Tuesday, November 25, 2014

CCR/DW 11-25-14: Quaking Resolution

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Another mild quake just shook the house and spilled my water dish all over the den floor. Of course, I'll be blamed for sloppy lapping again.

 Fracking is not causing all the Irving quakes. Apoplectic mane flipping by QueenB (Irving mayor) due to all her holiday photo ops is the root cause.


PostScript:  Around 4:39 pm, another earthquake (2.7) vibrated the same area of the city as all the previous quakes.  This represents the fifth quake in just four days.  While not as significant as the registered 3.3 magnitude quake on Saturday, these tremors are starting to create a sense of anticipation as to just how large the next one will be.

   Wanting to dig to the bottom of this new Irving phenomena, we dispatched Dylan Westie, Executive Editor and Part-time Wordsmith for the CCR, to the University of Dallas area to research the site where most of the ground shifting activity has taken place. 

   While pawing through the earth’s crust, here’s what Dylan learned:
*  The quakes are not caused by QueenBs stomping out of a meeting.
*  The quakes are not caused by QueenBs shocking tone when browbeating peers.
*  The quakes are not caused by QueenBs stacking reams of paper for her fluffy ethics policy.

   After due diligence, Dylan concluded the quakes had to be as a direct result of:
*  The snapping motion each time the queen flips her mane in a meeting, photo op or at a Pet Rock for not complying with one of her dictates.

   While the quakes will probably continue until 2016, residents are advised to take all precautions and not panic.  Scientists are conducting research to determine if fitting QueenB VD with a neck brace will stymie or eliminate all future quakes and after-shock waves.

(Thanks to a coffee shop regular and avid QueenB VD fan for planting the seed for who/what is to blame for the rash of earthquakes in Irving.)

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Sunday, November 23, 2014

CCR/DW 11-23-14: Ad Hoc Mayhem

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QueenB (Irving mayor) speaks: New disarray w/no Community Service/Public Safety com. Webb & Meagher not on any committees. Autocracy reigns.

Webb and Meagher punished by QueenB (Irving mayor) for pointing out the fallacy of her poor city committee reshuffle. Queen wins…city loses!

Pet Rocks idle as QueenB (Irving mayor) makes shambles of city government. What will it take for Pet Rocks to awaken for betterment of city?


PostScript:  What do Barack Obama (president) and Beth Van Duyne (Irving mayor) have in common?  One believes he is a king, while the other believes she is a queen.  And each flaunts their perceived political status and actions…as if this was true.

   Actually, scientists have calculated the egos of these two individuals, when stuffed in "Jerry’s AT&T World Amusement and Bloated Ego Park," would seep out the roof and flood the streets of Arlington.

   Yes, QueenB VD is at it again and the Pet Rocks sit idly by drooling while she continues to press forward with her egocentric agenda that does more harm than good to the city.  Her latest effort is to scramble all the city’s committees, which advise the council, and actually shun members of the council from being committee liaisons.  While hard to believe, this is just another view of the dark side of Irving’s mayor.  (This is the side not seen when the flashes are popping for all of her to frequent mane flipping and photo op sessions.)

   While the queen attempts to pass off her flakey committee restructuring as a means to better serve the city, those in the know realize this is just another power grab by her to stuff cronies and supporters in positions to always favor what she shovels down the line.  And with the queen, there is always a lot of Torofeca being shoveled down the line.

   To some, this latest egocentric flash of the queen might seem like little to do over nothing.  Not true.  When one cedes to the whims of an autocrat, then it is only a matter of time before matters of more significance imperils the very fabric of what should be a working democracy.  (In this case, a working democracy doesn't infer Pet Rocks who only vote and do what they are instructed by the queen.)

   With little or no comment from the Pet Rock contingency, the queen even appears to have taken over where former city manager Tommy Gonzalez left off.  While the chaos of his aftermath has not been totally resolved, the compounding of issues, designed to satisfy queenly egocentric demands, will leave the city in another pit of self-aggrandizing projects and fluffy issues.

