break down BVDs 3Cs regime elements for slower readers (and Flying Harpy stalkers and trollers):

Conflict:  There is little doubt, QueenB VD has been the most divisive mayor the city has witnessed.  And the city-wide conflict she perpetrated, while being used by Irving’s State representatives2 to promote, push and pimp the failed State HB562 resolution, still lingers as just one example.  Take a gander at the queenly flock of Flying Harpies.  Those individuals still proudly wear the ‘phobia badge’ of this city-wide embarrassment on all their daily FaceBook postings.
   Additionally, there is no denying QueenB VD is the spear point for the conflicting, dismissive attitude of goading, browbeating and haranguing ARK, the developer of the Entertainment Center.  Of course, her sugar Daddy handler provides talking points and she just reads the text messages during all her city meetings.  Couple her actions with the dictatorial support of her Pet Rocks and the city becomes the loser in a project so necessary and vital to the urban center, tourism and the attraction of new businesses to Irving.
   QueenB VD views ‘progress’ as being able to stop, hinder or obfuscate issues either she hasn’t promoted, or is not in favor of supporting.  And the Entertainment Center is at the top of her current list. 

Corruption:  QueenB VD should dance around the corruption label swilling champagne and fist bumping her cronies.  Why?  
   The queen’s joy is due to the fact the new non-profit Irving Opportunity Council "dark money" fund (with local directors Randle and Mapes) will secrete all donors and expenses from public purview.  No transparency.  No public accountability.  Just spending her Sugar Daddy handler's and spiked mead sippers untold amounts of cash with abandon.
   While the public may never know the individual(s) contributing the "dark money," someone will surely have bought the most divisive politician money could buy.  And the reason for this political purchase: The contributor(s) believe QueenB VD will represent their monied interest which are generally not related to the pseudo-issues blathered on a campaign trail.  And this is how voter’s remorse leads to voter apathy.
   And all this, dear reader, leads to corruption and government run-by-greenbacks for a select few.

Cronyism:  QueenB VD has as many crony supporters as Ashley Madison has subscribers.  Kowtowing and agreeing with whatever spouts forth, during her regal TEA-carnivore tours or during any of her petulant tirades during city council meetings, the queen issues pats on the head for the faithful.  And if any of those individuals later require a "conflict of interest" waiver vote by the city council, the queen will be present to grant her absolution.
   QueenB VDs cronyism even extends to meetings outside the city of Irving and meetings with those pushing for tax deferrals and infrastructure benefits who have pledged undying fealty to her self-aggrandizement.  And, of course, remember the queen’s perchance for single source developers, too.

(Short pause to give Dylan a treat for flushing the pigeons away from the bird feeder. )

   Sorry for the delay.  There was also a dear reader, of the CCR, sending an important text message.  The reader was letting staff of the CCR know QueenB VDs city council rant and rave was about #9 Resolution…3 on the agenda — not her leadership tenets.

  Is this a major CCR oops? Naw.  Read on and see why.

   Seriously, QueenB VD was charging and characterizing someone else for utilizing the BVDs 3Cs tenets she has stocked in her self-serving arsenal.  Could this even be possible?

   For those not familiar with the detail of #9 Resolution…, which the council heard on September 3, 2015, this agenda item had to do with the urban towers parking garage lease.  The lease provides parking for the Entertainment Center venues.  The original agreement was struck in 2009.  And like many agreements the city enters into, this particular agreement was up for renewal before the end of the month.  Factual.  Simple.  No cause for alarm, panic or grandstanding.

   Well, what should have been a normal, standard and easy to understand issue was turned into a scornful attack on ARK, the Entertainment Center developer, and anyone else associated with the project by QueenB VD.  

   The venom spewed by QueenB VD and the channeling of her Sugar Daddy handler’s angst, for this project, knows no bounds.  And at every opportunity, the queen seems do or say whatever pops into her pseudo-regal head to discredit the project.  On this particular night, she was riding a spiked-NPD wave of harsh, unrealistic claims aimed at the developer.  This was truly a sad moment for the city.

   Actual, her little speech, where she used and directed the BVDs 3Cs (conflict, corruption and cronyism) at the developer, was a classless, uncalled for, and certainly an embarrassment to the city…again.  Hasn’t she really honed her vindictive mutterings lately?  All of this, in turn, further increases the embarrassment to our city.

   Does QueenB VD not understand how her acerbic attitude, toward developers and others doing business with the city, who are not on her favorites list, reflects unfavorably on all current and future businesses in the city, tourist, developers and definitely feeds the flames for unwanted media coverage?

   Later smiles and mane flipping, at photo ops, cannot erase the damage done by her petulant snit fits in formal meetings.

   Perhaps, what made the queen’s tirade even more vengeful was the fact she had already counted council heads and knew her position of stopping the lease renewal in Resolution #9… would not be possible.  

   And as it turned out, even her four Pet Rocks (Ward, LaMorgese, Farris and Riddle) voted against her dictate in this instance.  Apparently, the Pet Rocks could smell a law suit against the city had the queen’s dictates been followed.

   Had QueenB VD gotten her way and the lease was not renewed, then citizens could expect a possible law suit involving the city and the ARK group.  Of course, paying for law suits might not concern the queen…that’s because citizen tax bucks, not her "dark money" funds, would be picking up the tab.   

   Involved citizens should watch the re-run of the September 3, 2015, city council meeting for agenda item #9 Resolution… on ICTN on demand.4  The badgering snit fit of QueenB VD clearly demonstrates her arrogance and her refusal to recognize that laws take precedence over ego and Sugar Daddy handler’s whims to scuttle the ARK agreement.  

   And dear readers, the lease agreement was lawful.  And the city council, sans QueenB VD, took the appropriate action.  The measure was approved.

   On the comical side: QueenB VD probably scripted all her embarrassing questions to have a director of the Irving Opportunity Council’s "dark money" fund (Mapes) speak against the valid contractual lease agreement.  This was before her tirade.

   (What seems to be ironic is Mapes is not only a director of IOC, but he also managed to be granted a path to receive $25,000 of your tax dollars to spruce up his car wash operation.  Queen’s crony?  You decide.)

   Regardless, QueenB VDs trashy comments failed to register on anyone for a simplly disturbing reason: the lease for agenda item #9 Resolution…, involving ARK, was based on sound legal advice and the city’s administration request for approval of the item.  Period.  End of discussion and no need for a self-indulgent queenly performance.

   For all the "little people" of QueenB VDs realm, the current score is: Lawfulness 1 - 0 Regal Dictates.

…………………………..Mark Holbrook

1.  Those exact words were used in a city council rant by QueenB VD when describing an agenda item she was not in favor of.  Her action was a tasteless besmirching of a developer the city has a legal contractual agreement with.

2.  Reported as being Irving’s State representatives who may be seen at any Red Meat TEA-carnivore gathering in the area are: "Bogus-gate" Anderson, "Squeaky" Rinaldi and "In-the-Wind" Sheets.

3.  Here is the text of the simple agenda item the administration, legal council and city council approved over the disgusting conduct exhibited by QueenB VD.  Apparently, she still believes Regal Dictates trump USA laws.

# 9  RESOLUTION - Taking Appropriate Action in Regard to the City of Irving’s Parking Lease with AG-PCPI Urban Towers Owner, LP, for the Entertainment Center.

4.  The queen’s rant begins at 1:06 after the council returns from the executive session. Such disturbing mutterings.