Thursday, November 26, 2015

CCR 11-26-15 Happy UnThanksgiving

the   Controversial  Committee   Report
“We don’t raise sacred cows...we just butcher them.”

   As everyone takes off to participate in the feast of gluttony overindulgence Thanksgiving Day festivities, staff of the CCR would be remiss if we didn’t wish all of our dear readers safe travel, no giggling during the airport body searches, and remembering Aunt Matilda will never shave that mustache of hers.

   While everyone is Thankful for something, shouldn’t it be permissible, on this special day, not to be Thankful for a few things this holiday season?  After all, there are just some issues or individuals we would rather not be troubled or bothered with…or even Thankful for.

   While the list of Thanklessness varies by the individual composing the list, here are a few which could be common ground to many dear readers of the CCR

   So, join us this holiday season and do not be Thankful for:

Politicos:  Included in this category are those whose only claim to fame is to spew inflamed rhetoric against an opponent or the individual currently occupying the office they seek.  Offering no positive, workable solution to what ails the grossly incompetent political system, these individuals are content with promoting fear-mongering and bigotry while debasing various classes of individuals.
   On top of the list of this category could be Ted "Lizard Grin" Cruz.  With a dismal Senate record of accomplishments, he relies on sycophants to promote and push his narrow minded message of  "put me in the Oval Office and I’ll walk across the Tidal Basin without stepping on the stones."  The pomposity, of his rhetoric, is sometimes so disingenuous one wonders why his message plays well for constituents he seeks to serve.  And those individuals, of low information status, hardly represent a significant percentage of rational thinking voters. 
   Sadly, there are those in Irving who believe 'The Gospel According to Teddy’ and consider it divinely inspired.  In fact, they use a local blog site to pimp his callous politics by berating non-believers. 
   No Thanks, Ted!

Preachers:  While the Thanklessness list for this category is probably very small — especially, if one excludes Fred Waldron Phelps, Sr., of the Westboro Baptist Church — the extreme fervor of some preachers is characterized by those who either have a direct Ethernet connection, or a new laser text messaging service hooked up to receive timely and ‘divine’ postings from the Big Guy.  With these computer connections, the preachers have a daily supply of direct religious tidbits to lay on the pacified sheep of their misinformed flock.
   Having orated many ‘direct messages’ received lately from the Big Guy, a recent pronouncement by Robert Jeffress, who intoned that Islam is an "evil and false religion," takes the cake.  Not to feel isolated, he also shares the same basic perspectives for Buddhism and Hinduism…as they are certainly "deceptions by Satan himself."  Wow!  The Big Guy told him all this?  Seriously, this pseudo-religious rhetoric is as bombastic and unbelievable as his buddy's, Donald Trump, inane blathering on political issues he knows nothing about.  
   No Thanks, Robert! 

Wild West "Rangers":  Staff of the CCR is a strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment.  An exception is made when a random interpretation is noted and taken by individuals using the precepts, of the right to bear arms, to pander for a narrow-minded and self-aggrandizing agenda which includes fear-mongering and unsubstantiated claims against the mayor of Irving.  (Said claims, regarding her safety and threats, have neither been proven or disproven by the mayor.)  
   As many have already surmised, the actions and speeches of Irving’s mayor helped trigger the recent ‘open carry’ protest by the Bureau on American Islamic Relations* at the Irving mosque.  Just another day when Irving becomes the butt of local and national attention for the misguided and misinformed actions of a few (maybe twelve) on an issue created by the mayor’s prior activities.  
   While the rationale for this group, even being at the mosque, was faulty, the fact they were there armed and intimidating innocent bystanders only fueled the embers with the political gasoline the mayor had sprinkled throughout the city via her various speeches, sycophant bloggers and the self-interest agenda she chases.  Yes, the mayor’s political Molotov cocktail just added to the arsenal of the pseudo-Rangers of BAIR.  
   No Thanks, BAIR! 