   But then, staff of the CCR only notes issues the general citizenry should be discussing, writing or grousing about with QueenB VD and her Pet Rock contingency.  After all, there will not be light at the end of this dark, mismanaged tunnel until the switch of involvement from the silent majority is flipped on.

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CCR 11-23-14: Red Sunday

the   Controversial  Committee   Report
“We don’t raise sacred cows...we just butcher them.”

   Don’t you just hate it when radio stations commence playing Xmas music all day long before the turkey is even carved on Thanksgiving Day?  

   And to add further insult to injury, if you don’t go out on Thanksgiving Day (Orange Thursday) to purchase a boatload of electronic or other non-essential gifts for distant family members — not seen or heard from since last Xmas — you are not a red blooded American citizen who cares about the economy, wasting money or buying this month’s iPhone upgrade.

   (And remember to arise early the next day to catch all the sales on Black Friday…those Golden Girls box sets won’t last long.)

   To counter this rampant commercialization — for a wonderfully sluggish and peaceful time of the year — Dylan Westie, Executive Editor and Part-time Wordsmith for the CCR, has decided to create the ultimate version of how to crash the Thanksgiving holiday period.  Crash…as in the sense of ruining it for a select group of Irving politicos.

   With payback in mind, for ruining his Thanksgiving holiday, Dylan plans to open and disclose all the Xmas gifts and post the New Year’s resolutions for Irving’s politicos.  Enjoy, as he is hiking his leg in excitement over his ability to outdo the spoilers of his bygone tradition of stuffing Cajun fried turkey down his gullet and becoming comatose when the NFL game starts on TV.

   Here are Dylan’s Xmas spoiler retaliations:

Xmas Gifts Disclosed
  • While not receiving the pony she wanted as a child, QueenB VD will be gifted a Tennis Center named in her honor.  The center will be called: The Queen’s Hive.  However, sadly for her, the center will be constructed on the Twin Wells golf course site to spur economic development in south Irving.
  • An enlarged, framed and signed photo of the ARK ground breaking for the Entertainment Center will be gift wrapped for QueenB VD to remind her of a missed photo op due to ‘being out of town.’  (The photo will be signed by all those who actually voted for the ARK project.)
  • The Queenly Suite of a new boutique hotel, constructed by ARK, will be permanently reserved for the exclusive use of QueenB VD for clandestine meetings, soirees, and conducting unofficial city business of in depth interviews for single source developers and potential ethics policy waivers for supporters approved by her Sugar Daddy string puller.
  • To enhance performing her regal duties, QueenB VD will receive signed copies of the new personnel management text by Ima N. Charge: "How to Put People in Their Place While Dictating and Blathering." (Copies of the book will anonymously be placed under her tree by city staff and non-Pet Rock council members.)
  • To ensure smoother running of the realm, all Pet Rocks will be gifted male hormone pills to counter the stress of fulfilling all the queen’s edicts.  (Don’t be surprised when some actually start to grow facial hair.)
  • Pet Rock Farris will be given the new board game, Clueless, to assist him when asking all of his inane questions.
  • Pet Rock Spink will be provided a deck of cards listing achievements concerning the city so he will have something to say at each and every council meeting to ward off EMT personnel thinking he may have lapsed into a non-functioning coma.
  • A very special gift will be delivered to non-Pet Rock(?) Danish.  He will have a year’s supply of Torofeca filters to help clear the council chambers of all his non-sequitur verbosity during meetings.
  • New from the Hammacher Schlemmer catalog, Pet Rock(?) Ward will receive a pair of tweezers to use to remove all the splinters from his posterior caused by sitting on the fence and trying to decide which side to jump down on…follow queenly edicts or do what is right for the city.
  • Council meetings should be a bit more entertaining as Pet Rock LaMorgese will be receiving a ventriloquist dummy.  The dummy will make it now appear all the queen’s talking points, on her issues and proposals, are not emanating from his mouth…unless he moves his lips.  (Chuckles galore are promised for those in attendance at all future council meetings.)

