Tuesday, September 16, 2014

CCR 09-16-14: The Autocracy Pen

the   Controversial  Committee   Report
“We don’t raise sacred cows...we just butcher them.”

     Here we go again!  Would someone please take QueenB VDs BIC® pen away?

     It wasn’t bad enough the queen signed the US Conference of Mayors letter, in support of the Time Warner/Comcast merger, to the Federal Communications Commission.  This merger could, in effect, be considered anti-Net Neutrality and promise to have chilling results on future cable rates for Irving subscribers.  

     And remember, her signature as mayor of the City of Irving, for this potential merger, was done without any notification, consent or approval of the entire city council.

     Well, QueenB VDs Autocracy mindset has kicked-in again with her signing a new, highly partisan letter.  She has put pen to parchment for yet another missive, which basically is dripping with Tea Party leaves, in an apparent attempt to demonstrate, to her shallow thinking base, she is working on their behalf.

     (Does she not realize she is supposed to represent the city of Irving and not a particular national political faction?  Does she not consider Democrats, normal Conservatives, Libertarians, or Independents in the city worthy of having a voice in her realm?)  

     Needless to say, this latest partisan letter, replete with enough political dogma to choke a horse, was signed by her as mayor of the City of Irving…again without benefit of city council consideration, notification, or approval.  When did the mayor’s position in the City of Irving become so politically polarized?  

     Do you think voters in 2012 realized they may have elected the city’s first Tea Party mayor?  Talk about transparency…QueenB VD hid her true colors under her "cloak of invisibility" very well.  (Of course, she probably would have denied, at least thrice, this charge…had it been made.)

     For all these years, staff of the CCR believed our local representatives were political-party neutral and interested only in what was best for the city.  Sadly, it doesn’t appear QueenB VD has these same sentiments.  Of course, could all of this letter signing, propping up the local Tea Party agenda and acting in her own self-interest, be a prelude to seeking another office?  (How soon?  Could we assist in packing her bags?  Tell her sugar daddy contributors, PACs and special interest concerns we’ll foot the bill this time.)  

     Regardless, what makes the latest letter signing by QueenB VD so witless and insensitive to the citizenry is the fact she actually believes she is conducting city business with these actions.  Many might contend she is doing "the queen’s business."  More astute observers could infer the queen is merely maxing out a possible NPD affliction.  (And when one adds AHD, PPP and J&HS, this toxicity could only point to a lack of genuine leadership for the city.)

     If QueenB VD is so proud of all the letter signing she has recently been a party to, resulting from her participation in the US Conference of Mayors, then why isn’t she sending out copies of these letters in her infamous e-mail blasts alerting all the citizenry of her actions of grandeur?  Oh, wait!  Some of her potential supporters may actually harbor the seeds of a "radical agenda," or support programs she does not favor.  Seriously, the "radical agenda" the queen is railing against in Irving (or the US Conference of Mayors) just might be a figment of her imagination.  (Is the tiara pressing too hard on the cranium?)  

     Another salient point to remember, with all of the queen’s Autocracy actions, is: Your tax dollars pay for her membership in the US Conference of Mayors.  Staff of the CCR feels the queen is getting her monies worth, but are Irving citizens?

     One example of the queen’s "radical agenda" scenario, as might be concluded from her latest dispatch, would be something akin to:  Tennis Center on the old Texas Stadium site = "Yes, says the queen.  Not radical!  Build it…now!" vs.  South Irving recreational center = "You’ve got to be kidding.  This is a radical concept.  This would even benefit peons and serfs in ‘beautiful downtown Irving!’"

     Another example could be: Pilfer designated funds for the potential black hole of spending referred to as the Texas Musicians Museum = "Good for the city and good for queenly photo ops. Not radical!" vs.  Keep designated city funds intact for the city’s Historical Museum = "RADICAL! This museum would benefit peons and serfs and be scant on potential queenly photo ops." 

     Hopefully, one day the serfs and peons of Irving will awaken to finally realizing that any action QueenB VD takes on basically any issue in the city (or in conjunction with the US Conference of Mayors in DC) is solely designed to promote, pimp and advance her political persona, mane flipping and partisan career forward.  Truly sad!  
…………………..Mark Holbrook

     The latest letter, with the queen’s signature, is reflected in an article from a Texas Tea Party-ish organization.  We will only send the link to those who want to read the spinning claptrap of the mayor’s "achievements" in ‘fighting’ the "radical agenda."  By not listing the article link here, we are attempting to spare CCR readers from finding out they might be part of the queen’s "radical agenda" in their efforts to make Irving a vibrant city. 

