Sunday, July 24, 2016

CCR 07-24-16 RIP Dick Lear

the   Controversial  Committee   Report
“We don’t raise sacred cows...we just butcher them.”

"Life Doubled Down"

   Sometimes, words fail.  Sometimes, words don’t convey.  And often times, words just cannot fully express how friendship bonds can germinate, grow and, regrettably, fall to nature’s unfair pruning.

   With the passing of Dick Lear, two true-to-life descriptive words do come to mind — community icon.  

   From his days bouncing around in a truck delivering bread to local grocery stores…to his reign as Irving’s Sonic-king-owner, Dick has been an integral, viable and visible part of the Irving community.  And many organizations, sports venues, individuals, businesses and friends can attest to this fact. 

   The actuality of the Irving Tigers Competition Field being named in honor of  Dick and Jolene Lear is testament, just one of many endeavors, to his commitment to the Irving Independent School District. 

   Going to dinner on a weekly basis, before his health deteriorated, with Dick and Jolene was always an entertaining experience.  Throughout his life, Dick made friends, formed associations and probably knew 85% of everyone living in Irving.  

   During any evening when dining out, individuals would stop by the table, pat him on the shoulder, give him a hug, or ask if he might remembered when they worked at one of his Sonic Drive-ins during their high school years.

   The smiles, hugs and demonstrations of friendship and affection always produced a jovial encounter.

   And Dick was certainly a jovial individual! 

   Dick made many friends, mentored a cadre of workers, and assisted Irving’s needy and several established organizations by giving back to the community for those requiring support or assistance…no questions asked.  Often, most individuals did not know the source of this benevolence was Dick’s wanting to assist in the effort at hand.  And this was fine with Dick, as he was not interested in kudos, recognition, or showmanship. 

   Much like Wimpy (think: Popeye), Dick liked to eat.  And not just Sonic burgers!

   Personal note: Knowing homemade chicken salad and chili were gateway food items he enjoyed, this allowed me to at least provide him something he truly relished…home cooked favorites.
   (My regrets to the rest of his family if they didn’t get home in time to also share in some of these repasts!)

   While everyone should have fond memories of Dick, we could all agree: Dick changed lives, projected a positive image for Irving and was cognizant and helpful to all his friends and associates.

   One thing a small group of friends will certainly remember and miss is that Wednesdays will never be the same again.  

   Gone will be the WWW day trip, (No, not the Internet, but Wonderful Winstar Wednesdays), camaraderie and possible donations to our favorite "Indian charity" while there.  Of course, we all seemed to frequently donate to this ‘charity’ while Dick generally reaped the rewards of skillful Blackjack playing. 

   The only thing remaining, at this time, is for staff of the CCR to sincerely wish and hope Dick doubles down and hits twenty-one, on ever deal, in his new etherial casino by using my "Luck Lear Chip" at the Blackjack table.  This is just a small token of my returning and paying forward for all that he has given to me and many others.  
(Returning this gifted chip to Dick was a promise made by me to him when he gave the chip in recognition of my birthday.)

   Dick’s Blackjack winning streaks and friendships, like his community spirit and endeavors, will always be considered a win for Irving and everyone who knew him!

   And doubling down at this juncture will demonstrate Dick’s life view of always moving to increase his desire to do as much as possible for others.   

………………………………Dylan Westie, Mark Holbrook and Mike Howard

Ode to the "Lucky Lear Chip"
Mark Holbrook

It should’ve been told long before you know,
Leaving now is not the end of the show.

You’ve brightened, shined and given so much,
Friends’ll not forget your magical touch.

Thanks for allowing me to be counted as one,
You sealed the deal on a Blackjack game you won.

Giving me a B-day surprise of a $25 Winstar chip,
While demonstrating your luck, the dealer was clipped.

The "Lucky Lear Chip" has been mine for many years to cherish and hold, 
Now approaches the day when your play should be bold.

Take my "Lucky Lear Chip" and double down on St. Pete,
And watch him retreat to a heavenly meet. 

 Lessons taught, learned will not be forgotten by me,
The "Lucky (Dick) Lear Chip" is now your reminder of our reverie. 

CCR 07-24-16 Trash and Sympathy

the   Controversial  Committee   Report
“We don’t raise sacred cows...we just butcher them.”

"Trash and Sympathy" 

   Well, dear readers, it appears the time has arrived to once again ‘trash’ the mayor, city council and city administration.  

