Friday, December 31, 2010

BS #1

BlogSpasm #1…12-31-10

Here’s how it is going to work...for now. We will post something on the blog. If you have an opinion or disagree with the posting, you can click on our e-mail address to register your thoughts. We’ll review to ensure that libel is not a consideration, good grammar might be present and then post your item.

Even if there are no “fresh” blog items (CCR, ZAP! or musings), you can still register your thoughts or opinions about previous articles. It would be helpful if you reference the BS (Blog Spasm) or article in your e-mail for us to post your entry with the proper item. This is old school, but we are old too!

You can use your “real” name, or a blog name if you deem it important. Just be sure to let us know which to print.

We will be using the BS postings to document or report current event items that may not warrant our usual 600-800 word ramblings.

………….Mark Holbrook