Friday, April 29, 2016

CCR 04-29-16 Frontier #2 - Update

the   Controversial  Committee   Report
“We don’t raise sacred cows...we just butcher them.”

"Frontier #2 - Update"

    Update To: CCR 04-28-16 "An Open Letter"
   Since posting the above noted report, additional information and complaints have been received by staff of the CCR, regarding the sale of Irving’s Verizon communications system to Frontier Communications.

  1.  A slight mistake was made in the above referenced report.  The report stated Verizon: "sold their e-mail system to AOL."

   Actually, Verizon purchased AOL for a reported $4+B.  
    (For any low information folks who have had this report forwarded to them, the "B" stands for billion!)

   At a city council meeting last evening, the Irving City council amended the proposed Verizon Planned Unit Development concept for their for-profit business campus.  However, the approval of this amendment requires Verizon to return to the council with additional details and plans concerning the new aspects which include Transit-Oriented-Development (read: DART?)
   (Will these required changes increase the bucket of funds the city is considering to shovel Verizon’s way?) 

   However, there is still not any information available to the general public as to what concessions the council is considering to reimburse Verizon for infrastructure cost or tax deferrals which might be granted.  Nor, has a specific amount been published as to what these concession cost would be.

   Whatever the cost, the funds to reimburse Verizon will come from property tax bucks.

   Does it seem as if Verizon is lifting a page from one of the presidential play books?  Does Verizon consider Irving tax payers to be in the upper 1% and funds should be granted and forked over for their proposed development in order for citizens to "Feel the Bern?" 

   Do you believe Verizon, with $4+B, in loose change to spend on AOL, depleted all liquid funds to support their for-profit development in Irvingwhich, in no way, is related to their previous telecommunications business in the city?

   Does Verizon actually warrant the good graces of Irving tax payers for the bungled telecommunications system (read: Frontier Communications) now plaguing the city as a result of their sell-out?  Doesn’t it appear Frontier seems to be incapable of handling such a large endeavor?

   When will the full details of what any ‘smoke-filled room’ discussions or other private meetings with Verizon personnel, which probably have been conducted, reveal just how much Irving tax payers will be on the hook to support Verizon’s for-profit development venture, in the city, should the council move forward with these freebies?

   2.  With additional complaints, regarding Frontier’s poor customer service and problems Irving citizens continue to identify, since the above report was posted, the only way this issue will move forward to curing is by citizens having problems with Frontier also contact Irving City council members and the city administration.

   The poor service issues have been ongoing for too long for there not to have involvement by those who should be looking out for citizens best interest…that would be the city council and city staff.  
   (And if you know someone who does not receive the CCR, forward this report to them for their participation.)

   Since the staff of the CCR cannot actually resolve you concerns, send your comments, Frontier customer service frustration-grievances, and problems to:

Beth Van Duyne
(972) 898-7500 2017
Oscar Ward
(469) 704-8479 2017
Brad LaMorgese
(214) 460-1990 2018
Gerald Farris
(972) 554-1810 2016
Phil Riddle
(469) 781-7176 2018
David Palmer
(214) 557-8406 2018
John Danish
(972) 554-5060 2016
Allan Meagher
(972) 313-0909 2016
Dennis Webb
(214) 490-9749 2017
Chris Hillman  (City Manager)
(972) 721-2600

…………………………..Mark Holbrook

Thursday, April 28, 2016

CCR 04-28-16 An Open Letter

the   Controversial  Committee   Report
“We don’t raise sacred cows...we just butcher them.”

"An Open Letter"

Dear Irving City Council:

   When Verizon, in the dark of night in a smoke-filled room, sold their e-mail system to AOL and the company’s phone, FiOS-TV, and Internet services to Frontier Communications on April 1, 2016, Irving users and subscribers were assured by all parties: prices would remain the same; service would not be interrupted; and no customer concerns should be observed.

   Sadly, the Frontier and AOL trains have run off the tracks.  Either Verizon wasn’t interested in the capabilities of Frontier, or Frontier thought they could handle such an undertaking.  

   AOL e-mail users, for former Verizon customers, are still plagued with problems; and most FiOS premium channels with Frontier seem not to be working.  
   (Tune to a channel you are already paying for and the screen probably fills with a promotional ad to subscribe to the channel.  What?!)

   Even land lines with Frontier are fraught with new glitches and problems.

   Did Verizon flip the wrong exit switch when giving Frontier the keys to the system?

   To compound the problems created by these sales, Verizon has disconnected their customer service lines, and Frontier customer service lines seem to mostly connect to a busy signal.  If one is lucky enough to actually talk with a customer service representative, the language understanding-barrier presents another set of problems while attempting to resolve the issue.

   Residents of Irving are expending tremendous amounts of money for undeliverable services, while not being able to accurately register problems with the new provider.

