Thursday, May 19, 2016

CCR 05-19-16 From Prosperity to the Pits

the   Controversial  Committee   Report
“We don’t raise sacred cows...we just butcher them.”

   The election is over.  QueenB VD has temporarily banished her Chief of Staff Pet Rock, Brad LaMorgese, to the Tower of Obedience for not delivering the Hackberry Creek voters for former disgraced council member Spink.  His failure resulted in a Pet Rock not being elected to the city council for servitude to the queen.

   Now, QueenB VD will devote her full attention to daily photo ops as she and her highly priced Dallas PR consultant outlines her re-election campaign.  The queen believes she must be re-elected so that she is in a position of perceived authority…for when she bolts to run for a State position in 2018.

   Added to this mix is the queen’s "Dark Money" clones beating the bushes for more bucks to cover the cost of all her luncheon tickets…where she can make an appearance for a photo op.  QueenB VD does not have to know or really care about the groups she is crashing.  Her primary interest is having a photo op, while flipping her mane, in an attempt to appear queenly.

   Perhaps, a quick retrospective of QueenB VDs actual accomplishments during her reign might be in order.  Of course, these feats will not be a part of, or included in the Dallas PR consultant’s "image polishing" package for the queen. 

From Prosperity to the Pits
(The Irving Legacy of QueenB VD)

Dallas Cowboys…gone.
Byron Nelson…gone.
Verizon…approved millions upon millions in perks and tax abatements to utilize in their for-profit development…while they sold out Irving customers to an inept Frontier Communications.
Glenn Beck…a Red Meat TEA-carnivore with a direct line to the Big Guy who mentored and assisted in promoting the queen’s facts fabrication babbling tour regarding Sharia law…which does not and has never existed in Irving.
Rodney "Bogus-gate Complaint" Anderson and Matt "Squeaky" Rinaldi…State representatives who provided the fuel, for the queen to align her city council Pet Rocks, to pass a bogus resolution in support of their State HB 562 which was ludicrous, wrongheaded and created basic fear mongering politics in the its best.
ARK  Entertainment Center…the queen’s back room council hissy fits still attempt to derail or blacken the eye of this developer since her Sugar Daddy handlers didn’t achieve an option to do the project.
OliverMcMillan…the queen’s single source developer which she wants to utilize for the old Texas Stadium site to build a "Las Colinas 1.2" pablum-inspired office complex…with hidden hopes for a tennis pavilion still lingering.
Hines Reality…a new singular developer, who introduced the queen to OliverMcMillan, has already received millions upon millions of infrastructure tax bucks and tax deferrals with the queen’s approval.
Gun Toting Thugs…pronouncements, which were fact fabrications, have caused armed groups to prance around a religious institution in the city in support of the queen’s irresponsible statements made in appearances before Red Meat TEA-carnivore gatherings and on the Glenn Beck program.
KKK…a potential summer visitor to Irving, by a Texas offshoot of this group, is also part and parcel of what the queen has allowed to fester in the city without any apology, or recognition on her part as being the primary cause for these disturbances.
   (These "achievements" must be the "increasing prosperity" which caused the French-American Chamber of Commerce to bestow and "honor" the queen with an "award.")

   Even with all these "achievements," QueenB VD is always attempting to "polish" her well tarnished image so citizens will believe she is working on their behalf and not her self-aggrandizing agenda of self-interest.

   Case in Point:  QueenB VD might have really been embarrassed to enjoy the Byron Nelson opening gala hosted by sponsor AT&T.  So, she dispatched her doppelgänger to register her true sentiments for the start of the golf tournament.

   The following pic reflects the QueenB VD doppelgänger about to jump in her golf cart-carriage to chase down and drive AT&T executives into the rough for stealing the Byron Nelson from Irving during her reign.  

   While the queen will have to take a few penalty strokes for her link actions, she remains consistent in scoring ‘par for the course’ in losing viable ventures for Irving. 

   As the upcoming days pass and you happen to see a myriad of photo ops (especially on the Flying Harpy FaceBook page, or postings on her YouTube video channel) of QueenB VD at a luncheon, or patting little kids on the head, or speaking to another of her Red Meat TEA-carnivore sycophant gatherings, only one thing should be remembered: Promotional utterances and statements of "accomplishments" during her reign are probably fact fabrications designed to spin the reality of what has occurred in Irving over the past seven years.
   Voters will have to decided if they want to re-elect QueenB VD so she can sit on her throne until time to file for a State office, or actually move the city forward, as was done this past election when no Pet Rocks were elected.  

   The past election clearly demonstrated the reign of QueenB VD has finally faltered with more and more voters becoming aware of the damage, to the city, inflicted over the past several years.  This can all be attributable to a vapid leadership style which is self-centered and not responsible to the people of the city.  
   (Cronies, single source developers, "Dark Money" hustlers and Red Meat TEA-carnivores head the list of those who actually garner the queen’s attention.)

   One fact is certain.  QueenB VDs temperament in council executive sessions will continue to demonstrate her attempt to sting and singe those who do not kowtow to her whims and fancies to pad her resumé of failed leadership.  And she will have to monitor her outbursts of browbeating fellow council members during public sessions in order to appear queenly.  

   After all, she will want to appear queenly in order to keep any possible NPD-spikes from occurring while the cameras are rolling.

   While staff of the CCR has used the following quote from a city hall observer before, it seems only proper now to assist in kicking-off QueenB VDs re-election campaign with: The mayor of Irving is a WIMP…Worst Irving Mayor Period.

   Now, that would be a terrific banner for QueenB VDs re-election brochures.  At least, this would not be fact fabricated for deeds she has not accomplished. 

   Stay tuned for additional details on how the queen will spin failure into accomplishments in her trek to seek a higher office…as if our State didn’t already have enough problems.

………………………………..Mark Holbrook