Friday, October 9, 2015

CCR Chuckles Brigade - Lawyers

(The following was not sent to the entire CCR e-mail list.)

TO:  Chuckles Brigade

   Today’s lesson is how to communicate in a clear, coherent and an unambiguous fashion with a lawyer…especially if you are seeking to obtain information regarding a client they may represent.
   Remember, most lawyers are not as sharp, intelligent, or as savvy as you are, so it is imperative to be precise.
   Therefore, when using acronyms in correspondence with a lawyer, the best rule of thumb is…don’t.  Why?  The immeasurable increased cost to someone (read: their client who is paying with your tax dollars) could wilt a starched shirt.
   Consider the following example.

  *  If you are interested in obtaining Open Records information regarding the operations of a middle school (generally considered to be up to grade eight), do not state, or use the following acronym in your request — Sam Houston, MS(For individuals with cognitive skills, MS used in context with a school district has always meant Middle School as opposed to HS which means, wait for it, High School.)
*   If you should use the acronym MS, then expect the lawyer’s billing clock to ding for extra bucks when they question why an astute individual like you would use this acronym.  Without putting words in your mouth, the lawyer just might escalate his need to compose unnecessary prose, to the $$ticking$$ of his billing clock, and ask for clarification of this ‘mysterious’ term — MS.  In essence, he will write another expensive letter asking you to, for his edification, explain exactly what was meant by the MS acronym.
*   After all, the lawyer does represent Sam Houston, MS, the request is in regard to an Irving school, and the information requestor was certainly clear in their information needs.  So?

*   From the lawyer’s warped, noncommittal to addressing the real information request, or the possible need to maybe bill as many hours as possible to their client, they could view the information request, of a straight forward and understandable acronym, from a myopic perspective.  Perhaps, the billing-churning cycle of the lawyer might cause them to view MS as possibly meaning:
Mississippi (MS)
Multiple Sclerosis
 Minimum Standards 
Mine Standards 
Main Sail
Mach Speed
Master of Science
Moabite Stone
Möbius Strip

   Seriously, in this valid example of requesting information about a particular school in the Irving system, which the lawyer represents, does MS really have a chance of actually meaning any of the above in the context of the stated Open Records request?
   Apparently,  when a legal billing clock is turned on, does the lawyer have to capitalize on every non-golden opportunity to create additional billing hours?  Is this an ABA (American Bar Association…for the acronym impaired) requirement?   
  In the example of the Sam Houston, MS issue, would this be considered real capitalism in action, or just potential greedy billing to be paid for with your tax dollars?
   You decide…chuckle!

……………………….Mark Holbrook

Note:  For those with reading understanding-impairments, coupled with acronym issues, the above is clearer when reading the following DMN tweet by reporter Avi Selk.  The light shines bright on how something so simple can escalate into something so very expensive to tax payers.
I ask for public docs from #Ahmed's Houston Middle School. @IrvingISD's law firm asks if I mean Houston, Mississippi 

Additional Consideration:  Yes, today is DCF (Double Chuckle Friday). To observe what happens to an individual who might gorge on too much Red Meat, or guzzle gallons of Cruz-laced TEA, then the following article could serve as a warning.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

CCR 10-07-15 Rodeó or Rodeo?

the   Controversial  Committee   Report
“We don’t raise sacred cows...we just butcher them.”

   The rotten and fetid odor which plagued Denmark is now hovering over the old Texas Stadium site.

   Today, the Irving City council heard a very fluffy presentation, with colorful renderings, of a "California Dreaming" utopia which QueenB VDs single source developer, OliverMcMillan had prepared.

   (What almost made the entire presentation glib was the use of all the buzz words swarming around the council chamber.  Maybe a new terminology has entered into the city’s lexicon: developer psychobabble.) 

   Under most circumstances, the proposed project might have been a good thing for the city.  After all, the Texas Stadium site represents the best and most expensive parcel of land owned by the city.  And since the demolition of the stadium, citizens have anticipated a development which would "brand" the city with a truly unique and special character.

   However, staff of the CCR regrets to inform its dear readers that this didn’t happen today in the OliverMcMillan presentation.  Instead, the city council was presented with renderings which could only be described as nouveau urban sprawl with trees and planters.

