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CCR 10-29-14: Political Pervert Parade?

the   Controversial  Committee   Report
“We don’t raise sacred cows...we just butcher them.”

   You’ll note from the enclosed pic that the BE-PUT (Bogus Express - Pick Up Truck) is being prepped by QueenB VD and Rodney Anderson to inundate the polls — for early voting (ends Friday) and on election day Tuesday, November 4, 2014 — with mind altering materials and scalding Tea.  The plan is to bombard the polls with enough materials to confuse, complicate and confound voters to believe that Tea is the new city drink.  In fact, voters are asked to donate three Tea bags in order to receive an official Rodney Anderson District 105 ballot.  (This is his answer to voter ID.)

   See how gleeful QueenB VD and Anderson are as they leave the bed of the pick up truck, after ensuring there is plenty of bogus complaints, bologna, Torofeca, and Tea loaded?  All these items will be spread on ill informed and unsuspecting Irving voters.  Missing from being loaded on the BE-PUT will be the flyers with the queen’s regal endorsement of Anderson.  For those who may have forgotten, the queen stated on Anderson’s campaign FaceBook page: "…a man of honesty, integrity…" (The queen’s statement almost sounds as if she might again have been describing herself.  Now that’s a snicker!)  

   Of course, the queen’s statement was made prior to the Anderson house of cards tumbling down and the bogus "complaint," filed against Susan Motley, revealed.  

   Yes, the queen and Anderson really know how to work the political processes and con voters.  However, the only thing missing from the picture might be Anderson’s campaign "strategist," Casteel.  

   Rumor has it Casteel was, at pic time, giving an exclusive interview to the Dallas Morning News on how he possibly managed to shuffle the bogus "complaint" around to allow voters to receive dirty trick mailings days before the complaint was received by the US Office of  Special Counsel. (1)  And without the diligent work of an astute DMN reporter, voters would still be brainwashed with all the bogus information from the Anderson camp.  Kudos DMN

   (Article(2) detailing the bogus "complaint" bamboozle and apology by the Texas Republican Party is provided.  Do you think even the Texas Republican Party now believes the Tea which Anderson has been serving might be too toxic to their overall interest?  Has Anderson’s antics driven the dawn of  politics, with integrity, back to the Stone Age…where the candidate will say or do anything to secure a vote?)

   Actually, Casteel may be airing the tires on all the Special Interest vehicles to be used assisting QueenB VD and Anderson in their Magical Misinformation Tour and parade to spread the gigantic load of bogus campaign blathering.  (The parade and number of Special Interest vehicles assisting is enough to fill a Classic Chevy car lot.)  

   Each Special Interest vehicle in the parade will have an Anderson placard, tied with a string on the vehicles antenna.  This will designate the vehicles as official and special supporters who have sipped Anderson’s campaign Tea.  This will also signify that the drivers have contributed significant bucks to tie the string on Anderson’s future voting arm.  How quaint.  How symbolic!

   If only ordinal citizens had the ability to obtain one of these strings, without having to contribute thousands upon thousands of bucks, to ensure their interest were going to be met if Anderson should win this election!

   As previously noted in another CCR report, the only difference between Rodney Anderson and Linda Harper-Brown is: Anderson has his supporters drinking Tea Party tea, while Harper-Brown depended on Kool-Aid for hers.

   CCR readers have heard it before, but every vote counts.  And it certainly doesn’t hurt to remind friends and family their vote is important, too…even if they are not sure whom to vote for.  You can always direct them to a candidate interested in Irving, one that has character and one not interested in their egos or party affiliation to the detriment of citizens.   

   After all, not everyone in Irving likes Tea Party tea!  Staff of the CCR finds this political brew has become very distasteful and can even turn politicos into a babbling blockheads.

