Sunday, December 14, 2014

CCR 12-14-14: Defining Indifference

the   Controversial  Committee   Report
“We don’t raise sacred cows...we just butcher them.”

   Have you purchased your new QueenB VD "Revised Dictionary of Queenly Word Usage?"  This would make a terrific Xmas present for voting family members and friends not familiar with the queenly definition of words.

   The queen’s new revised dictionary is modeled after the old President Bill Clinton dictionary wherein he infamously interpreted, for modern word usage, his revelation of: "It depends on what the meaning of the word of ‘is’ is."  And like Clinton, unless you have QueenB VDs revised dictionary, you will not be able to fathom the real meaning of all her self-centered statements and actions.

   And that, dear readers, is why QueenB VD rushed to have her publication printed and in the malls before the Irving City council meets again in January.  New definitions and language usage will be required immediately for the queen to have her Pet Rocks do her bidding on an issue she failed to have passed. 

   Back Story for QueenB VDs new revised dictionary:  While the queen is still recovering from her shocking defeat, of her sneaky approach to having a total smoking ban ordinance passed by the Irving City council, she immediately went to her Plan B to sate the tremendous ego deflation suffered by the 5-4 vote loss.  Her first phase of Plan B was  to immediately appoint, another or a NEW ad hoc committee, to work on the defeated version of her total smoking ban ordinance.

   The NEW ad hoc smoking-ban-committee replaces the previous ad hoc committee which had already performed the task of re-working the city’s health committee’s draconian ordinance.  But since the results of the old ad hoc committee did not coincide with what the queen demands and dictates, then all of their work and effort was for naught.  

   Added to the demise of the old ad hoc committee’s work was the fact an astute council member was assisting and working to ‘fix’ the ordinance for the best interest of the city.  Of particular note, this dedicated council member was not placed on the NEW ad hoc committee.  (After all, the NEW ad hoc committee could not have anyone smarter than the queen who would work to do what was right for the city.)

   So, even though she lost the smoking ban proposal she submitted, the queen will attempt to stack the NEW ad hoc committee with two Pet Rocks (Farris and LaMorgese) who are know to carrying out every whim, fancy and dictate she utters.  And she hopes these two Pet Rocks, at least, will sway, embarrass or ‘turn’ temporarily-reformed Pet Rock Ward, who is on the committee, back to her queenly gravel collection.

   (Many are surprised QueenB VD hasn’t already issued a "heads off" dictate for Ward’s voting against her total smoking ban ordinance.  The question remains: Will Ward be strong enough to resist the queen’s bullying and continue to do what is in the city’s best interest?)

   Phase two of QueenB VDs Plan B involves publishing her new "Revised Dictionary of Queenly Word Usage" for peons and serfs of the realm.  Since the queen witnessed a considerable, and correctly pointed, amount of flack from audience members speaking in opposition to her total smoking ban (see note below for areas that would suffer or go out of business as a result), QueenB VD wants to make an attempt at placating and wooing back some of the very influential donors and Sugar Daddy contributors to her campaign war chest which felt the sting of her inane actions. 

(Really, do you seem surprised there are ulterior motives to any of the queen’s self-absorbed actions?  Let the queen’s atonement begin!)

   The queen’s new revised dictionary, for her political bullying pulpit, will certainly include new definitions for: patio and Star Trek Chamber.  Here’s what the revised word usage will be for these two words.  (The next queenly revision will define and include new terms for: ‘conflict of interest’ and ‘single source developers’ as dictated by the queen.)

   Patio:  A patio is a patio when the queen dictates it is a patio.  (Sound familiar to Clinton?)  Even if a patio area is currently within twenty-five feet of an ingress/egress point of a restaurant, the area is still considered a patio IF this designated area has removable walls for use during inclement weather or freezing temperatures.  (This is the key  point: Having removable walls will make the area not appear to be an integral and joined part of the entire dining facility requiring separate ventilation, etc.  Think stealth walls hiding an obvious zoning violation…if that will assist in understanding the queen’s fractured logic.)

   Star Trek Chamber: will be defined as a fully enclosed room shaped like a space craft, with a separate ventilation system, to beam all cigar smoke and lascivious conversations into the ionosphere to assist in patching the Ozone layer.  The restaurant model designed would resemble an aeronautical-Fidel Castro’s office sans the ventilation equipment, but stocked with fine Cubans.