   (Seriously, Irving is going to attract visitors with Rodeo Drive-type shopping?  Oh wait, the queen will be there…won’t she?)    

   Even though the OliverMcMillan concept is not really a new or remarkable consideration, some of QueenB VDs Pet Rocks were already gaga over the presentation and spouting talking points only the queen could have dictated.

   However, this is not the only issue with the OliverMcMillan proposal.  Before the city council takes another step to push QueenB VDs royal carriage, across the ‘Signature Bridge,’ several questions should be answered or resolved.

* How much will the city have to cough up to fund the fluffy streets and medians this developer anticipates?

* Will the city commit as many millions, in tax deferrals and infrastructure benefits, as they did with the Hines Realty housing development?

* What is the connection between Hines Realty and OliverMcMillan, since Hines introduced QueenB VD to them in a meeting in Las Vegas.  What was really discussed and agreed upon by the queen at this meeting?  What happened to the transparency mantra the queen espoused during her campaign?

* What happened to the consideration of seeking proposals from other developers for this iconic site?  Has the city foregone the concept of requesting RFPs for projects of this magnitude?

* If this same proposal, with single source developer and a ‘hand out’ for city bucks, was identified for the Entertainment Center area, would Queen VD still be fawning over the developer?  Or would the queen be the perpetual stick in the mud as she has been with the ARK developer?

* How complicit is the City Manager with this development concept and possible proposal for city funding benefits?  Is this a matter of best use of land and city funds, or merely attempting to count to five?

* Considering the potential city funds which might be granted, under a yet unknown cost, doesn’t the city have other pressing development and needs to address?  After all, the city shouldn’t be in the business of making developers successful with city funds.

* Should one assume QueenB VDs Sugar Daddy handlers and closet "Dark Money" contributors believe this single source developer is perfect for their needs?

   While there may be many additional questions, the important consideration now is to derail this train before it reaches the depot and consider what else is floating, in the development world, which would "brand" the Texas Stadium site as the crown jewel of city-owned real estate.

   The city will have "branding" when the Entertainment Center is completed, so why not have an additional and true brand at the gateway to Irving where real Cowboys once roamed?

   And frankly, Baja Las Colinas,  as envisioned by OliverMcMillian, is not a brand.

………………………Mark Holbrook

Monday, October 5, 2015

CCR Chuckles Brigade - Again, Black Eyes

(This report was not mailed to the entire CCR e-mail list.)

TO: Chuckles Brigade

   How many times does it take before QueenB VD is snared in her facts fabrications before folks start seriously question any utterance which spouts from her pouting lips?

   Once again, the Dallas Morning News has demonstrated the utterances she has made, on her Red Meat TEA-carnivore speaking-gig tours, just do not hold water or stand the test of time.

   Not only is QueenB VD reluctant to admit the error of her statements, but she again uses her old technique, polished over time, by refusing to answer questions posed.  And this is transparency in the mayor’s office.  Hardly!

   For the full story on how QueenB VD and her Red Meat TV-rabble rousers, TEA-carnivore web sites and other sycophant followers have perpetrated falsehoods regarding the ‘clock kid,’ just click on the following link.

   The Dallas Morning News, with an article by Avi Selk, again demonstrates how comfortable QueenB VD and her minions are with spreading half-truths, fabricated facts and creating a climate that continues to reflect a negative image on the city.  

   As mentioned in previous CCR reports, this is just another of the black eyes QueenB VD has socked the city with.  And once again, citizens should demand a report be filed with IPD for "citizen abuse" by the mayor.

…………………………Mark Holbrook

Sunday, October 4, 2015

CCR 10-04-15 Caw...I Know!

the   Controversial  Committee   Report
“We don’t raise sacred cows...we just butcher them.”

   Publicity wise, it really hasn’t been a banner year for Irving.  At almost every turn of the news cycle, Irving has received a new self-inflicted black eye.

   While many factors could enter into this dank PR coverage of the city, the largest and most tarnishing images appear to be as a direct result of QueenB VDs actions, activities and babbling for her Red Meat TEA-carnivore minions.

