Monday, July 21, 2014

CCR 07-21-14: Ride 'em Cowgirl

the   Controversial  Committee   Report
“We don’t raise sacred cows...we just butcher them.”

      One thing that brings great joy to staff of the CCR is trudging through info received and attempting to determine if it might be fact, fiction or rumor.  While we would like to wordsmith more rumors (snicker), it appears most of the items received turn out to be facts.  

     And thus, staff was genuinely surprised this past week when two rumors turned out not to be fact, but one did lead to the discovery of a factual consideration.

     The first item staff had to consider was: Is it true the Four Seasons Resort would provide a presidential suite each weekend for a year to QueenB VD — for her personal use — if she managed to have the council provide the nearly $500,000 funding again next year for the sparsely attended Texas Wild tennis tournament in Irving?  Probably false, but a good rumor!  

     The queen will not need the Four Seasons Resort’s skimpy accommodations, as she will be having her personal Tennis Center built on the Texas Stadium site.  The current schematics for her Tennis Center call for a royal viewing suite, in addition to a 1,200 square foot attached living area, to host galas, development sponsors (OliverMcMillian, Hines Reality, etc.) and political campaign sugar daddy donors (Simon, Ellis clan, Ryan, Levy, etc.).  Just think of her Tennis Center as…Wimbledon Stadium with a bedroom!

     Also, there is no truth to the rumor that QueenB VD was banned from riding horses at the Las Colinas Equestrian Center.  This rumor had its foundation in that every time she returned to the center, she was riding a dead horse.  What confused folks was the ‘dead horse’ the queen continued to ride was ‘her ethics policy’ revision she has been trumpeting the entire reign of her almost-service to the city.

     Attempting to keep the peons and serfs of the realm pleased, the queen periodically intones her magical words (especially during campaigns) of transparency, ethics reform, and no more single source developers.  Right now, it appears the queen is batting 0-3!  Isn’t making another attempt to score PR points on her ethics revisions just more royal blather without substance, or even the reality of reaching a necessary or needed conclusion?

     QueenB VD has had her questionable revised ethics policy studied, reviewed, cussed and discussed in council work sessions, public forums (with scant attendance or attention), and mentioned at every drop of her tiara.  It appears mane flipping will again cause her tiara to fall at the July 23 council work session, and once more as a ‘public input’ item on the July 24 council agenda.  The latest revision to her ethics policy was December 12, 2012…meaning extensive photo ops and traveling around the country on the city’s dime must have prevented a more timely, thorough review and consideration until now. 

     And why does the queen want to pass her implausible ‘revised ethics policy’ to supplement the policy the city has been using with due diligence all these years?  (Before you answer this rather simplistic question, think King Henry VIII and what he did to those [especially wives] who did not pledge total loyalty or fealty to his every whim and fancy.  That should cause your head to roll!)

     Breaking down the draconian issues the queen attempts to pump into a rather good and stable city ethics policy, consider just the following two ‘head rollers’ she has in her revised policy:

Placing a cap on campaign contributions. (One would have to believe queenly edicts might outweigh  or supersede the US Supreme Court as this could be considered a limitation of ‘free speech.’)  Could the queen really be serious about this revision considering the buckets and bundles of cash from sugar daddy contributors and those special interest groupies having an agenda for her to pursue?  How will she manage to skirt around those disclosure issues while having strings attached to her royal scepter?

Contract disclosure of all parties involved when seeking a city contract.  (This sounds good, but how does a business initially know which subcontractors might be necessary or determined at the time of filing the contractual agreement specifications?  And then, the requirement to report any changes, during the life of the contract, is also proposed. Overkill?)  The queen wants to know details that are unknown, nor critical considering the stipulations and requirements already included in all city agreements.  (Maybe she wants to see every name possible to ensure no political enemy is doing business with the city!  Sorry Herbie and Billy Bob, you’ll need to take your traveling flimflam show elsewhere,)

     When one takes a magnifying glass to the ridiculous issues QueenB VD wants to burden an already good ethics policy with, there has to be an ulterior motive.  And as one reads all of the fluffy and constrictive items she has proposed — which could burden, restrict, or be detrimental to the efficient operations of city functions — the "why" question pops up again.  One possible answer could be the queen is attempting, via the use of  this policy revision sham, to compile a "gotcha" list for use against those who oppose her edicts or have worked/campaigned against her.  Would this really be an irrational thought?  (This could be much like the old Richard Nixon dirty tricks bag and black list he maintained.  Citizens should be glad the queen doesn’t have the IRS, NSA, or the FBI under her jurisdiction.)  