Irving’s pseudo-mayor:  Over the years, the mayors of Irving represented the city and were team players with the city council.  The efforts of previous administrations were to provide a city which could boast a genuine quality of life and have a thriving business community that worked toward creating an environment and spirit of cooperation for all citizens.  My, how times have changed.
   Today, the mayor of Irving is more interested in photo ops, appeasing a national political party movement and setting her sights on an as yet determined or identified (to the public) personal political agenda. 
   The divisiveness she has created and sponsored over the State HB 562 resolution will long scar the good accomplished by former mayors and councils.  The self-centered attitude the mayor emits has done little to create a positive climate for citizens and businesses.  What makes this tale of political malfeasance even gloomier is the few (currently three) council members who have assisted her efforts to promote her self-aggrandizing agenda.  Said agenda, of the mayor, does include: a plethora of  "Dark Money" contributors, a Sugar Daddy handler, single source developers, and cronies with definite conflicts of interest.
   We should all run for the hills if the mayor purchases a fiddle with her "Dark Money" slush fund.  This could only mean one thing…QueenB VD wants to emulating Nero.
   No Thanks, mayor BVD!   

  So, while staff of the CCR might give Thanks for the good that makes Irving a better community, we will continue to be less Thankful for the factors and forces which cause the city to be classified as a Banana Republic via the misguided actions of a few individuals and the mayor.

   Maybe, by the next holiday season, many of these misguided individuals will have moved on to concerns which do not shine a dismal and frightening light on ‘beautiful downtown Irving.’

   Should this happen and the ‘dark forces’ do move on, then staff of the CCR will once again believe in Santa Claus.  Until then, Happy UnThanksgiving!

…………………………….Mark Holbrook

Sunday, November 22, 2015

CCR 11-22-15 Vacated Position?

the   Controversial  Committee   Report
“We don’t raise sacred cows...we just butcher them.”

   Yes, dear readers, there appears to be a need to re-fill the position of mayor for the City of Irving post haste.  The city’s fractured rudder of misguided leadership has again cracked on the rocks of  political malfeasance causing the city to drift farther out in the sea of low achievement and ridicule.

   The music and voices of the Sirens of Anthemusa, now broadcast from Glenn Beck’s studios, to tin foil hat low information followers, snake handling boobs,* and apocalyptic shamans,* has enamored QueenB VD to his shores and obliterated all notions of her serving Irving citizens.

   (Betcha Beck looks funny dressed as a Siren while blathering and broadcasting!)

   You see, the city has an elected mayor, but the current schedule of QueenB VD of the House of NPD and Royal Court of WAB and Protectorate of Red Meat TEA-carnivores leaves little time for her to perform the solemn duties of representing the best interest of all Irving citizens.  Especially, those duties which have something to do with the city…which would exclude negative publicity.

   While the duties of mayor do not comprise a full-time schedule, there are significant obligations necessary to perform.  Simply stated, the mayor has to have a dedication and commitment to: Sign all of the important city documents the city council has approved; Attend meetings on time each month; respond to citizen queries without spin or pandering; Forego using FaceBook similar to a new edition of Pravda to promote a self-serving agenda; Respond to legitimate media request, when queried, in a timely and factually accurate manner; Discontinue utilizing Red Meat TEA-carnivore publications as a means to document fact fabrications of personal achievements; and maybe cut a ribbon or two for a new business relocating to the city.

   (Hopefully, new businesses locating in the city haven’t been reading the legitimate press coverage QueenB VD has generated.  Her negativity towards all things not fitting her personal political agenda is certainly not a drawing card for businesses.) 

   The above comprises the official business of the city which the mayor is elected to perform.  The mayor is not elected to spread an extreme (and potentially flaky) political dogma replete with fear-mongering, bias and bigotry contrary to the values a majority of the citizens might cling to.

   If you should be interested in filling the position of mayor, you would be advised that the following characteristics will not bode well in your advancement: Being a trust fund kid; Chronic sufferer of NPD; Never being wrong on any issue; Ability to browbeat weak minds and simpletons into following your dictates; Having a Sugar Daddy handler and a stable of "Dark Money" contributors; and attempting to increase your ability to max out the Peter Principle’s newest level of incompetency. 

   (Share this report with a friend or associate.  Surely, there are many individuals interested in serving the city…not their egos.  And the time is now…to begin this consideration.)