   Almost like Johnson grass, there seems to be no end to those folks sprouting the same potential proposals, which have been determined by a majority of citizens, to be unwarranted, unnecessary, stinky, and, in this case, counter to the current processes for residential trash collection desires and services.

   Yes, the ugly, bulky, trash bin container proposal, which could ultimately affect all future residential customers, is soon coming to a city council agenda in a potential cloud of compacted deception. 
   And much like the recent chicken fricassee-fiasco-ordinance, the detailed planning, rollout and implementation, of this travesty of administrative resumé padding, was shrouded in closed meetings, very limited and nearly nonexistent public discussion, babbling disclaimers and spin by proponents as to how the proposal would be "cost effective" and "save" money down the road as new and highly expensive garbage trucks roll to the city’s landfill dump site.  Garbage!

   Where is the financial data to support those claims which could ultimately double the effort and probable cost for citizens to process their garbage?

   Apparently, a blatant bureaucracy could mask this new trash bin container proposal in the 2016-17 city budget (in August?) where it might go unnoticed.  This ruse would allow for the trash bin containers to be instituted in only NEW neighborhoods.  
   (Who will be defining NEW for this proposal?  Could NEW relate to developments already under construction?  Have potential developers been notified of what is afoot in their developments?)

   How long after only NEW developments are forced to utilize the trash bin containers will it be  before the aroma of the camel’s nose is under the tent as the bureaucracy dictates ALL residential customers must now comply and use the trash bin container receptacles? 

   Certainly, citizens must realize it wouldn’t take long before the NEW usage in residential developments is shifted to foster the same shameless trash bin container proposal on the rest of the residential population! 

   Is this methodology, of administrative slight-of-hand, considered to be open and honest with tax payers?  Why isn’t the trash bin container proposal placed before citizens in a public forum — similar to the chicken ordinance — for genuine consideration of what tax payers want and determine is in their best interest?  Shouldn’t the adoption of such a significant process be placed before the public in ordinance form? 

  The Lazarus Trash Ordinance (LTO) first rose from the landfill of bureaucratic blathering around 2010.  At that time, a select neighborhood in the city was chosen to "test" the use of these bulky, heavy to cart, and unsightly trash bin refuse containers.  And like cities which do use this expensive method of trash collection, the observable results in Irving were: residents didn’t like the containers; the containers were difficult to manage..especially by elderly citizens; and most containers were not retrieved from the curbside in a timely manner thus causing the neighborhood to appear trashy and unkept for days.

   Other factors which scored high on the negative use of the trash bin containers in Irving was having to store them from out of sight of the street.  This meant they had to be in the garage or back yard…not even the side of the house.  (Note: There are many homes in Irving which do not have garages.)

   One might think the above factors alone, with the outpouring of Irving citizens opposed to the process of switching to trash bin container collection, would have finally put a stake in the heart of this ill advised proposal.  Well, refuse breath, think again.  

   The bumbling bureaucracy never gives up thinking they know what is best for citizens…even when citizens tell them with loud voices the current method of trash collection works just fine and to just leave it alone.  

   The only thing stronger than the stench of rotting garbage could be the will and determination of a bureaucracy whose intent is to impose, implement and foster their personal agenda against the will of the populace in an effort to sate egocentric desires.  (Otherwise, known as resumé padding.) 

   And this again seems to be the case with the trash bin container proposal now being sent forward for council consideration!

   Dylan Westie, Executive editor/Part-time wordsmith and Social Media Troll for the CCR, would advise all readers — especially elderly home owners who will have to tote those humongous containers a great distance to their curb  — to contact the individuals responsible for perpetrating and perpetuating the trash bin container proposal on residents — NEW or old. 

   Only through petitions or loud voices will the message, once again, reach those who hold the responsibility for this travesty of bureaucratic bumbling…your elected officials.

   And when you hear the folks responsible for the Lazarus Trash Ordinance resurrecting the issue and spouting "cost savings" and "efficiency" for trash pick-up services, feel free to snicker loudly and, in unison, yell Torofeca!  

   Finally, the Return On Investment (RIO) for this calamity of bureaucratic meddling will not be witnessed in ones lifetime.  And one could almost guarantee trash collection services will immediately experience gradual or significant increases to offset the proposed capital expenditures for new trash bin container garbage trucks and the stockpiling of trash bin containers…and this also includes the need for recycle trash bin container models which will have to be included as part of the process.
   (How much does one of the new trash bin container trucks cost, and how many would be required to service the city?  What will be done with the city’s current stockpile of garbage trucks?  How much will the trash bin containers cost citizens?)

