Friday, May 29, 2015

CCR 05-29-15 Dark Money Washes Ashore

the   Controversial  Committee   Report
“We don’t raise sacred cows...we just butcher them.”

   South Irving, your wake up call has just sounded!

   Never one to say, "We told you so," but we did.  In fact, we have said it several times.  The "dark money" hidden from public view with anonymous donors has now flooded south Irving and is washing ashore in an effort to buy the run off election for the opponent of Councilman Joe Putnam.

   Once again, south Irving is not for sale!  Are you going to sit by and allow this to happen?

   QueenB VD and her north Irving cash cow cronies, with the political slush fund of "dark money" secreted in their Irving Opportunity Council(1) trough, has now spent funds for an anti-Councilman Putnam brochure mailing.  This use of this "dark money" is not only a travesty, but the mailing itself is totally disingenuous. 

   (And their cutesy "slogan" reads similar to a high school cheerleader shaking a pom-pom.) 

   The mailing attempts to cast doubts on a singular issue without any detail or explanation as to the circumstances causing Councilman Putnam’s vote on the item.

   Additionally, the mailing is a smear piece which doesn’t even tell voters why they should vote for Putnam’s opponent.  And the reason the mailing cannot state Putnam’s opponent’s position on the issue is due to his silence about all city issues since he retired from being an employee of the city.  

   FACT CHECK: Yes, Putnam voted against the "tax decrease" which later was absorbed by your appraisal value going up.  Why?  
   (This is what Irving Opportunity Council doesn’t want you to know!)  
   The reason Putnam voted against this political sham of a tax decrease proposed by QueenB VD and her Pet Rocks was: 1) The tax decrease took money away from south Irving which included projects like street repairs, southwest Irving recreation center, the south Irving ambulance and the Irving History Museum; 2) The vote against the tax decrease would not allow sufficient funds to complete building of the previously requested essential new north Irving fire station; 3) The tax decrease was merely a political resumé ploy by QueenB VD to gain favor with her TEA Party pals and mega-donors.

   Where was Putnam’s opponent when all these discussions were taking place?  Did he only develop concerns for south Irving when he decided to run for political office?  He has had several years to work for south Irving issues, but only seems to be concerned around election cycles.

   Additionally, his silence on south Irving issues is only matched by his allowing QueenB VD and her cash cow cronies, single source developers, special interest groups, and anonymous donors to Irving Opportunity Council to flood mega-bucks into the campaign to unseat Councilman Putnam.

   (Not only is Irving Opportunity Council attempting to buy south Irving with north Irving and out of town "dark money," but they probably will have bought, in the process, a council representative who will be beholden to their desires in the process.)  

   Concerning the required fire department needs eliminated when the tax decrease was implemented, QueenB VD and her Pet Rocks later reinstated these items in the budget right before the general election.  This was done as a political sham to falsely allow her two Pet Rocks (Spink and LaMorgese) to claim they were working hard for south Irving.

   (If this smells like political pandering to obtain votes, then go to the head of the class…because it was.)

   As this is only the first salvo which will probably be issued by the Irving Opportunity Council "dark money," be prepared.  If you recall, this anonymous group sent out three similar mailings in the general election in their attempt to re-elect Tom Spink.  However, astute voters were smart enough to see through the political Torofeca being spread and sent Spink packing.

   And this is what should be done with Councilman Putnam’s opponent…send him packing to visit with his north Irving benefactors who want to buy south Irving for political control by Irving Opportunity Council.

   If you, dear reader, have concern for our city — with south Irving in particular — then you will be part of the problem if you do not vote, call friends in District 4 to have them go vote and spread the word…south Irving is not for sale.  And neither is Councilman Joe Putnam! 

   Voters should be casting their votes for honest, unencumbered and representation with integrity — Councilman Joe Putnam.  Isn't this what is needed for our city at this critical time?

   It is really politically disgusting when QueenB VD, Irving Opportunity Council and her Pet Rocks are more concerned about political power and amassing "dark money," than they are for doing what is best and right for our city.