   Doesn’t all this sound simple enough?  After all, when the mayor is identified as representing the city and speaks to any group or gathering, the individual’s remarks are portrayed as being the position of the city and the desires of its citizenry.  And the queen has been slyly casting a false litany to all those she meets while pushing her personal political agenda to Red Meat TEA-carnivores.

   When one looks at a typical week in the life of QueenB VD, it appears her self-aggrandizing agenda, as mayor, is to promote her political actions which falsely reflects the position a majority of Irving citizens have.

   The queen constantly blathers all of her comments, statements and fact fabrications while cuddling with her Red Meat TEA-carnivores.  And this is being done as an elected official of the city.

   Consider the following QueenB VD schedule of political pandering accomplished during a week and question how Irving benefitted or was promoted in a positive light: 

   (Oh, Irving was promoted…as the continued laughing stock of the metropolitan area by those with rational thought processes.)

Busy QueenB Self-importance Schedule

Event 1: The queen’s carriage wheels first political pandering stop was to the Parker County TEA party drooling clique.  Of course, the queen was in true form with her blathering about how she saved Irving, the US Constitution and women’s rights by forcing the meaningless State resolution, HB 562, to be passed by the city council with the support of her Pet Rocks, Brad LaMorgese, Gerald Farris, Oscar Ward and Tom Spink.  As you may well remember, the queen also had the prompting, promoting, pushing and pimping of those efforts by Irving’s two State representatives, Rodney "Bogus-gate Complaint" Anderson and Matt "Squeaky" Rinaldi.  The State resolution never made it to the floor of the House for a vote, as sharper pencils in the ‘clock box’ recognized the sham and political trickery of the pseudo-legislation proposed.  However, this didn’t stop QueenB VD from spinning and dancing to her own self-serving tune of false achievements and facts fabrication.

Event #2:  Is there a better way to shed the spotlight on QueenB VDs political persona and ego than hanging with her Red Meat TEA-carnivore TV-buddy Glenn Beck at his Mercury One Gala?  This was Beck’s annual event to showcase his highly inflated ego, collect mega-bucks from those who wished to be recognized as believers, and to alert all his low information followers about how it takes considerable funds in his coffers to own a private jet and live the ‘rich and famous’ lifestyle.  
   While the queen’s ego is rather large, it really didn’t hold a candle next to Beck’s bloated persona at the event…even though she might have been sitting next to him during the gala.  Even more amazing is that the facility handling the event was large enough to contain both egos in the same room at the same time.  
   Perhaps, if the queen and Beck really wanted to do something charitable and good for society, they would sponsor a gala to collect funds for curing Narcissistic Personality Disorder.  Now, this would go a long way to improve society, ‘beautiful downtown Irving,’ and a number of pundits and politicos. 

   (Just pondering: Is it possible QueenB VD is auditioning to be a "consultant" for Beck to help spread his Torofeca?  Or maybe, could the queen have a "Dark Money" supplier bankrolling all her Red Meat TEA-carnivore activities?  We’ll never know unless she makes her Federal tax returns available for public review!)  

Event #3:  Rounding out her Red Meat TEA-carnivore week, QueenB VD attend another Beck sponsored event, the 9-12 Project.  This particular Red Meat TEA-carnivore gathering allowed the queen to flash the pearly whites, conduct concentrated mane flipping, and meet Red Meat WBAP 820 radio jock, Chris Salcedo.  This was an important coupling as Salcedo can now promote the queen as a kindred soul of her, as yet to be identified, personal political agenda.  Chalk up another QueenB VD sycophant who really doesn’t have a clue as to the political devastation or divisiveness piled on the city by the queen via her political malfeasance. 

   And while on the subject of political malfeasance, Dylan Westie, Executive editor/Part-time wordsmith and Social Media Troll for the CCR, captured just what’s QueenB VDs political shenanigans have recently accomplished for the city.