New Year’s Resolutions Revealed
  • QueenB VDs major resolution is to maintain and steadily follow her MeMe Diet of: increasing the choleric burn of browbeating city staff members and non-Pet Rocks; daily workouts on her My-Strident Cycle; receive additional coaching in contemptuous glaring at non-followers or those making suggestions which are contrary to her wants; and drinking a strong compound mixture of herbs, spices and ego supplements to ward off any chances of her possible NPD weakening. 
  • All Pet Rocks on the city council resolve to never question the motives or actions the queen might take, but to just blindly follow her dictates with bowed heads.
  • Likewise, non-Pet Rocks will resolve to doing what is right for the city and attempt to avoid attacks by the Mother Superior of Flying Harpies and her flock as directed by the queen. 
  • City staff resolves to grin and bear any verbal abuse emanating from the queen with visions of sugar plums and gingerbread men dancing after the 2016 council elections.

   For those who might have been wishing for a happy and prosperous holiday season, this will not occur until the silent majority decides to roll out of the La-Z-Boy and become actively involved in affairs of the city.  Just voting in elections does not resolve all of the problems and issues confronting a city which is slowly becoming the laughing stock of the metropolitan area under the current purported "leadership."

   The autocracy of QueenB VD, currently strangling city governance, will only lead to more and more negative opinions being formed by outsiders for Irving’s misdirected leadership.  And for those non-believers of this occurrence, just ask some of the businesses attempting to do good things for the city and having to overcome hurdles planted in the way of genuine progress by QueenB VD and her Pet Rock contingency.

   And this, dear reader, is how Dylan will spoil the holiday season better than the Grinch stealing QueenB VDs next photo op.

   Note: Just in case staff of the CCR has difficulty recovering before Xmas from the self-induced tryptophan comma of Thanksgiving turkey, Dylan wants to wish all readers a: Ho, Ho, Ho…Have A Warm and Fuzzy Holiday.  

……………….………..Mark Holbrook

Friday, November 14, 2014

CCR/DW 11-14-14: Browbeating Bully

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Dylan Westie  @DylanWestie1  on Twit-er.

Was QueenBs (Irving mayor) cross exam on ARKs TIF use @ work session just another anti-ARK NPD spike? Will she ever learn to stifle it?

What will be QueenBs (Irving mayor) position on TIF expenses when her single source developer returns plans for TxStadium w/her Tennis Center featured?


PostScript:  If only QueenB VDs public persona was the same as when she deals with individuals and issues on a one-to-one basis, executive session discussions, or in private conversations, then her mead-spiked followers would see the actual mayor of Irving they elected.

   Of course, when it is photo op time (most of her schedule), the Hollywood-ish posing, flashing of the pearly whites, flippant mane flip, and the ‘look-at-me’ smile is ready for business.  Public exposure and photo ops are as important to her as dictating her litany of self-aggrandizing issues.

   However, there is a darker side  to the queen which is sometimes exposed to the general public.

   And frankly, the browbeating of city employees or fellow council members in public sessions (god only knows the wrath she spews on them in private) certainly registers a personality trait murkier than what one could even imagine.  Other than being completely unprofessional, this is totally outrageous behavior for the city’s mayor.

   The Latest:  While yammering, without the agreement or consent of other council members on an issue in the work session (11-12-14), QueenB VD once again flared her fangs to bite into the ARK Entertainment Center agreement.  Even when told the legitimate expenditures and processes were being followed by ARK, to the letter of the State law, she attempted to insinuate city staff didn’t know what they were talking about and the world was not spinning according to her trajectory. 

  The irony of her anti-ARK screed (as originally formulated and dictated by her Sugar Daddy contributor) poses a major question: How will she deal with the same type of agreement ramifications if her single source developer, Oliver McMillan, returns to the council and request these same TIF stipulations…as currently approved for ARK.  Of course, everyone knows the answer to that…especially if a Tennis Center is part of the package!