   The interests of Irving Opportunity Council and QueenB VD are grossly similar — self-interest and self-aggrandizing.

   Maybe this is why birds of a feather always flock together.

…………………………………….Mark Holbrook

(1)  Irving Opportunity Council is a "domestic non-profit corporation" registered in Austin, Texas, by directors Marvin Randle (Irving), Joe Mapes (not from Irving) and Scott Yeldell (not from Irving - Austin attorney) with Gober Hilgers PLLC (Austin law firm) as the agent.

   Yeldell and Gober Hilgers PLLC specialize in setting up these political slush fund corporations.  The primary purpose is to allow unlimited funds to be contributed to the corporation with the amounts and the donors receiving anonymity.  In fact, Chris Gober recently lobbied the Texas legislature when the legislature was considering a bill to require those donating to the political slush funds be identified.  Gober was adamant the contributors to these political slush funds should be shielded from public scrutiny.  

   And this is the type of transparency QueenB VD assured voters would occur in her reign?

   Is this really the type of political activity — attempting to buy council seats as promoted by QueenB VD and her cash cow cronies of Irving Opportunity Council — that is of benefit to the city?  The final result, if this money/power grab is allowed to occur, will be northern power brokers and mega-donors to Irving Opportunity Council will soon forget about the needs and desires of south Irving.  

   And that is truly sad!


Wednesday, May 27, 2015

CCR 05-27-15 District 4 Wants You

the   Controversial  Committee   Report
“We don’t raise sacred cows...we just butcher them.”

May 27, 2015

Dear Irving District 4 Voter:

   The run off election Saturday, June 13, 2015, will have a significant impact on the future our city…south Irving in particular.  And this claim is substantiated by many who keep up with the local political environment.  Early voting is June 1-9 at city hall.

   A primary reason this run off election is so critical is due to the fact the mayor and a coalition of her mega-campaign donors, who have her ear and possibly the string tied to her voting arm, have formed a new clandestine group to amass political cash to influence elections.  This group is registered as "Irving Opportunity Council."

   For the record, "Irving Opportunity Council" is not an elected body or council, membership is gained primarily by contributing large sums of money to a political war chest, and the amounts and contributors to this campaign slush fund are hidden from public notice.  The monies collected by this group even have a specific name among PAC and political operatives — dark money

   Bottom Line: Look out for the likelihood "Irving Opportunity Council" will be spending considerable sums of money during this run off election cycle to gain political control of south Irving while ceding the district’s interest to the mayor and her north Irving "dark money" contributors.   

   Councilman Joe Putnam has served the residents of south Irving for a number of years and has done so with pride and total consideration of residents’ needs.  He is not beholden to power brokers, special interest concerns, or the mayor’s cabal of campaign cash operatives.  Simply put, he should be re-elected based on his record of achievements for south Irving and the fact he does not believe south Irving is for sale to political misanthropes.

   Councilman Putnam’s opponent, a retired city employee, in the run off election has already accepted campaign funds from one of the mayor’s cohorts.  South Irving voters should not roll the dice and "hope" Putnam’s opponent will represent their interest.  This is especially true, since he does not have a track record of working for south Irving causes before deciding to fill part of his retirement time by running for political office.

   I have learned not only does Joe Putnam do his homework on every city issue, but he is not swayed by the fluff and puff of developers, campaign contributors, or special interest concerns attempting to win council consideration for a favorable vote.

   I know Joe Putnam is honest, straightforward and exhibits the high integrity we wish we could witness in all our elected officials.   I have counted on and utilized his ability to discern the truth behind issues, as I knew his actions were always pointed toward what was best for the city…not those with special interest.

   In this run off election, you probably will be flooded with brochures, phone calls, mailings, and FaceBook postings by the mayor’s cohorts…as well as the customary and feckless gossip whisperers.  While all of these materials will reflect who you should vote for, remember one thing: Experience at this critical time in the city’s history is more important than a pretty story for a candidate (Putnam’s opponent) listing unverifiable platitudes which could have been paid for by the dark money of "Irving Opportunity Council."

