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CCR/DW 10-19-14: "Fact" Spinning

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PetRock @bradlamorgese can't admit queen's dictated anti-ARK vote goes from inane to insane on blog posting. See info


PostScript:  While CCR reports, with a tinge of bias, and the non-biased reporting(1) of the DMN appeared to cover just about ever angle in the saga of QueenB VD dictating Pet Rocks to vote against the recent ARK resolution, staff of the CCR believed the topic had been thoroughly covered.

   This was foolish thinking.  Pet Rock LaMorgese just had to dust off his spin manual and illegally remove the catalytic Torofeca-filter on his computer to spew a lengthy screed on a social media site (FaceBook: KIA blog,10-11-14) for good measure.(2)

   Never has one council member thrown such a load of Torofeca into the fan than PR-LaMorgese attempting to sway public opinion for his non-mea culpa for his wrongheaded vote.

   If the vote by QueenB VD and the pet Rocks (LaMorgese, Farris, Spink and Ward) had not been so serious, PR-LaMorgese’s failed attempt at justifying his vote on the blog site would actually be comical.  But this really isn’t a laughing matter when average citizens completely understood what four city council members couldn’t comprehend with the issue before them.

   PR-LaMorgese only needed to understand one word in the ARK agenda item to fathom the proper course of action to take.  This word was Resolution.  And the resolution on the agenda, as written and explained ad infinitum by professionals, was rather simple.  The resolution clearly reflected the city’s assurances to ARK the city would not be able to meet the anticipated time, as noted in the contractual agreement with ARK, for a hotel on the Convention Center site by 2017. PERIOD!  NO MORE!  NO LESS!

   The resolution had nothing (for emphasis: NOTHING) to do with: number of possible rooms in a boutique hotel; number of parking spaces for a boutique hotel; possible profit ARK might make if a hotel was built; or requesting any master plan changes for the Entertainment Center.  IF ARK even decided to build a boutique hotel, these issues would have to be brought back to the council for consideration and approval.  And the added attraction to this would be the project being totally funded by ARK.  No city funding required!  Zilch!

   The anti-ARK vote by QueenB VD and Pet Rocks also places the State hotel sales tax rebates in jeopardy for the entire Entertainment Center.  Now, this is serious business when a petty personal agenda is enacted to the detriment of the city and its citizens. 

   All of the anti-ARK issues were apparently fabricated, espoused and dictated by the queen to the Pet Rocks to have them align with her vindictive and personal agenda against ARK…and the Entertainment Center in general.  Her history for this PPP-attitude probably traces back to her Sugar Daddy-String Pulling handlers wanting only their single source selection to develop this city project. 

   And to think PR-LaMorgese believed this simple resolution required PowerPoint presentations, legal contractual documents or any other "finding of facts" to be considered is not only preposterous, but verges on being slow-witted with what was actually before him.

   Perhaps, PR-LaMorgese was again too busy tweeting about "budget beards" and did not hear the professional staff, on more than one occasion, present the time line for why the city’s Convention Center hotel would not be on the ground and up and running by 2017.  Even with poor hearing, staff of the CCR heard this reiterated in the work session and council meeting at least three times.

   The ARK agenda resolution was only about: Stating to ARK what city professionals knew to be an upcoming reality of development affairs…no city hotel on the Convention Center property by 2017.  Again, period with no superfluous discussions required!  

   (Frankly, staff of the CCR does not use an Ouija board, but it appears PR-Spink might to be able to state assurances a hotel could be in place by 2017.  Why didn’t PR-LaMorgese ask PR-Spink for his "finding of facts" or where his PowerPoint presentation was to make a counter claim to city professionals?  Did PR-Spink have official documents that were not shared with the council?)

   Pure and simple, the vote by PR-LaMorgese was wrong for a developer wanting to do businesses with the city.  The vote was wrong for blindly following the queen’s dictates.  And basically, the vote was wrong for the inane spin attempting to justify the queen’s vendetta against ARK specifically…and the Entertainment Center via his social media posting.

