Friday, December 31, 2010

BS #2

BlogSpasm #2...12.31.10

Is it possible that the city’s Brown Shirts have stepped over the line...again?

While grocery shopping at one of Irving’s major chain stores, we were informed that onion rolls could not be sold in the store. The baker stated that city health inspectors said freshly made onion rolls or vendor packaged onion rolls could not be sold due to the little flakes of onion that are nestled and baked on the top of the rolls. (Really, this is the best part of the roll!)

How is one to make a decent sandwich with the leftover Christmas Honey Baked ham? Is this just another example of the government deciding what is best for you without even giving you the option to voice an opinion?

We had to drive out of the city to buy a package of onion rolls. This reminded me of having to drive out of the state to pull a slot machine lever.

……………..Mark Holbrook