Sunday, April 3, 2011

CCR 04-03-11: When Camelot Had Integrity

the Controversial Committee Report

“We don’t raise sacred cows...we just butcher them.”

As a special treat to the readership, the staff of the CCR did some digging, talking and visiting. And the following should put to rest any misimpression or representation that Joe Putnam as mayor would be a return to Irving’s past (circa. 1906). And unlike Putnam, we are not adverse to shining a light on his many accomplishments.

Of course, those who are attempting to spin a spiel of doom and gloom (his primary opponent) refuses to address the real issues facing our city.

Refer to the March 27, 2011 issue of the CCR located at for details regarding city issues needing resolution. In essence, the current mayor tends to ignore Irving’s problems or defend his dismal record. Instead, he attempts to negate all the accomplishments that Putnam made as mayor, assisted with, or initiated while serving from 1999 - 2005 through the use of derogatory name calling, fabricated information and lest be real...lies.

And it should also be noted that when campaigning, Putnam does not have or depend on very high priced Ft. Worth consultants to produce slick PR pieces, full-page newspaper ads, or run his campaign similar to those who are currently beholden to special interest groups, developers or single issue advocates.

Simply stated, electing Putnam as mayor will revive the leadership currently lacking in Irving. He will do what is right for Irving -- as he has in all his years of service to the community. And he will address the pitfalls his opponents have created over the past five years. Especially, the issues dealing with city management, small business concerns, redevelopment of the old downtown, and ordinances that do not take the concerns of citizens into account.

Wouldn’t it be unique if all the current incumbents running for re-election would see fit to acknowledge the many critical issues that face our city? After all, progress cannot be made until all the these problems are resolved. And just pretending that the problems do not exist does little to solve them!

Under Putnam’s prior leadership, the city realized significant achievements and enhancements to the quality of life for all Irving citizens. His opponents seem to think these matters are trivial and would have you believe that they were responsible for inventing sliced bread...for starters!

When someone states in condescending terms that Putnam is a return to the “Dark Ages of Irving,” remind them that during his previous service as mayor he:

  • Negotiated agreements for DART Orange Line alignment.
  • Acquisition of the Irving Convention and Visitors Bureau construction site.
  • Completion of $85 million Lake Chapman water project.
  • Completion of the $6 million Senior Citizens Center.
  • Construction of the Family Advocacy Center and the North Police Substation.
  • Acquisition of site for new Valley Ranch Library and initiated construction on same.
  • Construction of Mustang Recreation Center.
  • Construction of Harrington Soccer Complex.
  • Construction of new Northwest Park Recreation Center.
  • Improvements to Lee Park and the recreation center in Bear Creek.
  • Construction of Centennial Park.
  • Railroad underpasses at Northgate and Grauwyler.
  • $2.5 billion in new building permits issued.
  • 282 substandard structures demolished through Building and Standards proceedings.
  • Contract signed for construction of new community primary care health clinic.
  • Created Housing and Human Services Board.
  • Construction of 2,872 new single family homes and townhomes.
  • Added Valley Ranch ambulance.
  • Significant improvements to: Shady Grove, 6th, Grauwyoer, Kinwest and Balleywood streets.
  • Percent of homes owner-occupied was at a 25 year high.
  • Witnessed 111,644 Code Enforcement inspections from 2000-2004.
  • Maintained city services even during a period of significant revenue shortfalls.
  • Involved in the creation of the Museum Advisory Board.
  • Served on the 1994 Bond Committee.

The list goes on, but by now you should get the drift. It appears that Putnam cares about Irving as much, or more than the other candidates running for mayor who are pandering for votes. His 2011 agenda will provide what is best and right for Irving...not what is personal, egocentric, payback to supporters, or designed to complete a Voodoo financed project.

Another interesting tidbit is that Putnam provided leadership as a conservative steward of taxpayer funds and doesn’t approve or participate in issues from a tax and spend approach as has been witnessed recently. Review your city tax statement. You will probably find that you are paying more taxes while your home value decreased. You can thank the city management and current incumbents for this!