Thursday, February 3, 2011

BS #9: Stealing Home?

BlogSpasm #9...February 3, 2011

The "cabin fever" has hit 104 degrees after three days of being homebound, so it is time to hide the guns and knives to ensure peace in the family.

Sliding out of the driveway and slipping on the parking lot of a local Kroger’s store to secure needed staples, the magnitude of the Blizzard of 2011 hit home. The store had just experienced one of the Rolling Blackouts!

While being familiar with possible Rolling Blackouts during August summers, this seems to be the first time this occurrence has “struck” during winter. What made the event more curious was that there are certain businesses or facilities exempt from the blackouts. This is understandable. We wouldn’t want to be on an operating table for cardiac surgery to hear the physician state during a blackout: “Nobody panic. We’ll use an air mattress hand-pump to keep his blood circulating while sewing him up with flashlight beams!”

Perhaps, what we don’t understand brings us to today’s question. Why would Cowboys Stadium be exempt from the Rolling Blackouts and allowed to be lit like a Christmas tree at “Jerry’s World” in Arlington? The primary reason relayed by the press was: For security purposes.

Does Jerry really think someone would steal his stadium and attempt to haul it off with the highways as icy and dangerous as they have been for the past three days? Besides, security around the stadium is already tighter that that around President Mubarak’s home in Cairo!

...................Mark Holbrook