   Of course, it would be extremely difficult for PR-LaMorgese to admit he was merely following a queenly dictate instead of voting for the betterment of the city.  One even has to wonder if the queen scripted his ‘talking points’ for his blog posting!

   While PR-LaMorgese penned his epistle to a sympathetic crowd of mead-spiked Flying Harpies on the FaceBook blog, he did spare total embarrassment by not having this screed sent to the DMN as a "Letter to the Editor."  Had he done this, the entire metroplex would have chuckled at his feeble attempt to justify the unjustifiable.

   Additionally, has PR-LaMorgese forgotten all the actual "fact finding" of what a recent tax rate decrease vote accomplished at the queen’s direction?  Does he not remember the ‘facts’ that his vote would not actually reduce homeowners property taxes, and the $900,000K cut from the budget would imperil public safety via not providing what the Irving Fire Department needed and required?  Is "fact finding" only important to PR-LaMorgese when it is convenient and agrees with his voting as dictated by the queen?  Just when does PR-LaMorgese heed the advice of professionals who certainly know more about running a city then he might?  

   Sorry, PR-LaMorgese, your fabricated spin and verbose verbiage on social media failed the vote-justification test.  A simple explanation of "the queen made me do it" would have been sufficient and honest.  But then, this couldn’t be accomplished without legally-lathering up blog readers for a cup of tea and sympathy.

   Finally, PR-LaMorgese, it is not the number of words one uses to defend an issue, but rather the quality and accuracy of those words as they specifically relate to the reality of the problem under consideration.  

   And if, or should ARK return to the council with a boutique hotel proposal, citizens will anxiously tune in to see if PR-LaMorgese has completed rehab for independent thinking and voting for the best interest of the city this time around.

   Okay, PR-LaMorgese, you may now resume your inane tweeting during important city council meetings. 

(1)  DMN article which clearly defines the resolution before the Irving city council that was voted down by QueenB VD and her Pet Rock collection: …

(2)  Readers requiring a good chuckle and want to read LaMorgese’s legal-lathering of blog spin can obtain a copy by requesting one from the CCR.

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CCR/DW 10-14-14: Award Goes To...

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QueenB (Irving mayor) receives her first ever prestigious award. For details see 10-14-14 report at Pet Rocks elated


PostScript:  Readers, especially those who write in crayon, always receive an immediate response from staff of the CCR.  We hear you! (And some don’t think we have a heart…pshaw.) 

   And to meet a recent gadfly-critic’s concern, from the reading challenged bleachers, this entire report is dedicated to the wonderful achievements QueenB VD has invested in the city since her initial coronation. (Four years and…oh god, still counting.)

   While some might consider her achievements less than worthy, staff of the CCR believes them to be as high up on the "meme" shelf as Tommy Gonzalez’s (former city manager) personal goal of achieving the Malcolm Baldrige award.  And we all know how this award totally changed the direction of Irving and moved the city into being a smooth operating machine.  

   Just think of how Irving’s past, during the realm of QueenB VD, will be recorded and the changes she instituted for citizens when her legacy is written.

   Sparing no expense, staff of the CCR commissioned a statuette to be molded that will honor and symbolize QueenB VDs grandest achievements.  The award will be know as the CCRs Frank "I Did It My Way" Award and modeled after the Rat Pack crooner’s self-absorbed tune of personal praise.  This award will also allow the queen’s loyal subjects to think of her every time the song is played on the radio or TV.

   Back to the important issue at hand: QueenB VDs momentous legacy.  Here are just three of the significant items the queen has planted in the Irving political landscape.  We should all be so proud:

Tin Foil Hat 2.01:  This new cutting edge technological headwear, while primarily designated for Pet Rocks (LaMorgese, Farris, Spink and Ward), will also be provided to the Mother Superior of Flying Harpies, single source developers, Sugar Daddy-String Pullers, Tea Party cronies and spiked-mead posters on the KIA FaceBook blog.  The beauty of the advanced tin foil chapeau is: QueenB VD will be able to instantly communicate demands, voting instructions and spin talking points to each wearer without having to use her iPhone or rely on any telecommunication tower for text messaging during meetings.  The communications from the queen will be direct, untraceable and one way.  In essence, the queen does not have to bother with hearing any responses, negative thoughts or whining from those wearing the tin foil hats.  How cool is that?  (Side note: The queen will also have the ability to send a slight electrical charge to the wearer if they should step out of line or say something inappropriate.)

