Sunday, August 2, 2015

CCR 08-02-15 Expanded 'Chuckles' Posting

the   Controversial  Committee   Report
“We don’t raise sacred cows...we just butcher them.”

   If there is one thing QueenB VD of the House of NPD and Royal Court of WAB and Protectorate of Irving can do, she can take a bushel basket of lemons tossed at her and with ample spin, bleating blabber, mane flipping and flashing the pearly whites convince peons of her realm to actually believe she just squeezed a bottle of Opus One California Cabernet (not lemonade) from the lemons.

   And that brings us to the article, which was followed by an Editorial on the same topic, in the Dallas Morning News this past week.  

   UPS made sixteen deliveries of lemons to QueenB VDs residence, where she was weathering the blog storm, due to blog postings on local sites and the DMN site which reflected adversely on her recent actions and babbling.  She had been pelted with bushel baskets of critical comments.
   Truly, she was having a very sour day, as she was not being lauded for all her self-aggrandizing efforts to spread the Red Meat TEA-carnivore gospel.

   Every lemon delivered to the queen traced back to her disingenuous resolution passed in support of State HB 562 with the assistance of representatives "Bogus-gate Complaint" Anderson and "Squeaky" Rinaldi.   

   As repeated numerous times in CCR reports, QueenB VD continuously shifted the rationale for her actions when public heat or facts disputed and corrected her assertions on the Red Meat TEA-carnivore speaking tour.

   However, a new twist of rationale entered the fray this past week after the publication of the noted article and editorial.  Not content with staying the course on "saving" the Constitution or "protecting" women’s right, QueenB VD, in her hour of need, turned to her chums at the Center for Security Policy.  

   (This center is where all Red Meat TEA-carnivore-neophytes turn to for stump-speech talking points.  Documentation and facts not provided…the phrase du jour is just inflamed rhetoric.) 

   And guess what?  QueenB VD now has a new, improved — guaranteed to strike fear in the minds of her audience — talking point provided by the Center.

   QueenB VD is now fighting "Islamic supremacist" in Irving!  What?  Huh?

   Someone needs to call the IPD, FBI, CIA and NSA and tell them to stand down.  QueenB VD has this pseudo-battle under control.  She is in charge and will ensure her realm is fully protected while she drives to and from all her Red Meat TEA-carnivore speaking engagements.

   Do you feel much safer now knowing QueenB VD has her finger on the political button of a situation which only exists in her mind?

   Knowing QueenB VD had about 173-psi of air deflated, from her already overinflated ego, by Tom Brady this week as a result of the article and editorial, Dylan Westie, Executive editor/Part-time wordsmith and Social Media Troll for the CCR, wanted to do something nice.  

   Dylan’s primary effort was to soothe the queen’s shattered image due all the deservedly unfavorable publicity she received.  He wanted to assist and help fund her future political aspirations.  And this accounts for the following tweet which was used in a "Chuckles Group" posting to a limited number of CCR readers:

Dylan Westie @DylanWestie1 Aug 1
QueenB (Irving mayor) "dark money" fund raiser @ city hall signing DMN editorial & posing for photo ops. Package deal = $125 for both items.

   Sometimes, even good intentions can go afoul.

   Sadly, QueenB VD sat on the city hall steps all morning without anyone showing for an autograph or photo op.  Perhaps, the $125 "dark money fund" fee was the reason.  Or, maybe, peons of the realm had finally determined the queen will say or do anything to make it appear she is right and everyone else must be wrong.  

   After all, she does use the media, those critical of her Red Meat TEA-carnivore activities, as the whipping post to increase the spotlight on her actions and to rile a crowd into a McCarthy-era frenzy.

   Case in Point: At a city-wide event this past week, QueenB VD made light of the article and editorial by having folks believe it was just that old, mean DMN ‘out to get her’ again.

   (Sound familiar?  This is the off-key tune she sings when caught or trapped by cold hard facts.)

   No, the legitimate media is not out to get QueenB VD.  The media would, however, prefer the queen do what she was elected to do…serve the citizens of Irving and park her Red Meat TEA-carnivore self-promotion tour which has nothing to do with the city.

   The citizenry did not elect QueenB VD to promote Irving as the Red Meat TEA-carnivore capital, or sanctuary city for fear mongers in north Texas.  The publicity she has generated with her actions has not been favorable to the city, or been appealing to businesses considering relocation.