………………………Mark Holbrook

1)  Staff of the CCR wishes to make an "Advisor Clarification"(3) for reflecting Casteel would be giving an exclusive interview with the DMN reporter.  When the bogus "complaint" was uncovered, Casteel is reported to have stated to the DMN: "You have lost the privilege to speak with the Anderson campaign."  Wow!  Did Rodney Anderson also put him in charge of the Only Good Campaign News Department?  Does Free Speech and Bogus "Complaints" pertain only to those attempting to hide something from voters? Does drinking all the Tea at campaign headquarters turn certain potions of an individuals anatomy into brass…to be able utter such tripe?  Should a candidate running for political office or members of his staff shun, browbeat, demean and attempt to sway the press to the detriment of citizens who want to actually and accurately know how and what their elected politicos might be up to?  The CCR hopes our "Advisor Clarification" is a bit more of a mea culpa than the one the Texas Republican Party issued on behalf of the toxic activity conducted by the Rodney Anderson campaign in the Bogus-gate "Complaint" filed against Susan Motley, his opponent in the District 105 State representative race.  If nothing else, staff of the CCR would be more than willing to speak to the press and tell them what we really think about the Bogus-gate "Complaint." 

2)  DMN, Avi Selk, 10-29-14:   

3)  Advisor Clarification: Appears to be weasel words personified to make it appear an apology was issued to Susan Motley by the Texas Republican Party for the brash, arrogant and blockheaded activities of the Rodney Anderson campaign.  As the Texas Republican Party paid for the bogus "complaint" mailings, one has to wonder if they will seek a refund from Anderson.  Paying that much for that large a load of campaign Torofeca is probably priceless. 

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

CCR/DW 10-28-14: Stringy Tea Leaves

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Here’s what you recently missed by not following
Dylan Westie  @DylanWestie1  on Twit-er.

Surgeon General warns: Drinking political Tea causes one to spread Torofeca and bogus complaints in Irving’s Dist.105 State rep. campaign.

QueenBs (Irving mayor) Anderson endorsement:"...a man of honesty, integrity..." Before or after his bogus Fed. complaint filed & dismissed?

Irving’s interest or Special Interest? The list of special interest behind Dist. 105 Anderson reeks of Harper-Brown’s grubby representation.

Anderson staffer Casteel files new Fed. complaint, invoking Paul Revere’s interred blessing, states that Motley drinks coffee and not Tea.

Seeing how Dist.105 Anderson and staff play political games, Paul Revere wishes he had throw coffee in Boston Harbor. Gives Tea a bad name.


PostScript: First, two-thirds of the CCR staff would like to apologize for Dylan’s Twit-er outburst today.  He was a tad upset over a dirty political trick played on him.  It seems his Starbucks® House Blend (Medium roast) conservative KUERIG® coffee K-cups were secretly replaced with Tea

   While no one has been apprehended, Rodney Anderson’s PR flack said the brand of Tea they drink is domestic, so don’t call them with our problem as they only respond to inquiries from the Dallas Morning News.

   (Note: The suspicious Tea planted in Dylan’s KEURIG is being analyzed for the CCR.  FDA scientists are about to determine that a possible link, between sipping Bai Hao White Tip Oolong Tea and bogus campaign complaints filed during early voting for the District 105 State representative campaign by candidate Rodney Anderson, does exist.)

   It finally dawned on staff of the CCR what was wrong with all that is going on in the District 105 State representative race…too much money and too much Tea being served with extra lumps of bogus complaints being filed by the Tea sippers.  No issues are being discussed…just sleazy attack ads printed and spread all over ‘beautiful downtown Irving.’

   While the recent bogus claim filed with the federal US Special Counsels against Susan Motley by Rodney Anderson was dismissed, the campaign didn’t miss a beat to continue to flood ‘beautiful downtown Irving’ with more of their slick and utterly over-the-top campaign mailers.  And that is when the bolt of deja vu-logic struck Dylan’s coffee mug.

   Remember all the Special Interest Groups which supported, funded and flooded voter mailboxes with expensive and slick campaign literature for Linda Harper-Brown?  Remember all the political trash she distributed all over the city?  Well, the same flood of political refuse is again being crammed in voter mailboxes by the Anderson campaign. 

   (Anytime a voter receives two or three different mailers from the same candidate in one day, then following the money is a key to discovering how a campaign attempts to buy an election.)

   What makes the Anderson campaign similar to Harper-Brown’s old political scheme is that excessive money and special interest supporters control the candidate after an election.  Simply stated: A plethora of special interest involvement, with little emphasis on citizens, is what the Anderson campaign appears to have morphed into.

