Sunday, April 3, 2011

BS #16: Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire

BlogSpasm #16...April 4, 2011

It’s on! Yes, the (current) mayor has already deviated from attempting to run his campaign based on his dismal record. Instead, he is climbing out of his political septic tank-bunker with the vengeance of a cougar’s pet pet cougar spewing misinformation, distortions and, lest be honest, downright lies about his primary opponent, Putnam.

And what has riled the CCRs staff to post this particular blog entry? It is one thing to be critical of an individual’s position on issues, but another for them to spew untruths and personal invectives. (The CCR can do this, since we are not running for anything.)

The use, by the (current) mayor, of the term “slumlord lawyer” to describe Putnam in a full page ad is just plain vile. Not only that, it is dishonorable, dishonest and despicable. Apparently, the (current) mayor doesn’t know about the exceptional legal services Putnam has provide to this community for all classes of citizens during the years he has been living and practicing in Irving. (It can also be stated that Putnam is not a Carpetbagger with his community service efforts, too.) And the (current) mayor certainly doesn’t understand the honesty and integrity that Putnam has demonstrated in ALL his dealings as a lawyer.

One example to consider would be: If you had a $150,000 cash deposit to make, who would you trust between the two to ensure all the money made it to the bank? There is only one correct answer for the CCR staff to this question...Putnam.

Of course, no one ever expected the (current) mayor to run a fair, clean or decent campaign. With all the “seed” money in his campaign fund and the backing of special interest groups, his primary goal is to divert and distort. He believes that if he can throw up enough smoke screens, then the voting public will forget about his miserable record, tax and spend binges, and “promises” made to folks interested in his re-election.

Just as a reminder, the following is from the 03-27-11 CCR found on the blog.

I-11 (Irving-2011) Incumbentitis can be recognized by the following symptoms. While not spread through direct contact with a politico, it is advisable to keep a safe distance from those who have developed the I-11 strain. Sufferers of I-11 Incumbentitis display the following symptoms:

  • Voted consistently to fund, bail-out or purchase property with inflated values from Delbert McDougal in the Heritage District.
  • Voted twice within a two month period to increase Water and Sewer rates 10%.
  • Allowed “unknown city employees” to waive $4 million in questionable Entertainment Center expenses during a financial review.
  • Approved a $1 million sidewalk in Las Colinas while streets are decaying in south Irving.
  • Voted against the Kroger grocery store zoning case.
  • Individual spins answers to all questions asked...without answering the actual question asked.
  • Prevented high school graduations at the new convention center due to facility being under-built and under-funded.
  • Participated in allowing the city manager to be paid more than the president of the U.S.
  • Increased the tax rate during a period when home values decreased.
  • Required mandatory registration and micro-chipping of all dogs.
  • Required mandatory lawn sprinkler adjustments due to developers flooding roadways during icy periods.
  • Individual often wears rose colored glasses and says a glass is just half-full when, in fact, they have actually stolen the glass.
  • Individual is known to have practiced Voodoo Financing to fund the Entertainment Center with the belief that Billy Bob is a money management deity.

As an incumbent, why isn’t the (current) mayor proud of all his actual “accomplishments” as noted above? Upon review, we can see why he is not proud, and is in hiding from the real issues while slinging waste from his septic tank-bunker.

……………...Mark Holbrook