Sunday, August 7, 2016

CCR 08-07-16 Queenly Garbage

the   Controversial  Committee   Report
“We don’t raise sacred cows...we just butcher them.”

"Queenly Garbage"

   Staff of the CCR has often remind our dear readers about the rules, laws and regulations which govern their daily existence in ‘beautiful downtown Irving.’ 

   After all, in order to have a sane and peaceful society, authorized pronouncements should be followed by all…no exceptions.

   While attempting to understand those confines, which citizens could face, there needs be a general understanding that: Government, on any level (city, state, or federal), should be designed with the will of the people in mind…NOT a force majeure to sate the egocentric behavior of those responsible for creating legal prescripts.

   Of course, there is one thing those just arriving in ‘beautiful downtown Irving’ should know about Irving City government.  Under the perceived authoritarian and self-recognized titular head of QueenB VD of the House of NPD and Royal Court of WAB and Protectorate of Red Meat TEA-carnivores and Standard Bearer WIMP,* known legal standards may not be recognized, followed or  subscribed to by the her.

   Queenly dictates, whims and fancies have been enacted to bypass some previously established rules, regulations, ordinances, or council directives.  In her mind, all peons, serfs, and common citizens of the realm are supplicant to the actions she wants to take…no questions asked.

   After all, QueenB VD decrees and her actions become her law.  There is no need to pursue Robert’s Rules of Order.  Canon law doesn’t apply.  Sharia law…well, you’ve heard her fact fabrications on this issue.  The Magna Carter is just too old, stuffy and clumsy.  And finally, the US Constitution just doesn’t provided enough Red Meat TEA-carnivore language for her to be totally autocratic. 

   Therefore, in the queen’s realm, she says it, you do it — her way…pure and simple.

   Her latest and most common observance of queenly activities, of circumventing know statues, involves the handling of city council meeting sessions.  

   The city council meetings allow an ‘open forum’ period for the queen’s subjects to voice their opinions, concerns or beefs with her and the not-so-royal court (the other eight elected and sometimes bobbing heads).  

   At the start of the public sessions, the city secretary informs serfs and peons to: speak politely, no profanity or name calling, adhere to the three minute time limit and know and understand there will be no response from the ruling authority (city council which includes the mayor) due to the fact their concerns are not part of the officially posted council agenda.

   With this in mind, one can easily note how QueenB VD would fail to recognize documented laws designed for mere mortals.  

   Case in Point:  After several individuals recently rose to speak against the city administration’s stealth movement to utilize trash bin containers in the city, QueenB VD did what she has done in the past (the chicken fricassee public forums were another recent example): blather about her position, what she thinks should be done, how the folks should approach the trash bin container issue, and basically what she considers should be accomplished for the item which was not on the official council agenda.
   You see, even the adherence or recognition of the State’s Open Meetings Act provisions doesn’t get in the way or command respect to queenly self-aggrandizement and mane flipping. 
   Why has no one — elected official, city attorney or citizen — cried: Isn’t the queen’s blathering at this point in the open forum section of the council meeting a violation of the Open Meetings Act?  
   See, that’s how the establishment of wrongheaded precedent occurs…Queenly Dictates and Mane Flipping trump common law.  Right?

   The Open Meetings Act, and all the issues necessary and related to its compliance, loses when QueenB VD wants to establish her position, create a photo op, or eject babbling spin in an open forum section of a public council meeting.

   Other than continued potential violations of the Open Meetings Act by the queen, the audience is also required to sit and have shovels of Torofeca tossed, by her, throughout the council chambers.

   Should a dear reader want to watch this perversion of established rule and order being trod on, then replay the public forum session of the August 4, 2016, Irving City council meeting. 

   What makes the viewing of this open forum session even more egregious is QueenB VDs spiel, regarding trash bins, touched all the bases — she was for the city administration saving bucks (snicker), she loves recycle enhancement (snicker, snicker) and the citizens will have a voice should the consideration ever move to trash bin container refuse pick up throughout the city (don’t hold your breath).

   While all the queen’s spewed rubbish might tend to ‘comfort’ those who signed the petitions against the administration’s "camel’s nose under the tent," of leaving garbage collection as it currently exist, QueenB VD failed to mention one critical item: Removing all the proposed budget bucks from the 2016-17 budget which would be spent to purchase 10K trash bins, and other equipment necessary for the administration’s "test" of "recycle enhancement!"

   QueenB VD, like most verbose and egocentric politicos, does seem to always fail to answer the question posed by providing appeasement and condescending blathering to both sides of the concern.

   If QueenB VD and the members of the city council actually listen to citizens, read all the e-mails recently received and want to do the will of the peons, serfs and common folks of the city, then they would take all the proposed bucks for a trash bin container "test" movement and plug those bucks into street repairs as a first step.  Or maybe pay raises for the city’s first responders?  How about public amenities for the denizens of south Irving?

   After all, the issues citizens would like to see occur doesn’t include a movement towards trash bin container refuse pick up citywide.  And the "recycle enhancement," or utilization of trash bins in "new" developments could be a catalyst for this to happen. 

   If nothing else, tax bucks spent on better roadways would certainly enhance the toil of sanitation workers, who do an excellent job of removing garbage, during their tours around the city.

   Remember, the Irving City council will hold a retreat to finalize the city’s budget on August 25-26, 2016.  When the budget leaves this session, it will basically be cast in stone when placed on the council agenda for review and approval…regardless of what citizens later espouse.

   As it stands now, there are still a couple (which would probably include QueenB VDs Chief of Staff Pet Rock, LaMorgese) council members "soft" on this issue and want to proceed with the comical "recycle enhancement test."  

   Apparently, citizen concerns, opinions and desires are having difficulty completing with administrative pushing, promoting and pimping a refuse system which has been opposed since 2008 when first attempted in the city.
   (If the city council really wants to improve and increase recycling, then why not take the budget "test" bucks and make recycling bags readily available by giving them to citizens.  Forcing citizens to comply with unwarranted and unnecessary trash bin container regulations does little to promote harmony in the city with elected officials.)

   And while registering your concerns on this Open Meetings Act trashy issue, be sure to let QueenB VD know: now is the time to deposit her queenly dictates and violation of established law and order in the nearest trash bin container at city hall.  

   The stench of her violation of grounded legal tenets and bully pulpit emoting continues to reek and embarrass the city.  

………………………………………Mark Holbrook
  • WIMP refers to Worst Irving Mayor Period.
Note:  The "legal opinion" described above, for the Open Meetings Act provisions, was provided by Dylan Westie, Executive editor/Part-time wordsmith and Social Media Troll for the CCR.  His opinions are not legal, nor are his manners when eating.