   Here’s a working example of what could happen if one calls the Anderson office after the election to request consideration on a particular issue which might be of vital concern to Irving’s interest:

   "Thank you for calling Rodney Anderson’s Tea brewing and sipping office.  While we are anxious to assist you, please remain on the line until your call is answered.  Your call will be answered immediately after the calls from the Texas Land Title Association, Texas Association of Realtors, Texans for Fiscal Responsibility, Republican Party of Texas, Texas Victory 2014, Texas Association of Businesses, NFIB, Manufacturers of Texas, Texas Medical Association, NRA, etc., and QueenB VD (mayor of Irving) have been responded to.  Your call is important to us, so please stay on the line.  Your estimated time to wait is two days before we will consider if your issue coincides with what our string pullers have mandated.  Again, thank you for calling the Anderson Tea-only-served-office, and remember…with Tea you don’t need to drink Kool-Aid."

   Yes, dear readers, the Anderson District 105 campaign could just hang Tea-stained drapes in the old Harper-Brown office.  And the end result…Special Interest Concerns again will trump citizen concerns or needs…all at the expense of satisfying a Tea party dogma.  This is change? 

Legal disclaimer and Glossary at:

Sunday, October 26, 2014

CCR/DW 10-26-14: Revelations 3: 7-9

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Here’s what you recently missed by not following
Dylan Westie  @DylanWestie1  on Twit-er.

In another petulant display QueenB (Irving mayor) goes beyond any other mayor by chastising fellow members in a public forum. How distasteful!

Oops! QueenBs (Irving mayor) dictate to purge and take over city committees w/Pet Rocks not approved & postponed. Vindictiveness to follow.

For all serfs, peons and non-Pet Rocks, QueenB (Irving mayor) has new council mantra: "Do you know who I am? Do you realize I am in charge?"


PostScript:  Just when you thought QueenB VD couldn’t become more unpalatable, she reached a new high in obnoxious petulance.  In fact, her PMS (Petulance Meter Spiking) reached the red line zone at the city council work session on October 22, 2014.

   (Visit ICTN video on-demand for her performance in her attempting to look professional.)

   Getting ahead of the topic: Staff of the CCR cannot remember any previous mayor who, in the course of an open and public meeting of the city council, proceeded to browbeat fellow council members over any topic which had little or no bearing on the efficient running of the city.  This just wasn’t done by previous mayors or classy individuals who were in leadership positions in the city and skillfully cognizant of personnel management principles. 

   (Maybe, Ivy League colleges instill a ‘forgetaboutit’ style of personnel management discourse in their core business curriculums.)  

   Common personnel practice: If an assumed leader has an issue with the actions or activities of another individual, then a one-on-one session is the best way to resolve a conflict of opinions or practices.  (Not e-mails or text messages!)  Slamming, condescension and the openly verbal mugging of an individual is not the hallmark of someone in a recognized leadership position…especially if the issue is aired before other subordinates or peers.  Rationale managers and professionals just don’t do this!   

   Back to the topic:  Attempting to demonstrate that all queenly edicts are right, good and should be followed to the letter of the queen’s law by serfs, peons and non-Pet Rock council members, QueenB VD positioned her Pet Rocks to assume full control over council committee assignments and agendas.  Think of her actions as a ‘midnight purge’ which would demonstrate her new mantra of brash egotism (see above).  And additional consideration could include vindictiveness on her part for certain council members.

   And what could bring the queen to this new level of council member debasement for non-Pet Rocks?  The pebble in the queen’s glass slipper was some council members’ committee meeting attendance.  Wow!  With all the genuine and germane issues confronting Irving, this is what the queen believes the citizenry is yearning for…city committees bruised from her heavy thumb pressing on the necks of fellow council members? 

   As expected, the queen’s verbal tirade had nothing to do with her spotted record of attending meetings when she was a mere council member.  Many remember her attitude of aloofness and as not even being interested in fulfilling her role as an identified council liaison to a city committee.  At least, she was not interested enough to have a very high attendance record.  (Would someone dig up the committee records for the queen’s attendance?  The CCR will publish them if you do.)