   While these two definitions, in the queen’s newly revised dictionary, will assist in her attempted recovery with a couple major campaign donors (DeWitt - $5,707; Gibbons - $17,500.  See CCR 08-08-14  for additional details regarding these and other contributors.), be advised she will have additional instructions, for her Pet Rocks on the NEW ad hoc committee, which need to be addressed.

   These additional instructions to her two Pet Rocks will be an integral part of the queen’s Plan B, and will be designed to punish and commit, to the Tower of Obedience, any individual who sniffs daubers or stamps markings on a BINGO card using a dauber marker.  QueenB VD will also institute a new health warning so individuals realize the perils one finds in a BINGO parlor…and dauber sniffing addiction is not just the only one.

   Individuals who succumb to frequenting Irving’s only BINGO parlor also subject themselves to: Enjoyment, donations to charitable organizations and a chance to win a few bucks to supplement their Social Security checks.  And this is not the type of business QueenB VD wants in her realm.  FACT:  If the activity doesn’t benefit her or the personnel contributing to her campaign fund, than a total ban should be enforced and all the fun loving BINGO heathers should be driven out of the realm.

   Yes, dear readers, there will be many new original words and definitions found in QueenB VDs revised dictionary.  And all subjects of the realm will be required to follow the exact wording or face her full wrath and mane flipping tantrums.  You really do not want to catch the queen’s ire if she happens to be having a possibly bad NPD day…this could be an extremely ugly situation to say the least. 

   As an additional update to the new revised dictionary, the queen has added a new series of royal photo op pictures for the word: Egotist. 

   Check out the photos of the queen’s many adventures while spending your city tax bucks on self-gratification efforts not related to any benefit for the city.

………………………Mark Holbrook 

NOTE:  Smoking ban provisions: Under the queen’s original total smoking ban ordinance proposal, the following would have been included as places were smoking would not be permitted: Cigar smoking at Cool River, outdoor patio dining at The Ranch, restaurants already having designated and approved smoking sections, golfers on the city golf course, visitors to city parks, any indoor area of a retail establishment, BINGO halls, restaurants, bars and sport cafes, shopping malls, enclosed areas of non-residential buildings used as places of employment, and city public parks to just name a few. 

Friday, December 12, 2014

CCR/DW 12-12-14: Burning Butts

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Dylan Westie  @DylanWestie1  on Twit-er.

Prayers before city council meetings don't seem to be working. Each religious leader continues to ask for 'divine guidance' for the council.

This just in: Is QueenBs (Irving mayor) smoking ordinance ban also another dig at  arch enemy ARK for future EC restaurants and development?

Someone call the EMTs as QueenB (Irving mayor) is being mauled over her autocratic smoking ordinance scam. Even her campaign donors oppose!

QueenB (Irving mayor) is in ICU due to mauling & postponement of her autocratic smoking ban end run. It will be handled properly when returned.


PostScript:  The only way to describe last evenings city council meeting, where the chamber was packed, is:
BINGO Ladies  1
QueenB VD       0

   Without a doubt, QueenB VDs attempt to sneak a total smoking ban ordinance, through the council in an autocratic manner, went up in smoke.  Even her puffy rejoinders and shabby comments to justify her inane actions — as to how she placed the item on the agenda in a stealth manner — were as murky as year-old bong water.

   In a 5-4 vote, the council moved for an indefinite postponement of the extreme ban pushed by the queen.  (So much for her having a photo op after the council meeting, but 'beautiful downtown Irving' is once again safe.)

   After the vote, the queen stomped her feet, flipped her mane, pouted and stridently vowed to have the issue returned in January.  However, she was corrected by Danish concerning how the  item would be returned.  

   Danish’s remarks noted that the issue will be returned to a council work session agenda to finalize the ordinance for public input.  Then, the ordinance would be placed on the next city council agenda.  This process would provide the citizenry a genuine opportunity to review and comment on the actual ordinance under consideration.  

   (The ordinance the queen previously had placed on the agenda was the one not favored by many council members and instituted a total ban on smoking in the city as developed by the city’s health committee.)

   As expected by the 5-4 vote, three of the Pet Rocks (LaMorgese, Farris and Spink) blindly aligned with QueenB VD.  Their efforts only allowed them to assist in scraping the egg off of the mayor's face for the mishandling of this political ploy.  

   However, there may be a slight fissure in the Pet Rock contingency as Ward drifted away from the dark side of the council dais to vote against the queen’s dictate to approve her political posturing on this issue.