   And to perpetrate this shift, to the trash bin container method of garbage collection by the bureaucracy, citizens will witness another "test" of the system for NEW developments only.  Odds are the administration has already prepared a report on how "successful" this test was and the time is ripe to impose the same hardships on the rest of the residential tax payers.

   The following is the contact information to register your trashy concerns.  Don’t delay.  Time is pressing.  Take action now, or suffer the odoriferous consequences later as you lug your overweight, bulky, and difficult to manage and control trash bin container to the curb.

Beth Van Duyne
(972) 898-7500 2017
Oscar Ward
(469) 704-8479 2017
Brad LaMorgese
(214) 460-1990 2018
Kyle Taylor
(214) 288-2308 2019
Phil Riddle
(469) 781-7176 2018
David Palmer
(214) 557-8406 2018
John Danish
(972) 554-5060 2019
Allan Meagher
(972) 313-0909 2019
Dennis Webb
(214) 490-9749 2017
Chris Hillman, City Manager
(972) 721-2600
Brenda Haney, Solid Waste Management
(972) 721-8059

……………………………………….…Mark Holbrook

Publisher’s Note:  Staff of the CCR (Dylan Westie, Mark Holbrook and Mike Howard) would like to extend a personal thanks to all those who read, forward, comment and take an active part in the Irving political processes via the CCR.  The Internet blog site for the CCR just registered 100,036 page views as of July 24, 2016. The above CCR report starts our venture to attain the next milestone of 200,000 page views.  Thanks guys…and gals!  MH

Sunday, July 17, 2016

CCR 07-17-16 Is Change Coming?

the   Controversial  Committee   Report
“We don’t raise sacred cows...we just butcher them.”
"Is Change Coming?"

   Well, dear readers, Dylan Westie, Executive editor/Part-time wordsmith and Social Media Troll for the CCR, completes his summer hiatus, of assisting downtrodden tax payers, next week.

   While it will take at least a week of canine decompression to get back into the swing of sniffing out Torofeca spread all over the city by QueenB VD, he insisted on submitting one more rendering of his paw-typed chronicles.

   However, being aware of the upcoming animal ordinance revisions dealing with chickens, Dylan wonders which council members will "chicken out" and leave all his feathery friends in a lurch, or deported to the harsh environs of rural areas.  Rumor has it some council members want to build a chicken wire wall  fence around the entire city.  If that wasn't bad enough, the council expects Col. Sanders pay for this wall  fence.  

   As previously stated, this entire travesty of bureaucratic droppings was propelled by just a couple of ‘whiners’ who just didn’t like the sound of roosters crowing in the morning.  To put this in current political speak, the minority rules when scratching barnyard gravel over the majority.  How sad!

   Dylan’s position on the chicken ordinance has remained the same.  He supports those individuals who want to keep their roosters within city confines.  And for those who agree with him, he has established the following for twitter use: #RoosterConjugalVisitsMatter.  

   Jump off your perch and flock to the city council meeting on July 21, 2016.  Let the city council hear you crow your utter discontent with changing something which had no rhyme or reason to be changed in the first place!

   With that, continue on reading for another installment of matters concerning the national political scene as seen from the canine perspective.

……………………………Mark Holbrook

Dylan’s Ruffings
(A canine guide to bliss)
(Everything you wanted to know about sex  humans, but was afraid to bark)
(You can eat it…even if it smells bad) 

"Is Change Coming?"