     And in the case of QueenB VD, she certainly might not know vibrancy is as objective as a "radical agenda."  We all understand the world political spectrum flows from ISIS followers, who murder innocents and lop off the heads of non-believers…to the other extreme of rigid, non-tolerant ultra-conservatives, who trample on the heads of those with differing opinions and belief systems.  Both ends of this political spectrum are dangerous to any political system as neither wants to recognize the free will and character of  individuals.

     While on the topic of credos, perhaps a name change might now be in the offering for the KIA, Keep Irving Accountable, blog on FaceBook.  With the queen’s minions and Flying Harpies laying waste to this site and those having differing opinions, the blog might be more appropriately titled KITS, Keep Irving Tea Sipping. 

Saturday, September 13, 2014

An Open Letter

the   Controversial  Committee   Report
“We don’t raise sacred cows...we just butcher them.”

An Open Letter

TO: Irving City Council Members
Brad LaMorgese
Gerald Farris
Tom Spink
Oscar Ward
John Danish
Dennis Webb
Allan Meagher
Joe Putnam

FR: Mike Howard

cc: Beth Van Duyne, City Manager, City Secretary

SUBJ: Commitment of the City of Irving to Potential Cable Merger

     A recent CCR report (9-7-14) discussed the potential merger between Time Warner and Comcast cable companies being considered by the Federal Communications Commission.  The impact of this merger could have a chilling effect on cable subscribers in Irving.  

     While the mayor has stated her position (by signing a letter, with fifty-one other mayors, as provided by the US Conference of Mayors) for this merger on behalf of the city, it is only fair to inquire: As an elected member of the city council, do you agree with the position the mayor has taken as representing the city of Irving and your interest?
     It is understood there has been no discussion and the council was not polled regarding this issue prior to the mayor signing on behalf of the city.

     Please reply directly to this e-mail with your responses.  The information will be accumulated, compiled and included in a report to the CCR readership list.  As tax payers and cable subscribers, citizens need to know where their elected officials stand on an issue of this magnitude which effects their personal income and Internet communications freedom.

Do you support the merger of the Time Warner and Comcast cable companies?
Yes / No

Do you believe there should be Net Neutrality for all Internet users regardless of service provider?*
Yes / No

Should the entire council have voted on a matter of this importance prior to the city being committed to a defined position by virtue of the mayor’s singular endorsement?
Yes / No

     It would be helpful to have all responses returned by September 19, 2014.  Lack of providing a response will reflect a "No Comment" as being noted for your position on this issue when a follow-up CCR report is produced.

     In the interim, this open letter will be posted to the CCRs blog.

Net Neutrality means an Internet that enables and protects free speech. It means that Internet service providers should provide us with open networks — and should not block or discriminate against any applications or content that ride over those networks.  ("Save the Internet," FreePress, http://www.savetheinternet.com/sti-home )

Thursday, September 11, 2014

CCR/DW 09-11-14: Out to Lunch

TO:  CCR Tweet-less:

Here’s what you recently missed by not following: 
Dylan Westie   @DylanWestie1  on Twit-er.

Photo ops or city business? QueenB still out of country on a conference of mayors junket & missing CC mtg. tonight! Which benefits the citizenry most?


PostScript:  Before the council meets next week to finalize the budget and approve the tax rate for 2014-15, there should be one new position added…  QueenB VDs private meeting/event scheduler.  

   It appears the queen is having a difficult time handling required city business.  Remember how she missed the largest city event and dedication in the last twenty years…the Entertainment Center ground breaking?  After agreeing to attend this event, she suddenly decided to be "out of town."  Guess she didn’t want to hobnob with some of the other VIP guest.  Maybe they were not on the queen’s list of peons or serfs she would lower herself to converse with.

   The city council met this evening to have a public hearing on the city’s budget and tax rate.  Well, the queen was noticeably absent again.  The junket she is flitting around the globe on is sponsored by the US Conference of Mayors.  This is the same organization that sponsored and had the queen and fifty-one other mayors sign the Time Warner and Comcast — the anti-Net Neutrality wannabe cable monopoly players — letter of support for their merger. 

   Of course, the queen will not address how her actions in these matters has any benefit or value to the citizenry.  (Why doesn’t she send out one of her infamous e-mail blasts to address these topics?)  Could the following assist in identifying why the queen is reticent in achieving full disclosure and transparency with the electorate?  
  • Missing the grand Entertainment Center event…PPP (Political Pettiness Personified)
  • Without council consent, signing the Net Neutrality letter…J&HS (Jekyll & Hyde Syndrome) 
  • Missing a posted city council meeting and choosing frivolous travel and photo ops over city business…NPD (you know this one by heart)

   The only ‘condition’ missing in her recent flair of self-importance is the one noted in a DMN editorial…AHD (Aloof, Haughty and Dismissive)  But then, she is probably saving this for when the council meets next week!