   Should QueenB VD ever decide to climb down from her self-appointed throne and perform as the mayor of the city should, then perhaps her divisiveness might wane and progress could be achieved to re-place Irving back on a track of real progress. 

   After all, not everyone in Irving is a TEA-sipper. 

………………………….Mark Holbrook

Thursday, July 30, 2015

CCR 07-30-15 Almost Breaking News

the   Controversial  Committee   Report
“We don’t raise sacred cows...we just butcher them.”

      There is sad news to report from the Red Carnivores War front.  QueenB VD of the House of NPD and Royal Court of WAB and Protectorate of Irving has lost two major and critical battles, and sustained major losses to her Flying Harpy flock.

   The first loss was when DMN reporter of all things Irving, Avi Selk, provided an insightful and detailed article on how QueenB VD had been zipping around north Texas pandering to TEA-sippin’ blockheads.

   In addition to all her photo ops, she regaled attendees with fabricated facts and appeals of paranoid urgency to her faux cause of "protecting" women’s rights and "saving" the US Constitution.  And to think, individuals were actually believing the tripe and Torofeca she was promulgating and spreading.

   (Hey, TEA-sippin’ carnivores, the Brooklyn bridge is still for sale…make the CCR an offer!)

   If the DMN article didn’t fully explain how Irving is experiencing distress under the political malfeasance of QueenB VD and why she is suffering a severe loss of credibility, the paper provided, for slower readers, an EDITORIAL.  Yes, an editorial.  The editorial has additionally exposed the queen and her fanciful and unbelievable rhetoric while posing as the mayor of the city…much to the chagrin of those who have to endure the abdication of her city duties.

   MIA, from QueenB VDs protectorate forces of the Unholy Trinity of Red TEA-Carnivores were two of her initial sponsors, promoters and talking point providers, "Bogus-gate Complaint" Anderson and "Squeaky" Rinaldi.  After witnessing how the peons of Irving were not buying the faux message of HB 562, which they helped initiate and broadcast all over north Texas, it appears they have gone into political exile until time to solicit votes from those who may have forgotten their critical involvement in this city-splitting event.  Yes, these two individuals sincerely hope Irving voters suffer from PADD (Political Attention Deficit Disorder) by the time the next election cycle rolls around.

   (Newsflash: No member of the CCR staff is afflicted with PADD.  And we will be sure to remind readers when those two individuals come pandering for re-election votes to return to Austin and continue their efforts to promote the TEA-agenda over Irving concerns and needs.)

   While QueenB VD sulks in a dark, dank closet after receiving an unapologetic bashing of truth and accuracy from the DMN, she will continue to rely on her Flying Harpy flock to post disingenuous and nearly comical comments lauding her political malfeasance and prevarications related to her accomplishments.  For certain, those blog posters will not accept the truth or understand the damage the queen has and is doing to the city until the CCR observes them using the following hashtags: #BVDlovesonlyBVD, #BVDisnottheoneandonly, #BVDisnon-consciencetothetruth.

   For those still not following the tweets of Dylan Westie (@dylanwestie1), here are his takes on events for the past couple days.  Needless to say, he seems to sometimes capture the real spirit of the queen’s deceitful activities in only 140-characters:

Dylan Westie @DylanWestie1 Jul29
DMN nails QueenBs (Irving mayor) pseudo-political ascending w/her shading of facts and blathering at … Got snake oil?

Dylan Westie @DylanWestie1 Jul 29
QueenBs (Irving mayor) TEA-sipping & Red Meat blab-tour leaves city leaderless & brunt of local jokes & ridicule at 

Dylan Westie @DylanWestie1 Jul 29
QueenB VD is losing the comment wars regarding … Her political-TEA sham exposed & her Flying Harpies in apoplectic rage

Dylan Westie @DylanWestie1 Jul 29
QueenB (Irving mayor) dons "victim" suit blames CBS news? Really? How incredulous & wrong can one be? Read/see: … Yep

Dylan Westie @DylanWestie1 Jul 30
Major DMN article, now Editorial. QueenBs (Irving mayor) political malfeasance exposed … Irving suffers & she photo ops.

   While one would hope QueenB VD would finally get the message of how damaging her actions have been to the integrity of the city and decide to perform like the mayor of Irving for the duration of her term, years of following her antics could lead one to the only conclusion possible: She will do what she wants to do by always promoting herself to achieve whatever political venture or action she has in mind.  Basically, everyone else can just sit on it.