   Sure, some will contend this is balderdash and a huge load of Torofeca, but read all the articles from the legitimate media…especially the Dallas Morning News.  When Irving is mentioned, the first part of those articles generally starts with…QueenB VD and her fact fabrications wrongly contends that..details, details, details.

   (Forego reading the articles cranked out by those Red Meat TEA-carnivore web sites.  The Red Meat posters do little or no fact checking, and depend on statements [read: Torofeca babble] from QueenB VD to fabricate a favorable position which can be beamed to her tin foil hat brigade.)

   Perhaps, the Red Meat TEA-carnivore sites are not aware the legitimate media has demonstrated the queen’s ability to utilize fact fabrications to promote her personal political persona.  And her espousing of misstatements, and less than truthful comments, continues to cause Irving to appear like a frontier city in the Arkansas Ozark Mountains.

   Providing assistance, in creating additional black eyes to the city, are QueenB VDs loyal minions who also spread false information and talking points via local blog postings.  And should anyone challenge the false assertions the queen has promulgated, then, the individual is shamed, bullied in writing and, in no polite terms, basically told to go to hell by blog posters.

   The recent "bomb threat" at MacArthur HS is just the latest example of black eye coverage the city has received.  And the queen’s minions certainly didn’t miss a beat.

   (Remember, QueenB VD is certainly the responsible party for the divisiveness, Muslim-baiting and turmoil created by her never ending Red Meat TEA-carnivore speaking tour.) 

   While no one in authority has come forward with credible information as to who the actual perpetrator of this cowardly "bomb threat" deed might be, QueenB VDs minions have the answer.  Find that hard to believe?  Here is how just one of the queen’s sycophants summarized the issue:  

"Believe it or not, this is a direct result of the Ahmed/Cair havoc that was put upon that school."
(Again, remember who initiated all this havoc and turmoil in the first place!)

   In other words, the guilty culprit must be someone with Muslim beliefs.  Really?  Have the facts of this assertion been conveyed to the proper authorities?  Does the individual providing this information have a phone-tap trace to determine where the hoax call originated from?  Or maybe, the perpetrator of the "bomb threat" sent this individual a personal note of acknowledgement which included the salutation:"As-Salaam-Alaikum…dear wise sage who knowns all." 

   Or just maybe, the perpetrator’s identity was bounced to the individual via a high frequency radio wave (same as a dog whistle) to their tin foil hat.       

  Of course, rushing to a conclusion does eliminate other potential perpetrators. 

   What about the jock who hadn’t finished his wood working project for a class demonstration that day?  And surely, a Red Meat TEA-carnivore could realize an incident of this nature might play into the queen’s crusade of Muslim-baiting and Islamophobia.  And then there is the ever popular theory of  a technology nerd...wanting to determine if a completely non-traceable call could be made from spare computer boards without being nabbed.

   If you should wonder what is missing from the above statement by the queen’s advocate, then think: closed mind, ill informed and willing to say or do anything which might cast QueenB VD in a positive light.  True to form, the spewing of blog verbiage, on the site, ratcheted up and basically detailed what QueenB VD would appreciate…’see, she warned you all this would happen while on her Red Meat TEA-carnivore blathering tour.’  

   While staff of the CCR doesn’t know who or why a "bomb threat" occurred at MacArthur, we do know public sentiment in the city continues to be aflame as the Red Meat TEA-carnivores continue to fan the coals of discontent, provide phobic postings on blogs and initiate flimsy rationale which does little good to cast a positive image on the city.  

   And the staff of the CCR will continue to believe this seed of phobic-discontent was planted, nourished and pruned by the continued actions of QueenB VD and her misguided followers in their Red Meat TEA-carnivore crusade.   

   And this is why Dylan Westie, Executive editor/Part-time wordsmith and Social Media Troll for the CCR, jumped on his twitter account again. When acts like the MacArthur "bomb threat" occur, then folks without facts, accurate information, or a genuine knowledge of the incident should just turn their computers off.  This would spare everyone from having another snicker attack with all the inane and far fetched and false theories. 