   And to think, citizens will have to put up with all this egocentricity for two years…plus.  MH

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

CCR/DW 09-10-14: mega-Tiara

TO:  CCR Tweet-less:

Here’s what you recently missed by not following: 
Dylan Westie   @DylanWestie1  on Twit-er.

Even the fog of her UK jet lag will not prevent QueenB from pimping her faux tax rate decrease @ Thurs. p.m. CC mtg. Tell her NO at: bvanduyne@cityofirving.org


PostScript: As QueenB VD flies in from her junket to the UK to attend the city council meeting Thursday evening, she will preside with a new tiara purchased in London.  Her last tiara wasn’t large enough to fit properly and it got in the way when flipping her mane at wayward Pet Rocks.
     The major item on the council agenda will be to establish the tax rate for the 2014-15 city budget.  The queen’s insistence to lower the tax rate is a political ploy designed to appease her Tea sipping pals.  It has nothing to do with good or responsible government. (And this coming from a conservative!)
     Damage to the city’s present and future infrastructure, water and sewer needs/repairs and protective services of police and fire will end up costing tax payers considerably more in the next three to four years if the tax rate is reduced.
     Unless you advise your elected officials (Pet Rocks primarily), be prepared to pay higher taxes than expected next year.  And when you do, be sure to thank QueenB VD!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

CCR/DW 09-09-14: Tiara Trip

TO:  CCR Tweet-less:

Here’s what you recently missed by not following: 
Dylan Westie   @DylanWestie1  on Twit-er.

QueenB in UK for new tiara fitting? If Scotland splits w/UK in 10 da., her leadership skills w/b the reason? @ http://share.d-news.co/giNKSpi  Benefit to Irving is?


PostScript:  As if QueenB VD hasn’t caused enough problems for the citizenry in ‘beautiful downtown Irving,’ she is exporting her autocracy skill techniques to the United Kingdom.  Maybe she is attempting to regale them with: her faux ethics policy passed with the assistance of her Pet Rocks; or perhaps, she will impart the secrets of how to obtain a single source developer to construct a Tennis Center on the old Texas Stadium site.  Do you think she has demanded a side trip, to take pictures of Wimbledon, to ensure OliverMcMillan fully understands what she wants? 

Monday, September 8, 2014

CCR/DW 09-09-14: Fried Bologna Available!

TO:  CCR Tweet-less:

Here’s what you recently missed by not following: 
Dylan Westie   @DylanWestie1  on Twit-er

Best wishes & good luck to the Fairless' re-opening of Big State today.  S. Irving neighbors & friends elated.  May your landlord issues be surmountable.


Sunday, September 7, 2014

CCR 09-07-14: Net non-Neutrality

the   Controversial  Committee   Report
“We don’t raise sacred cows...we just butcher them.”

     Okay, class, let’s have a show of hands of all those who would like to have their cable rates increased…again this year.  Only two hands in the air?  Oh, would the two individuals — from Comcast and Time Warner — please put your hands down and leave the room?

     Sorry about that, but the seminar screeners were supposed to prevent any of the money sucking, greedy corporate cable folks from attending this information session designed for CCR readers only.

     Back to the issue at hand…Net Neutrality.  For the uninformed, let’s define, in a broad sense, what this term means: "Net Neutrality means an Internet that enables and protects free speech. It means that Internet service providers should provide us with open networks — and should not block or discriminate against any applications or content that ride over those networks."(1) (colored emphasis is the CCRs)  From all indications, Time Warner and Comcast may not be subscribers to this concept.

     Simply put, if Internet providers Time Warner and Comcast are allowed to merge and form a conglomerate cable empire, the short and costly end of this shiv-in-the-ribs will be thrust in all cable subscribers utilizing their services.   This new mega-corporation would be the first step in establishing a potential cable monopoly.  As has been proven in the past, any form of business operating in a monopolistic arena certainly doesn’t always have consumer wallets in mind as they go about their business of pumping up their bottom line.

     To achieve their goal, Time Warner and Comcast have petitioned the FCC (Federal Communication Commission) to rule in their favor for allowing the merger.  And remember, in a city where Time Warner operates (Irving for example) subscribers may not have Comcast also providing cable service to offer a competitive environment.  The combined effect of both cable providers utilizing this type of service matrix, in differing and maybe adjoining cities, will effectively squash competitive efforts by any other cable provider when it comes to any rate hike considerations.

