Sunday, May 1, 2011

ZAP! #51: He Said...What?

ZAP! #51...May 1, 2011

Irving ISD superintendent Bedden seems to have a brouhaha on his hands. And in a classic case of “he said...he said,” the public is left not knowing whom to believe or side with.

It seems as if the fracas all started when school board candidate Jones (Steven) attended a meeting that was scheduled with the superintendent by board candidate Wells. From both sides of the “he said...he said” what ensued wasn’t pleasing to either party (Jones and Bedden). The superintendent stated that Jones (Steven) was asked to leave, whereas Jones (Steven) reflected that he was actually forced to leave.

For additional background information, click on the following link for the Channel 8 coverage by Gary Reaves of the “Shout Out at the Admin Corral.”

Recognizing that there are always two sides to every story, the staff of the CCR was content to just let this issue course its own direction. After all, Jones (Steven) is attempting to unseat incumbent Jones (Nancy) on the school board this election. And in politics, garnering press is fair long as all the names are spelled correctly.

Well, imagine our surprise when superintendent Bedden showed up at the Saturday morning Danal’s coffee shop gathering -- affectionally known as a daily meeting of the “House of Commons.” This was the first time the superintendent had gathered with the group. And while invited, the group was somewhat amazed at the agenda he proceeded to discuss.

The problem at hand: If the superintendent was sincere and not interested in injecting himself in the upcoming school board race and if he was truly wanting to put this issue to rest, then why was there a gaggle of administrators and teachers also in attendance? Was this the superintendent’s traveling support group?

Several coffee shop regulars were left with the impression that an un-posted school board meeting -- with handouts -- was in progress. (And handouts were distributed. A large number of pages, including some e-mails with confidentiality statements noted!) Perhaps, the superintendent’s official statement regarding the brouhaha (noted below) might just be another slick writing job by the IISD PR flack.

“...the nature our meetings shouldn’t be used as fodder for a school

board race. But it is and therefore I will respond in hopes of putting it to rest.”

One thing is certain. Voters can normally see through all the spin and doublespeak that bureaucracies tend to shovel on the voting public. Now, instead of determining which side of this “he said...he said” is accurate, voters are left wondering if the superintendent really is attempting to remain neutral in an upcoming school board race.

After all, rebuttal time and handouts were not provided by Jones (Steven).

…………….Mark Holbrook