Dylan Westie @DylanWestie1 Nov 22
QueenBs Islamophobia TEA-actions & speeches finally bear fruit with armed protestors outside (the) Irving mosque. Fruit variety = Froot Loops®

   So, dear readers, isn’t it just amazing how dedicated QueenB VD is to addressing ‘beautiful downtown Irving’ issues…if she can find time after all her photo ops and Red Meat TEA-carnivore events?  And what makes all her self-interest scheduling of these non-Irving events preposterous is she conducts then as the mayor of the city…using the city’s good name while branding the citizenry with her utter rubbish.
   A lesson, which might be learned from the reign of QueenB VD, is that the silent majority allowed a mayor to turn Irving into a sanctuary city for Red Meat TEA-carnivores, Froot Loops® and vengeful Flying Harpies without protest or awakening to the morass created in ‘beautiful downtown Irving.’
   The only question currently remaining is: Do you want Heinz 57® steak sauce with the queen’s next unannounced Red Meat political serving, or are you willing to become involved?

…………………………………..Mark Holbrook

* Phrases were "lifted" from a well established and talented writer…with permission!

Monday, November 16, 2015

CCR/DW 11-16-15 Chuckles: BVDs Cake

(The following was not e-mailed to the entire CCR readership list.)

TO: Chuckles Brigade

   Sometimes, reality has a better sense of humor than innocent or contrived satire.  The following tweet and pic by DMN reporter, Deborah Fleck, was posted to alert the Irving readership of the mayor’s B-day.
   (NOTE: DMN and Fleck were, by no means, made aware or responsible for Dylan's twitter posting that follows…MH)

   Of course, Dylan Westie, Executive editor/Part-time wordsmith and Social Media Troll for the CCR, just had to register his perspective on what the B-day cake actually appeared to represent for Irving’s self-aggrandizing QueenB VD.

   Remember, you shouldn’t be drinking any type of beverage, caffeinated or alcoholic, while viewing this picture, since nostril spewing could occur.  You have been warned!

…………………………….Mark Holbrook

Twitter Postings
Deborah Fleck @debbiewfleck Nov 16
this was the birthday cake for #irving #mayorbethvanduyne  

Dylan Westie @DylanWestie1
Looks like QueenB VD in full battle gear leading the charge of Beck’s Red Meat TEA-carnivores against all non-believers.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

CCR 11-14-15 Paris Burns, Flying Harpies Fume

the   Controversial  Committee   Report
“We don’t raise sacred cows...we just butcher them.”

   Paris burns and QueenB VDs flock of Flying Harpies fume.  Perhaps, fume is stating their current state of anxiety and false outrage too kindly.

   Instead of grasping the tragedy and sorrow, facing the citizens of Paris and the world, QueenB VDs flock of sycophant Flying Harpies are in warp speed mode to politically use the carnage of Paris to assist the queen in polishing the Islamophobia-image she created with her Red Meat TEA-carnivore speaking tour engagements, appearances on Glenn Beck’s tinfoil hat, snickering-political-program, and statements and actions regarding the ‘clock kid’ saga which she helped create and perpetuate.

   The aim of the queen’s flock, while rabidly posting on their FaceBook page know as Keep Irving Divisive (KID, as renamed by the CCR), is to write the Big Cheese of the Dallas Morning News, Mike Wilson and have Irving’s reporter of record, Avi Selk, fired, moved, transferred, castrated, or permanently stored in QueenB VDs Tower of Obedience.

   Why such drastic action for someone doing their job in a credible manner?  Well, QueenB VD and her Flying Harpy flock develop severe heartburn when the truth of the queen’s actions are printed in a real media outlet.  And they really crash in flames when e-mails and text messages, regarding her behind the scenes actions related to the ‘clock kid’ saga, are made public.  You see, the queen doesn’t wear transparency very well!

   And dear readers should know that the Flying Harpy flock flies only at the queen’s direction and dictates.  And from current blog postings, the flock is in a Code Red Attack mode.

   The actions of the Flying Harpies, in their attempt to discredit factual, accurate and detailed accounts of what is actually happening in ‘beautiful downtown Irving,' is not only despicable, but verges on behavior probably requiring medical attention for some. 

   While one is entitled to state their opinion, it goes beyond the realm of civil debate, in this instance, when one attacks the livelihood of an individual to sate their warped sense of pablum-fed, Red Meat TEA-carnivore doctrine.  The facts never seem to be attacked by the queen's Flying Harpy flock…just the individual who presents them.  And this doesn’t sound very rationale or sane to staff of the CCR

   Dylan Westie, Executive editor/Part-time wordsmith and Social Media Troll for the CCR, had planned a relaxing weekend to rest his paws after detailing QueenB VD and the city manager’s trove of e-mails and text messages (see 11-12-15 CCR report) designed to cover up their highly priced PR "crisis management" consultant’s gibberish.  This treasure trove of ‘behind the scenes’ information was contained in the following article by, the bane of all Flying Harpies, Avi Selk.