   Warning — The following individuals are subject to future vengeance and wrath from QueenB VD for speaking or opposing her egotistical move to pass the smoking ban ordinance: BINGO ladies, restaurant owners and donors, citizens, council members and small business owners.  You now have a large target on your back.  You should probably check the sky for potential Flying Harpy attacks, too.  After all, the Mother Superior of Flying Harpies does not like it when someone crosses the queen…on any subject.  (And there is no doubt the queen will seek some means in her attempt to punish those who did not do her bidding.)

   Finally, the 2.6 earthquake that juggled the city about the time the smoking ban ordinance was being wrapped up (12-11-14) was not due to fracking.  The slight seismic shift was just the queen stomping her feet and dashing off to catch her carriage to return to her north Irving castle behind the gated walls.

   Kudos to Putnam, Webb, Meagher, Danish and recently reformed(?) Pet Rock Ward for handling this issue for the betterment of the city and those whose business interest in the city which were threatened by QueenB VDs gross mismanagement and egotistical approach to conducting affairs of the city.

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Thursday, December 11, 2014

CCR/DW 12-11-14: Blowing Smoke

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Here’s what you recently missed by not following
Dylan Westie  @DylanWestie1  on Twit-er.

 * BINGO ladies of Irving…time to UNITE! QueenB (Irving mayor) is about to kill your enjoyment and past time at the 12-11-14 council meeting.

* Is QueenBs (Irving mayor) autocratic placing smoking ordinance w/o proper committee/public input an NPD spike? Shouldn't item be pulled?

* QueenB (Irving mayor) setting stage to run some small businesses out of town with her autocratic handling of the smoking ordinance. How sad!

* QueenB (Irving mayor) blows smoke up/on Pet Rocks to protect Sugar Daddy donor's restaurant patio w/fluffy revisions to smoking ordinance?


PostScript:  Showing a complete disdain for city staff, committee appointees, established processes, the citizenry and non-Pet Rocks, QueenB VD will be blowing a lot of verbal smoke tonight as she attempts to have an invalid (as in legally and properly posted for this meeting of the proposed action to be taken) smoking ordinance passed.

   Of course, the Pet Rocks, led by Farris and LaMorgese, are already in queenly bobble-head mode and agreeing, without any cognitive thinking, that the queen’s utterances and dictates will best serve her realm political resumé.  

   It remains to be seen if Spink and Ward (who is a partner in the controversial Whistle Stop agenda item preceding the smoking ordinance) are going to again pledge their total fealty for another mismanaged and non-transparent autocratic action by the queen.  (As elected officials, do they not see how they are being used by the queen at the expense of those who actually elected them to the council to do what is in the best interest of the city?)

   And then there is Danish.  As always, he wants to dance on both sides of any issue.  While blustering how QueenB VD violated the rules of transparency and public input with bringing this issue forward now — as she did — he immediately blows a few air kisses her way seeking approval for his verbose and  wishy-washy stand as to what his ultimate action might be.  

  Simply put, the ordinance QueenB VD brought forward is not the one which had been previously revised to accommodate citizen input and the sentiments of the council.  No, QueenB VD dug deep to find the most restrictive ordinance, in the archives of this issue, to allow her to blow copious amounts of smoke on what a great job she is doing (in her mind) for the city…while eliminating citizen input and avoiding complete transparency.

   Here’s just a few of the individuals and small business that will suffer, go out of business or lose their customer base due to QueenB VDs autocratic dictates…if "her" myopia vision goes forward: Cigar smokers at Cool River, patio diners at The Ranch (and really, the queen attempting to identify when a patio is a patio to sate a large campaign contributor reeks more than second-hand smoke.), restaurants that already have designated and approved smoking sections, golfers on the city golf course, visitors to city parks, any indoor area of a retail establishment, BINGO halls, restaurants, bars and sport cafes, shopping malls, enclosed areas of non-residential buildings used as places of employment, and public parks to just name a few.  

   Yes, QueenB VD wants to assure the citizenry, with her pseudo-Tea Party actions, that she knows what is best for you and how to run your business.  And this is paramount to those who are actually involved in running a business. 

   Also, the great outdoors of Irving is now under the jurisdiction of QueenB VD…and don’t breathe the air unless you have paid the appropriate fees to the crown.

   Remember, some of the above items were modified in another version of the ordinance which the queen has disregarded — without direction or concurrence of the city council — to posture for her autocratic vision.  Why?  Because she is the queen, of course!  She reigns and the serfs, peons and Pet Rocks are supposed to follow.  (Those who disagree face the wrath of the queen and the Mother Superior of Flying Harpies.)

