Saturday, May 21, 2011

BS #28: Voodoo Dolls Crippled

BlogSpasm #28

The Voodoo curse must be real! For many months, the CCR has attempted to inform readers that the financial house of straw created by the incumbent mayor, Billy Bob and all the other Kool-Aid drinkers -- those considering Voodoo Financing for the Entertainment Center -- just wasn’t going to fly.

The mayor and his chief campaign donor (Billy Bob) now have had pins stuck in their Voodoo dolls by the Court of Appeals, 5th District.

The court’s ruling came down Friday, May 20, 2011. The opinion of the court is: The city cannot use the anticipated “revenue stream from the State’s portion of the mixed beverage taxes as a valid revenue source” as a pledge to secure payments of the bonds for the Entertainment Center project.

This is significant in that this piece of the Voodoo Financed Entertainment Center project is lost. And it will be interesting to see how the incumbent mayor who has attempted to sell this sham of a deal will spin the court’s ruling. Better yet, what is his back-up plan for financing if he continues to tout the $250,000 million project...Irving taxpayers?

In essence, the Texas Attorney General and Joe Putnam, et al have demonstrated that they were correct in their assumptions and should be thanked by all Irving taxpayers for their efforts.

………...Mark Holbrook

A reader sez: Your honorable self and Mayor Joe both have my thanks! Thank You! Your witty commentary, despite sometimes pushing the edge of truth and good taste for humor's sake, is refreshing. Anonymous

We Say: Out taste buds died when we were, by accident, served a glass of the mayor’s Entertainment Center Kool-Aid. The aroma of the mixture was enough to sear our taste buds for life.