   All of the queen’s blathering (with scripted remarks), mane flipping and attempting to pose as the city’s leader during this council meeting just reinforced her self-satisfying tenet of "I am the queen and my words are the gospel."  (If her words are truly the Gospel According to BVD, then this might account for many in the realm moving to a community with more agnostic subscribers.) 

   What made the queen’s performance worse was her attempt to infer non-Pet Rocks just didn’t know how to communicate properly with her prior to placing her train wreck of verbal abuse on the tracks.  Really?  When has the queen demonstrated she was an actual team player and readily receptive to responding to issues emanating from a non-Pet Rock?  Again, remember when the queen served as a council member she clearly demonstrated team playing wasn’t included in her character attributes?

    In the city council work session, the queen huffed and puffed (allowing only 3-psi of ego inflation to be released into the atmosphere and damage the ozone layer) while reading her pre-prepared talking points of condescending remarks to chastise fellow non-Pet Rock council members over attendance at city committee meetings.  Disgusting! Unprofessional!  But then, this is QueeB VD at her finest.

   This latest destructive pontification by QueenB VD will only further erode the ability of the city to move forward in a positive and efficient manner.  Her PMS on this issue has already caused one council member to resign from his queenly-dictated committee re-assignment.  And rightly so, as he noted the issue was not about what was best for the city, but how the queen’s new dictate was politically motivated only to satisfy her self-indulgence.

   And to this non-Pet Rock, Dennis Webb, who resigned his committee assignment, staff of the CCR believes the gospel he might be propagating supersedes what the queen would intone as her holy scriptures.  (At least Webb’s book is on the New York Times all-time best sellers list.)

    There is one ‘saving grace’ in the latest QueenB VD struggle for ultimate power and control…the council committee purge she attempted to initiate was postponed  (yeah for rational thinking) by a vote of the city council.  

   While all this may be a minor slap to the queen’s somewhat deflated ego, many hope the postponement of her committee purge will last as long as it takes for her ego to re-inflate from this setback…two years, hopefully?

DMN, Avi Selk, 10-23-14:

Legal disclaimer and Glossary at:

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CCR/DW 10-24-14: Bogus Baloney

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Here’s what you recently missed by not following
Dylan Westie  @DylanWestie1  on Twit-er.

1)  Dist.105 'strategist' Casteel bellows infamous Haig "I’m in charge" while scrubbing egg off Rodney Anderson’s face for bogus "complaint."

2)  New Big State Fountain-Dist 105 omelet: Bogus Rodney Anderson eggs,
Casteel fetid cheese served shamefully overdone on buttered character.

3)  QueenB (Irving mayor) and Rodney Anderson spotted dining on fresh
fricassee of crow at 4-Seasons plotting next bogus Dist.105 dirty trick.


PostScript:  It’s official.  The "complaint" which was finally filed against Dist 105 State representative candidate, Susan Motley, by her opponent Rodney Anderson has been ruled invalid.  The Hatch Act did not apply.  Even for Tea sippers!

   (Special Note: The sleazy Anderson campaign mailers were already in early voters hands prior to the "complaint" actually being filed with the feds.)

   Of course, once the "complaint" was actually filed by Anderson’s campaign ‘strategist’ Casteel, it didn’t take the federal US Office of Special Counsel a nano second to see through the veneer of deception to determine this really must be a dirty political trick in the making.  And to think, the Anderson campaign probably spent a wad of bucks for their legal advice.

   Therefore, Motley is free to campaign and keep her Anderson had also petitioned for the feds to approve her firing.  However, folks with reasonable intelligence had already determined the outcome of the "complaint"…even as the Anderson campaign sprayed their load of bogus Torofeca all over the city.

   City hazmat crews will have ‘beautiful downtown Irving’ back in pristine shape by the end of the week.

     Many potential early voters in Irving viewed this campaign trickery by Anderson for what it was: Bogus and a cheap-shot-attempt to undermine not only an opponent, but the entire political process.  Apparently, Tea sippers have their own set of campaign schemes which cast truthfulness, honesty and character into the dirty trick swamp.