ATM Voting:  Realizing there seems to be a bit of unrest with some of QueenB VDs recent pronouncements, votes and handling of issues before the council, the queen has taken on-line voting to a new level.  While voting in the city is beyond being anemic, with regards to the number that actually participates in process, the queen has instituted an ATM/Debit card system for the next city election…to ensure her Pet Rocks do well at the polls.  Citizens will be provided with a QueenB debit card upon enter a polling station.  The card will be inserted into the electronic voting pod and if voting for the individuals the queen has chosen, the card will register $25.00 on the voter’s new debit card.  This method of vote buying beats the old system of ‘walking money’ used by scurrilous ward bosses.  The QueenB debit card also guarantees the queen’s picks, or the card is not validated.  This method of ‘voter encouragement’ will also be cheaper the $500K+ the queen spent on her last campaign.  Additionally, ‘frequent voters’ in any election will receive bonus points toward an amazing array of gifts.

BVD Vanity Plates:  What better way to show support, allegiance and fealty to the queen and Irving than to be awarded a personalized QueenB VD vanity license plate.  These plates are special enticements for all serf/peon achievements which demonstrate genuine obedience to the queen.  The license plate allows everyone in the realm to recognize how the queen appreciates their efforts, blind-less dedication and mindlessly subscribing to her dictates.  
   While driving around town, readers may have noticed some of the plates already in use.  To assist in the recognition of these honored recipients, here is a short list: BVD1 (the queen, of course), BVD2 (LaMorgese), BVD3 (Farris), BVD4 (Spink), BVD5 (Ward), BVD6 (Mother Superior of Flying Harpies), BVD7 (Simon) and BVD8 (Ellis).  Remember, the key to being considered and obtaining a BVD vanity plate is to work hard spinning the queen’s egotistical message, bow often and never address or disturb the queen when she is involved in a photo op.

   While staff of the CCR is still in the research mode for any other QueenB VD achievements, the above alone qualifies her to be the first (and hopefully only) recipient of the CCRs Frank "I Did It My Way" Award.  Really, can you think of any other deserving Irving politico who could match the efforts of QueenB VD to gain this recognition? 

(This report was inspired by a wacky CCR reader.)

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CCR/DW 10-14-14: Voting ID Required

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Here’s what you recently missed by not following
Dylan Westie  @DylanWestie1  on Twit-er.

Radical idea: Bring the ARK boutique back to council for re-vote to see if any Pet Rocks will atone for QueenBs (Irving mayor) misdirection!


PostScript:  Just think!  With all the negative comments and publicity floating around as to how QueenB VD led the Pet Rocks astray to satisfy her personal agenda of being anti-ARK, do you think any of the Pet Rocks would like to atone for their misdirected vote and set the record straight for the betterment of the city?  Sounds like a capital idea to staff of the CCR.

   To do so, three council members could request the ARK boutique hotel proposal be placed on the next city council agenda.  The queen could not prevent this item from coming back to the council for renewed consideration and a vote.

   If the item was put before the council again, the question becomes: Would any of the Pet Rocks actually consider changing their vote, or do they want the total embarrassment of their initial vote to stand as is?  Their previous vote was an embarrassment to the city, business community and voters…and probably had Dallas politicos chucking at Irving’s ineptitude.

   Knowing the decision to change their vote might cause them to fear being thrown into the queen’s Tower of Obedience, or not being invited to participate in a photo op with her, staff of the CCR would like to assist in the reconsideration of their voting again.

   Only one Pet Rock changing their vote will shift the tide and put Irving back on a course of doing what is right for citizens and businesses calling the city home.  