Dylan Westie @DylanWestie1 Sep 28
QueenB gives another TEA-black eye to city at … w/ "…owing to Muslim-baiting political opportunism by its mayor…" Ow!

Dylan Westie @DylanWestie1 Sep 29
Wordsmithing Award of Week to @dallasnews correctly noting QueenBs branding Irving as: "Muslim-baiting political opportunism by its mayor."

Dylan Westie @DylanWestie1 Sep 30
QueenBs (Irving mayor) Flying Harpies blaming ‘clock kid’ for Mac incident when queen responsible for initiating hate & discontent in city!

Dylan Westie @DylanWestie1 Sep 30
Fruit of QueenBs (Irving mayor) Red Meat TEA-carnivore fabrication of facts now playing out with Mac incident. Watch her backpedal again.

   If a determination is ever made as to the responsible party for the MacArthur "bomb threat" incident, chances are crow will again be on the menu for QueenB VDs ill informed and low information minions.

   Of course, crow is not a new culinary delight or staple for QueenB VDs minions.  Having to constantly defend her fact fabrications has caused many a minion to enter a Weight Watcher’s® program due to over indulgence, of the black feathered avifauna, this past year.

……………………………….Mark Holbrook

Monday, September 28, 2015

CCR Chuckle Brigade - Black Eyes

(The following was not sent to the entire CCR e-mail list)

TO: Chuckles Brigade

Dylan’s latest tweet.  You’ll need to click on the DMN link in the tweet to read a very balanced, even keel and factual presentation of the ‘clock kid’ events over the past two weeks.

Sadly, QueenB VD is noted for the "leadership" role she has played in this and the State HB 562 bill she promoted, sponsored and had her Pet Rocks vote for.

Irving’s embarrassment just never ceases to end with her political malfeasance, Red Meat TEA-carnivore blathering and, of course, all the photo ops and publicity she can amass for her egotistical self-esteem.

With all the black eyes the queen has given citizens, shouldn’t "citizen abuse" charges be filed with IPD?

………………………Mark Holbrook 

Dylan Westie @DylanWestie1 Sep 28

QueenB gives another TEA-black eye to city at … w/"…owing to Muslim-baiting political opportunism by its mayor…" Ow!

Sunday, September 27, 2015

CCR 09-27-15 Party Over?

the   Controversial  Committee   Report
“We don’t raise sacred cows...we just butcher them.”

   In the never ending saga of QueenB VD fabricating facts, babbling incoherently on Red Meat TEA-carnivore TV programs, and flipping her mane at every drop of the hat for her blather-speaking engagements, Dylan Westie, Executive editor/Part-time wordsmith and Social Media Troll for the CCR, has one suggestion for the queen: Resign now as mayor of the City of Irving.

   (If this should happen, would Dylan be in line to be appointed mayor for the interim period?  He still has campaign signs available.  And the only national political party he is affiliated with is the AKC & Shelter Adoption Party.  And unlike the TEA-carnivore group (or chocolate), his national party affiliation is not harmful to the city or low information supporters.)

   Okay, the mayor resigning might seem a bit harsh to some, but consider the reality.
   Would anyone like to offer just one positive issue the mayor has accomplished, over the past year, which has shown Irving in a bright light of progress and working as an ‘elected team’ to build a bold future for the city?

   (Photo op appearances and ribbon cuttings do not count, as the queen had little or nothing to do with creating the circumstances for the event to occur.  And seriously, those activities represent her natural calling.)

   There is no doubt the queen’s recent Red Meat TEA-carnivore media blitz has only made Irving the laughing stock of North Texas.  And the one cackling the loudest is QueenB VD as the exposure (good, bad or indifferent) is what she seeks, thrives on, and dreams about.

   And if one wants to be realistic, with QueenB VD resigning as mayor, she could devote 100% of her time to placating Red Meat TEA-carnivores and positioning herself for whatever political office she and her "Dark Money" fund handlers (note: another new report on those folks is in the making) have their sights set on.  

   As it stands now, QueenB VD is devoting 95% of her time and efforts to her TEA-carnivore persona with 4%devoted to photo ops and ribbon cuttings and 1% dedicated to petting her Pet Rocks before acting to have Irving progress forward.