   One has to wonder if Anderson will pull all the ads, mailers and other means of dissemination for this bogus claim from his campaign.  If he doesn’t, then voters will truly know the measure of the man.

   What’s next?  QueenB VD and Anderson will have to develop another strategy in their attempt to ply on the uninformed serfs and peons of her realm.  

   Time is running short, but with two political operatives of their calibre, one has to believe they can "hatch" some new dirty trick to con voters before election day, November 4, 2014.

The article detailing the "complaint" and official ruling is included in the DMN, Avi Selk, 10-24-14, blog at the following link:
Legal disclaimer and Glossary at:

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CCR/DW 10-22-14: Of Weasels and Censorship?

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Here’s what you recently missed by not following
Dylan Westie  @DylanWestie1  on Twit-er.

Did QueenB (Irving mayor) censor (unless our eyes failed) two factual DMN articles on KIA as not favorable to her Tea Party pick Rodney Anderson?!


PostScript:  This whole District 105 campaign for Irving’s State representative seems to grow stranger by the day.  In addition to the Rodney Anderson campaign attempting bury their opponent, Susan Motley, with legal-lathering and blathering to force her out of the race, this group of political misfits even wants to extract an additional pint of blood…and have her fired from her job.  This is really a sad day for political campaigning in ‘beautiful downtown Irving.’

   Wow!  Welcome to the new age of Tea Party hardball politics…say or do anything to con a vote from unsuspecting citizens.

   Of course, the political "strategist" (weasel word for chief gopher and cooker of dirty trick recipes) of the Anderson campaign spun a tale as to why the feds had not seen the supposed legal complaint filed against Motley.  The flimsy rationale registered was: the elephant sat on the paper work a "clerical error" on the feds side of the fence. (Full detail in articles noted below, but promise not to snicker at the flaky excuse.)

   Frankly, it would have been more believable had the Anderson’s campaign dog peed on the paperwork and they were just waiting for it to dry before faxing.  But then, wouldn’t one assume a matter of this importance (and factual?) have demanded a vigorous follow up by the campaign "strategist" to ensure the complaint had been filed and received properly?  After all, the campaign was wanting this 11th hour dirty trick to sway early voters without their opponent having ample time to assure voters the complaint was false, fictitious, or designed as a political mailing for dispersion and fermenting of extreme doubt on Motley’s character.  

   And wouldn’t the "complaint" certainly be a good talking point and provide for loads of Torofeca spreading by Anderson in the waining days of the campaign?

   With QueenB VDs Flying Harpies registering and posting on the KIA blog everything — from how to develop loving relationships with CAIR to browbeating an Irving expat loose-wing nut — one would think this blog of ‘fair and balanced’ expression of opinions would at least have posted DMN articles concerning an activity crucial to the city.  The District 105 State representative will, after all, have Irving as a home base.

   After reviewing the KIA blog on two different days, neither of two DMN articles related to the Rodney Anderson complaint filed against Susan Motley was found.  Granted, our feeble eyesight isn’t what it use to be, but two articles and neither one posted for KIA followers?  Is there a new computer virus that, like Pac Man, devours unfavorable articles for the KIA blog chieftains?

   Good grief, the blog has recently posted DMN articles regarding the expansion of Champion Trail, LOWV candidates forum, and the creeping Common Core curriculum in Texas.  All of those, you will note, deal with Irving!  But the articles for the District 105 political swamp pit created in Irving by Rodney Anderson…not there!

   Staff of the CCR doesn’t run the KIA blog (nor would we want to) and we would always support their efforts to provide opinions…just as CCR reports attempt to do.  However, should they claim they are Keeping Irving Accountable if major news reports, for readers to gather all the information possible before going to the polls, are not available?

   Another significant ‘conspiracy theory’ for the articles not being posted on KIA is, perhaps, QueenB VD who is the head cheerleader for the Rodney Anderson campaign in Irving has dictated to her Mother Superior of Flying Harpies that the articles being on KIA would be detrimental to the Anderson campaign and shouldn’t be posted…especially if the premise of the Anderson complaint is not valid.  In this case, the queen’s rationale would align with Anderson…say or do anything to get a vote and don’t be pestered with honesty, accuracy or character.