     All of the queen’s policy revision efforts could boil down to being a tremendous egotistical-smoke screen, to keep her ‘cloak of invisibility’ whole, by blathering she cannot get her inane ethics provisions passed (which shouldn’t be) due to a cranky council that will not bend to her self-anointed supreme will.

     Actually, citizens would be better served if the queen would just disclose all of her private meetings with developers or those who have or might be seeking business with the city.  Wouldn’t this shine a brighter light on some of her activities and a call for genuine ethical review and reform?

     Now, if the queen did all this, it would be an alive horse she could prance around the city on for all those photo ops!

……………………….Mark Holbrook

Thursday, July 17, 2014

CCR 07-17-14: You Are Entering...

the   Controversial  Committee   Report
“We don’t raise sacred cows...we just butcher them.”

     With Irving’s murky political waters, have you ever felt that you maybe waded into Rod Sterling’s "Twilight Zone?"  This might happen if you visit one of Irving’s more prolific and acrid FaceBook blogs.

     (Blog not identified to protect innocent readers of the CCR from encountering what is, on many occasions, a literary travesty attempting to discuss issues.)  

     Sometimes on this blog, it seems as if reality has taken a vacation and summer replacement interns are posting like part-time Tea Party drones vapidly spinning information faster than a dreidel on Hanukkah.  

     The "discussion" of issues boils down to two camps — those who post based on facts and those who attempt to further the agenda of QueenB VD by hacking out a profusion of words designed to appear factual.  The final outcome would be similar to re-titling a game: "Truth or Dare (to be factual)."  And the queen’s loyal minions dare anyone to disagree with their assessment, or infer they do not know what they are talking about.

     What with social media/IM/e-mail capable of spewing mass information (some of which could even be considered useful) and an abundance of misinformation as observed on this blog, one has to wonder if the posters are living in Sterling’s political-galaxy of nightmares.  Clearly, what is posted by a few of these individuals, in their fog-of-spin-assistance to the queen, gives the sordid distorted illusion of being factual.

     A recent "discussion" on this blog for a really hot local topic featured individuals who would have you believe they know ‘everything about something.’  These folks could win the grand prize on "Truth or Dare (to be factual)"…for the absurd spinning posted.  

     While one sometimes finds a very small kernel of fact in the postings, the overwhelming literary fiber of QueenB VDs minions consist of talking point-spin dressed to look like undeniable and unquestionable fact.  And for a weary reader, be sure to remember to never question the validity of certain posters on this blog should you decide to leave comments.  (Hell hath no fury like a ticked off Flying Harpy.)

    Let’s break all this down and look at the issue in question: Whistle Stop farmers market/food truck/beer garden with a single source MOU is currently being fine tuned for city council consideration.  This development would be on the old lumber yard site the city owns in ‘beautiful downtown Irving.’

  • Whistle Stop Partnership (WSP) has three partners: Marvin Randle, Joe Mapes and Oscar Ward.
  • Marvin Randle and Joe Mapes strongly supported Oscar Ward’s bid for a city council seat.
  • Marvin Randle and Joe Mapes vigorously supported Van Duyne for mayor.
  • Vigorous support of VanDuyne and Ward would infer money, sign placements, newspaper ads, PAC activities, meetings, roboCalls, collecting special interest campaign donations, etc.
  • VanDuyne won and currently serves as mayor.
  • Ward won and currently serves on the city council. 
  • Ward is still a partner of WSP.
  • Ward will be able to sit in all meetings of WSP, make recommendations and approve what will ultimately be submitted in the MOU for consideration or approval by the Irving city council.
  • Ward will not be able to sit in any city council meetings or discuss the WSP proposal with council members or city staff…or the real media (DMN).
  • Ward’s actions while tiptoeing on being legal definitely carries the aromatic stench of a highly perceived ethical conflict.
  • Ward may have the distinction of being the only elected city councilman, who while serving, to ever have a fiduciary interest in a city funded project.
  • City was never sued by WSP, but apparently was threatened, bullied and probably strong-armed into providing an exclusive, single source MOU for this project.
  • VanDuyne and Ward have previously been very harsh and extremely vocal critics of single source developers doing business with the city.
  • The city, from all outward appearances, will be responsible for all capital outlay cost for the construction of the WSP venue. (Estimates approach $2M) 
  • There has been no determination of how much, if any, of a return the city will receive on the rather extensive capital investment for the WSP venture.
  • The WSP MOU is exclusive and valid for six months.
  • Doesn’t the unnamed blog, described in this report, appear to be an unpaid PR arm for WSP?