   Of course, QueenB VD relishes in all the attention she seems to be creating in the media.  (After all, what individual, who might possibly suffer from NPD, wouldn’t?)  For the queen, the issue is having her name and mug plastered in the press regardless of what she says, or what is said about her.

   Even when QueenB VD makes false assertions on her FaceBook page, or in TV interviews, or has her flock of Flying Harpies spout her talking points, there is never any admission the queen was actually wrong in what she promoted or espoused to the general public.  Her low information minions and Red Meat TEA-carnivores are not concerned when the queen uses fabricated facts to press her personal political agenda forward.  Period.

   (Note: Staff of the CCR is too polite to call the queen out as being a liar.)  

   So, if QueenB VD will not relinquish her throne, then Dylan has assured staff of the CCR he will be dedicated to the cause of informing the CCR readership each and every time the queen’s carriage bounces over another of her pot holes of fabricated facts.

   Following are Dylan’s tweets for last week on the continued adventures of QueenB VD of the House of NPD and Royal Court of WAB and Protectorate of Red Meat TEA-carnivores:

Dylan Westie @DylanWestie1 Sep 23
Stock tip: Buy Alcoa. QueenB (Irving mayor) depleting supply for her Red Meat TEA-carnivore tin hats @  Beyond belief.

Dylan Westie @DylanWestie1 Sep 23
Did Pope Francis have QueenB (Irving mayor) in mind as he stated today: "flee the temptation of narcissism" in a speech? And TEA-carnivores?

Dylan Westie @DylanWestie1 Sep 24
CCR Chuckles Brigade e-mailing of Jim Schutze article, Dallas Observer, now posted on  It pierces tin foil hats.Yep.

Dylan Westie @DylanWestie1 Sep 25
QueenB (Irving mayor) sending harpies to her PR blogger. New Score:TEA-carnivore Flying Harpies 0 - 13 Legitimate (not Red Meat) Press.Great

Dylan Westie @DylanWestie1 Sep 25
QueenBs (Irving mayor) TEA-carnivore Flying Harpies ordered quit using Ouija board to fabricate facts on blog re: ‘clock kid.’ Lies OK now?

Dylan Westie @DylanWestie1 Sep 26
Congrats QueenB (Irving mayor): Made the DMN Op/Ed again. Oops!! Mention as "Misses" & another black eye for Irving …

Dylan Westie @DylanWestie1 Sep 27
Clash of Realities: If the adults have ‘clock kid’ then TEA-carnivores have possessed QueenBs (Irving mayor) mind at 

Dylan Westie @DylanWestie1 Sep 27
QueenBs (Irving mayor) PR consultant shortens her TEA-carnivore introduction-resumé to only 7pp. to keep crowd awake before babbling begins. (Regarding her Arlington Republican Club appearance which is found on YouTube.)

Dylan Westie @DylanWestie1 Sep 27
Did you see QueenB (Irving mayor) dance, back step and completely avoid answering the Red Meat TEA-carnivore questions on Ch 5 this AM. Sad!
(See Lone Star Politics at 10:54 minutes into the segment to note how the queen totally evades and doesn't answer the question asked:!/news/politics/Lone-Star-Politics---Sept--27--2015/329579231 )

   Since common sense, truthfulness and duty to the office of mayor seem to have oozed out of QueenB VDs perspectives, Irving not only loses, but all of this media attention causes citizens and the city to stagnate in the aspirations of a political poser craving attention and center stage for a cause not even associated with the city’s underpinnings.

   After all, the city charter does not define, state or address the woes if an elected office holder utilizes their elected position to promote personal political aspirations which cause the city to suffer a continuous barrage of negative press and ridicule.  (Is it time for a charter amendment election to cover this for future politicos?) 

   Words for the Day: Political malfeasance.  
   Pop Quiz Question: Do you know anyone who fits the definition of the Words for the Day?

…………………………………Mark Holbrook

Thursday, September 24, 2015

CCR Chuckles Brigade - Child Abuse?

the   Controversial  Committee   Report
“We don’t raise sacred cows...we just butcher them.”