   Well, staff of the CCR is not proud!  (Opinionated, yes.)  

   Below, you will find the two DMN articles which should spike your interest, cause you to question a politicos actions and maybe even provide a basis as to why so many voters are disgusted with politicos who should be responsible for representing THEIR interest…not succumbing to pandering and underhanded measures of this nature to sate their egos. 

   And for those not aware or knowledgeable, staff of the CCR drinks conservative coffee…not Tea.

DMN articles, Avi Selk:

Legal disclaimer and Glossary at:

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CCR/DW 10-20-14: Drunken Tweets

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Here’s what you recently missed by not following
Dylan Westie  @DylanWestie1  on Twit-er.

@JudgeClayJ looking freshly embalmed is really the most "ferocious & scariest (political) animal on the planet." Not Dallas County middle schoolers!
Has @RodneyAnderson drinking bitter Tea just scraped the bottom of the political dirty trick barrel? See: … How shallow!
Will QueenBs (Irving mayor) sipping Tea endorsement of Rodney Anderson be an albatross or a new Pet Rock for her collection? His choice!
DMN endorses Susan Motley for state rep. QueenB (Irving mayor) sipping Tea endorses Rodney Anderson.  Who you ‘gonna believe? CCR likes DMN 


PostScript:  Staff of the CCR had really planned to let the MacBook cool off this week.  This was due to city hazmat teams having to clean all the Torofeca flung by QueenBs Pet Rock, LaMorgese, which splattered on all the bloggers on FaceBook and the Internet universe.  This was as a result of his blockheaded anti-ARK vote-rationalization screed on FaceBook.

   However, our desired respite was unattainable…just as the clean up by the city’s hazmat crews was Herculean.

   The problem: Dylan Westie, Executive Editor and Part-time Wordsmith for the CCR, discovered the secret stash of craft brews.  This added to our not being able to take time off.  The above represents the four tweets he managed to send before we were able to tug the bottle of  Velvet Hammer - Imperial Red Ale (his fifth one) out of his paws.  As he sometimes will post in cryptic script, readers deserve a bit more detail before sharing these ramblings with their friends or associates.  So, we’ll translate his bacchanalian thoughts into Cajun verbiage for better understanding.  Alors c’est bien compris?

Tweet (1): Would someone buy a baby Binky® and stuff it in County Judge Clay Jenkin’s mouth?  If anyone can turn a serious press situation into a political rally coupled with misguided information (better than even VP Joe Biden), he can.  And like VP Biden, Jenkins is going to require mouth surgery to expand his jaws for his size 14-foot he keeps sticking in his mouth.  To infer all middle school kids in Dallas County, as he did, were the "ferocious and scariest animals on the planet" was not only utterly dumb (no polite word available in Thesaurus and stupid was too kind) and insensitive, but causes one to wonder if he shouldn’t be placed in voter-contagious containment.  Does he actually believe all middle school kids are animals and that he knows how to run a school district better than those charged to do so?  Really, Clay?  Surely, folks must be wondering how he could be re-elected and run county government with his mouth flapping so incoherently.

Tweet (2), (3) & (4):  Here we are just two weeks before the November elections —with early voting starting today — and guess what: It’s mud shoveling time for some politicos who do not want to address real issues.  Instead, they dig in the pit of political slime to sling at their opponents.

   Some politicos cannot leave ordinary citizens alone to decide whom they will support.  The politico believes it is their god given right to pander for votes, create smoke and mirror issues, flood mailboxes with tripe even hogs would dismiss…all to pump up their egos and tear down their opponents.  Issues, to them, are not relevant in current day elections.  Their trick to being elected is to dig as deep as possible in the political dirty trick barrel and attempt to cast doubt and confuse voters.
   Question: If Rodney Anderson truly believed the Hatch Act* was such a critical issue with his opponent, why wasn’t this "discovered" or presented at the start of the election cycle?  Surely, a highly paid staff of researchers, DC attorneys and other political pimps were aware of his opponents work history.  And to utilize this claim in a political brochure with a ‘question mark’ only indicates the spreader of this dubious dirt wants to merely place a bit of doubt in voter’s minds.  Without the ‘question mark,’ then voters would recognize this as a mere shabby attempt to discredit the individual with concrete assurances.