   There is one subject which I do not enter into while lounging around getting my back scratched by either the Master or the Boss Lady...especially, if both of them are in the same room.  
   In my household, political discussions (especially on the national level) can often be like mixing together: oil and water; the Rolling Stones and Bette Midler; or a Chihuahua and a St. Bernard in heat.
     A previous presidential election was a classic example of divergent political opinions causing the sofa, where I was entrenched in slumber, to shake as great as a 3.9 on the Richter scale .  
   The Boss Lady sided with my two human-siblings and voted for “change.”  (I think they are still waiting for this change to occur!)  The Master, on the other hand, held his nose and voted for the squishy conservative candidate who would never challenge the TelePrompter-impaired, inexperienced “community organizer.”  
   Boy, did some of these discussions warm the den.  It was almost as if former VP Al Gore declared the room a global warming hot spot and set up a lemonade stand to pimp his new book titled "I Invented Sliced Bread and the Morse Code!
     If I could change the political bent of these two providers of my substance, it would be to make them more like me...a “Conservable.”  
   For the learning impaired, a genuine canine Conservable has all the fiscal traits of a conservative and several of the atilt leanings of a liberal…all wrapped into one huge bundle of fur. 
   As a Conservable, I believe in working hard for my treats which is tantamount to not expecting someone to dole them out…free of any effort on my part.  Sitting up, begging, giving the sad eyes look, and cold nose nuzzles on the legs are acceptable activities when seeking a Bacon Bites® reward.  For me, this is considered gainful employment...not the solicitation of handouts.  
   As previously mentioned above, my atilt leanings also allow me to take full responsibility for all my actions…including any accidental carpet stains which might result if the Boss Lady or Master fail to heed my request for an outdoor nature-calling excursion.  
   Bottom line: If I did it, then I’m canine Conservable enough to admit it and take responsibility. I don’t ever attempt to pass this off to another canine who may have previously lived in this house, or loudly bark some Torofeca protest while pointing the paw at another canine…particularly, Roo my Mexican rat dog cousin. 
    Additionally, my support is very strong for the role of all my bitches when it comes to birth control and family planning.  Spade and neutering are vitally important for pack control.  If left unchecked, then we could end up with Heinz 57s flooding the neighborhood looking for free handouts or mugging the Master or Boss Lady when they go down to pick up the mail or morning paper. 
     Finally, I am working with a few of my fellow canines to have the US constitution changed.  It seems the human politicos aren’t doing a very good job of running this country.  Some politicos are more interested in which restrooms folks can utilize than they are the alarming rate of dark cell terrorist organizations.  Disgusting!  
   Isn’t it time the constitution was changed and we elected someone with real fur on their body to bring a more gentile sense of order to D.C. and the country? Isn’t doing what is right for the entire pack and humankind what the USA should really be about?  
   Wouldn’t a fresh set of paws, inhabiting the Oval Office, be the first step?  A canine Conservable movement could be the tonic America needs to cure the political malaise which currently infects the voting public.
   If the Conservable movement gets off the ground, then here is a working logo to consider: "Scratch my head and I’ll scratch your back."  See, this is just like what the politicos do now, but without the exchange of campaign donations to buy votes, Sugar Daddy string pullers, or single source cronies.
     Most likely, national order and pride could be restored and chaos eliminated in the country.  The noticeable changes brought by a Conservable running the country would be: the genetic attributes of canines vs. Ivy League pinheads; canine incisors vs. geezer false teeth to take a real bite out of terrorism; and barking with real authority vs. appeasement babble which does little to resolve issues.
   Perhaps, the time might be right to take the advice of several pack running mates and dust off my "almost" mayor of Irving political signs to join the current presidential fray before it is too late.  How does #DylanWestieforPrez sound?
   If this should happen, voters will know two things about my campaign: 1) My fur is original and not a comb over; and 2) I have never lied about e-mails on my secret, private and undisclosed servers.
 ………………………………………..Dylan Westie
                                             as told to
                                           Mark Holbrook

Late Breaking News:  On July 18, 2016 the Irving ISD school board will be taking action which affects your taxes paid.  Here’s Dylan’s tweet and the link to the DMN article by Eline de Bruijn, Irving’s current reporter of record, for more detailed information.

Dylan Westie @DylanWestie1 Jul 17
Irving ISD temporary (?) tax ^ (increase) sounds good,but board action DOES NOT bind future boards when property values later ^ (increase)!
Irving ISD wants to swap tax rate pennies for an extra $10 million, if voters approve
Irving ISD could get an extra $10 million in state funding — some earmarked for teacher salary increases — if voters OK a temporary increase in the tax rate.

Monday, July 4, 2016

CCR 07-04-16 Political Planks

the   Controversial  Committee   Report
“We don’t raise sacred cows...we just butcher them.”

"Political Planks"

   Well, Dylan Westie, Executive editor/Part-time wordsmith and Social Media Troll for the CCR, is still on summer hiatus…that lucky dog!

   However, he did manage to make a few edit changes on a chapter in his gonna’-be-published-one-day tome.  Even though he has been busy with matters assisting tax payers and avoiding other city/mayoral shenanigans, his loyal and faithful moles continue to keep him informed.  

   Thus far, the number of daily photo ops and image polishing events attended by QueenB VD — since the ‘clock kid’ returned to town on vacation — is equal to the daily temperature…high 90s.  To factor in the actual daily grand total of queenly photo ops, the heat index must also be added.  

   Example: Temperature = 98° + a heat index of 14° = 112 photo ops in one day.  That’s enough photo ops to break out into a serious sweat  NPD coma!