(The following was not sent to the entire CCR e-mail list)

TO: Chuckles Brigade:

Another article by someone, with a high degree of intelligence, who doesn’t wear a tin foil hat.  Remember, be sure to place your ‘long order’ for Alcoa stock.  With the queen and her followers, tin should reach new highs. (This should not be considered an ‘insider' tip!)  

Isn’t it a shame the city cannot come out shining…as a result of all the political malfeasance and egotistical babbling the mayor is spreading across North Texas?

The red highlight at the article’s end was the CCRs doing.  This actually denotes the leadership style the mayor exhibits in the city.

……………………Mark Holbrook

Dallas Observer

Women and children first, right? No? Women and children second? Forget about ‘em? Get the hell out of my way? Maybe somebody will tell me that special regard for women and children under extreme circumstances — lifeboats on the Titanic, that kind of thing — has eroded or at least grown more complex somehow in modern culture.

But I don’t think so. Not really. We still say drunk guys shouldn’t beat up their wives, right? We haven’t decided yet that it’s up to the wife to learn how to throw a better punch. And a special regard for children doesn’t really need an explanation. Or shouldn’t.
But here we have Irving Mayor Beth Van Duyne on TV lending credence to an entirely insane, malicious attack on the child in her city who is now famous for bringing a clock to school. It was her TV host, Glenn Beck, and not she, who painted 14-year-old Ahmed Mohamed as a co-conspirator in an international terror plot. But instead of speaking up to shelter the child from Beck's venom — the child of citizens of her own city — she grinned and ducked like a schoolgirl.  

Ahmed is the Irving kid who cobbled together a clock from components and took it to school to impress his teacher. The school called the cops and had him cuffed and trundled off because the school officials and Irving police couldn’t tell a clock from a bomb. And his name is Ahmed.

With Van Duyne seated next to him on his guest sofa, Beck painted the ninth-grade boy as a terrorist. Look. There’s something a decent adult human being does in that circumstance.


You don’t sit there and grin and smirk like Van Duyne did. You stick up for the kid. If you can’t stick up for a kid, you’re a truly worthless human being. Kids always must be sheltered from the full combat of the adult world. I thought we all knew that.

Glenn Beck, sure, forget about it. He’ll say anything. There was another guy on the show with Beck and Van Duyne, a crew-cut former Green Beret identified as head of the Center for Insane Paranoid Bullshit or something like that (I may not have it exactly right). Beck and the insane paranoid bullshit guy launched into an entire absolutely wackadoodle diatribe about Irving as the target of an international Islamic plot. They said the boy, Ahmed, was probably a tool in that plot.

Of course. People like Beck and his guest are cartoon characters. But Van Duyne is the real live mayor of a real live city in our midst in North Texas, and it seems reasonable to expect that she would have enough basic moral decency at least to stick up for a kid.

As for the online commentology community, I don’t know if it’s worth even dignifying that stuff with a response. I would not, except that the online assault on Ahmed Mohamed is consonant with Islamophobia everywhere. If anything, a willingness to assault children may be the most telling indicator of what we’re dealing with.

Cartoon though he may be, Beck nevertheless is preaching a proto-genocidal breed of hatred that denies and negates the basic humanity of the hated, the other, the ones who are not deemed fully human. Going after children is an important indicator. It’s kind of how we know what Beck is.

When a person extinguishes the value of women and children first in his heart, then we know what’s really going on in that heart. That person is hollowing out his heart of human compassion, teaching his heart not to recognize the creatures before his eyes as fellow human beings.

I think we all know where that goes — where it always inevitably goes. Armenia, Bosnia, Rwanda, Cambodia, Germany: In every one of those places long before the killing began, people taught themselves not to put women and children first. Not to care about some kid.

But every society, especially one like ours that values free speech, is going to have Glenn Becks. And that other guy. What we count on is the countervailing wisdom and authority of regular folks, the people who drive the buses, send the kids off to school in the morning, preach the sermons, repair the cars — normal people with decent values. We count on them to know that you don’t use an innocent child as your verbal voodoo doll. We count on those people to be sane and have decency.

So now we know one thing for sure about Beth Van Duyne. Don’t count on her for a damn thing.