Sunday, May 22, 2011

BS #29: Cloning the Illusion

BlogSpasm #29

Whatever it takes, the incumbent mayor will sink to any level in his attempt to convince voters that the $250 million, Voodoo Financed Entertainment Center is the best thing since sliced bread.

After spending millions of city bucks on attorney fees to find that the Court of Appeals has disallowed a major revenue stream for the center, disregarding $4 million in questionable Entertainment Center planning cost, relying on revenue projections for the center that would make even Bernie Madoff smile in appreciation, accepting well over $200,000 in campaign contributions from Billy Bob and the Las Colinas Group (the total will probably grow much higher with the run-off election), the incumbent mayor stoops to a new low and has one of Irving’s finer citizens appear before the council to deliver the Mayor’s Report at the May 19, 2011, city council meeting.

Actually, the presentation wasn’t the mayor’s report. The “report” was more of an informal endorsement of the mayor’s quest to keep the Entertainment Center on life support until after the run-off election. And one should question why the incumbent mayor would pull such a cheap trick like this and have someone deliver “his” report. Oh, it’s re-election quickly we forget! Besides, who would believe this “report” if the incumbent mayor delivered it?

Since voter’s are becoming accustomed to the incumbent mayor playing footsie with the truth, he seems to be channeling his thoughts through a classy individual in hopes that the luster of this unsuspecting person will rub off on his re-election campaign. Should friends be treated this way? If you are the incumbent mayor, then every trick in the book is fair game!

What made this presentation ring hollow was the attempt to again drag former mayoral candidate Joe Putnam into the fray by quoting the following from the “Putnamformayor” web site:

“While a few Las Colinas promoters might benefit from the project, citizens of Irving will see bars in their neighborhoods, loss of ICVB, Museum, and Arts funding, more taxes, more public intoxication and DWIs, and increased prostitution.”

From our vantage point, the items noted in the above could ring true if Billy Bob and his gang are allowed to proceed under the current Voodoo Financed umbrella for the Entertainment Center. But the incumbent mayor continues to belittle individuals addressing facts as they relate to a flawed and mis-managed project.

As usual, the incumbent mayor has extreme difficulty addressing the facts of an issue. Instead, he attacks individuals. Voter’s have already seen how he uses this sleazy approach when campaigning. The truth isn’t necessary or a factor when the incumbent mayor is on the attack.

And while voter’s memories are generally short, the character assassination he performed on a truly decent individual (Joe Putnam) will not be forgotten. This is one pledge the staff of the CCR intends to keep.

…………..Mark Holbrook