   If QueenB VD wants it, then it must be okay.  No questions should be asked.  And no opposition should be registered.  The queen has spoken. (snicker)

   Sadly, her little ‘me-me’ bell ringing of verbal abuse of individuals is growing old and her sour notes only peal disdain for ARK or any project not sanctioned by her handlers.  And her playing the all knowing, superior intellect card on any topic or issue is as full of holes as Swiss cheese and carries the same aroma as Limburger cheese.

   Why doesn’t one of her Pet Rock entourage, on the council, point out the damage to the city’s image her attitude and methods of addressing issues poses?  

   And finally, QueenB VD has even taken to emulating her best Tea-slurping pal, Rodney "Bogus-gate Complaint" Anderson (Irving’s new State representative), as she applied her queenly pressure in an attempt to relieve an individual of their employment.  What a tragic personality this represents when someone doesn’t get their way over PR and seeks to ensure someone is fiscally harmed only to score political points.

   Isn’t this utterly irresponsible and unbecoming of a mayor for any city?

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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Veterans Day 2014

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Dylan Westie @DylanWestie1 Nov 11

As a vet, my delight is to ‘pay it forward’ & recognize those on active duty. After all, they still guarantee the freedoms others dismiss!


PostScript:  While Dylan didn't actually serve, his boss did.  Both recognize what we have in this country is due to the many sacrifices others gave and the many who are still giving to ensure a way of life envied by all nations.  If only everyone in America believed this, think of how great the country would really be! MH

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Sunday, November 9, 2014

CCR/DW 11-09-14: Sky Falling?

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Here’s what you recently missed by not following
Dylan Westie  @DylanWestie1  on Twit-er.

Would a mere corporate headquarters on the Texas Stadium site really ‘brand’ Irving? Isn’t this vision as bland as a Tennis Center would be?

Is "Blue Sky" a Stormy Day IF QueenB (Irving mayor) doesn’t approve an AA relocation? Only OK if Tennis Center built on #TexasStadium site.


PostScript:  The speculation starts.  The rumors abound.  And some chamber of commerce officials might be wearing Depends® to contain their excitement.  The issue: A POSSIBLE relocation, by MAYBE American Airlines, to CONSIDER building a new corporate headquarters on the old Texas Stadium site.

   For the Record: Staff of the CCR is not involved in any real estate holdings in Irving other than owning a homestead.  This is stated so that the air is clear for us not having a vested interest in what should one day occupy the Texas Stadium site.  Our interest in the site is to see the city council capitalize on the most expensive, marketable and treasured chunk of property it owns.  Also, we have an interest in not seeing another ‘office park,’ multi-family stacking of condos and cardboard shopping mall constructed on the site.

   Oh, we also do not believe a Tennis Center should ever be considered on this site either!  (Look at the facts: Irving’s pro tennis events and attendance is definitely on the wane.  And city monies have been financing this failed venture for several years now.)

   What should be considered on the Texas Stadium site?  Here’s our thoughts: Something that will not only bring a few jobs to the city, but something that will capture the imagination and travel plans of folks across the USA and internationally…making them wanting to come to Irving.  Bringing folks into the city will create jobs, increase the sales tax base and make the city a true destination point.

   Look: HersheyPark, PA has a chocolate factory and other family amenities; Corsicana, TX has the Collin Street Bakery for fruit cakes known worldwide; Grapevine, TX even has a LegoLand Discovery Center; Cleveland, OH has the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum which should never be confused with the bucks being squandered in Irving for the Texas Musicians Museum.  While we know a casino would be the perfect fit for the Texas Stadium site, the chances of this happening are about as good as QueenB VD possibly taking medication for any NPD symptoms.

   The point is: The city council Pet Rock collection needs to break the spell of drinking QueenB VDs spiked mead, think outside the box and not consider development on the Texas Stadium site until the grand interest of the city — not the queen’s, not the chamber of commerce and not the queen’s single source developer — have been met.