   Local social media is abuzz with the multitude of problems and issues created by Verizon’s sale to Frontier.

   Personal Note:  An e-mail, to Frontier regarding FiOS-TV, took over a day to receive a response and, as of this writing three days later, the issue has not been resolved…nor has there been any follow-up by Frontier personnel.  Premium channels, which are being paid for, are not functional.  Non-HD set-top boxes are not functioning properly.
   The land line which includes a $6.99 monthly charge, for a virtual number, to receive faxes is now inoperable along with the land line itself.  Contacting a Frontier customer service representative has failed to resolve the issue at this time.
   Conducting personal business without services, supposedly to be provided by Frontier, is become impractical.

    What makes all these issues and problems even more egregious, with Irving customers, is that Verizon is seeking to build a for-profit campus (unrelated to their previous communications business in the city) and will be seeking massive infrastructure and tax deferrals from the City of Irving…paid for from personal property taxes.  
   (The total amount of these corporate "gifts" to Verizon have yet to be disclosed by the Irving City council.)

   For every problem, solutions should be provided.  

   The following might assist to provide some positive relief to Irving citizens, who have depended on Verizon over the years, and are now forced to utilize a provider who seems to have considerable difficulty maintain the level of service they were handed:

  •   The city council and city administration should immediately meet with key Frontier Communications personnel to determine when services will be returned to normal as it was before the sale by Verizon.  
  •   Frontier should consider a billing reduction for customers regarding all the time their service was interrupted or nonexistent.
  •   The Frontier customer service functions (phone and e-mail) should be overhauled to eliminate considerable time attempting to reach and be assured the issue is understood and resolution is forthcoming.
  •   The Irving City council should not consider any development agreement with Verizon until such time as Frontier has demonstrated Irving’s communications systems, under Frontier, is totally functional and working as efficiently as it was before the sale by Verizon.

   After over a week of dealing with unresponsive and faulty communication services, isn’t it time for the city’s leadership to become involved on behalf of all Irving citizens?


Staff of the CCR
Dylan Westie, Mark Holbrook, Mike Howard   

cc: Frontier: Liam Morrison, Texas Media Relations, (via e-mail)

      Verizon:  Lowell McAdam, CEO, (via e-mail) 

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

CCR 04-26-16 Flaming Resumé

the   Controversial  Committee   Report
“We don’t raise sacred cows...we just butcher them.”

"Flaming Resumé"

   FOUND: The long lost, fact fabricated, LaSalle Extension University (A Correspondence Institution) resumé credential — which Tom Spink has avoided producing, explaining or correcting in campaign materials for his last two campaigns — has been unearthed. 

   Staff of the CCR managed to obtain this picture1 before it went up in a blaze of flames and smoke…much like Spink’s babbling and foolish spinning of gibberish in a campaign mailing to evade full and honest disclosure of his credentials.

   What is now interesting, in the Spink campaign, is the fact that a "Dark Money" director has posted a Spink campaign mailing not only asking citizens to vote for Spink, but gratuitously extolling the pseudo-political virtues of QueenB VD who is not even on the ballot this year. 

   And this Spink mailing by a "Dark Money" director completes the loop of establishing that QueenB VD is pulling out all the stops to have Spink return as an obedient, subservient and complicit Pet Rock in her diminishing collection.

   Once again, QueenB VD has demonstrated just two, of many, major principles wrong with her reign and leadership style in Irving: cronyism and money.

   And, dear readers, be assured those two factors are in play — in the trenches by Pet Rocks, Flying Harpies and sycophant Red Meat TEA-carnivores — especially, in the northern section of the city.

   As early voting will be until May 3, 2016, don’t hesitate to vote and help return Irving to the city it should be.  As a voting reminder:

 Place 1  John Danish
     Place 2  Allan Meagher
Place 7  Kyle Taylor

   If you recall from previous CCR reports, the Danish contender, Loren Byers, is already being pimped for the queen’s list for Pet Rock status.  And the Taylor contender, Emanuel Lewis, is a Pet Rock wannabe desiring to willingly serve QueenB VD.

   Early voting    April 25 to May 3
   Election Day  May 7

   Vote as if your city depended on you…which it does.

   DISCLAIMER: This report, mailing and distribution was not funded by "Dark Money," cronies, single source developers, Pet Rocks, Flying Harpies, or Red Meat TEA-carnivores.  Those individuals only kowtow to the throne of QueenB VD.

……………………………….Mark Holbrook

1 Note: The disclaimer on the match book reads: "No State accepts any law home Study course , including LaSalle’s as sufficient education to quality (qualify?) for admission to practice law."

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

CCR 04-20-16 Unabashed Voters Guide

the   Controversial  Committee   Report
“We don’t raise sacred cows...we just butcher them.”