   Here are some gentle clues to assist the misled Pet Rocks:

Pet Rock LaMorgese:  After seeking any necessary nose procedures, purchasing a copy of "Business Microeconomics for Dummies" to assist in increasing his learning curve in understanding businesses do operate to make a profit.  Those businesses failing to make a profit will no longer be in business.  Hopefully, this isn’t too difficult for him to understand after reading the book, but then….. 

Pet Rock Spink:  Isn’t it time for him to discard his Ouija board and crystal ball for predicting upcoming development time lines when professionals, using real data, have discussed and related the reality of the ARK proposal?  The RFPs, for seeking a new Convention Center hotel developer, are being processed.  Hopefully, he is not attempting to fall into the single source developer pit like QueenB and forego the city conducting its business as it should…open, transparent and crony-less for any personally known developers.

Pet Rock Farris:  We searched and consulted with professionals, but to no avail.  Some folks are just lost, helpless and beyond reach.  This could fall into the category of voters not getting what they were promised…and it wasn’t a court jester for the queen.

Pet Rock Ward:  While following the queen’s dictates, his anti-ARK vote could have exponentially decreased the number of support votes — that do not represent a conflict of interest — for any Whistle Stop proposal when it comes before the council.  While council voting is not generally tete-a-tete, it is know most council members do have long memories and recall past actions and votes of their fellow members.  The ARK vote, similar to a radioisotope, will have the same half-life as the tax reduction vote the queen dictated for the Pet Rocks.

   CCR readers should understand that bringing the ARK boutique hotel proposal back for a re-vote is not to embarrass the Pet Rocks.  After all, they did this to themselves, the city and businesses on their first vote.  However, this would truly be a golden opportunity for them to demonstrate they are wanting to serve citizens of the city,,,and not the queen’s vindictive and egotistical agenda. 

   Is this really too difficult to understand?  Which is fundamentally more important: The queen’s ego or the betterment of the city?

   And while the consideration is floating around to consider if a re-vote would occur, the Pet Rocks should also remember how enthusiastic they were when they recently approved another boutique hotel near the city owned Entertainment Center property.  And this boutique hotel will not be able to assist the city in qualifying for the State sales tax rebate. 

   If the Pet Rocks have forgotten, the State sales tax rebate is one of the critical elements to ensure the success of the entire ICVB, Entertainment Center and Convention Center hotel development.

   Finally, one of the more salient points is if ARK should decide to build a boutique hotel, no city funding would be required.  What better reason is there to support this public-private partnership?  Pet Rocks should remember, ARK is the city’s partner, not their crutch to satisfy personal agendas.  Especially, those personal agendas which seem to be contrary to the city’s benefit.

   Want to do something good for the city?  Contact one of the non-Pet Rocks and request the ARK boutique hotel proposal be placed on the next council agenda.  They have already voted once for the city’s betterment and probably wouldn’t mind doing so again.  Let them know your thoughts.

non-Pet Rocks
John Danish (972) 554-0500
Allan Meagher (972) 313-0909
Joe Putnam (972) 259-2626
Dennis Webb     (214) 490-9749

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CCR/DW 10-13-14: Straw Man Rehab

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Dylan Westie   @DylanWestie1  on Twit-er.

We hear: Disgruntled spiked-mead sippers of QueenB (Irving mayor) entering rehab to be reborn voters due to her anti-ARK vindictive charade.


PostScript: Sometimes, the straw is used just to slap the camel in the face instead of breaking its back.  

   And QueenB VD recently swatted the city, interested citizens, business community, and some supporters across the face with a handful of coarse straw.  This swatting, which should leave prominent whelps on future voter’s faces, was just her way of saying: "It’s my party and I didn’t invite ARK."

   The QueenB slap fest of voters, citizens and businesses began as she utilized her Straw Man faulty logic to publicly browbeat a corporate concern, ARK, that is developing the Entertainment Center for the city.  