DARE (to be factual):
  • While posting and extolling all the wonderful unprovable virtues of the WSP venture and what this venue might produce, did an individual blogger fail to mention a potential vested interest in the project due to a spouse having performed contract work for one of the partners?
  • Will a talking points shill, Mother Superior of Flying Harpies, for the mayor sleep well at night after declaring the WSP venture will surpass sliced bread as the new manna necessary to save ‘beautiful downtown Irving?’
  • Does the WSP  group actually have the benevolent interests of the city in mind, as opposed to profit margins, as their driving force?
  • If this venture is as remarkably transparent as touted, then why are Tea Party-ish bloggers allowing "crony capitalism," funded by the city, to be the financial lynchpin for the project instead of personal/business investment as most entrepreneur efforts are required to be? 
  • Where is the cogent documentation that a venture of this nature will survive, not be a drain on other city assets, or require any future financial assistance from the city? 
  • Why are bloggers, who take exception to the comments made by the Kool-Aid sippers of WSP, VanDuyne and Ward, dismissed with utter venom, personal attacks and even language polite ladies of the community are unfamiliar with?
  • Why doesn’t any of the queen’s minions address the elephant (Tea Party species?) in the room regarding the highly perceived and community acknowledged ethical conflict of a WSP partner serving on the council and reaping financial gain from a city funded project?

     If readers of the CCR feel their heads are in an ethereal spin zone from playing "Truth or Dare (to be factual)," turn your computer off, swig a dose of the queen’s mead, and understand why some bloggers on this site have only one literary agenda…to do the queen’s bidding.  And this means posting talking points only favorable to the agenda the queen happens to be promoting at that time…between photo ops. 

     Then, while blasted on Kool-Aid will you know what it is like to be a minion in the queen’s shill force.  And if you later exercise due diligence with favorable blog postings on this site, you may be able to earn your Flying Harpy cadet wings.

……………………..Mark Holbrook 

NOTE:  The URL for the FaceBook blog featured in this report will be provided upon individual request.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

CCR 07-13-14: Ten Realities?

the   Controversial  Committee   Report
“We don’t raise sacred cows...we just butcher them.”

    WARNING:  The following CCR report has nothing to do with CBS television, David Letterman, "Later Show with David Letterman," or Al Gore.  This report is the CCRs feeble attempt to lift/borrow/utilize a proven technique to clearly demonstrate just how great things have been in ‘beautiful downtown Irving’ during the reign of QueenB VD.

     After all, the queen has been incessantly zipping around north Irving — only pausing briefly in south Irving for a July 4th parade — conducting photo op after photo op during the past three years.  Certainly, during all this time she has managed to do something remarkable or noteworthy for the city.  Wouldn’t you think?  And with three more years remaining in her reign, greater accomplishments of grandeur are possible…right? 

     Looking back over the past three years, the CCR proudly presents the:

Top 10 QueenB VD "almost-Accomplishments"

10)  While in Las Vegas sealing the deal with a single source consultant, OliverMcMillan, to design a Tennis Center on the old Texas Stadium site, she didn’t have a ‘farm to bet’ so she wagered and lost revamping ‘beautiful downtown Irving’ in a game of Texas Hold’em.

 9)  Embedded loyal harpies on the chamber of commerce presidential search committee to prepare for laying siege to this organization which she would include in her egotistical-realm.

 8)  Has assumed the tutelage of her new Pet Rock by instructing him in the fine art of "whistling while not voting" for an upcoming city funded project involving a primary supporter of hers and the Pet Rock’s two partners in the Whistle Stop farmers market/food truck/beer garden venture.

 7)  With a campaign war chest overflowing with special interest bucks and no ‘after election campaign report’ filed at this date, the queen feigned wanting her "ethics policy" brought to a vote by the council by not actually placing the item on an agenda for voting.

 6)  Al Gore’s global warming hysteria managed to creep into a council meeting when a couple Pet Rocks thawed, thereby causing her to not have the votes necessary to throw a monkey wrench in ARK’s plan to construct an office tower on the Entertainment Center site.