   Please make every effort to vote in the run off election, as the total number of those voting will be marginal.  

  Even though Judy and I cannot vote in District 4, we would appreciate all of our friends and associates to help return one of the better council members the city has by voting for Joe Putnam.


Mike and Judy Howard

Saturday, May 23, 2015

CCR 05-23-15 Got Dark Money?

the   Controversial  Committee   Report
“We don’t raise sacred cows...we just butcher them.”

   The more Dylan Westie, Executive editor/Part-time wordsmith and Social Media Troll for the CCR, digs, the more mysterious, secretive and highly obnoxious the dealings of the "Irving Opportunity Council" become.  Why?

   Not only are the activities and contributors of "Irving Opportunity Council" anonymous to Irving voters and the general public, but there was an extreme (and probably very expensive) lobbying effort at the State level to keep donors of these flaky domestic non-profit corporations of "dark money" hidden from public view.

   Here are quotes from Chris Gober, the signed-on agent for "Irving Opportunity Council’s" dark money efforts:

   Gober, the campaign finance lawyer, said the potential for political backlash is alive and well: “Disclosure no longer is really about transparency … disclosure now is about creating an enemies list, intimidation and retribution.”   April 26, 2014  (Wrong! It is about transparency.)

   Campaign finance experts said outside groups such as Backer’s (a political non-profit) should not be required to disclose expenditures with state regulators if the content of the ad is issue-driven.  (And who will decide what constitutes "issue-driven" ads?  The donors of "dark money?") 

   "You don’t all of a sudden trigger some reporting requirement by conducting issue advocacy in this state,” said Austin-based campaign finance lawyer Chris Gober.  May 23, 2014  (Sure, and that is because disclosure will embarrass the contributors of "dark money" and politicos.)  

   (Translations: We don’t want to tell you who the money bags are that will be buying your political representatives.  These individuals are major and significant financial cowards!  Their names should be as dark as the money they are dolling out.)

   Isn’t it ironic how many local (read: QueenB VD) and state politicos (read: "Bogus-gate Complaint" Anderson) profess to openness, transparency and doing what is right for the citizenry…quickly turn and hide behind secretive political slush fund contributions after being elected?  

   Of course, the folks contributing to these pseudo-non-profit-political-slush fund organizations are profiting…they have the strings tied to a politicos voting arm.  The only thing which is not profitable about these "dark money" efforts would be the citizenry losing control of their representative to clandestine deal makers.

   In fact, the citizenry loses in many ways when politicos are allowed to run amok with unlimited cash flowing into their campaign tills.

   While the digging into "Irving Opportunity Council" continues, Dylan wanted to bring the non-tweeting CCR readers up-to-date.  With his "paw-itis" from all the keyboard activities still an issue, he pledges he will continue his efforts until readers fully realize the disastrous effects QueenB VD and her cash cow cronies are perpetrating on Irving voters.   

Dylan’s Tweets

Dylan Westie @DylanWestie1 May 22
Gober, Austin agent for "Irving Opportunity Council" argued against disclosure of contributors.This is QueenBs (Irving mayor) transparency?

Dylan Westie @DylanWestie1 May 22
Flying Harpy Dist 4 run off posts spacey as those sipping TEA laced with mushroom dust. They own free speech, not you. Flying high & wrong!

Dylan Westie @DylanWestie1 May 21
QueenBs (Irving mayor) Flying Harpy flock fail to admit Irving Opportunity Council’s probable 'dark money' in Dist 4 run off is anti-Putnam.

Dylan Westie @DylanWestie1 May 21
Pull back sheets on Irving Opportunity Council & find Randle, Mapes, Yeldell, Gober & QueenB (Irving mayor) snuggling & buying south Irving!

   Early voting starts June 1, 2015.  All early voting will be at city hall.

   Between now and early voting, it will be interesting to observe what "Irving Opportunity Council" and QueenB VDs Flying Harpy flock attempt to spread on Irving voters (loads of Torofeca?) for the District 4 run off election.