"Unabashed Voters Guide"

   The time is near, dear readers.  With very little fanfare, commotion or recognizable skullduggery from the trenches, the May 7, 2016, election approaches.  Early voting starts next week on Monday, April 25, 2016.

   To ensure readers understand where the staff of the CCR leans in this process,  the following is for your consideration and possible use.  (Clip, save and consider the following when going to the polls.)


Official CCR Voters Guide to Better Government
(And were are not ashamed to admit our bias.)

Irving City Council
Place 1 (Single Member District)
     John Danish

Place 2 (At-large)
     Allan Meagher

Place 7 (Single Member District)
      Kyle Taylor

Irving IISD
(There is only one contested race)
District 5
     Lee Mosty

Dallas County Community College District
District 2  
     J. C. Osborne 


In Summary

   To better understand the rationale for the above CCR choices, a little background on the non-selected candidates is in order.
Place 1 Pick - Danish:  His opponent is Loren Byers.  As many will recall, Byers was part and parcel of the ragtag group, which included Rodney "Bogus-gate Complaint" Anderson and Matt "Squeaky" Rinaldi.  These folks pushed, promoted, pimped, and spoke in favor of the ridiculous State HB 562 resolution which had nothing to do with Irving.  The measure was fostered by the mayor for her personal political gratification.  
   The initial results this political sham created: a divisiveness in the city; witnessed outsiders prancing around toting guns in front of a religious institution; helped promote a trip, by a KKK faction, to visit the city; and caused Irving to become the laughing stock of cities worldwide.
   The actions of Byers and his Red Meat TEA-carnivore sycophants has permanently sullied the reputation of Irving and created a climate certainly not endorsed by a majority of its citizens.  Additionally, Byers’ candidacy would be his desired wish and stepping stone to becoming a devoted and obeying Pet Rock for QueenB VD. 

Place 2 Pick - Meagher:  His opponent is the former resumé-fact-fabrication council member Tom Spink.  Spink has yet to clear the air on his previous loss due to public indignation over his fluffy credentials.  He campaigns on old, redundant and tired rhetoric which is not relevant today due to actions already taken by the council since his election loss exit.  Additionally, Spink always fails to mention, when campaigning, that he also supported the mayor’s vote on the inane State HB 562 resolution while serving as one of her obedient Pet Rocks.  Some candidates should just never be recycled!

Place 7 Pick - Taylor:  His chief opponent is Emanuel Lewis.  There is little to tell about Lewis as his background and qualifications are as mysterious as his talking point gibberish of dancing around questions voters have demanded answers to.  Nebulous and generic responses about his past, current employment and background (with actual company names and dates) is how he plays a political stealth game to appeal to some of the mayor’s supporters and, perhaps, a small faction of her Red Meat TEA-carnivore faction.  While unannounced, he would be a very malleable Pet Rock in QueenB VDs entourage.
District 5 Pick - Mosty:  His opponent is A. D. Jenkins who many will remember from his lackluster performance when previously serving on the ISD board of trustees.  In fact, most will remember he was one of the integral players during much of the turmoil of the dysfunctional superintendent and the Huffstetler-board era.  Another classic example of a candidate which should not be recycled.

District 2 Pick - Osborne:  There are four individuals running for this position.  While readers might consider one of the three individuals running, there is one candidate who should be avoided at all cost — Richard Morgan.  Morgan is being pushed, promoted and pimped by State representatives Rodney "Bogus-gate Complaint" Anderson and Matt "Squeaky" Rinaldi.  Morgan is a TEA-party hack and could bring nothing but disruptive political speak to this fine education board.  His qualifications for serving basically feature his involvement in TEA-party campaigns with little being demonstrated toward actual service to the community.  The DCCCD is a worthy institution serving student needs and ambitions and does not need his hot air and TEA-gibberish.  Sadly, Irving’s State reps still haven’t recognized their brand of TEA-politics is not in the best interest of Irving citizens.

   As usual, the choices of whom to vote for resides with your judgement.  And only the voters will determine who will serve as their various representatives…unless the GOP/DNC comes to town and decides to change the election rules midstream.

   The campaigning for positions has been very sedate this political season and this should be a warning to all voters who want the best representation and government possible.  Quality candidates can often lose when stealth candidates have an abundance of cronies and money, working in the trenches, to quietly elect political hacks or unqualified individuals who will only endorse the hidden agendas of those who work silently for their self-interest issues.

   Feel free to share this report with friends, associates, or others interested in making Irving the community it should be. 

   Vote wisely and don’t be swayed by any fluffy PR pieces which might clutter your mailbox…especially if they have been paid for by "Dark Money"…from the queen’s treasury. 

………………………………Mark Holbrook

Friday, April 15, 2016

CCR 04-15-16 Selling Out?

the   Controversial  Committee   Report
“We don’t raise sacred cows...we just butcher them.”