   Best pop an additional batch of corn in the kettle as the council meeting tonight should be highly entertaining.  Staff of the CCR always enjoys the part where the Pet Rocks, attempting to sound original and intelligent, spew the queen’s talking points.  (Do you think she has her talking points tattooed on their palms?  Actually, aren’t their actions even starting to give Pet Rocks a bad name?)

   Also, it will be interesting to hear all the BINGO ladies question why this "Lazarus smoking ordinance" was resurrected by QueenB VD without the citizenry being properly informed.  When these dauber marking individuals last left the council chambers, provisions were made to accommodate Irving’s sole BINGO parlor…which pays taxes, assist charitable organizations and provides many hours of entertainment for a large segment of the city’s population. 

   Maybe in an autocracy, QueenB VD can even raise the dead if wearing her "cloak of invisibility."  Guess this is just another hidden talent to add to the list of NPD items she might have acquired while serving as mayor.

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Monday, December 8, 2014

CCR 12-08-14: Increased Travel Miles

the   Controversial  Committee   Report
“We don’t raise sacred cows...we just butcher them.”

    In this ‘spirit of giving’ season, some of QueenB VDs Pet Rocks could ask for your assistance.  There could be Pet Rocks who might want to establish a charitable fund for a worthy cause…which would immensely benefit the entire city.  And they would like for you to assist by donating.

   Your donations will go to: Send the Queen Out of Town Stat Fund

   All monies collected by Pet Rocks will be used to buy tickets for sending QueenB VD out of town for very special occasions.  One special occasion would be when there is an ARK Entertainment Center item on the council agenda for discussion and voting purposes.  (Just think of all the extra travel miles the queen will accumulate in addition to the city junket miles she is already racking up on your dime!)

   Back story:  It is no secret that QueenB VD harbors ill will towards ARK and their Entertainment Center project.  Her bitterness, harsh rhetoric and persecution of the company, in their dealings with the city, blazes hotter than an arsonist’s match.  

   The history of the queen’s contempt probably goes all the way back to her early days on the city council.  This was a time when two of her main String Pullers (Heinz Simon and J. Ralph Ellis) conceivably poisoned her well-of-support for an Entertainment Center project by not favoring the Billy Bob Bucks (BBB) group handling the concept.  

   (Coffee Shop Understanding…otherwise know as the Fifth Gospel: The main rationale of the opposition to BBB was…it wasn’t a Las Colinas developer, of their choice and under their thumb, identified to construct and run the future center.  Their determination verged on not just wanting a slice of the pie, but rather to own and control the entire pie making bakery.)

   As mayor, QueenB VD continued to demonstrate her complete disdain when ARK was selected to take over the Entertainment Center project from BBB.  Again, ARK was not a Las Colinas favored pick by the String Pullers.  So, she continued to carry water for her handlers and build higher barriers of obstinacy for the project.

   The queen’s derision has been reflected, in part, by: not appearing at the ground breaking ceremony for the Entertainment Center complex; leading the charge with her Pet Rocks to disapprove ARKs boutique hotel proposal…which was not actually the issue on the agenda; not attending the noteworthy press event where ARK and Live Nation became partners for all entertainment venues in the center; and of course, each and every time an ARK item might appear on a city council agenda she would posture and pick the issue apart cleaner than a buzzard on fresh road kill.  All of this for no valid rationale, rhyme or reason.  And certainly, not for the betterment of the city.

   The same could be the case at the December 11, 2014, city council meeting for agenda Item #40.  This is a plain vanilla issue pertaining to ARKs ability to better manage their project.  Cut and dry.  No hidden agenda here.  All this item requires is approval by the council.  One might even consider this a mere ‘housekeeping’ issue requiring little or no discussion before voting.  

   However, QueenB VD doesn’t do housekeeping!  (She relies on her serfs, peons and Flying Harpies to handle all of her ‘dirty’ or ‘wet work.’)  And if she is in town, then one might expect her PPP (Political Pettiness Personified) to kick in and cause her to sow more seeds of discontent while flipping her mane of self-importance.  Does the city really deserve this? 

   Donations Needed Now:  It appears a Pet Rock or two could actually want to start doing what is best for the city regarding the Entertainment Center project.  If this is the case, then it would be best if QueenB VD was out of town.  This would allow the Pet Rock(s) to discuss the genuine merits of the ARK agenda item without fear of immediate retribution, Flying Harpy attacks, or browbeating by the queen in a public forum.  