> For Factual Information and Detail: DMN, Avi Selk, 11-10-15, e-mail and text message documentation of previously unknown details: 

   Wanting to sound the alert as to QueenB VDs latest "image remake" caper, which has nothing to do with running the city as mayor, Dylan posted the following tweets.

   While the tweets are self-explanatory, dear readers should realize the depths at which QueenB VD and her flock of Flying Harpies will sink to promote, push, pimp and pander her dictates to have it appear she is a victim of the legitimate media…and everyone else just isn’t smart enough to understand this.


QueenB > Flying Harpies: slam @dallasnews reporter's accurate coverage as she initiated original Islamophobia issue in Irving #StandwithDMN

QueenBs Flying Harpies attempt to clean her Islamophobia-robes with distortions to @dallasnews re: their accurate reporting. No shame there!

QueenB & Flying Harpies’ fact fabrications on FB blog site being substituted for accurate reporting by @dallasnews and truth. #StandwithDMN

QueenB hiding? No Islamophobia-statement today? Flying Harpies charged w/distorting facts in accurate @dallasnews coverage of her activities?

   Finally, this last tweet should be a call to arms for all Irving citizens to become involved and return Irving’s leadership to a sense of responsible governance which is currently absent with QueenB VDs autocratic and self-aggrandizing actions.

#CharlieHebdo & #StandwithDMN against those distorting (the) truth to create fear & bigotry in support of Irving's mayor! 

   Only when the truth is exposed, by well meaning and honest reporters, will citizens know and understand how Flying Harpies -- playing on fears, bigotry and extreme ideology to promote the personal political agenda of QueenB VD, -- create as much damage and adverse opinion to the city as the queen’s actions do.  And maybe even more!

   Rest assured, all the Flying Harpy droppings on ‘beautiful downtown Irving’ leave a stain, which cannot be erased, for the entire world to witness.    

………………………………Mark Holbrook 

Thursday, November 12, 2015

CYA Texting

the   Controversial  Committee   Report
“We don’t raise sacred cows...we just butcher them.”

   As the political and bureaucratic malfeasance continues to evolve in ‘beautiful downtown Irving,’ the first glimpse of factual details regarding the handling of the ‘clock kid’ saga by QueenB VD and the city manager sheds new light on this topic.

   And it isn’t a pretty light being shined.  In fact, one could assume the mayor and city manager were operating completely in the dark and decided utilizing a PR "crisis management" consultant was necessary to radiate a strong beacon for their contrived activities.

   However, the consultant seemed to only illuminate a rather bumpy path of utterly dark incompetence.

   The vast detail of e-mails and text messages, noted in the following DMN article link, certainly reflects the two individuals were in a Code Red (drag out the queen’s Tarn-X® image polish) CYA-mode.

   The DMN article, by Irving’s intrepid reporter and documenter of facts — not tin foil hat conspiracy theories, biased/bigoted and false fright-fest(*) postings as found on a local blog site — Avi Selk, leaves no doubt Deep Throat would have been proud of outing the queen and city manager for their ability to scratch as much kitty litter on the odoriferous problem as they did.

   Maybe, instead of a PR "crisis management" consultant, the mayor and city manager should have allowed Animal Services to clean their litter box, as it seemed to fill up rapidly with the advice they were receiving.

   But then, how could the mayor not go on Glen Beck’s Red Meat TEA-carnivore circus to spew more fact fabrications when approved by their hired PR "crisis management" guru?

> For Factual Information and Detail: DMN, Avi Selk, 11-10-15, e-mail and text message documentation of previously unknown details: 

   While some questions have been addressed and new perspectives gained from the documents exposed, there still remains wonderment as to when other major considerations will be wrapped-up, exposed or documented.  For instance, here are just a few issues staff of the CCR would like to see answered or finalized:

With the queen and city manager in total damage control mode and utilizing CYA-processes, were the other council members informed of what was being done and any actions being taken — without their knowledge — all in the name of the city?  After all, the city has a council/manager form of government…not a queenly autocracy.  And the magic number is still five to reach approval on city issues…as the city manager doesn’t report only to the mayor.

