Sunday, July 24, 2016

CCR 07-24-16 RIP Dick Lear

the   Controversial  Committee   Report
“We don’t raise sacred cows...we just butcher them.”

"Life Doubled Down"

   Sometimes, words fail.  Sometimes, words don’t convey.  And often times, words just cannot fully express how friendship bonds can germinate, grow and, regrettably, fall to nature’s unfair pruning.

   With the passing of Dick Lear, two true-to-life descriptive words do come to mind — community icon.  

   From his days bouncing around in a truck delivering bread to local grocery stores…to his reign as Irving’s Sonic-king-owner, Dick has been an integral, viable and visible part of the Irving community.  And many organizations, sports venues, individuals, businesses and friends can attest to this fact. 

   The actuality of the Irving Tigers Competition Field being named in honor of  Dick and Jolene Lear is testament, just one of many endeavors, to his commitment to the Irving Independent School District. 

   Going to dinner on a weekly basis, before his health deteriorated, with Dick and Jolene was always an entertaining experience.  Throughout his life, Dick made friends, formed associations and probably knew 85% of everyone living in Irving.  

   During any evening when dining out, individuals would stop by the table, pat him on the shoulder, give him a hug, or ask if he might remembered when they worked at one of his Sonic Drive-ins during their high school years.

   The smiles, hugs and demonstrations of friendship and affection always produced a jovial encounter.

   And Dick was certainly a jovial individual! 

   Dick made many friends, mentored a cadre of workers, and assisted Irving’s needy and several established organizations by giving back to the community for those requiring support or assistance…no questions asked.  Often, most individuals did not know the source of this benevolence was Dick’s wanting to assist in the effort at hand.  And this was fine with Dick, as he was not interested in kudos, recognition, or showmanship. 

   Much like Wimpy (think: Popeye), Dick liked to eat.  And not just Sonic burgers!

   Personal note: Knowing homemade chicken salad and chili were gateway food items he enjoyed, this allowed me to at least provide him something he truly relished…home cooked favorites.
   (My regrets to the rest of his family if they didn’t get home in time to also share in some of these repasts!)

   While everyone should have fond memories of Dick, we could all agree: Dick changed lives, projected a positive image for Irving and was cognizant and helpful to all his friends and associates.

   One thing a small group of friends will certainly remember and miss is that Wednesdays will never be the same again.  

   Gone will be the WWW day trip, (No, not the Internet, but Wonderful Winstar Wednesdays), camaraderie and possible donations to our favorite "Indian charity" while there.  Of course, we all seemed to frequently donate to this ‘charity’ while Dick generally reaped the rewards of skillful Blackjack playing. 

   The only thing remaining, at this time, is for staff of the CCR to sincerely wish and hope Dick doubles down and hits twenty-one, on ever deal, in his new etherial casino by using my "Luck Lear Chip" at the Blackjack table.  This is just a small token of my returning and paying forward for all that he has given to me and many others.  
(Returning this gifted chip to Dick was a promise made by me to him when he gave the chip in recognition of my birthday.)

   Dick’s Blackjack winning streaks and friendships, like his community spirit and endeavors, will always be considered a win for Irving and everyone who knew him!

   And doubling down at this juncture will demonstrate Dick’s life view of always moving to increase his desire to do as much as possible for others.   

………………………………Dylan Westie, Mark Holbrook and Mike Howard

Ode to the "Lucky Lear Chip"
Mark Holbrook

It should’ve been told long before you know,
Leaving now is not the end of the show.

You’ve brightened, shined and given so much,
Friends’ll not forget your magical touch.

Thanks for allowing me to be counted as one,
You sealed the deal on a Blackjack game you won.

Giving me a B-day surprise of a $25 Winstar chip,
While demonstrating your luck, the dealer was clipped.

The "Lucky Lear Chip" has been mine for many years to cherish and hold, 
Now approaches the day when your play should be bold.

Take my "Lucky Lear Chip" and double down on St. Pete,
And watch him retreat to a heavenly meet. 

 Lessons taught, learned will not be forgotten by me,
The "Lucky (Dick) Lear Chip" is now your reminder of our reverie.