   Remember, the efforts of "Irving Opportunity Council," to re-elect Tom Spink, failed miserably and demonstrated voters do not want business as usual at city hall.  

   With voter participation and a significant GOTV, this lesson could be reinforced in the District 4 run off election by turning the tables on this flaky political slush fund, "Irving Opportunity Council," and re-electing Councilman Joe Putnam.

   Voters should want representatives who know what needs to be done to return the city to the citizens…not the special interest groups, single source developers and Sugar Daddy contributors QueenB VD has been reigning over the past four years.

   And this is another reason why Joe Putnam should be re-elected…his council votes will not be bought and paid for by "Irving Opportunity Council." 

   He knows south Irving is not for sale to a pseudo-non-profit-corporation whose sole intent is political power, voting for groups with hidden agendas and ensuring north Irving special interest groups have control of the Irving City council.

   Joe Putnam will represent, as he has in past years, with the dignity south Irving deserves.

……………………………………Mark Holbrook

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

CCR 05-20-15 Dark Money = Sleaze?

the   Controversial  Committee   Report
“We don’t raise sacred cows...we just butcher them.”

   As previously noted, Dylan Westie, Executive editor, Part-time wordsmith and newly appointed Social Media Troll for the CCR, has continued his digging into the nefarious "dark money" being funneled into "Irving Opportunity Council." 
   The "Irving Opportunity Council" was recently established as a domestic non-profit corporation…which means it does not have to disclose the cash cow cronies of QueenB VD who contribute to this political slush fund.  The only directors listed for this group are Marvin Randle, Joe Mapes and Scott Yeldell.

   During his digging into the newest clandestine group to hit the Irving political scene, Dylan did not find any buried bones.  However, he did find an interesting article which probably explains what might be afoot with QueenB VD, her cash cow crony supporters and dark money.  And from all outward appearances, it does not bode well for ‘beautiful downtown Irving’ and the betterment of the community.

   Here is a portion of an article which should cause eyebrows to raise as to what might be happening in the queen’s court with her plans for "Irving Opportunity Council."


"Given his lack of personal charisma, absurd policy positions, and lifetime in another state, Maryland real estate developer Matt Rosendale is going to have to do a lot of work to win a U.S. House seat here in Montana. He’s already started some of the likely quixotic process, donating a quarter of a million dollars to his own campaign and hiring a campaign spokesman who will do and say anything to help his man get elected.

The Billings Gazette reports that Rosendale has jumpstarted his campaign with a donation that will be 25 times the total raised by Champ Edmunds in this cycle. More interestingly, the article notes that Rosendale’s spokesman is former Congressional staffer and campaign manager Scott Yeldell.

Yeldell is available to work for Rosendale because the last candidate he represented for Congress, a TEA Party incumbent named Francisco Canseco, was defeated despite running one of the sleaziest campaigns of the year, a campaign that featured incredibly inappropriate and dishonest attacks."


  Immediately, Irving voters should be considering the run off election for District 4, as "Irving Opportunity Council" sent three campaign mailers in the general election utilizing "dark money."  Perhaps, the following, very serious questions, should be asked of this group that hides behind the ‘domestic non-profit corporation’ label.

*  Is Scott Yeldell affiliated or listed as a director for other "domestic non-profit corporations" whose main purpose is to collect large sums of money to prop up Tea Party candidates using any devious means possible?
*  Is the Scott Yeldell, who is a party with Marvin Randle and Joe Mapes as directors of "Irving Opportunity Council," the same individual mentioned in the above article?
*  What connection might Scott Yeldell have with Gober Hilgers, PLLC, who is registered as the agent for "Irving Opportunity Council" in Austin, Texas?

    The general consensus, of those following the local political landscape, is: "Irving Opportunity Council" is attempting to control the Irving City council for QueenB VD and her cash cow cronies who have one goal in mind…their self-interest and only their self-interest.

   The secondary phase of this "more money than sense" group is probably to position the queen for political office beyond being mayor of Irving.