   After the disastrous city council vote (5-4 to kill the resolution), led by QueenB VD who marshaled her Pet Rocks to scuttle the ARK boutique proposal, some previously staunch supports of the queen finally decided…enough is enough.  

   Her perceived PPP (Political Pettiness Personified) condition coupled with an ego that wouldn’t even fit in AT&T Stadium (JerryWorld Arena) has caused some staunch supporters to re-evaluate their allegiance to this pseudo-monarchy of narcissistic endeavors. 

   Based on e-mails and conversations, the queen’s latest anti-ARK rampage leaves only one question to address: Why has it taken so long for some individuals to figure out the queen isn’t leading the city, but managing to bring it down?  And in her mind, this might even be okay…if there is a photo op involved.

   The publicity, e-mails and blog postings resulting from QueenB VD leading her Pet Rocks (LaMorgese, Farris, Spink and Ward) to deny the ARK resolution demonstrates ordinary citizens understood the issue better than the queen and Pet Rocks.

   It is certainly apparently the ARK Entertainment Center personnel now realize what many citizens have noted for the past four years: The queen only serves the queen…unless, of course, her sugar-daddy-string pullers (Simon and Ellis) dictate otherwise.  In this instance, there probably was a melding of these three forces to badly skew rational thinking into a political quagmire…which will haunt the city indefinitely.

   Perhaps, the most cognizant and profound pronouncement to capture the essence of QueenB VDs faulty blathering and logic on the ARK boutique hotel proposal was:
ARK development partner, Noah Lazes, to DMN (10-11-14) reporter Avi Selk:  
"This is Beth continuing to push an agenda that was clearly not accurate," Lazes said. "It’s unfortunate that a personal agenda and a personal vendetta is influence political decisons.” *

   Fortunately, ARK has a milder manner and a kinder grammatical disposition than staff of the CCR.   
   Knowing the queen was leading the charge and probably acting in accordance with her handler’s desires, the Pet Rocks must also share the shame and blame for this anti-business, anti-Irving and anti-logical vote.  After all, where were their brain synapses during the vetting of this issue?  

   (That’s right, Pet Rocks do not have cranial gray matter in their aphanitic composition.)  

   As QueenB VD, her handlers, Tea Party sippers, and Flying Harpies plot her next political move (replace Kenny Marchant in the US Congress?), she will have free time on hand after flushing Irving down the porcelain latrine.  Her ability to forego sound and professional advice, which would benefit the city, would fit right in with the DC crowd.

   Who knows?  Even her Washington ‘tour guide,’ Rep. Pete Sessions, might be onboard for the queen to set up shop in DC.  With as screwed up as Congress seems to be regarding the representation of citizens, QueenB VD just might be their new poster child for screwing-up.

   After all, when one reviews the queen’s record of non-accomplishment, it would not be a leap to the Washington political scene for her.  Rather, she could hop, skip and jump into a new arena of serving special interest concerns, single source developers and kowtowing to her two primary handlers.

   Of course, this would be a Win-Lose situation for the city.  Irving Wins with her departure and the country Loses with her arrival.

  • Snicker Alert: If there are any typo or grammar corrections required in the item quoted, this is the one and only time we ask you not to contact staff of the CCR!  Executive Editor and Part-time Wordsmith, Dylan Westie, thanks you, too.

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CCR/DW 10-11-14: Intoxicated Harpies

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Here’s what you recently missed by not following: 
Dylan Westie   @DylanWestie1  on Twit-er.

QueenB (Irving mayor) + brainless Pet Rocks don't realize the devastation anti-ARK vote has on #IrvingTx. Need Rx help stat. 


PostScript:  For those poor lost souls on the KIA blog not understanding (no surprise there) the CCR reports or tweets for the past four days, and still contend QueenB VD and her Pet Rocks are competent, knowledgeable and doing what is best for the city…click on the above DMN article for a better understanding of the ARK vote.