   After all, QueenB VD is not here to serve the populace…she is here to serve herself.

……………………………….Mark Holbrook


Sunday, July 26, 2015

CCR 07-26-15 Relocation TEA?

the   Controversial  Committee   Report
“We don’t raise sacred cows...we just butcher them.”

   What really shouldn’t surprise anyone is Irving seriously lags behind her sister cities in the surrounding area for major business attractions.

   Daily, it seems, the business and front page of the Dallas Morning News draws attention to corporate relocations and companies increasing their operations in cities other than Irving.  Those that immediately come to mind include: Frisco (Patronus Data Center and the new Dallas Cowboys center); Plano (Toyota); Allen (CVE Technology Group); and the list goes on.

   The first question which should come to mind is: How is this possible?  Why isn’t Irving leading the charge to secure those corporate citizens who bring jobs, spinoff businesses and folks moving into the community?  And do this without giving away the city treasury!

   The simple answer appears to be: Other cities might have mayors who are genuinely interested in what is best for their city and citizens.  While this could be considered a harsh reality by some Irving politicos, the facts go undisputed.

   Irving, under the stranglehold of QueenB VD of the House of NPD and Royal Court of WAB and Protectorate of Irving, has a mayor with a greater interest in her personal political future than actual city demands.  Along with her primary TEA Party bootlickers, "Bogus-gate Complaint" Anderson and "Squeaky" Rinaldi, she is intent on pushing an agenda irrelevant to city needs, wants or concerns.  And this represents the first time, in Irving’s history, the city has been thrown into the turmoil of having a national political agenda forced on its citizenry by a mayor.  Be assured, many have noticed this and it doesn’t bode well for the city.

   Yes, QueenB VD is attempting to turn Irving into a TEA Party sanctuary city.

   For those who may doubt this assertion, just look at QueenB VDs most recent track record of photo ops, speaking engagements and appearances as noted on her "Government Official" FaceBook page (one account, of about four, she has to document her egocentricity)

   As late as this week, QueenB VD was still spouting and blathering about how she has singlehandedly "protected" all women’s rights by her previous disingenuous actions to have the city council pass a resolution in support of State HB 562.

   (Actually, QueenB VD should change the name of her FaceBook page to: Beth Van Duyne - Red Meat Chucker.)  

   When it appears folks could be waning from her self-imposed blathering, she inserts a new self-aggrandizement FaceBook posting of self-justification for her inane actions.  Remember, she has to keep all the Red Meat-media and TEA-sippin’ buffoons happy to propel her to whatever position she has in mind for her next political move.  And this, after all, is a primary motivation of hers…not the citizenry of Irving.

  The following is a current and classic example from the QueenB VDs Facebook page of babbling which, at best, is inaccurate and, at worst, extremely condescending.  There is no documentation to reflect what she states is true, nor are any foreign laws currently superseding the canons of American law in the court systems.  In her own words, the queen utters:

"…blah, blah, blah…I prefer to stand on the side that is raising this alarm and looking for a solution to prevent other women from being harmed by the use of sharia law in our court systems…blah…blah…"

   And this, dear readers, is how QueenB VD is protecting "women’s rights."  Of course, the self-serving of all this Torofeca goes down best while TEA-sippin’ and throwing chunks of Red Meat-fear and untruths to potential low information followers.

   Sure, some of the queen’s ardent and ill informed blog posters continue to spout venerations for accomplishments inconsequential or non-existent on another blog site.  Remember, this is their life’s work to please the queen. 

   But we digress.  Back to the issue at hand…businesses selecting Irving as a home base.

   For the Record:  Yes, Irving will now have a Whole Foods store, but not due to the queen or city council’s actions.  This was a business and property decision, not an enticement or action by the queen who, in fact, we are told tried to force the developers of this project to build on a different site…one owned by her favored developer. 

   And who cannot praise the return of Half-Price Books to the city?  The return may be in time for them to carry all the unread copies of QueenB VDs autobiography entitled "How To Be Divisive and Divide a City To Fool the Peons."  After all, they don’t carry newly published works…only those which are used or returned.