   (And it might take a gigantic parcel of "dark money" to pull this off considering her malfeasance as mayor of Irving.)   

   "Irving Opportunity Council" obviously believes control of the council would be possible IF QueenB VDs efforts to defeat Joe Putnam’s re-election efforts succeed.  And this could be accomplished by a variety of efforts…including pouring campaign cash (dark money), brochures, robot-calls, newspaper ads and personal endorsements from key supporters of the queen for Putnam’s opponent.  

   Putnam’s opponent is a retired city employee who could stand to gain politically from the money-spending-dark money-slush-fund antics of "Irving Opportunity Council."

   Dear readers, how many times does the CCR need to reflect and remind you: South Irving is not for sale to the northern monied interest?

   Bottom line: "Irving Opportunity Council" appears to have little regard for Irving voters, ‘beautiful downtown Irving,’ and the total welfare of the city.  Their credo might be: "We will do and spend whatever it takes to win an election if the candidate fits our plans."

   And that, dear readers, is truly sad when QueenB VD and her Pet Rock collection have this as a political mindset for our community.

…………………..Mark Holbrook

Note:  1)  The "Irving Opportunity Council" topic continues to unravel with little good for Irving citizens and voters in sight.  Dylan assures staff of the CCR he will continue to dig until he obtains all the detail of parties involved, or a dinosaur bone!
   2)  How much "dark money" was utilized in the campaign for Irving’s State rep, "Bogus-gate Complaint" Anderson, who was highly supported by QueenB VD?  Birds of a feather?

Monday, May 18, 2015

CCR/DW 05-18-15 Melancholy Tweets

the   Controversial  Committee   Report
“We don’t raise sacred cows...we just butcher them.”

   Staff of the CCR  sadly announces that Dylan Westie, Executive editor and Part-time wordsmith and newly appointed Social Media Troll for the CCR, has again developed a serious case of paw-itis.
   This condition affects Dylan when he has had a busy week composing and alerting folks to the shenanigans being inflicted on all the good people in ‘beautiful downtown’ Irving.  And such was the case last week when he dug into the "domestic non-profit corporation" formed to assist QueenB VD, her co-dependent council members (read: Pet Rocks), mega-cash cow cronies who finance her political ambitions, special interest groups and, of course, single source developers.  The name given to this specious organization was: "Irving Opportunity Council."
   The digging of information for Dylan was really intense, as the sole purpose of this nefarious group appears to be to collect mega-bucks from Sugar Daddy supporters of the queen to influence, sway and attempt to wrestle political control of the council for their self-serving agenda.  The digging was made even more complicated as "Irving Opportunity Council" is not required to inform citizens, voters or the general public as to whom may be participating (read: donating) to the group, or how much they may have contributed to this unsavory effort.
   In essence, the individuals and amounts contributed to "Irving Opportunity Council" are hidden from public view.  Hidden, as in, "we know who gave and how much, but we are not going to tell you!" 
   Of course, three individuals associated with "Irving Opportunity Council are known: Marvin Randle, Joe Mapes and Scott Yeldell, who has an Austin address.  These are the individuals who established the "council" which certainly is not an elected body by any stretch of the imagination.
   (While staff of the CCR could speculate as to whom some of the other cash cow cronies might be, we will hold off naming names for the time being.  However, if you should have specific knowledge, drop us a line.)
   The "Irving Opportunity Council" probably had ‘good buddy’ assistance from Irving’s State representatives, "Bogus-Gate Complaint" Anderson and "Squeaky" Rinaldi.  One hundred legislators signed on a bill to change, for the benefit of the general public and voters, the reporting requirements for these non-profit corporations.  However, the measure did not clear for passage due to those who benefit from this ‘organized political-money-laundering’ activity.  They prefer to keep their campaign slush funds out of public view!  
   And apparently, Irving’s representatives believe the hidden money they may receive from similar organizations trumps voters interest and the need to know.  Really?!
   Regardless, the issue may be dead in the Texas legislature for the time being, but it will be alive and well in Irving.  With the District 4 runoff election just around the corner, staff of the CCR will be monitoring the activity and hidden money which might be pumped into Councilman Joe Putnam’s opponent’s campaign.
   While the hidden money collected by "Irving Opportunity Council" is a secret to voters, it is no secret that QueenB VD wants Putnam’s opponent to win.  This would allow her north Irving cash cow cronies to have total control of the city council.  And part of her plan probably includes spending huge sums of "Irving Opportunity Council" bucks to support Putnam’s opponent.
   Basically, what "Irving Opportunity Council" wants to do is to control the Irving City council for their personal benefit and agenda.  In this run off election, they might attempt to buy a south Irving council seat to achieve that purpose. 
   Dear readers, south Irving is not for sale!  And you should alert any friends, associates or voters as to what is transpiring in this run off election.
   With all of this as a prelude, here are Dylan’s tweets from last week.  The above information will hopefully provide detail a 140-character tweet cannot.