   The anti-ARK vote, led solely by QueenB VD and succumbed to by her Pet Rocks (LaMorgese, Farris, Spink and Ward) for the ARK boutique hotel proposal, will long be remembered as one of the most spiteful and devastating votes ever taken by an Irving city council.  (For god’s sake, the council was only supposed to vote on a RESOLUTION, not the start of a building program!) 

   And when the CCR used the terms Stone Age and brainless to describe this voting activity…we were actually being too kind and considerate of our younger reading audience.  (The profanity version available only upon request.)

   Of course, the DMN presents facts, unlike how the CCR presents information, as they are somewhat restrained and normally do not take sides in a local issue…unless it is an opinion piece.  The CCR does not have this same responsibility to its readership list.  The CCR only provides their unvarnished opinions of city council activities.  

   And surprisingly, the queen’s flock of Flying Harpies on KIA still do not understand this concept.  The interest of the flock always appears to be the wordsmithing style of the CCR and never an attempt to refute the information provided.  

   Again, when one has slurped QueenB VDs spiked-mead for so long, the Flying Harpies stumbling, ill-informed and rambling rants do little to convenience KIA readers they know what they are talking about.  

   And what they are talking about is what the queen would have them talk about…her self-absorbed greatness.

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Friday, October 10, 2014

CCR/DW 10-10-14: The Dr. Sez

TO:  CCR Tweet-less:

Here’s what you recently missed by not following: 
Dylan Westie   @DylanWestie1  on Twit-er.

QueenB (Irving mayor) pats Pet Rocks for vote against ARK boutique hotel. Stone Age & small minds reign in #IrvingTx


PostScript: Just plain mind-boggling!  That is the only way to describe QueenB VD leading her Pet Rock contingency (LaMorgese, Ward, Spink and Farris) to vote against the ARK boutique hotel resolution.  And the resolution before the council had nothing to do with: how many rooms the hotel would have; how much parking would be available; or, how much profit ARK might reap from a hotel in the Entertainment Center utilizing their own capitalization.

   (Someone please inform LaMorgese, all businesses strive to operate for making a profit.  In socialistic societies this would not be the case.)

   No, the resolution before the council was to allow ARK to consider building a boutique hotel if the city’s Convention Center hotel could not be on line by 2017.  And if that turned out to be the case, then ARK would develop all the necessary plans, reflect all financing from their own resources and return the package to the city council for consideration and final approval.  To state QueenB and the Pet Rocks had their cart before the horse with this resolution would be a serious understatement.

   And saner and sounder professional minds assured the entire council the development of a boutique hotel by ARK would not detract or sniffle competition from a Convention Center hotel…if and when it is constructed.

   While still attempting to understand how QueenB VD and the Pet Rocks could take sound professional advice, a Win-Win for the city and then detouring Irving onto the path of Stone Age reasoning, staff of the CCR decided to seek professional help…but not for us.

   The CCR contacted Dr. Ima Fraud, PhD (as in Post hole Digger) to see if she could explain the queen’s and Pet Rock’s flawed rationale for turning down such a grand proposal by ARK.  While the report issued to the CCR is confidential, we will share a couple of the significant details so readers of the CCR might better comprehend the factors that went into their defective decision making processes.

   Apparently, QueenB VD has "sugar daddy issues" with her two major/protective/contributor and string pullers — Simon and Ellis.  As those two individuals probably never really wanted Bill Bob or ARK to develop anything to do with an Entertainment Center in the urban center, over a developer of their choice, this instilled in the queen a deep seated ‘grudge-psychosis.’  And this ‘grudge-psychosis’ for other suggestions, alternatives or developers even formed the foundation for the queen’s explicit mantra, now used daily, of "not my idea, not a deal."  Knowing this certainly helps shed light on the queen’s role and vote against the ARK boutique hotel proposal.

   Even though Dr. Fraud provided ‘clinical write-up’ for each Pet Rock, the only additional item of note to be considered, at this time, would be her findings for the queen’s Chief Pet Rock and spokesperson, LaMorgese.  While not conclusive, Dr. Fraud wonders if the actual direction and motivation for his actions could be as a result of his actually wanting to "please the queen’s mum."  And if he pleases the queen’s mum, then he understands the queen will be pleased with his actions, blathering and votes.  His ‘condition’ could even be sadder than the queen’s.