As the city manager apparently used a PR "crisis management" consultant in his attempt to handle/cover/disseminate talking point information and gibberish, did the entire council approve this expenditure in the current year’s budget?

How much has or will the city be paying for the "advice" the consultant provided to the city manager and mayor?

Considering the salary paid the city manager, why wasn’t common sense and the following of already established policies utilized to handle the PR ‘clock kid’ quagmire?  Doesn’t the city have a PR staff person onboard who should be able to address issues of this nature in conjunction with the city manager?

Considering the majority of public sentiment — for all the blowback the ‘clock kid’ issue has created1 — one should remember the origins of this entire cluster fug emanated from the mayor’s constant, unrepentant, self-absorbed political pandering to her Red Meat TEA-carnivore fan base…which has nothing to do with running the City of Irving. 

Would the PR "crisis management" consultant, utilized by the city manager, happen to be the same firm/individual who is currently handling the "image remake" and polishing of the mayor’s persona for her Red Meat TEA-carnivores speaking tour base…which persona went south due to her Islamophobia blathering?

Would it take a Senatorial proclamation from Ted "Lizard Grin" Cruz for the mayor’s 24/7/365-flock of Flying Harpy bloggers on KID (Keep Irving Divisive, as renamed by the CCR) to realize the DMN provided factual information to dispel all the tin foil-hat conspiracy theories espoused on their site?

   Hopefully, the next document dump by the DMN will provide even more insight into how bumbling bureaucrats and an egotistical elected official spend, waste and promote — not the citizen’s agenda — the self-interest concerns of an individual’s personal CYA-texting and messaging of non-transparent comments.

   Remember, the mayor’s actions in this entire ‘clock kid’ saga have caused the city great harm and ridicule.  Her only response to all this — on her Red Meat TEA-carnivore blathering tour — is the left wing media is out to get her.  She conveniently forgets she created the issue.  She perpetuates the issue.  And she will be unrepentant as long as her personal political agenda is fulfilled.  After all, she is and represents QueenB VD, not the citizens!

   And by the way, the CCR is not a part of any left wing media outlet out to get the queen.  We actually prefer Popeye’s® spicy right wings!

…………………………………..Mark Holbrook 

1  Should readers doubt the sentiment or veracity of the general public and the manner in which this whole ‘clock kid’ quandary has been injudiciously handled by the Irving mayor and bumbling bureaucrats, then read the comments section, from citizens across Dallas County, found on the link to the above article.  The actions of an attention starved mayor, who thrives more on photo ops, mane flipping, and pandering to Red Meat TEA-carnivores, has ensured Irving will long be remembered as a snickering three-ringed circus where the head clown doesn’t even wear a red nose.

(*)  This designates a "lifted" phrase from a genuinely talented writer.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

CCR/DW 11-09-15 Pope & Tarnish

(The following was not sent to the entire CCR e-mail list)
(Tarn-X®: Official sponsor of QueenB VD)

the   Controversial  Committee   Report
“We don’t raise sacred cows...we just butcher them.”

 TO:  CCR Chuckles Brigade: 

   It has been a rather slow week for Dylan Westie, Executive editor/Part-time wordsmith and Social Media Troll for the CCR.  Other than QueenB VD spending all of time attempting to polish her tarnished image — over the political malfeasance of her handling the ‘clock kid’ saga — by spinning flattering fairy tales of fabricated achievements,  she is joined in her self-absorbed Tower of Shame by Greg Hardy, Jerry Jones and all her clinging cronies.
   Always wanting to keep his paws warm, Dylan submits the following tweets for those who may not follow him on Twitter.  If you don’t, you should.
   The following should be self-explanatory, unless your lips move when you read. 
   Enjoy…we did!