Dylan’s Tweets

Dylan Westie @DylanWestie1 May 12
How many PACs needed to buy Irving council member? Is political incest between Irving Voices PAC & Irving Opportunity Council even moral?

Dylan Westie @DylanWestie1 May 13
Tell QueenB (Irving mayor) #Irvingnotforsale! Will "Irving Opportunity Council" attempt to buy run off election at ?

Dylan Westie @DylanWestie1 May 14
QueenB (Irving mayor) on Pet Rock shopping spree at  with plenty of Sugar Daddy bucks of "Irving Opportunity Council."

Dylan Westie @DylanWestie1 May 14
#txleg should eliminate pensions to corrupt pols AND QueenBs (Irving mayor) new slush fund/non-profit corporation ‘dark money.’ Both sleazy!  (s/b #txlege)

Dylan Westie @DylanWestie1 May 15
Will "Bogus-gate Complaint" Anderson represent Irving’s interest & support elimination of "dark money" for corporate pol slush funds @txleg(s/b #txlege)

Dylan Westie @DylanWestie1 May 15
Will Farris & Ward join w/QueenBs (Irving mayor) "Irving Opportunity Council" $$$-cabal to help attack south Irving & the Putnam campaign?

Dylan Westie @DylanWestie1 May 16
#txlege "Dark money" & dark agenda. Will "Irving Opportunity Council" & QueenB (Irving mayor) tell voters who they are buying 6-13 election?

Dylan Westie @DylanWestie1 May 16
Weather Alert: "Irving Opportunity Council" dark clouds of "dark money" devastates south Irving @  Voter relief needed

Dylan Westie @DylanWestie1 May 17
Will QueenB (Irving mayor) insist "Irving Opportunity Council" publish names and contribution amounts for Dist 4 run off materials? Why not?

   Yes, the run off election will boil down between a seasoned and knowledgeable council member, Putnam, who does not tolerate the political antics of the newly formed political slush fund in their attempt to buy a council seat vs. his opponent, a retired city employee, who could stand to gain significantly from the money-spending-political antics of "Irving Opportunity Council."

………………………………Mark Holbrook

Note:  For followers of Dylan Westie on FaceBook, you should know he no longer utilizes that page.  He has joined the CCR publisher with another measure to achieve his new trolling activities for the reports.  And this shouldn’t disturb too many folks, as he was very exclusive in who could even have access to his page…which is the same with his twitter account.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

CCR 05-16-15 Dark Money Talking

the   Controversial  Committee   Report
“We don’t raise sacred cows...we just butcher them.”

   The weather in ‘beautiful downtown Irving’ has been rather frightful the past couple weeks.  And major storm conditions are again brewing in anticipation of the District 4 run off election.

   Pete Delkus, with WFAA, is predicting a dark gloom to hover over ‘beautiful downtown Irving’ due to all the "dark money"1 the "Irving Opportunity Council" will be seeding the clouds with to roust councilman Joe Putnam off the Irving City council.

