Sunday, March 20, 2011

BS #12: Apples for the Taxpayers

BlogSpasm #12...March 20, 2011

While you were sleeping, it became apparent that there is actually a school board election this season. And the two incumbents -- N. Jones and A. Jenkins -- managed to draw opponents. Strangely, some individuals are awake to the fact that an administrative “rubber stamp”-board may not be getting the job done.

Since school board issues do not have the same titillating appeal as city council races, voters should still stop and consider this: Approximately 65+% of you total annual tax bill (city, school, Parkland, DCCCD, etc., etc.) is directed to and dropped in the coffers of the IISD.

For most residential homes and based on a total tax bill of around $1,800 per year, your part of the IISD kitty equals $1,170. Are you getting value for your bucks?

If for no other reason than the level of support you contribute to the IISD operation, voters should familiarize themselves with all the candidates. It is your money, after all, that is being spent!

When reviewing candidates, the following issues might be considered:

  • How would a board member plan to address the expected budget shortfall?
  • Will board members balance the budget without increasing the tax rate?
  • What level of administrative overhead should be trimmed?
  • What costly programs -- that show little success -- should be eliminated?
  • What is being done to allow teachers to teach and not be pencil pushers for the administration?
  • How are all the bucks spent on consultant cost justified?
  • At whose suggestion was the superintendent’s contract -- after only being here one year -- extended to 2016?
  • What is the candidate’s position on adhering to the Open Meetings Act?
  • What is the candidate’s position on “meddling” in city council zoning cases that do not involve IISD property?

There are other benchmark questions to consider, but this could get you started in your review of those who want to do something “for the kids.” Let them know that the time is right for them to do something for the Irving taxpayers.

……………….Mark Holbrook