   Of course, some will still kowtow to the queen for the opening (and photo ops) of the $1.6 million city funded Texas Musicians Museum building.  Had the queen actually been in favor of this project, she might have helped get past all the city roadblocks and delays which almost bankrupted the tenant.  Missing the sweaty Saturday launch extravaganza, she did make an appearance at the VIP (which she considers to be higher than) "soft opening" as the local media was there with cameras.  Realistically, after the initial grand splash of the museum, many wonder how soon the financial waters will ebb and the project cannot float the monthly city rental fee…which is considered paltry.  Probably, even this is of no concern to the queen as her faux attention to the project has already been registered.

   While there are many other examples of political malfeasance which could be traced back to QueenB VD during her reign, the shining jewel in her tiara still has to be her constant, unwavering and unapologetic "stick-in-the-spokes" attitude toward the city’s Entertainment Center.  At every turn of the wheel, she pokes and prods the current developer.  Why?  

   A general consensus for her strident attitude seems to be her Sugar Daddy controllers and contributors were not selected to handle the project.  So, in essence, the queen’s agenda trumps city needs.  The project, which will not only complement the convention center, but kick start the DART line to make Irving a genuine destination city, is generally stymied by the queen’s actions.

   If the staff of the CCR has noticed a trend of Irving being the ‘red-headed stepchild’ of major relocations, then other mayors and businesses surely have taken note of the political trauma generated by QueenB VDs regime.  Really, does it take 20/20 vision to notice the divisiveness the queen has created in all areas of the city…especially regarding her political posturing?  

   While everyone seeks relief from the torrid summer heat, many are concerned it is not hot enough to melt all of QueenB VDs communication devices.  If these devices should happen to wither away, then the citizenry would not be subjected to all of the queen’s texting and FaceBook charades of pseudo-accomplishments and self-aggrandizement for her personal political agenda.

   Staff of the CCR is hoping for a few 125° days to allow Irving to cool off from the continuously scorching Torofeca-wave initiated by QueenB VDs pronouncements!

……………………………………Mark Holbrook


Monday, July 20, 2015

CCR 07-20-15 Vacuuming Free Bucks

the   Controversial  Committee   Report
“We don’t raise sacred cows...we just butcher them.”

"Vacuuming Free Bucks"

   If a picture is worth a 1,000 words, then this will be a short report.  While long on substance, the picture fits with happenings in the realm of QueenB VD.

   For those suffering from PADD (Political Attention Deficit Disorder), Joe Mapes use to be a constant critic of the council when it came to budget expenditures.  Nearly every month, he was at the podium ranting about excesses, genuine community needs and wasteful spending on the council’s part.  Yes, that was Joe Mapes in the "old" days.

   Today, Joe Mapes may have traded-in his conservative-entrepreneurship principles and ranting before the council to become one of the crony capitalist hanging on QueenB VDs robes.  

   He is a director of the "dark money" fund established by Irving Opportunity Council.  Those are the folks who just spent $8,951 in the run off election and designated Phil Riddle as the office holder benefitting.  

   Additionally, Mapes was one of the three partners with Marvin Randle and Oscar Ward for the now defunct Whistle Stop development in ‘beautiful downtown Irving.’  Before being derailed, the original proposal, for the venture, was poised to seek over a million bucks from the Economic Development funds of the city.

   (The city’s Economic Development funds are appropriated from General Fund tax collections.) 

   And now, it seems, Mapes has availed himself of some "free" tax bucks from the Economic Development fund to improve and enhance his personal business interest.  $25,000 to be this time.  (see picture)

   Yes, those who pledge fealty to the queen might see once closed doors opened without squeaking.  After all, QueenB VD has a remarkable gift of wanting to ensure her Sugar Daddy donors, special interest concerns and single source developers are well provided for.

   In a time when south Irving doesn't have a recreation center, citizens should be impressed and amazed at all the clean cars driving around south Irving...partially funded at tax payer’s expense.

   Thanks, Joe Mapes, for helping keep Irving's cars clean with taxpayer bucks.

……………………………….Mark Holbrook

Friday, July 17, 2015

CCR 07-17-15 TEA and No Sympathy

the   Controversial  Committee   Report
“We don’t raise sacred cows...we just butcher them.”

 W E’ R E   B A C K!  
    Yes, dear readers, our esteemed CCR staff member has completed his volunteer stint of indirectly assisting the "little people" of the city, fired up the trusty MacBook, and brings you the latest in the unreal realm of QueenB VD…purported mayor of Irving. 