 5)  Went on a rampage due to citizens photographing her royal horses’ appearance, in the July 4th  parade, which captured the steed’s posterior pointing north while the queen was also looking north. (This image caused major confusion, disorientation and stress among all the young kids along the parade route as they couldn’t fathom which ass was actually leading the parade!)(1)

 4)  Sponsored the "Best QueenB VD Photo Op Contest" to raise funds and awareness for NPD, AHD and SEM(2) conditions which are so near and dear to her heart and soul for all the obvious reasons.

 3)  Realizing the possible upcoming ‘retirement’ (say amen) of a couple Pet Rocks in her collection, she designated the Mother Superior of Flying Harpies to chat up potential Pebbles to serve as Pet Rocks in her royal court when the time nears.

 2)  With a new city manager preparing to report for duty, directed that the Tower of Obedience be re-stocked for use in case he fails to follow her every edict.

And the Number 1 QueenB VD "almost-Accomplishment" during her first three years on the throne was:

 1)  Like the previous city manager handling the razing of swimming pools, she would bulldoze the Twin Wells golf course to build her royal Tennis Center on those hallowed grounds in that distant portion of her realm…far, far, far southeast Irving.  

     The above potential action for the Twin Wells golf course would allow the queen to have a world-class "branding" for the city’s new International Putt-Putt Golf Course and Photo Op Museum constructed on the old Texas Stadium site.  (Take that Jerry Jones and Salesmanship Club of Dallas, saith the queen!)

     With all the above achievements, Irving residents can only gasp at what might be in store for the next three years.  Knowing her "invisibility cloak" is still functioning, the CCR sometimes works at a disadvantage ferreting out the queen’s real motives for all the inane actions she takes…not including the photo ops, of course, which are self-explanatory. 

     However, with astute readers of the report, moles burrowing deep under city hall and observing Flying Harpy formations, staff of the CCR will continue their attempts at keeping readers current on what is actually happening in ‘beautiful downtown Irving.’  And you will be the first to know when the queen plans to raze the entire Heritage District to construct a secondary royal Tennis Center.

     Irving…where par for the course is having 3.1 Tennis Centers per capita under QueenB VD.    

…………………………Mark Holbrook

(1)  See the July 5th Tweet @dylanwestie1 or click on this link for the photo:

(2)  NPD = Narcissistic Personality Disorder; AHD = Aloof Haughty Dismissive (as per the DMN editorial); SEM = Selective Elected Memory (as per an astute CCR reader)

Monday, July 7, 2014

CCR 07-08-14: B-13, N-42, O-69

the   Controversial  Committee   Report
“We don’t raise sacred cows...we just butcher them.”

      Sometimes, city council meetings are just too much to bear.  What with all the political weasels scurrying around spending your tax bucks and funding ‘crony capitalism’ projects, this leaves little time to truly appreciate the literary culture and oratory triviality of QueenB VDs consigliere, John Danish.  

     To assist with the keeping track of his verbose, loquacious and often non-sequitur remarks, let’s play a little game...John Danish BINGO

     Yes, make a few copies of the following John Danish BINGO card for use during each council work session or regular meeting.  

     The game is easy to play.  Just mark an “X” in a square when Danish utters one of his “what did he just say” phrases.  Any CCR reader who completes a horizontal, diagonal or vertical line during a meeting will receive ‘special recognition’ (if desired) in a future CCR report.  If we have any Sonic® coupons remaining, we may even throw those into the winners pot for your due diligence and efforts in playing along.  Also, you will automatically be entered in the Grand Prize Sweepstakes for a year’s free pass on DART’s Orange Line…….BINGO!

……………………….Mark Holbrook

Sunday, July 6, 2014

CCR/DWtweet 07-06-14

TO:  CCR Tweet-less:

Here’s what you recently missed by not following: 
Dylan Westie   @DylanWestie1  on Twit-er.

Has QueenB VD sprinkled her NPD-sands on the Chamber presidential search committee members loyal to her, ergo clogging the entire search process?

..................Mark Holbrook

Note: Irving's "queen" possibly believes each and every realm in the city should bow and swear fealty to her ever demanding demands.   


Sunday, June 29, 2014

CCR 06-29-14: Blowing in the Wind

the   Controversial  Committee   Report
“We don’t raise sacred cows...we just butcher them.”

     If it’s of any interest at all, staff of the CCR is not a cubicle-filled office of snitches.  Therefore, the following is just the CCR staff performing its civic duty to protect and inform the citizenry.  Right?   