   (And the citizenry already has witnessed how adept QueenB VD is at performing these verbal bullying stunts in a public forum.  You don’t want to know what she does when the cameras are not rolling!)

   Funds donated to the Pet Rock charity will purchase tickets to fly QueenB VD (and a companion du jour) to Beaumont, Texas where her accommodations will be booked in a Hampton’s Inn® to take advantage of the free continental breakfast of rolls and juice.

   And without QueenB VD present at the upcoming council meeting, the city’s business might be conducted without all the ego driven, self-aggrandizement and petulant nature of an individual who might think more about photo ops than the city.

   Will you help the Pet Rock’s potential reform efforts?  Can the CCR count on your generous donation to achieve this action?  Contribute now to the "Send the Queen Out of Town Stat Fund."

   Don’t wait, as this issue is time sensitive.  Your city is counting on you!  Be generous and help send the queen packing.  

   (Note:  The queen has just about broken the city’s bank account by spending wads of tax bucks for all her other superfluous travel junkets.  Your donation to the Pet Rock fund may help create interference and a diversion of her lavish city-paid jaunts.)

………………………………Mark Holbrook

   Special Note:  An added benefit of contributing to the Pet Rock fund will be that legal fee amounts would be available for reformed Pet Rock’s use.  This will be important if QueenB VDs #1 Pet Rock LaMorgese shows up at the council meeting in a gown, high heels and tiara to blather and spout the queen’s talking points during her absence.  The Pet Rocks would be in a financial position to have him immediately removed from the dais and charges filed for impersonating a tyrannical autocrat. 

   Two Birds With One Stone: Another item of importance (Item #41) included on the council agenda noted above also requires consideration.  Here’s what you recently missed by not following Dylan Westie on Twit-er: @dylanwestie1.

   Is the Whistle Stop ‘Conflict of Interest’ Market train seeking another development delay to load more city tax funds into their box cars?!

   P.S.  Yes, the infamous Whistle Stop farmer’s market, food truck pit stop, and potential beer garden is requesting another extension for presenting their final proposal for the project to the city council.  When, and if, the dust ever settles on this development scheme, it will be interesting to note: Just how much funding will the partners (which includes a sitting council member) request the city contribute to this for-profit venture; and how will QueenB VDs fluffy ethics policy revisions stand the intense scrutiny as regards to ‘conflict of interest’ of a sitting council member, plus the fact another Whistle Stop partner is also a significant donor and funder of her political campaigns?  MH 

Saturday, December 6, 2014

CCR 12-06-14: Joy to the Canines

the   Controversial  Committee   Report
“We don’t raise sacred cows...we just butcher them.”

Have a Warm and Fuzzy Holiday!

From the Staff of the CCR
"Dylan"  "Mark"  and Mike

P.S.  Tis the season to be happy, joyous and wonder if your melted credit card is good for just one more purchase. 

   As you nog the eggs, roast your nuts and flash that Scrooge-like grin to the neighbor who just drove by in a new Bugatti Veyron Super Sport to cruise ‘beautiful downtown Irving,’ remember: Some folks still believe money creates happiness…when actually, it only makes politicos happy.  

   Genuine happiness could be achieved when all the governmental institutions and elected officials fully serve those intended to be served, and not just those who play the system for personal benefits and gain, ego satisfaction, or empire building efforts.

   This special season’s greeting is not a paid political ad (as maybe by a Sugar Daddy contributor for someone of wanton queenly aspirations), or e-mailed to only a select few individuals in the city's realm.  This salutation goes out to all on the CCR readership list, blog page viewers and the Internet-web-thingy folks who supported me in my "almost" mayor of Irving campaign and efforts this past year. 

   Have a great holiday and sit back, relax and prepare to enjoy more future sniffing out of political weasels by the CCR in the coming New Year.

   Want another shot of Bailey’s Irish cream with that hot chocolate?  Woof!

(s) Dylan

For the Record:  For several years, the CCR has ordered their holiday cards from Mrs. Deborah Borgo, Westie illustrator par excellence.  When posting this blog entry, we failed to include who designed the above Westie card and wish to express our sincere apologies to Mrs. Borgo.  Following is the credit which should have been noted and included with the original blog posting.  Mea Culpa.  MH

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

CCR/DW 11-25-14: Quaking Resolution

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Here’s what you recently missed by not following
Dylan Westie  @DylanWestie1  on Twit-er.

