Sunday, April 10, 2011

BS #20: Whine, Whine, Whine

BlogSpasm #20...April 10, 2011

In political campaigns, you can always tell who might be behind, or unable to address pertinent issues so that voters will support their candidacy. It’s usually the whiners!

The whining generally comes from the candidate. First, the candidate whines to his election team. And the election team supporters whine to anyone who might listen. If all these folks spent as much time addressing the real issues of the campaign, then the campaign might get some traction.

And how do we know this? Well, staff members of the CCR have heard from a couple of the whiners in the ‘Gears for mayor’ camp here in beautiful downtown Irving.

These folks are whining that: 1) The CCR appears to be supporting Joe Putnam for mayor (that’s correct); 2) The CCRs spouse is the treasurer for the Joe Putnam campaign (that’s also correct); 3) The CCR should provide “full disclosure” to the fact that a family member of the CCR is associated with the Joe Putnam campaign (that’s INCORRECT).

Here are reasons why the whiners are so terribly wrong:

  • The CCRs spouse is a very independent woman and the choice to serve as treasurer was hers alone. Her decision had nothing to do with the publication of the CCR. She knows the honesty and integrity that Putnam will bring to the office of mayor when elected.
  • Also, the flawed logic of the whiners in this instance is the assumption that the CCR is a legitimate news publication and should follow a prescribed set of standards. This is an opinionated blog folks, not a legitimate journalistic publication. We kick cats and slaughter sacred cows for Pete’s sake. If the CCR was a “legitimate” publication, then the disclosure issue might be germane.
  • Apparently, some of the issues that the whiners do not want disclosed or discussed during the campaign are hitting home when revealed in the CCR. If this is true, then the candidates should address these topics, not question who a staff member of the CCR might be married to.

The staff of the CCR recognizes that even all this “disclosure” will not pacify the whiners. The reality of the situation is that their efforts are being directed to assist a flawed candidate as they attempt to grasp any life ring left on the Titanic’s deck to use as a flotation device.

For this, all we have left to say is: We donated $100 to the Joe Putnam campaign for mayor! Now that’s full disclosure.