     And how does any of this effect folks in ‘beautiful downtown Irving?’  Well, QueenB VD (known by her Washington, D.C. pals and cronies as mayor VanDuyne) and fifty-one of her other ‘good old boy’ mayors in the US Conference of Mayors signed a letter(2) to the FCC which declared their support of the merger.  What is not surprising is the queen signed the letter and did not consider the ‘advise and consent’ of the city council before affixing her signature.(3)  

     (Wouldn’t it be interesting to know if any US Conference of Mayors financial support comes from Time Warner or Comcast?  After all, the conference of mayors runs on bucks provided by member cities, organizations, and businesses.)  

     Did QueenB VD read the minds of the other eight council members, or just fall back on her self-assumed authority to sign this letter without any notification to the council?  After all, her signature was representative of the city of Irving in this endeavor.  Signing as the Mayor of the city of Irving infers, to even a casual reader, the entire governing body of the city is in agreement with what has been signed.  Therefore, the city of Irving now supports the merger of Time Warner and Comcast to create a potential price-fixing monopoly by virtue of the queen’s ink on parchment.  

     Do you agree with this proposition by favoring a merger of these two companies?  Does you council representative favor this merger?  When did Irving resort to an autocracy, sans Pet Rocks, form of government?

     Maybe QueenB VD could provide the CCR with the date and time she polled the other eight members of the council to receive a consensus before signing.  What, she didn’t do this?  And you are surprised, why?

     When previously questioned by a local blog poster as to why she signed the document of support being sent to the FCC for the merger of the two cable companies, her flimsy, fluffy and rambling rationale boiled down to: " …Time Warner has been a good corporate citizen to Irving…"  Wow!  What a flaky and tepid rationale for an issue so vast and costly to all cable subscribers in the city. 

     Is the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde syndrome affecting the queen’s thought processes in this matter?  When does "being a good corporate citizen" equate to taking a scalpel to the scalp of cable customers?

     To whit: Dr. Jekyll was a wonderful, good corporate citizen and surgeon in London.  He was well liked by all for his generosity to charities, organizations and the community as he healed the debilitated.  However, his chief enforcer and alter-ego ogre, Mr. Hyde — operating in the dark, under the covers, and behind the scenes — provided Dr. Jekyll’s needs for campaign contributions, PAC donations and having strings tied to all elected officials voting arms.  Since folks only saw the "good" Dr. Jekyll, they assumed anything he wanted or did was right for London.  And when something did go terribly wrong, the citizenry couldn’t indict the "good" Dr. Jekyll for their misfortunes or calamities!  He was a good corporate citizen!

     (Thinking a little deeper on this analogy, isn’t this the same pattern and mode of operation QueenB VD used for her election processes…sugar daddy contributors, special interest concerns and single source developers all operating under her covers like the mysterious Mr. Hyde?)

     By signing the letter to the FCC, as mayor of the city of Irving, QueenB VD has, in effect, unleashed Mr. Hyde to prey on all unsuspecting Irving cable subscribers.  The citizenry will have no choice but to pay higher cable bills or drop their service.  And who can they blame?  Mr. Hyde is nowhere to be seen or found!  And isn’t that Dr. Jekyll smiling as he takes an even larger deposit to the bank due to skyrocketing cable rates?

     While staff of the CCR didn’t think it possible, QueenB VD may have just added another personality trait to a potential list of citizenry-noticed disorders(4): NPD, AHD, PPP and now J&HS (Jekyll & Hyde Syndrome).  Isn’t it time for serfs and peons of her realm to request the queen think more about them than her corporate pals?  Higher cable rates and her faux tax rate reduction benefit corporate entities in Irving more than the citizenry!  

     (Irving’s current property taxes are 70+% corporate driven…so guess who gets the major benefit?  Let the queen know your thoughts at: bvd234@yahoo.com )

     All of the queen’s activities of self-importance in this merger matter and many others recently make her flock of Flying Harpy enforcers look like a shimmer of hummingbirds!

……………………..Mark Holbrook

1)  "Save the Internet," FreePress, http://www.savetheinternet.com/sti-home

2)  Letter signed by QueenB VD to the FCC regarding the merger of Time Warner and Comcast link: http://www.dailydot.com/politics/comcast-time-warner-american-mayors/  Click on the item noted: signed letter

3)  Other than QueenB VD and her flock of Flying Harpies, does anyone remember her hissy fit and how her Flying Harpies went ballistic when the former mayor signed a letter, as mayor of Irving, for a local branch of a national organization without council authorization?  Does this mean, in goose cooking parlance, there is a different sauce required when it’s QueenB VDs ganders being basted?
4)  Detail of disorders available upon request.