   Actually, the queen is still her same egotistical self, but there is one new twist a majority of the readers are not familiar with.  The queen is on her undefined, pre-campaign speaking tour.

   For those who might have forgotten, QueenB VD is the insufferable mayor of the city when she isn’t constantly zipping up and down the freeways of north Texas panhandling for another speaking engagement of TEA Party clan-members to advise them how she became a pseudo-political "rock star."  (In her thoughts.)  

   And at the same time, she is spending an inordinate amount of time providing false information to red meat, TEA-sippin’ publications which should be birdcage material for genuine media outlets and publications.

   The one issue QueenB VD does not acknowledge, in her blathering speeches, is she has been proven wrong in what was claimed to be occurring in Irving.  Yet, she still spouts, in these TEA sippin’ gatherings, factually incorrect information, browbeats legitimate media accounts and personnel, and allows her flock of Flying Harpies to continue to blog erroneous comments in support of her efforts to promote her personal agenda.  

   As noted on many occasions in CCR reports, if a political lie is told enough times and one has rabid supporters to promote the false information, the public should seriously wonder about the character of the individual elected, or wanting to be elected to office.   

   (Remember, the qualifications for being a political "rock star" are simple…much like the mindset the person must have — simple.  Fabrication of the truth is a means often used in an attempt to influence support and voters.)

   Yes, QueenB VD has her TEA-talking points down pat, her mane flipping perfected and the Hollywood-ish photo op poses spiked to perfection.  Along with any "dark money" assisting in her ventures, she is setting the stage to propel herself into another political dimension.

   (Unfortunately, the terrestrial  dimension she has her sights set on is still planet Earth with Texas remaining her target area.  If only she could be beamed up to another galaxy. )

   After her latest self-promotion speaking event, staff of the CCR became curious as to how QueenB VD can continue to pump and dump Torofeca all over the unwashed masses with little or no relief in sight.  And while she is doing this, she has also added a new target to her list to draw sympathy to her self-promotion…the mainstream media (read: DMN).

   Yes, that mean, old Dallas Morning News and, in particular, their ace reporter accurately covering Irving activities, has a target painted on their backs.  This is just another political fake and juke by QueenB VD to keep intelligent individuals from knowing the real truth regarding the elements of her "meme speeches."

   Dylan Westie, Executive editor/Part-time Wordsmith and Social Media Troll for the CCR, managed to slip by the security guards and entered the fourth floor sanctum of QueenB VDs city hall office — the spot she visits when she wants practice hissy fits before council meetings.

   While snooping around, Dylan managed to find the talking points she uses to rile up the TEA sippin’ sycophants.  This should provide an insight as to why Irving is not progressing as it should under the political malfeasance citizens are currently enduring under QueenB VD.

   Here’s what Dylan considers she thinks and believes:

QueenB VDs
"Top Secret" 
TEA Party PowerPoint Presentations

Intro:  Greetings. I’m QueenB VD of the House of NPD and Royal Court of WAB and Protectorate of Irving.  You should already know this, so don’t ever forget it. (mane flip)

Why Am I Here:  After looking at the faces in this crowd, I’m asking myself the same question.  Most of you do not look fit enough to even be a citizen of my realm…much less have a seat in my royal court.  If this represents the class of folks, who will propel me into my next arena of political gratification via TEA sippin’ and guest speaking events, then we’ve got to do something about your image. (mane flip)
   Regardless, I am here tonight to inform you on how I became such a flashy "rock star" for the TEA sippin’ unwashed masses.  It was easy…it was all about me!  Who better to pimp themselves than you…right?  (mane flip)
   For those who would venture into the TEA sippin’ political arena, here are some points to consider.  I have utilize these, perfected sharp barbs for non-believers and agitators, and smile when I give credit to the individual responsible for anything good happening in Irving…ME. (double mane flip)
Action Items
   * Always have a "devil" to beat.  Pick a target which will strike fear and loathing in the minds of those you want to support you.  I did this by creating a non-issue and molded it to be a cause which could crumble our city if folks didn’t rally behind me.  (Unfortunately, the city was divided over the issue.)  
   Yes, my resolution for supporting State HB 562 was just the ticket.  By being disingenuous with the common folks and telling them I was only attempting to "save" the US Constitution, this started the ball rolling.  When folks saw through my charade, I changed my rhetoric to declaring my emphasis was to protect "women’s rights."  By the time all the red meat, right wing flakes and publications latched on to my cause, I was inundated with interviews, photo ops (yeah) and speaking engagements. (double mane flip)

