Friday, September 9, 2016

CCR 09-09-16 One More Time!

the   Controversial  Committee   Report
“We don’t raise sacred cows...we just butcher them.”

"One More Time!"

   Tomorrow (September 10) is the big day.  All dear readers should go to the polls and vote on the Irving ISD Tax Ratification Election — as if their billfold depends on the outcome…which, in essence, it does.

   While previous CCR reports have identified multiple reasons to VOTE NO on the TRE proposal, this report is designed for those with PADD (Political Attention Deficit Disorder), or perhaps those in the ISD-lemming scrum rehab program.

   (Those ISD-lemming scrum who have finally seen the light should realize their VOTE NO ballot will now go a long way toward the healing process of dependency on scant information and "Penny Exchange" minutiae.)

   Here are just a few reminders of why a VOTE NO on the TRE is so important: 

   A.  Observe Irving ISDs Chief Number Cruncher who provided insightful remarks regarding the TRE issue which should cause one to wonder and worry what the ultimate fiscal ramifications of this election could pose.

"The TRE monies are not in the budget at this time."
"The budget will have to be revised if the TRE passes."
"I’m presenting a budget with what I know today."
"I cannot predict what future legislatures will do."
"I don’t know what the future is gonna’ bring."

  (Even though the TRE money is not in the budget, the budget has been balanced and a salary schedule has been approved for 2016-17.)

   B.   And when entering the polling booth, the following is the official ballot information which will require a simple Yes or No vote.  These are your only options.

"Approving the Ad Valorem Tax Rate of $1.575 per $100 valuation in the Irving ISD for the current year, a rate that is $0.13 higher per $100 valuation than the school district Rollback Tax Rate for the purpose of increased state funding."

   (Yes, dear reader, you read that correctly.  The Irving ISD, with a vote Yes, will have approval for a $1.575 effective tax rate.  While the district contends their tax rate for 2016-17 will be $1.445, the board of trustees will not approve any tax rate until after the election.  The question still lingers as what will happen to the $9M+ transferred from the district’s Fund Balance Reserve fund to balance the budget.  If the district receives $10M in new "free" State money plus the $9M+ in the M&O budget, does this mean around $19M will be budgeted and additionally spent in 2016-17.  Are the district’s finances in such dire straights that this "Penny Exchange" election is the only panacea available to increase and bloat the bureaucracy by $19M?)

   C.   While pondering all these issues, consideration should also be given to the following:

   *  Why did the Board of Trustees rush this TRE election on district patrons with little financial information…other than the "Penny Exchange" brochures?
   *  Why did the Board of Trustees schedule this election in September, instead of November when voter turn out would be higher and town hall meetings could have been conducted to place all the district’s financial cards, of this proposal, on the table?
   *  What happens to the district’s finances during the second year of budgeting if the TRE passes?  The DMN article details the shortfalls already facing the next legislative session.

   *  How will the district cover and meet 2017-18 increased expenses which would be created by the TRE money and the revised 2016-17 budget?
   *  Should district patrons prepare for another tax rate hike in 2017-18?
   *  What "non-electioneering conversations" might have been conducted to create the ISD-lemming scrum of supporters?

   The TRE election is now in your hands, dear readers.  
   Vote wisely.  Remember the above ABCs before entering the voting booth to…VOTE NO.

…………………………………….Mark Holbrook

Notice:  10 CCR "Dear Reader" Award Points if this report is forwarded to each voting friend, associate, or someone you really don’t like!  Be part of the solution and gain bonus points in the process.  VOTE NO!

It’s On:  The early voting registered 1,398 individuals.  At this time, it is undetermined how many of these votes represent ISD-Lemmings.  Hopefully, rational voters, who have studied the issue and know what is at stake, will VOTE NO Saturday to stop the lemming migration to the cliff bottom.