Tuesday, May 3, 2011

ZAP! #52: Uncivil Thoughts

ZAP! #52...May 3, 2011

Well, the staff of the CCR knew that the incumbent mayor would do just about anything to position himself for re-election, but his performance (with a straight face) at the April 21, 2011 council meeting takes the cake. You see, the incumbent mayor presented a proclamation designating the month of May as Civility Awareness Month!

One has to wonder if the incumbent mayor can spell: HYPOCRITE?! Shouldn’t someone other than the incumbent mayor have issued and presented this proclamation on civility?

The basic tenets of Civility Awareness Month state that the three R’s should be embraced: Respect, Restraint and Responsibility.

If anyone has viewed the incumbent mayor’s current campaign, then it would be noted that none of the Civility Awareness Month tenets are being followed. His score would be 0 out of 3 for demonstrating the “spirit of civility.”

He is spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on a campaign that has only one theme...fabricate information about his opponent, Joe Putnam. The incumbent mayor has even been made aware by some of his supporters of the untruthfulness of his sleazy ads (TV and print) against Joe Putnam.

Staff of the CCR knows that politics is hardball and can become intense, but this election the incumbent mayor has sunk to the lowest level ever witnessed in Irving. He is spending more money (provided by the Las Colinas Group Bag Men of the Entertainment Center and assisted by the firemen’s union PAC), fabricating fiction from fact and not responding to citizen concerns about the real issues facing our community.

If the incumbent mayor wants to change direction and act in a responsible manner, then he should “man up” and admit that the sleazy ads he is running are pure, unadulterated fiction designed to instill fear in the minds of voters. How shallow of him not to do so. How utterly disgusting to keep running the ads. How totally uncivil his actions have become!

But then, why should the incumbent mayor be civil for just one month. He has been practicing being uncivil and squandering your tax bucks for the past several years.

……………...Mark Holbrook

P.S. Before zapping off that e-mail, the staff of the CCR has never claimed civility as a virtue for its publications.