* Remember, should any of your political plans fail, the fault is never yours.  By identifying someone else as the failure, you can sneak off and start fabricating another disingenuous issue.  At the same time, be sure and blame the media…as you know, you are smarter, better looking and realize they deal with facts while you are dealing with condescending rhetoric. (mane flip)

* Texting during all meetings is a great way to let others know you are only interested in agenda items which match your personal needs or goals.  While this would be rude for anyone else to do this, you are demonstrating who is in charge and handling the important affairs of the realm. (mane flip)

* As a former TEA sippin’ dilettante of State reps "Bogus-gate Complaint" Anderson and "Squeaky" Rinaldi, I was a quick study of their TEA sippin’ rhetoric and have already surpassed their expectations.  In fact, more TEA sippin’ folks, on my TEA-lecture engagements, like me better than them.  Note: you don’t even have to believe the drivel you spout before these groups, as your audience will nod their heads in full acceptance. (mane flip) 

* Support causes you know will not have any traction as this will generate press coverage, photo ops and buzz around the community.  Some of the failed city policies I used for these efforts were: a total smoking ban ordinance.  (I even threw a couple of my major campaign donors under the bus with this issue); a ‘revised’ ethics policy which still allows me to reward cronies and special interest developers.  (Hey, these folks donate to the campaign, provide "dark money" and other stuff.); failed to stop the AMLI park which would benefit citizens living in the area.  (Would have voted for this if they had included a statue of me on the grounds); as a constant critic of the Entertainment Center venue, I’ll never relent until my Sugar Daddy provider is chosen to handle the project. (This hasn’t happened, so I will still be snarky and a persistent agitator for the completion of the project.) 

* Always keep a nice stable of Sugar Daddy donors in your camp.  After all, they can provide all the benefits, "dark money," and fulfill other desires necessary to make it appear you are accomplishing or doing something noteworthy for the city.  These individuals are only interested in their agenda and what can be obtained by your vote on their special project or concern.  Make them have happy endings with your vote.

* Keep a cadre of sycophant bloggers constantly touting your pseudo-accomplishments.  This ensures your name is mentioned daily.  Look, no one is going to fact check these mead-spiked sippers.  All these individuals are interested in is receiving a ‘pat on the head’ and the affirmation QueenB VD thinks they are doing a good and creditable job fostering her "rock star" persona. 

* If on an elected, or appointed body, always be divisive.  Remember, everything should be about you and your demands.  This will garner plenty of attention and folks will believe you know what you are talking about.  Normally, divisive issues are those which are not part of your self-fulling agenda to promote yourself.  I have used this method of attention getting (including old videos) since the first days of serving on the Irving City council.  My motto: Divisiveness is good…team playing sucks.

* Always remember: Everything is about you.  Every action, decision, vote and comment should reflect you.  Who is more important than you?  Who deserves recognition more than you?  Who should be lauded for doing nothing…you.  And this is what propels me daily…ME.

* Photo ops.  Photo ops.  Photo ops.  Photo ops will be the legacy I will be remembered for when I am no longer mayor.  Photo ops are the best way to push your agenda, as you do not have to answer any questions from sniveling reporters.  All you have to do is strike a Hollywood-ish  pose, flash the pearly whites and flip the mane.  And as you leave the area, just speed off to the next camera session.  (My personal record is six different photo ops in one day…pure heaven!)

Conclusion:  If you utilize my methods, you too can prove the Peter Principle works and have voters, citizens, TEA-sippin’ flakes and the vast unwashed masses huddled around and listening to your every utterance of TEA-Torofeca.  Also remember, the real media is out to get you.  Cast plenty of aspersions towards this group as they want to shine their light of credibility on your dimly lit diabolical actions.  
   Plan to use the standard I have found helpful to fight the legitimate media…which is any publication not part of the red meat, TEA-sippin’ fringe world.  Should the legitimate media ask a question you don’t want to answer, because the truth would dim you spotlight, just state: I refuse to answer that question.  See how easy that was.  
   This type of response also allows you to point a finger at the media and castigate them for wanting to publish the real facts and the truth behind your less than transparent agenda and actions.
(s) QueenB VD


   And this, dear readers, is what Irving has to endue for another year plus.  An individual who is more interested in their future political aspirations than the common good of the city.