     Just in case you were wondering, the rather toxic and odiferous aroma wafting from Irving city hall last week was not the old shingle manufacturing plant.  And for this reason, staff of the CCR contacted the EPA to determine if the aroma had anything to do with the city council, led by QueenB VD and her Pet Rocks, approving the Blown Whistle Stop project for a proposed Farmer’s Market/Food Truck/Beer Garden.  

     The one caveat in the vote for the project, on land the city owns, is current council member Oscar Ward is a vested partner (Ward, Randle and Mapes) in Blown Whistle Stop!  Stop right there...we’ve already checked Webster’s for the definition of ‘conflict.’  However, Ward was not in the council chamber when the vote was taken...which he shouldn’t be.

     (Note: The Mother Superior of Flying Harpies should have her flock maintain a 2,000 ft. circling pattern until released by QueenB VD for attack regarding this report.)

     Hard to believe, isn’t it?  While Pet Rock Ward can spout and claim “me no conflict, me no vote,” the citizenry will view all of this well they should.  Why?  Even though Ward is not supposed to sit in any meetings, participate in any discussions with city staff or council members, and purposefully avoid public remarks concerning Blown Whistle Stop, he will reap any and all tangible benefits (that’s CCR speak for MONEY) this homely little venture will accrue to his partnership.  Talk about having your cake and eating it too.  (And we all know how the queen likes for the peons to eat their cake.) This action by the queen and the Pet Rocks (sans Ward’s vote) certainly trips the wire and rings the bell for the suspension-of-disbelief by the councilagain.

     Ward is either an astute businessman to allow his two partners to negotiate all dealings with the city, or his clandestine meetings outside public view with his partners or others will suffice to ensure any capitalization he might have in the partnership is protected and unencumbered. 

     Many may not remember, but the partners (sans Ward) of the Blown Whistle Stop project were significant contributors, backers and pimps for the queen’s re-election efforts and Ward’s campaign.  While Ward now intones “no conflict” for his actions, the queen will release her standard verbal chloroform-mantra...contributions to her campaign (financial and in-kind) “do not influence” her support or vote on issues.  Of course, this might be hard to discern as the queen has yet to file an “after election” campaign finance report!

     To make the atmosphere even more toxic around city hall, the queen and Pet Rocks -- before granting an exclusive MOU to the Blown Whistle Stop partners -- approved a “settlement” agreement with Ward’s partners.  Why?  What was settled?  As there was never a law suit filed against the city by the partners, inquiring minds want to know what was actually settled.  Of course, the queen and Pet Rocks conferred in executive session (sans Ward) to discuss this “settlement.”

     Unfortunately, city hall moles, who have abandoned their tunnels due to the toxicity of the air and ground around council chambers, have not surfaced to relate how easy it was for the Pet Rocks to capitulate and move the queen’s agenda forward once the “settlement” was on the docket.

     As usual, bleating supporters -- for the queen and Pet Rock’s decision to approve this calamity of governmental action for the three partners -- believe all of this is acceptable and doesn’t smell.  Really?  If this is the case, then the only issue left to explore is: ‘Crony Capitalism.’  Apparently, crony capitalism is alive and well in Irving, Texas.  Hell, crony capitalism is more than alive and’s thriving and flourishing(Sorry, the CCR does not usually condone vulgar language in its reports, but sometimes an exception must be made.)  

     With QueenB VD and her Pet Rock collection, one can assume crony capitalism will blossom for the next three years.  

     (Please do not, at this time, utter the queen’s re-election mantra: Transparency, Competitive alternatives and Ethics...that’s starting to smell, too.  In addition to any other conditions (NPD, AHD and SEM?*) the queen might suffer from, willful blindness to citizen needs for responsible representation and governmental actions should be added to the list.)

     For the record, QueenB VD already has a good start with her “me” efforts by virtue of her chosen developer for the Texas Stadium site.  What with OliverMcMillan possibly pledging undying fealty to the queen by ensuring a Tennis Center remains in the final design stage of the project, the queen is set for all possible photo ops.  (Hines Reality should also be included in this listing of her “me” escapades.)