………………………………….Mark Holbrook 


Dylan Westie @DylanWestie1 Nov 9
January Chamber's State of City address (title) — "Irving: A City of Great Beginnings," and when QueenB is could be Happy Endings.
Dylan Westie @DylanWestie1 Nov 8
Newsflash: Pope Francis announces QueenBs (Irving mayor) first step in achieving political sainthood as Our Lady of Perpetual Cronyism.
Dylan Westie @DylanWestie1 Nov 8
QueenB (Irving mayor) using Tarn-X® to polish image for Mon. chamber confab & ensure she is phony-genic while blathering exculpatory excuses.

Monday, November 2, 2015

CCR 11-02-15 Frozen Gray Matter?

the   Controversial  Committee   Report
“We don’t raise sacred cows...we just butcher them.”

   As QueenB VD of the House of NPD and Royal Court of WAB and Protectorate of Red Meat TEA-carnivores continues her "image remake" tour, another wrinkle in her self-aggrandizement could be floating to the surface.

   If the queen believes there is not an issue at hand, then why not solve a 'problem' by fabricating one?  Could this be the queen’s new modus operandi

   It appears as if the queen is evolving to a state of curing any problem — real or imagined — during her "image remake" tour.  She has identified her next adventure as ‘fixing’ nonprofit organizations working in conjunction with the city.  Huh?  Problems exist here?  Was another "survey" taken?

   QueenB VD sent out invitations and on November 19, 2015, there will be a meeting to ‘brainstorm’ (Definition: lots of talking, posturing, a free meal and expected great praise for the queen.) on "how nonprofits and local government can partner and collaborate for the greater good of the Irving community."  

   While staff of the CCR may be a tad dense or even cynical at times, we always understood the basically defined mission of nonprofits, in the community, didn’t require city oversight or interference.  Stated purposes of nonprofits were to do good and assist those in need with or without city assistance!

   Did the city council formally charge QueenB VD to undertake this nebulous assignment?  Perhaps, an even better question might be: What identified issues or problems have occurred to demonstrate a confab with the queen was required?

   Since this appears to be a queenly initiated and controlled venture, one wonders if the entire council had been informed, or even asked to participate in the event.  Or, did the council only learn about the upcoming mayoral sponsored confab at the same time as the general public and nonprofits?

   Digging deeper into the sudden need to meet with Irving nonprofits, this event certainly poses a grand opportunity for the queen to continue polishing her image, pander to a receptive crowd and pick up a few photo ops along the way.  This action could add a bit of sheen after her malfeasance in handling the ‘clock kid’ dilemma for her Red Meat TEA-carnivores. 

   (Is there an official list available of nonprofits invited?  Who determined the list of invitees?)

   While CCR reports sometimes delve on the many less than transparent actions of QueenB VD,  a genuine cynic could take this theory one step forward on questioning the queen’s motives in setting up this nonprofit event.  

   For instance: Is there a specific nonprofit — which maybe one of the queen’s cronies is involved with — that might be looking for new or less noticeable ways to drain a few city tax bucks for their coffers?
   Sure, this is the apex of cynicism, but having watched the queen cuddle her single source developers, "Dark Money" contributors and leap when Sugar Daddy handlers ring her chimes, the record is already clear on the queen foregoing her revised ethics code to approve cronies who have demonstrated conflicts of interest.

   Finally, should one assume QueenB VDs personal Dallas PR consultant has a hand in determining fluffy issues the queen should embrace to polish her image?  If so, this nonprofit confab and the politically pointed phony phone survey recently flooding the city1 to re-brand the queen's image fits their agenda.

   While Irving nonprofits require and need all the support citizens can give them, having QueenB VD added to the equation for reasons unknown or unfathomable doesn’t bode well.  One has to wonder how the queen can "cure" unidentified issues when she seems to have a seriously strident approach in dealing with known issues of great importance and impact on the city…Entertainment Center, ‘beautiful downtown Irving,’ south Irving recreation needs, and many other concerns expressed by citizens during the budget process!

   Hopefully, QueenB VDs motives for this latest caper will experience a 'brain freeze' during the brainstorming session and Irving nonprofits can continue to operate in their customary fashion of goodwill and service, as in times past, without any self-centered actions of the queen being involved or dictated.

…………………………………Mark Holbrook

Article regarding the politically pointed phony phone survey:
Avi Selk, Dallas Morning News, 10-28-15