Saturday, February 26, 2011

ZAP! #41: Who Knows??

ZAP! #41...February 26, 2011

The following item is on the city council work session agenda for Wednesday, March 2, 2011.

  • 9. Personnel - City Manager Contract Review (requested by Mayor Gears) Texas Open Meetings Act : 551.074

Two items of note: 1) Why is the mayor putting this on the agenda at the beginning of the political season? 2) Is the item on the agenda to give the city manager another raise, or to buy his contract out? 3) Is the mayor looking for a scapegoat to feather his run for re-election? (Sorry, that was three items of note.)

Regardless of the rationale, it sure seems strange that the mayor is suddenly taking an interest in all that has gone wrong at city hall for the past few years. Has he forgotten that he is responsible for the city manager coming to Irving? Has he suffered from another memory loss (re: Wounded Warriors banquet. See BS #10) and failed to realize that he has voted for all the controversial issues placed in front of him?

Since this work session item is going to be conducted in a closed meeting, we may not know what truly happens, or is said. As usual, we will have to endure the political spin, finger pointing and other assorted political ploys from the mayor designed to treat citizens like mushrooms in a closet.

A reader sez: "A sacrificial lamb or the real guilty party?" Citizen Bill

We Say: In this, case he could probably play both roles for all the incumbents running for re-election. MH