   If this is accomplished, then the ICVB could institute a new slogan for the city:  "I’ve visited Irving, TX…you haven’t?"

DMN, Avi Selk, November 7, 2014:

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Saturday, November 8, 2014

CCR 11-08-14: Beer, Burgers and Whoppers

the   Controversial  Committee   Report
“We don’t raise sacred cows...we just butcher them.”

   Want fries with that beer?

   Here we go again!  Be prepared.  You have been warned.  Hide the kids!  

   Irving’s parochial clash between the Wets and Drys in the city will replay (once again)  at the city council meeting on November 13, 2014(This residential clash has lasted longer than the Hatfield-McCoy feud over a scrawny pig.)  Why?

   Well, the newly renovated and shiny Big State Drug Fountain and Grill is seeking a zoning change for the sale of alcohol on premises.  Uh Oh!  Simply stated, they want to serve beer with their burgers, but will not, as some might think or want to believe, turn the establishment into a biker beer bar.  Sounds rather simple, right?

   For those who have been around Irving a goodly number of years, alcohol zoning is the only passionate issue, in the city, where folks will actually take time to visit the council chambers for a meeting to express an opinion.  And the opinions expressed on this topic always seem to be the same…NO booze/YES booze.  Who’s a poor sot to believe?

   Once again, the debate will feature Drys, cloaking their religious tenets tightly to their chest, attempting to persuade and pander the council with the fear this zoning of alcohol is an atrocity for a ‘soda fountain’ of such heritage.  To allow this zoning would certainly be detrimental to the health, safety, traffic patterns, and sobriety of all Irving citizens.  Kids will be run over in the streets.  Wives will be the victims of spousal abuse.  And rampant booze guzzling on Main Street in ‘beautiful downtown Irving’ will mark the beginning of the Apocalypse.  The demon’s elixir will backwash all the way to the banks of the Trinity River.  (Fire and brimstone would surely follow, don’t you think?) 

   On the other side of the beer mug will be the wobbling Wets, who for the most part are responsible or closet imbibers, wanting to see Irving join the twenty-first century and allow a private business to be competitive with other businesses serving beer with burgers.  Additionally, they would note, there has not been any scientific arguments or statistical data presented, by the opposition, to reflect any cafe, restaurant or club in the city has caused an increase in the crime rate by serving beer with burgers.

   (While the fervent behavior of the Wet/Dry debate is of historical note in the city, the range of zeal for attendees at the Oberammergau Passion Play in Bavaria, Germany doesn’t outstrip Irving’s alcohol passion play participants.) 

   Case in Point:  When was the last time anyone spied a gang war breaking out over curly fries in a Chili’s parking lot where people were served beer and burgers?  Has anyone ever witnessed an individual leaving a Saltgrass restaurant after having a B&B, to finish off a prime steak dinner, only to drive over a bus load of kids?  Certainly, no spousal abuse reports, by a guy swatting his mate/partner with a buttered croissant at Cheddar’s, have ever been filed with Irving PD. 

   Seriously, the only place one might expect to witness drunken deviant behavior would be at "Jerry’s AT&T World Amusement and Bloated Ego Park" in Arlington.  And normally, this activity would appear in the stands where security personnel are on hand to remove said obnoxious individuals rather quickly.  (Could this account for Jerry not being on the sidelines when a game is over and the Cowboys have lost…again?)

   Staff of the CCR believes the zoning case will pass (and should pass) without any major hurdles or raining down of lightening bolts on the unwashed masses of the city.  However, an important wrinkle to add to the debate will be QueenB VDs possible dictate to her Pet Rocks. 

   During the renovation process, the queen previously pledged total city support to the property owner and appeared in photo ops to mark the transformation of the old drug store property.  Certainly, she could not back down now or have her Pet Rocks waiver…even though the property owner for the Big State Fountain and Grill still sits on the Planning and Zoning Commission. 