   Just imagine.  If the city’s bond rating was tied to the number of photo ops QueenB VD desired to have, on a daily basis, then Standard and Poor’s would bestow a DDDDD+ bond rating on the city due to her incessant blabbering to Red Meat TEA-carnivore groups.

   It will be interesting to see if QueenB VD can spike a new ‘temperature’ record when she speaks to the Far North Dallas TEA Party sycophants in September.  Surely, her trusted sidekick, State representative Matt "Squeaky" Rinaldi, will be there for this and all other Red Meat-TEA carnivore activities affecting Irving, to assist in having his queen set a new record. 

   Now, back to the issue at hand.

   While the following was written over three years ago, Dylan has provided enough changes to have the topic current with events transpiring today.  And, dear readers, what a sad day it is when we have the current choices before us to be the leader of the free world!

   If there was just some way Independence Day today would free us from the tyranny of sleazy politicos. 

…………………………………Mark Holbrook

   Dylan’s Ruffings
(A canine guide to bliss)
(Everything you wanted to know about sex  humans, but was afraid to bark)
(You can eat it…even if it smells bad) 

Political Planks

      The great thing about being the Alpha dog in the family is there is plenty of Dylan-time available.  And my time starts after the Master goes to the coffee shop, followed by the Boss Lady and her truck driving son — my human-sibling — leave for a hard day on the road.

     The house is quiet, but the TV is always on.  I lounge on the top of the sofa and peer through the bay windows watching the patio for squirrels raiding the peanut bowl which sits next to the bird feeders. 

   Of course, these ratlike critters know they are safe and can enjoy themselves…as I’m currently confined indoors.  However, it’s certainly a different story when I’m outside actually guarding the patio against rodent intruders.

     The only drawback lately to my morning Zen-napping is the TV is always set, by the Master, on the Fox News channel.  Good Grief, Charlie Brown!  Really?  

   I’m going to have a political embolism and my eyes are going cross and bleeding from the presidential candidates blathering, tweeting and boasting.  The political hype and blather is driving me to distraction...and frequent urination.

     While I understand the concern the Master has for the direction the country has taken the past four years, by the current Bozo-in-Chief, let’s face facts…neither current presidential candidate has addressed the most important issue every focus group mentions.  As a matter of fact, the issue is not even on the table or front burner of those candidates.  Simply stated, where are the discussions regarding canine needs and issues? 

   The political pinheads running for president pander to every group imaginable, but there hasn’t been one candidate who has seen fit to champion our needs.  That’s just shameful! That’s unconscionable. Why, that even verges on being non-furry.  

     Can you believe neither political party has a Canine Plank in their platform?  And this travesty of omission has to stop…now.  Today!  

   Where is the Canine Plank to have any abuser of dogs (OK, all other animals will be included) treated with the same type of abuse they inflict on an animal?  Why isn’t food and water deprived to any animal abuser who leaves animals untended and without their basic requirements?  Why aren’t puppy mill farm creeps stuffed in an 8‘x8’ jail cell with thirty other smelly convicts to roll around in their own piles of poop?

   Look, if the federal government can protect wild, endangered or weird animal species, then why aren’t there federal statues on the books to protect us domesticated fuzz balls?  City ordinances can only do so much, but the feds need to step in by adopting some mandatory sentencing guidelines for the scum that mistreats any animal.  Agree? 

     There are so many more abuses and crimes perpetrated against animals (dogs in particular) which should be addressed.  And this is why there must be a strong effort to ensure the babbling presidential candidates wake up and smell the dog breath! 

   If I ran for president (I would first need to dust off my "almost" Irving Mayor political campaign signs), you can bet that something would be done about having a Canine Plank for voters to pick the candidate most interested in what needs to be accomplished in America. 

   I think for now, I’ll just contact one of those environmental groups which is dedicated and working to save trees.  Saving trees and dogs from abuse could be a good voting bloc and garner plenty of voter support.  This could be the right time to form The Pee Party…which should not be confused with the national and state groups of Red Meat TEA-carnivores.  The Pee Party will actually accomplish something instead of playing restroom cops or spreading fear, hate and discontent.

   Look for a formal announcement of the Pee Party soon in a neighborhood near you.  You’ll recognize these folks by their unique campaign slogan: "Save a Tree and Help Relieve a Dog."

   For now, I just wish this election cycle of self-aggrandizing politicos was over.  

   Then, the Master could revert to leaving the TV on the Animal Planet channel all day.  This would allow me to keep current with how all my other pampered or downtrodden peeps are doing.
 Dylan Westie
as told to
Mark Holbrook