   Even though it was beyond her professional expertise (not being a renal specialist), Dr. Fraud did indicate the possibility existed for the Pet Rocks not to have the necessary manhood attributes (cojones?) to actually confront the queen and vote for what should be in the best interest of the city.  Of course, the CCR does not have the funding available to provide physical exams for the Pet Rocks to see if her assessment is accurate.

   Perhaps, the only other real way to really demonstrate the inane actions and vote led by QueenB VD against the ARK proposal would be to compare her with what the CCR has previously identified as Irving’s worst mayor — Morris Parrish.  And on hindsight, we now want to apologize to Morris.  The queen is actually in a category by herself and way below Morris’ stature!

   Maybe the best way to view QueenB VDs standing as mayor could best be considered by comparing the two mayors with presidents.

   If Morris Parrish would equate to Ronald Reagan for his service to Irving (which he didn’t), then Beth Van Duyne would have to be Barack Obama for the devastation she is currently causing.  Her leading the vote against the ARK boutique hotel proposal permanently sealed this deal.

   When citizens finally realize the financial turmoil QueenB VD has created during her reign, her presidential comparison should become more apparent.  And the payment of higher taxes will certainly track her flawed and devastating legacy.

   The queen’s echo to ARK from last evening’s meeting will also resound for decades: "You didn’t build that."

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Thursday, October 9, 2014

CCR/DW 10-09-14: Rocks of Ineptness

TO:  CCR Tweet-less:

Here’s what you recently missed by not following: 
Dylan Westie   @DylanWestie1  on Twit-er.

"Irving: The Stone Age Has Nothing On Us!" QueenB (Irving mayor) & her Pet Rocks squashed deal with ARK for boutique hotel. Sad & brainless!


PostScript:  Staff of the CCR would like to offer our extreme apologies to the ARK development group.  While we might have assumed at one time Irving had a competent city council, tonight’s vote on the boutique hotel issue proved otherwise.  

   If only the lab results, for the testing the CCR was performing, had been returned prior to the council meeting.  Now knowing the results of these test, we could have asked the Center for Disease Control to quarantine QueenB VD and her Pet Rock contingency. 

   The CCRs lab reported there is no gray matter in a Pet Rock’s cranium!  Couple this with the possible spiking of the queen’s NPD, AHD, PPP and J&HD undiagnosed-conditions and you have a recipe for a pandemic of incompetence.  And the four Pet Rocks and QueenB VD proved this tonight.

   With QueenB VDs anti-ARK and Entertainment Center grudge-psychosis (not my developer ideal, not a good deal) leading the way, Irving is now poised to undo all the good previous mayors and councils have instituted for citizens over the years.  Potential developers, who may want to do business with the city, will look at the clown act the queen led her Pet Rocks to participate in and wonder how five individuals could be so pathetic regarding the improvement of the city.

   And once again, LaMorgese had trouble breathing, considering his nose placement, as he regurgitated QueenB VDs talking points in a faux lawyer tone.  (If he could only learn to utter his own words.)  Farris, Ward and Spink were mum on the topic before the vote.  Probably, they thought if they didn’t enter the discussion fray, then citizens might not discover they were part of the contingency to kill this boutique hotel project…a project which would bring tremendous benefit and opportunity to the city.  Sad, sad, sad! 

   Without a doubt, QueenB VD and the Pet Rocks have connived to leave citizens short changed by refusing, once again, not to consider the astute advice of genuine professionals.

   Kudos to Putnam, Webb, Meagher and Danish.  Not only did these individuals weight the professional advice, but they recognized the potential ARK had brought to the table.  As previously stated in another report, this boutique hotel project was a Win-Win for the city and a No Brainer for an approval vote.

   Well, citizens did discover one thing this evening…Pet Rocks are No Brainers and the city Lost-Lost.
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