Thursday, April 28, 2011

BS #27: A Boogle of Weasels

BlogSpasm #27...April 28, 2011

Sometimes, the staff of the CCR just doesn’t believe what they hear. Take for instance a comment made by one of the candidates running for the open District 3 seat, Dennis Webb.

At the League of Women Voters forum last evening, Webb commented on his receiving campaign contributions and support from the folks at the epicenter of one of Irving’s political firestorms -- the Voodoo Financed Entertainment Center. Referencing those who had questioned his taking contributions from certain individuals and assistance from the Irving firemen’s union PAC, he remarked that if one of the other candidates “had gotten the endorsement, then they would have gotten the money.” So much for running on a platform of independence and objectivity!

For the record, Webb has received (based on his first report filing) the following campaign contributions: Billy Bob Barnett - $2,500; Robert Stewart - $2,500; William Beuck - $2,500; and Charles Cotton - $2,500. These individuals have a direct and material interest in the Entertainment Center project. And as “benefactors,” they will need council support to keep their scheme running.

At this point in time, the figures are not available for the CCR to see how much money these same benefactors may have given to the firemen’s union PAC for their use in the 2011 campaigns for Webb, Cannaday and Gears. It is very clear that the firemen’s union PAC received funds from these benefactors during the 2010 campaigns for council seats.

And when the PAC firemen are not soliciting money for “Jerry’s Kids,” they are being paid to comb neighborhoods for votes funded by wealthy benefactors who stand to gain materially by council votes. Is this the Irving way or a move toward Chicago-style politics?

As the CCR has reflected in the past: A politician who states campaign contributions do not influence their decisions is either lying or the benefactors haven’t donated enough money.

Irving voters are faced with critical voting decisions on May 14th. Will voters re-elect incumbents who seem to have little regard for taxpayers and who created the $250 million Entertainment Center firestorm? Will voters elect a political unknown (in this case, Webb) who has already demonstrated that he would be standing in line with the incumbents and Entertainment Center benefactors?

This election will determine if Irving is sold to campaign donors, or if taxpayers regain control and drive the greedy boogle of weasels back to their burrows.

……………….Mark Holbrook