Another mild quake just shook the house and spilled my water dish all over the den floor. Of course, I'll be blamed for sloppy lapping again.

 Fracking is not causing all the Irving quakes. Apoplectic mane flipping by QueenB (Irving mayor) due to all her holiday photo ops is the root cause.


PostScript:  Around 4:39 pm, another earthquake (2.7) vibrated the same area of the city as all the previous quakes.  This represents the fifth quake in just four days.  While not as significant as the registered 3.3 magnitude quake on Saturday, these tremors are starting to create a sense of anticipation as to just how large the next one will be.

   Wanting to dig to the bottom of this new Irving phenomena, we dispatched Dylan Westie, Executive Editor and Part-time Wordsmith for the CCR, to the University of Dallas area to research the site where most of the ground shifting activity has taken place. 

   While pawing through the earth’s crust, here’s what Dylan learned:
*  The quakes are not caused by QueenBs stomping out of a meeting.
*  The quakes are not caused by QueenBs shocking tone when browbeating peers.
*  The quakes are not caused by QueenBs stacking reams of paper for her fluffy ethics policy.

   After due diligence, Dylan concluded the quakes had to be as a direct result of:
*  The snapping motion each time the queen flips her mane in a meeting, photo op or at a Pet Rock for not complying with one of her dictates.

   While the quakes will probably continue until 2016, residents are advised to take all precautions and not panic.  Scientists are conducting research to determine if fitting QueenB VD with a neck brace will stymie or eliminate all future quakes and after-shock waves.

(Thanks to a coffee shop regular and avid QueenB VD fan for planting the seed for who/what is to blame for the rash of earthquakes in Irving.)

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Sunday, November 23, 2014

CCR/DW 11-23-14: Ad Hoc Mayhem

TO:  CCR Tweet-less 

Here’s what you recently missed by not following
Dylan Westie  @DylanWestie1  on Twit-er.

QueenB (Irving mayor) speaks: New disarray w/no Community Service/Public Safety com. Webb & Meagher not on any committees. Autocracy reigns.

Webb and Meagher punished by QueenB (Irving mayor) for pointing out the fallacy of her poor city committee reshuffle. Queen wins…city loses!

Pet Rocks idle as QueenB (Irving mayor) makes shambles of city government. What will it take for Pet Rocks to awaken for betterment of city?


PostScript:  What do Barack Obama (president) and Beth Van Duyne (Irving mayor) have in common?  One believes he is a king, while the other believes she is a queen.  And each flaunts their perceived political status and actions…as if this was true.

   Actually, scientists have calculated the egos of these two individuals, when stuffed in "Jerry’s AT&T World Amusement and Bloated Ego Park," would seep out the roof and flood the streets of Arlington.

   Yes, QueenB VD is at it again and the Pet Rocks sit idly by drooling while she continues to press forward with her egocentric agenda that does more harm than good to the city.  Her latest effort is to scramble all the city’s committees, which advise the council, and actually shun members of the council from being committee liaisons.  While hard to believe, this is just another view of the dark side of Irving’s mayor.  (This is the side not seen when the flashes are popping for all of her to frequent mane flipping and photo op sessions.)

   While the queen attempts to pass off her flakey committee restructuring as a means to better serve the city, those in the know realize this is just another power grab by her to stuff cronies and supporters in positions to always favor what she shovels down the line.  And with the queen, there is always a lot of Torofeca being shoveled down the line.

   To some, this latest egocentric flash of the queen might seem like little to do over nothing.  Not true.  When one cedes to the whims of an autocrat, then it is only a matter of time before matters of more significance imperils the very fabric of what should be a working democracy.  (In this case, a working democracy doesn't infer Pet Rocks who only vote and do what they are instructed by the queen.)

   With little or no comment from the Pet Rock contingency, the queen even appears to have taken over where former city manager Tommy Gonzalez left off.  While the chaos of his aftermath has not been totally resolved, the compounding of issues, designed to satisfy queenly egocentric demands, will leave the city in another pit of self-aggrandizing projects and fluffy issues.

   But then, staff of the CCR only notes issues the general citizenry should be discussing, writing or grousing about with QueenB VD and her Pet Rock contingency.  After all, there will not be light at the end of this dark, mismanaged tunnel until the switch of involvement from the silent majority is flipped on.

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