"Selling Out?"

   Ever since QueenB VD straddled Irving’s city monument marker in front of city hall (and posted the picture on her "Government Official" FaceBook page on 04-04-16), the reaction has been less than favorable.
   (Being a ‘family’ publication, staff of the CCR will not post the disgusting photo which demeans Irving’s office of the mayor.) 

   Some dear readers of the CCR wanted to know, if in the picture she posted, was she: Selling baseball tickets; promoting a leg hair removal product; or demonstrating she is the queen and this is her new throne. 
   (For the record: the city’s hazmat team washed and sprayed the monument marker in an attempt to remove any traces of political slime which may have been left on the signage.)

   While most realize this shabby self-aggrandizing action by the queen was just another attempt to pump up her photo op collection, many did not realize she might have ulterior motives at hand — actual product endorsements.

   Word has filtered out that QueenB VD, with the assistance of her high-priced Dallas PR consultant, has a very full schedule: Lecturing Red Meat TEA-carnivores around North Texas; playing mane-flipping-puppet while fabricating facts on Glenn Beck’s new program where he demonstrates Ted "Lizard Grin" Cruz is "anointed" to be president while also stating Cruz demonstrates he is in the same league as "Moses"…leading the righteous to the ballot box; and waterboarding her Pet Rocks into submission. 

   To achieve her increased demand for daily photo ops, coupled with this new commercial venture, QueenB VD will employ her doppelgänger to assist in meeting all the scheduled product promotions and commercial ad photo shoots.
   (Most would agree, the queen’s doppelgänger looks as if it could be her egotistical twin sister separated at birth.) 

   While many new deals, including single source developers, are still in the discussion stages, Dylan Westie, Executive editor/Part-time wordsmith and Social Media Troll for the CCR, has managed to obtain a few leaked photos of the queen’s initial self-promotion ads featuring her doppelgänger. 

   Remember, when you support QueenB VD, by buying the products she endorses, you are also supporting research to hopefully find a cure for NPD.

…………………………………..Mark Holbrook

QueenB VDs Possible Product Endorsements

"Cronies, single source developers and 'Dark Money' donors: This is where I can make it all happen for you."

"My queen chills and slurps Dos Equis XX before browbeating her Pet Rocks."

"My 'cock in the fight' Escort Services will keep your roosters at home and your hens pleased.

"Let me supply Red Meat for your next TEA-carnivore gathering.  Facts fabrications included at no extra charge."

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

CCR 04-12-16 Cock Crowing

the   Controversial  Committee   Report
“We don’t raise sacred cows...we just butcher them.”

   The first public hearing on the chicken ban ordinance was held last evening and around 150 individuals showed up.  Full details noted in the following DMN article by Michael E. Young.

   The second public hearing will be this evening at the Irving Arts Center starting at 6:30 PM.  Those who attended last evening’s meeting should plan to attend the meeting tonight.  
   (Some council members have poor memory recall, so it is best for them to hear the concerns twice.)
   If roosters, as claimed by a very, very small number, make too much noise, then the council should immediately address noises made by dogs, feral cats in heat, roaming coyotes killing pets, sirens, airplanes, mother-in-laws, and long-winded politicians.

   If roosters or hens carry diseases, then where is the public outcry for the multitude of diseases dogs, cats, parakeets, hamsters, squirrels, mockingbirds, grackles, and basically any other pet or wild life roaming or flying around the city...exposing or dropping their bacteria on the general public?

   No, a couple of grumpy folks (chicken haters) just don’t like to hear roosters crow, and instead of enforcing existing ordinances, they want to reinvent the wheel to please personal whims.  Sad, but true! 

   Will the minority (chicken haters) rule on this issue?  

   Actually, the issue will boil down to: BureauCats writing the ordinance vs. Voting Citizens...with the outcome being determined by the Irving City council.  

   How many council members are going to touch the feathery "third rail," with this many individuals protesting an overreaching ordinance, and be fried crispier than a Colonel Sanders chicken leg?

......................................Mark Holbrook

*** Breaking News ***

   Many dear readers will remember QueenB VDs unbelievable comment at the March 16, 2016, city council work session.  Dylan Westie, Executive editor/Part-time wordsmith and Social Media Troll for the CCR, has discovered her problem of not having a "cock in the fight," for the chicken banning ordinance, appears to be resolved.

   During Dylan’s early morning constitution he discovered QueenB VD had, in fact, found "one" to join her in the fight.  Luckily, he had his iPhone 6® handy and captured the queen and her most current warrior.  To alert the queen’s realm, he tweeted the following:

Dylan Westie @DylanWestie1 Apr 12

#roostersmatter #pleasethehens QueenB VD relieved to finally have "one" in the fight. Tonight: Arts Center 6:30 PM.