   While staff of the CCR sometimes attempts to be neutral in Irving State races (snicker), we have to finally register our thoughts on the District 105 State Representative race.  And when the Torofeca is being spread so thick in the city, then its time to opine.

   We do not know Susan Motley, but from what we have observed, she has run a clean, positive campaign…which all politicos should attempt to do.  And to defend an 11th hour bomb blast from Rodney Anderson, which may have little creditability, is just plain politically disgusting.

   But then, this seems to be the modus operandi of many extreme Tea Party sippers…say or do anything to get elected.  Getting elected is the ticket and forget about character, honesty and doing what is right.

   To some, it seems as if many Texas Tea Party candidates have morphed into a religious jihad of extremism.  And sadly, if you do not agree with them, then you will be considered an outcast.  

   And this, dear reader, is why so many individuals (normal conservatives for sure) are turned off with politics and politicos.  Couple this with politicos favorability ratings being lower than a used car salesman and citizens are severely shortchanged with their representatives.

   The perpetrators of late-hour political skullduggery, in a campaign, only confirms politics is a sleazy business.  When the primary purpose is to get elected at any cost, then the politicos personal agenda has a priority over citizen needs and desires.  And this is not what the political process should be providing.

   Since staff of the CCR has not endorsed either candidate in the District 105 race, we’ll leave you with this thought.  The Dallas Morning News has endorsed Susan Motley.  QueenB VD is the head Irving cheerleader for Rodney Anderson.  Do you really require more information than that to understand the true depth this election and representation could have on Irving?  Is Irving actually large enough to handle two super egos of brashness and arrogance?

   And if asked, staff of the CCR (and a sober Dylan Westie) will affirm, we hope, the DMN proves accurate with their endorsement in this instance!

NOTES: * The article detailing with why Rodney Anderson deems the Hatch Act to be a part of his 11th hour discussion political play is fully explored at: 

Legal disclaimer and Glossary at:

Sunday, October 19, 2014

CCR/DW 10-19-14: "Fact" Spinning

TO:  CCR Tweet-less 

Here’s what you recently missed by not following
Dylan Westie  @DylanWestie1  on Twit-er.

PetRock @bradlamorgese can't admit queen's dictated anti-ARK vote goes from inane to insane on blog posting. See info


PostScript:  While CCR reports, with a tinge of bias, and the non-biased reporting(1) of the DMN appeared to cover just about ever angle in the saga of QueenB VD dictating Pet Rocks to vote against the recent ARK resolution, staff of the CCR believed the topic had been thoroughly covered.

   This was foolish thinking.  Pet Rock LaMorgese just had to dust off his spin manual and illegally remove the catalytic Torofeca-filter on his computer to spew a lengthy screed on a social media site (FaceBook: KIA blog,10-11-14) for good measure.(2)

   Never has one council member thrown such a load of Torofeca into the fan than PR-LaMorgese attempting to sway public opinion for his non-mea culpa for his wrongheaded vote.

   If the vote by QueenB VD and the pet Rocks (LaMorgese, Farris, Spink and Ward) had not been so serious, PR-LaMorgese’s failed attempt at justifying his vote on the blog site would actually be comical.  But this really isn’t a laughing matter when average citizens completely understood what four city council members couldn’t comprehend with the issue before them.

   PR-LaMorgese only needed to understand one word in the ARK agenda item to fathom the proper course of action to take.  This word was Resolution.  And the resolution on the agenda, as written and explained ad infinitum by professionals, was rather simple.  The resolution clearly reflected the city’s assurances to ARK the city would not be able to meet the anticipated time, as noted in the contractual agreement with ARK, for a hotel on the Convention Center site by 2017. PERIOD!  NO MORE!  NO LESS!

   The resolution had nothing (for emphasis: NOTHING) to do with: number of possible rooms in a boutique hotel; number of parking spaces for a boutique hotel; possible profit ARK might make if a hotel was built; or requesting any master plan changes for the Entertainment Center.  IF ARK even decided to build a boutique hotel, these issues would have to be brought back to the council for consideration and approval.  And the added attraction to this would be the project being totally funded by ARK.  No city funding required!  Zilch!

