Monday, October 5, 2015

CCR Chuckles Brigade - Again, Black Eyes

(This report was not mailed to the entire CCR e-mail list.)

TO: Chuckles Brigade

   How many times does it take before QueenB VD is snared in her facts fabrications before folks start seriously question any utterance which spouts from her pouting lips?

   Once again, the Dallas Morning News has demonstrated the utterances she has made, on her Red Meat TEA-carnivore speaking-gig tours, just do not hold water or stand the test of time.

   Not only is QueenB VD reluctant to admit the error of her statements, but she again uses her old technique, polished over time, by refusing to answer questions posed.  And this is transparency in the mayor’s office.  Hardly!

   For the full story on how QueenB VD and her Red Meat TV-rabble rousers, TEA-carnivore web sites and other sycophant followers have perpetrated falsehoods regarding the ‘clock kid,’ just click on the following link.

   The Dallas Morning News, with an article by Avi Selk, again demonstrates how comfortable QueenB VD and her minions are with spreading half-truths, fabricated facts and creating a climate that continues to reflect a negative image on the city.  

   As mentioned in previous CCR reports, this is just another of the black eyes QueenB VD has socked the city with.  And once again, citizens should demand a report be filed with IPD for "citizen abuse" by the mayor.

…………………………Mark Holbrook