     Finally, while the EPA is investigating the stench from the Blown Whistle Stop vote at city hall, staff of the CCR also requested the the EPA provide a soil analysis on the site for the Entertainment Center.  At this same meeting, QueenB VD put on her “Perry Mason” hat, which looked remarkably like Seuss’ “The Cat in the Hat” head wear, to ‘practice’ a bit of law.  In doing so, she managed to turn 180° from all her re-election blather of supporting ARK and the Entertainment Center project.

     Attempting to redefine how “it relates” with the same zeal as Bill Clinton providing new usage for the word “is,” the queen’s actions almost threw the largest monkey wrench in the project since ARK took command of this floundering issue.  Why?  The queen has gone through the political motions of feigning acceptance of the project, but has never really been a fan of ARK, or Noah for that matter.  And this is probably due to her wanting to choose a developer for the Entertainment Center she could control.  Mainly, one recommended by her primary Las Colinas supporters and contributors?

     Luckily, a majority of the council removed her “cloak of invisibility” and approved the ARK item on the agenda.  (Watch for dirt to fly on this project fairly soon!)  

     As soon as all the soil and air test are completed on city hall and the Entertainment Center areas by the EPA, the CCR will issue a report which should confirm our suspicions as to the cause.  In the meantime, citizens should heed the following warnings being issued for Irving: Don’t drink the water.  Don’t breathe the air.  And certainly: Don’t mention any of this to QueenB VD!  

     This poor urchin of diminished leadership abilities is still suffering from her inability to have the “me/my-way” on the ARK vote last week.      

……………………….Mark Holbrook

Note: NPD (Narcissistic Personality Disorder ), AHD (Aloof, Haughty, Dismissive), and SEM (Selective Elected Memory, as “diagnosed”by a very astute reader of CCR reports.)

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

CCR 06-24-14: Define This

the   Controversial  Committee   Report
“We don’t raise sacred cows...we just butcher them.”

     For readers to better understand the spin which will occur at the Wednesday city council work session, related to agenda item #24 (contract extension for OliverMcMillan) and the “optional consideration” for a Tennis Center on the Texas Stadium site, staff of the CCR provides the following political-linguistic lesson

Webster’s definition:  optional |ˈäpSHənl|, adjective; available to be chosen but not obligatory.
QueenB VDs definition:  optional |muST have|, demand; not subject to discussion.

     Now that everyone is on the same page for the upcoming agenda item, it will be interesting to see how QueenB VD continues to spread Harry Potter’s ‘cloak of invisibility’ on this entire Texas Stadium site issue.  As previously noted in CCR reports, the city has an agreement with TxDOT for several more years to utilize the stadium site.  And to cancel this agreement will cost the city millions.  That’s millions!  And for what germane issue?

     However, a more significant concern, by extending the current agreement with OliverMcMillan and allowing them to proceed to the next phase of this edifice to QueenB VDs ego, is: Why does she want to have the most expensive property in the city’s inventory wasted on another ‘shopping mall’ that could feature a money losing Tennis Center?  

     Staff of the CCR doesn’t have an answer.  And the mane flipping and political drivel QueenB VD blathers concerning the non-grandiose scheme, for the TV cameras, doesn’t answer the question either.

     A secondary and even more critical question would be: Will the queen’s Pet Rocks finally fracture and become cognizant of what is actually going on in the city...and most certainly with this project?  Of course, this might be too much to ask of these pebbles as the queen’s mead (Kool-Aid) is very potent and the pebbles have been sipping it for an extended period of time.

     How many Pet Rocks will be able to detox before the final vote, on this preposterous subterfuge QueenB VD is pushing, on Thursday evening?  

     If you have a little time on your hands, you might give the queen,Pet Rocks and other council members a call, or drop them a note registering your concerns.  (Contact info listed below.)

     While staff of the CCR is in the word defining mode, we’ll wait and see how the council votes on the Farmers Market/Food Truck/Whistle Stop item before tackling the definition of ‘conflict of interest.’  We may have to order a large supply of Glade® to spray the council chambers to eliminate the heavy stench and aroma of conflict after this vote.
……………………..Mark Holbrook

Irving City Council 972-898-7500 Beth Van Duyne           Mayor                     469-450-0444 Tom Spink            Place 8                    972-259-2626 Joe Putnam            Place 4            469-704-8479  Oscar Ward              Place 5                 972-554-0500 John Danish                   Place 1 214-460-1990 Brad LaMorgese            Place 6 972-313-0909 Allan Meagher            Place 2 214-490-9749 Dennis Webb            Place 3 972-523-0784 Gerald Farris            Place 7