   The anti-ARK vote by QueenB VD and Pet Rocks also places the State hotel sales tax rebates in jeopardy for the entire Entertainment Center.  Now, this is serious business when a petty personal agenda is enacted to the detriment of the city and its citizens. 

   All of the anti-ARK issues were apparently fabricated, espoused and dictated by the queen to the Pet Rocks to have them align with her vindictive and personal agenda against ARK…and the Entertainment Center in general.  Her history for this PPP-attitude probably traces back to her Sugar Daddy-String Pulling handlers wanting only their single source selection to develop this city project. 

   And to think PR-LaMorgese believed this simple resolution required PowerPoint presentations, legal contractual documents or any other "finding of facts" to be considered is not only preposterous, but verges on being slow-witted with what was actually before him.

   Perhaps, PR-LaMorgese was again too busy tweeting about "budget beards" and did not hear the professional staff, on more than one occasion, present the time line for why the city’s Convention Center hotel would not be on the ground and up and running by 2017.  Even with poor hearing, staff of the CCR heard this reiterated in the work session and council meeting at least three times.

   The ARK agenda resolution was only about: Stating to ARK what city professionals knew to be an upcoming reality of development affairs…no city hotel on the Convention Center property by 2017.  Again, period with no superfluous discussions required!  

   (Frankly, staff of the CCR does not use an Ouija board, but it appears PR-Spink might to be able to state assurances a hotel could be in place by 2017.  Why didn’t PR-LaMorgese ask PR-Spink for his "finding of facts" or where his PowerPoint presentation was to make a counter claim to city professionals?  Did PR-Spink have official documents that were not shared with the council?)

   Pure and simple, the vote by PR-LaMorgese was wrong for a developer wanting to do businesses with the city.  The vote was wrong for blindly following the queen’s dictates.  And basically, the vote was wrong for the inane spin attempting to justify the queen’s vendetta against ARK specifically…and the Entertainment Center via his social media posting.

   Of course, it would be extremely difficult for PR-LaMorgese to admit he was merely following a queenly dictate instead of voting for the betterment of the city.  One even has to wonder if the queen scripted his ‘talking points’ for his blog posting!

   While PR-LaMorgese penned his epistle to a sympathetic crowd of mead-spiked Flying Harpies on the FaceBook blog, he did spare total embarrassment by not having this screed sent to the DMN as a "Letter to the Editor."  Had he done this, the entire metroplex would have chuckled at his feeble attempt to justify the unjustifiable.

   Additionally, has PR-LaMorgese forgotten all the actual "fact finding" of what a recent tax rate decrease vote accomplished at the queen’s direction?  Does he not remember the ‘facts’ that his vote would not actually reduce homeowners property taxes, and the $900,000K cut from the budget would imperil public safety via not providing what the Irving Fire Department needed and required?  Is "fact finding" only important to PR-LaMorgese when it is convenient and agrees with his voting as dictated by the queen?  Just when does PR-LaMorgese heed the advice of professionals who certainly know more about running a city then he might?  

   Sorry, PR-LaMorgese, your fabricated spin and verbose verbiage on social media failed the vote-justification test.  A simple explanation of "the queen made me do it" would have been sufficient and honest.  But then, this couldn’t be accomplished without legally-lathering up blog readers for a cup of tea and sympathy.

   Finally, PR-LaMorgese, it is not the number of words one uses to defend an issue, but rather the quality and accuracy of those words as they specifically relate to the reality of the problem under consideration.  

   And if, or should ARK return to the council with a boutique hotel proposal, citizens will anxiously tune in to see if PR-LaMorgese has completed rehab for independent thinking and voting for the best interest of the city this time around.

   Okay, PR-LaMorgese, you may now resume your inane tweeting during important city council meetings. 

(1)  DMN article which clearly defines the resolution before the Irving city council that was voted down by QueenB VD and her Pet Rock collection: …

(2)  Readers requiring a good chuckle and want to read LaMorgese’s legal-lathering of blog spin can obtain a copy by requesting one from the CCR.

Legal disclaimer and Glossary at: