Wednesday, April 27, 2011

BS #26: Representation Cost Soar

BlogSpasm #26...April 27, 2011

If you ever had any doubts as to the effectiveness or influence of Irving’s state representative in Austin, then wonder no more. Harper-Brown (a.k.a. as the Whale Rider by the CCR) is a mere turkey dropping on the House chamber floor.

With the Austin redistricting panel in the process of carving up Irving like a Thanksgiving Day turkey into 4-5 districts, look for Harper-Brown to exit stage left next election cycle with her State retirement bucks and any leftover “unpaid” campaign loan funds. (This is a prediction!)

Irving conceivably could have four or more state representatives serving the city’s interest in Austin if the current scheme passes muster. And this will be a genuine tragedy.

Instead of being able to buy one representative for $500,000 during an election cycle, the Bag Men of north Irving (and you know who you are) plus all the PAC and special interest groups might have to cough up around $2 million for their influence peddling, lobbying and pimping purposes on Irving’s behalf. That is, if they really care about the city’s interest. Irving may become the new turkey dropping on the House chamber floor.

It is no secret that Harper-Brown is held in fairly low esteem by many of her Austin peers. And it appears that this legislative turkey has finally come home to roost...all to Irving’s disadvantage and handicap.

……….Mark Holbrook