   Some have questioned: How does this property owner comply with the queen’s newly revised and terribly unnecessary ethics code…especially in the matter of city funds (signage in particular) already contributed to the renovation effort?  If the zoning applicant, for this case, is also a member of the city’s Planning and Zoning Commission and stands to profit from this zoning change (even though he abstained from voting on the matter), isn’t this exactly what the queen was adamantly attempting to erase with her fluffy ethics code screed?  Just wondering.

   For the Record:  Understandably, this project has had a few ‘approval wrinkles’ since inception.  The CCR once reported (08-03-14) the property owner and city staff had developed a plan whereby $202,000 in city funds would be available to the property owner for the renovation of the property.  This provoked an outcry of outrageous proportions from citizenry regarding a private business milking city funds to renovate a for-profit venture.  

   So, at the request of the property owner, the CCR published another report (08-13-14) whereby the property owner assured staff of the CCR of two recent considerations and developments regarding the renovation project.  The property owner firmly stated the following had changed or been taken off the table: The property owner would not seek any additional city funds over the $75,000 already paid by the city for paving the parking area (this assurance also included not seeking any of the grant funds for any exterior renovations), and that no additional city funds would be requested for the renovation project.  This also meant the $202,000 had been ‘taken off the table’ by the property owner. 

   Imagine the surprise of the CCR staff when a couple weeks after the ‘clarification’ CCR report was issued (published at the express request of the property owner as a matter of fairness by the CCR to its readers), the property owner gave approval to city staff for the business operator of his property to receive $25,000 for exterior signage renovation cost.  This payment was for signage that is actually owned by the property owner.  (Doesn’t the city’s exterior grant funds exclude signage renovation reimbursements?) 

   The apparent circumvention, for approval of these additional funds to the business operator, was stated in the council agenda as wanting to avoid a potential ‘conflict of interest’ on the property owner’s part.  Remember, the property owner still sits on the Planning and Zoning Commission and owns the building and signage.

   Question:  When does the queen’s revised, fluffy ethics code actually apply?  Does it only apply to those who are not supporters of her realm? 

   Sadly, the actual business operator (and his wife are born, bred, and lifelong Irvingites…not carpetbaggers to the city) is caught in the middle of an issue not of his doing.  He would just like to flip burgers in ‘beautiful downtown Irving’ without all the drama of the property owner sitting on the Planning and Zoning Commission and QueenB VD appeasing those she pleases.  

   Hopefully, the business operator will receive the zoning change being requested and leave the politicos to answer any of the potential ‘conflict of interest’ or renovation payment questions made on behalf of the property owner.  The total amount paid by the city and approved by the city council for this renovation project currently stands at $100,000.  This figure doesn't include any payments, under $50,000, which technically could be made without council approval…if any such payments were made.

     To ensure passage of the zoning case, will QueenB VD covertly sign a secret edict to her Pet Rocks warning them to disregard any arguments the Drys propose in this zoning case?  In her mind, this might not be a zoning case…this could be a matter of her appeasing a property owner and supporter.

   If things should get out of hand when the debate on the zoning case commences, don’t be surprised if the queen angrily flips her mane in disgust and shouts to the crowd: "Sit down and shut up.  It’s just a beer with a burger…not the second coming."

   Should, for any reason, the zoning case not be approved by the council, then look for QueenB VD to tap her newest and best Tea-slurping buddy, Rodney "Bogus-gate Complaint" Anderson, to pass a new wrinkle of legislation at the Texas State House which would read: "In Texas, a burger is not a real burger unless it is downed with a beer."  And of course, everyone knows city law cannot supersede state law.

   So, dear readers, tune in to Item # 40 on the city council agenda Thursday evening, pop some corn and slug down the drink of your choice while watching Irving’s alcohol passion play unfold. 

   The zoning case will provide more drama than a Billy Shakespeare production…with more passion, grease and fries imaginable.  We promise.

…………………………..Mark Holbrook