   For those still not paying attention, QueenB VD and her Sugar Daddy cronies have set up a "domestic non-profit corporation" as a means to, among other things, influence the outcome of elections.  The group hopes to achieve this feat in District 4 (south Irving) via purchasing large campaign signs, slickly printed fluffy-brochures, robot-calls, letters from members of the group, and the possible personal endorsement of QueenB VD to discredit, demean and disenfranchise councilman Joe Putnam.

   "Irving Opportunity Council" will have all the money necessary to accomplish those activities.  And if there is one true lesson in politics: Money talks and politicos on the receiving end listen.  (Think of Putnam’s opponent as being all ears.) 

   The only new twist to this adage is "Irving Opportunity Council" will be speaking with "dark money" so voters will not hear how they are attempting to buy an election.  Sleazy?  You bet!

   Staff of the CCR would detail who the contributors to this new political slush fund are, but we can’t.  We would also tell you how much each Sugar Daddy, of the queen, has contributed, but we can’t.  Why?

   See, this is the dark secret behind the dark money of this political sham being foisted on south Irving.  All the donors and amounts are hidden from public scrutiny!  There is no required accountability to the voting public utilizing this type of group.  

   And while this political sham is being perpetrated, Putnam’s opponent, who is a retired city employee, "will plead the 5th" and timidly attempt to distance himself from "Irving Opportunity Council." 

   Putnam's opponent can plead innocent all he wants...even until the dark clouds of dark money rains down on ‘beautiful downtown Irving.’  The fact remains this group is more concerned about achieving political power and ousting Putnam than the individual they are sponsoring.  Once the election is over, "Irving Opportunity Council" will, for all practical purposes, own Putnam’s opponent. 

   Unlike a PAC, which has to list donors and expenses, the "Irving Opportunity Council" owes and has no accountability to the general public or voting public.

   From all indications, this is the second phase of this pseudo-political-money-laundering-non-profit-opportunity-council.  The first phase was all the money the clandestine group spent in an attempt to re-elect one of the mayor’s co-dependent council members — Tom Spink.  Remember all the brochures sent out by "Irving Opportunity Council" during the general election?  (Your mail box should just now be recovering from all the stuffing.)

   While a majority of the CCR readers may not live in south Irving, this does not mean you cannot play a key role and assist in keeping north Irving money from buying a south Irving City council seat.

   Contact any friend, relative, associate or family member who lives in south Irving and alert them to what is transpiring.  (Send them a copy of this report.)  Call them during early voting or on election day to ensure they go to the polls and vote for Putnam.  

   Again, voter turnout will be extremely low, so…yes, ever vote will count more than one can imagine. 

   It is certainly not hyperbola to state south Irving hangs in the balance with this run off election.  If the mayor and her "Irving Opportunity Council" buys the District 4 seat, assigned to this portion of the city, the political devastation of the city will linger for three years.

   Readers of the CCR reports have already recognized how the mayor and her co-dependent council cronies have divided the city with their divisive resolution for a State matter which had no bearing or impact on Irving…HB 562.

   The only way to prevent this dark cloud of political malfeasance from overshadowing ‘beautify downtown Irving’ is to work, vote, and elect Joe Putnam. 

   Putnam’s re-election will tell political money launders that south Irving is not for sale to the northern monied interest dedicated and contributing to the mayor and her "Irving Opportunity Council" group.

………………………………Mark Holbrook

1  It appears the Texas legislature will not enact legislation this session which would require non-profit corporations, like Irving Opportunity Council, to disclose donors and amounts.  The money these non-profits collect is known as "dark money."  However, the more politicos can keep the voting public in the dark, the better they can cede to special interest groups, major donors and lobbyist.   
   Surprised?  You shouldn’t be.  Politicians created this mess to serve their specific purpose of catering to special interest and will do little or nothing to change or make the activity accountable, in some form or fashion, to the voting public.  Of course, the politicos will sing the off-key tune of "donating to campaigns," by whatever sleazy means possible, represents free speech.  
   Sorry, staff of the CCR doesn’t believe free speech infers buying elections…especially in south Irving.