   Instead of attending to the actual needs and desires of citizens, QueenB VD is more content to pimp her personal TEA-sippin’ agenda to enhance and inflate her already overinflated ego.

   If this level of political incompetence, by QueenB VD, shifts to a higher plane, then an even larger segment of the local population could suffer. 

  Blinded by her own egocentricity; destroying those who do not subscribe to her self-aggrandizement; and using individuals for her personal gain certainly reflects badly on the city.  

   In some circles outside the Irving City limit signs, folks have asked: What’s the deal with that mayor of yours?  Doesn’t she know how to officiate for the good of the city?  Short answers: Ego and No.   

   So, dear readers, while QueenB VD plays TEA Party politics, Irving suffers.  While QueenB VD fabricates tales of accomplishments, Irving snickers.  And while QueenB VD places the DMN and those who do not kowtow to her personal whims and fancies on her bloggers hit list, Irving wonders what it has done to deserve this abysmal, egocentric faux-leadership.

   Could 2017 arrive sooner?

…………………………………..Mark Holbrook


Sunday, July 5, 2015

07-05-15 Paws for Cause

the   Controversial  Committee   Report
“We don’t raise sacred cows...we just butcher them.”

   In case you haven’t noticed, a member of the CCR staff has been rather busy with a summer project lately.  And this accounts for the scarcity of reports the past week or so.  

   However, Dylan has remained steadfast and been busy tweeting when significant events are on the horizon, or when major concerns to CCR readers are occurring.  He will continue to do this while the staff member wraps up a commitment for the ‘little people’ of Irving within the next couple of weeks.

   With all this in mind, here are a few items recently noted for those not following Dylan on  Twitter. 

Dylan Westie @DylanWestie1 Jul 5
It is a demonstrated fact: Irving is QueenBs (Irving mayor) sole realm. Accepting a ‘bogus’ TEA Party award, she notes Irving as "my city."

Dylan Westie @DylanWestie1 Jul 5
QueenB (Irving mayor) uses the "I,"/ "my" inflating her ego over a faux-TEA cause. Snicker at:  Unbelievable & sad.

(This "award" was given to the queen by the TEA-affiliated Center for Security Policy for her self-aggrandizing efforts to have the council divide the city with the passage of a resolution supporting State HB 562.  Apparently, the folks giving the "award" don’t have a clue as to what actually happened in Irving over this disingenuous activity.) 

Dylan Westie @DylanWestie1 Jul 3
4th Parade Alert: DW not attending. Watch QueenBs appearance & see direction horse’s posterior is pointed this year. 

(In 2014, the mayor’s steed registered his disgust with QueenB VDs TEA Party charades and her later faux-rhetoric of "saving the Constitution" with her disingenuous resolution supporting State HB 562.)

Dylan Westie @DylanWestie1 Jul 3
Congrats to Councilman Webb on being voted Mayor Pro-Tem. He will certainly assist QueenB (Irving mayor and not a lawyer) w/Points of Order.

Dylan Westie @DylanWestie1 Jul 2
QueenB ignores truth of self-aggrandizing actions by texting during council discussions..a rude NPD-trait often used to deflect criticism.

(The queen constantly does this during meetings…especially when the discussion is not related to one of her personal agendas —Sugar Daddy donors with "dark money," single source developers, or TEA Party charade activities.)

Dylan Westie @DylanWestie1 Jul 2
Point of Order: Councilman Webb is totally on point while Pet Rock LaMorgese is totally off point w/QueenBs talking points on Rules of Order.

(Discussion leading up to the city attorney reflecting QueenB VD was in error in handling a previous council meeting issue contrary to her self-interest.  See link, noted in following tweet, to the DMN article by Avi Selk for full details.)

Dylan Westie @DylanWestie1 Jul 2
Even when QueenB (Irving mayor & not a lawyer) told she is wrong by a lawyer, she is not wrong according to her ego @ …

Dylan Westie @DylanWestie1 Jun 28
As "almost" mayor, standing by to be voted "almost" Mayor Pro-Tem just in case QueenBs (Irving mayor) Pet Rock should be deprived the honor.

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