Friday, April 15, 2011

ZAP! #46: Welcome to the Primordial Ooze

ZAP! #46...April 15, 2011

Staff of the CCR will join those who have indicated that the race for mayor this year ranks as one of the roughest, most expensive (by the incumbent), and off-target of any in recent years.

The first question to be asked is: Why? The short and simple answer that comes to mind is that the incumbent cannot run on his record, discuss the real issues facing our city, or speak without fabricating information. If you are having difficulty accepting this premise, then consider what is factual.

When, during this campaign, have you heard the incumbent speak/mention/address the following issues: McDougal redevelopment bail-outs and status of the Heritage District project; financial oversight of Billy Bob and the Las Colinas Group; what the city plans to do when the Texas Supreme Court denies the Voodoo Financing for the Entertainment Center; the myriad of ordinances passed that financially harm small business in the community; the significant increase in fees and rates for some city services, etc.?

Instead, all that voters have seen or heard is the incumbent utilizing a high-priced Fort Worth consultant to attack, smear and assassinate the character of one of Irving’s finer public servants. If the incumbent was doing this on his own, that would be one thing. However, he is even utilizing members of the Irving fire department’s PAC to walk neighborhoods to spread the word of misinformation about his opponent.

And one has to wonder. Is the support of the firemen’s PAC a quid pro quo having to do with personnel issues involving the city manager and fire chief, or just a “laundry-day” payment for services benefiting members and the fireman’s PAC coffer. In either case, voters might never know the discussions that went on behind closed doors or in phone conversations to reach this level of support by the firemen’s PAC for the incumbent. (Note: There are firemen who are members of the PAC, but are not supporting the incumbent.)

Another interesting set of meetings and hearings the general public may not be aware of is the incumbent’s zipping down to Austin to speak in grandiose terms (pure fluff, we would add) about the merits of Voodoo Financing for the Entertainment Center. There seems to be a problem with some of his appearances. He has been caught utilizing that old political skill...talking out of both sides of his mouth.

It is really a permanent stain on Irving’s reputation when an attorney from the Office of the Attorney General states before the Court of Appeals for the Fifth District of Texas during oral arguments that the incumbent’s testimony might be severely lacking in veracity. His specific comment was:

In fact, even as this Court considers these issues, the City, through its Mayor, is seeking to secure the State’s revenues at issue here before the Legislature, offering sworn testimony concerning these very proceedings and the State’s position in it. Regrettably, that testimony is contrary to this record and to demonstrable fact.” (Emphasis CCRs)

OUCH! One has to wonder that if the incumbent waxes with this level of trustworthiness in Austin, then what should one actually believe with any of his pronouncements in Irving? We know the answer to that one, but we’ll let you mull over the facts before you finalize your opinion.

And while thinking about this, do remember how the incumbent -- when speaking before the Wounded Warriors banquet in Irving this year -- stated:

“This is the first time I’ve missed a City Council meeting in my 13 years of service to the city,” Gears told the crowd. “But I had to miss it for this.”

This boast was stated just a couple months after Councilperson Cannaday had to preside for the incumbent during another of his absences. The primordial ooze just keeps seeping from the incumbent’s campaign.

Finally, while some might contend that the staff of the CCR is involved in “character assassination” with these jottings regarding the incumbent, we would contend that we are only providing specific examples of the incumbent’s character morality.

………………Mark Holbrook