Saturday, February 12, 2011

ZAP! #40: Mushrooms and Omertá

ZAP! #40...February 11, 2011

Let’s be realistic. The fat lady hasn’t even flexed her vocal cords for her aria on the proposed $250 million Entertainment Center audit, expenditure approvals by “unnamed city employees,” or voodoo financing of this project.

If you missed the latest installment (02-11-11) of Brett Shipp’s (WFAA-TV, Ch 8) chronicle of the issues, problems and litter box droppings by the city council concerning the Entertainment Center, then click on the following link. And be prepared to be amazed at what still appears to be one of the most troubled projects the city has ever experienced. And with each report, the problems seem to multiply.

The mayor and council continue to gloss over, spin and provide unbelievable “deep-concern-responses” when discussing or speaking with the media about the Entertainment Center. That is, if they speak to the media. Does it seem as if Irving’s Capo of the Lubbock Mafia (city manager) has designated himself exempt from discussing anything with the media regarding this project? And what kind of response is it to the media when the Capo states: “We have answered every question asked” when he wouldn’t answer the question about the $4 million in highly dubious expenditures flagged in the Entertainment Center audit report?

What the mayor and council appear to be growing with this entire Entertainment Center fiasco is a closet full of mushrooms. And guess who the mayor and council believes the actual mushrooms are? That’s right fungus breath... the tax paying public. Citizens are kept in the dark and receive very little critical information as to all the pitfalls plaguing this project. And every now and then another shovel of spin is thrown into the closet by the council to keep the mushrooms thriving. Kudos to Channel 8 and Brett Shipp for allowing genuine sun light to seep into the closet!

Since it is getting close to election time, it might be interesting to see if any incumbent running for re-election suddenly “sees the light” and attempts to atone for over two years of shoveling spin and voodoo financing drivel on the mushrooms. After all, over $23 million has already been shoveled into this closet. That’s enough to cause a complete crop failure...or at the very least, mushrooms with dried up wallets.

A reader sez:

“It is becoming abundantly clear that a new fresh set of eyes are needed for this looming fiasco.” Anonymous

We Say:

Wouldn’t that be enlightening! MH